Chapter 159: Eighteenth Episode: Chapter 5
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Spring came to the Alps in the middle of the 3rd month. The snow melted and added a colorful tint to the lake in the middle of the mountain. Water suddenly flowed in the streams in the mountain, gathering volume as it went. At last, it formed a waterfall at the junction of a cliff and a deep valley. Decorated with all the greenery, the water poured downwards for a hundred meters. With a roaring sound, it fell into the lake below and slowly flowed towards the lowlands, creating a quiet blue pool in the mountain.

Titan only has one standard for beauty: their hair must be a dark brown color like olive and their eyes must be a light green color that concealed activity in its calm. There was no need to even talk about their body and actions at all. These beauties in noble families have received strict training about their actions since they were young. They also needed to carry out waist-binding training under the supervision of their elders. For this, the Honwarren family of the south was the most exceptional. In the history of this ancient family that originated from the Mythical Age, numerous beauties have added a legend to the family book of the Honwarren.

At the main peak of Silure Mountain 20 kilometers away from the southeast of Capital of Westria Province, Conbarbe sat the infamous Honwarren Castle. One could see the whole Silure Town from the castle. Maybe it was because of the rough design of the castle or the yellowish-brown color the castle has after experiencing years of rain and storm, but the people at the foot of the mountain always felt surrounded by soldiers when looking at the castle.

The history of the castle could be traced back to the third century of the Church Calendar. After that, the castle was once completely destroyed. In the Church Calendar year 579, the castle was rebuilt under the orders of the Fifth Emperor of the Morisette Dynasty. Today, what Prince O'Neil saw was the rebuilt Honwarren in Year 579.

Oscar really loved this castle that was filled with positive vibes. If the Prince's Swan Hill Castle was like the Princess in a fairy tale, then Honwarren was the knight beside the Princess.

There were six strangely-designed towers in the outer area of Honwarren. The towers were also called Guard City. It would be impossible for any normal noble family to have such strict defense design but Honwarren was different. There have been three Queens in the history of this family until the last Queen was sent to the guillotine by the Morisette Dynasty. The ancient Honwarren family then began their downfall.

Oscar's destination was the largest tower amongst the six. This militarized fortress was the Command Unit of the Eighth Region of Titan Empire. The Chief Commander of the Eighth Region was an old General named Stuagate. The old General accompanied the Prince up the hill and brought the Prince and his few colleagues to visit the tourist-like Guard City.

Oscar only had the chance to commence a military meeting that evening. The venue was at the huge restaurant in the main tower of the Guard City. This Marshal of the Guards was not as organized as Silverfox Alan. As he enjoyed the local Westria dishes, he discussed the following military arrangement with Guards.

The southern soldiers have their own small groups. They were extremely cautious and held a friendly yet wary attitude towards the Prince. The friendliness was simply from the respect towards a fellow soldier. The complains and doubt amongst them were mostly due to the Prince's accusations against the Hagrid family.

The southern soldiers respected the Hagrid family. The surname of the 'Hercules' represented loyal and courage, but what this Prince had in his hands made everything so blurred and depressing.

Oscar did not mind this. He told the people about his schedule according to the war arrangement his colleagues have planned, then discussed the possible aid given by the Eighth Region with Lieutenant General Stuagate.

Many generals of the Eighth Region fear the criminals lurking at the border of Shawmond. Only the Major General Silvio Barrick, the Commander of the Second Corps, remained unmoved.

Oscar then said, "Silvio, help me out! We are old acquaintances. I still remember your sentinel and your messenger. They saved my life in Deiss."

Silvio was rather polite when facing this Marshal. He said the Prince only needed to give him orders.

'Horfansted's Butcher' still had some influence. The generals of the Eighth Region did not say anything after seeing that Silvio promised the Prince.

In the dinner party afterward, someone began to talk about women. The topic became more cheerful then. The people first discussed Lady Elizabeth's singing voice and generally evaluated the beauties of this age.

The thing that made Oscar proud was that amongst the beautiful women mentioned, Princess Alanis was his wife, Andrew's Narcissus Corolla was his lover and Elizabeth was his goddaughter! No wonder even the old General Stuagate wanted to extinguish the flame in this man. Finally, the people talked about an unfamiliar name to the Prince ----- Victoria Honwarren. This was the most troublesome lady in the history of the family.

When the soldiers talked about this lady, they all frowned, looking at the mountain peak. According to the people, Lady Victoria was the last legal heir to the Honwarren family. She has the wealth of one million golden Ti and owned the old castle where three Queens were born to. This lady was born to be the girl favored by God. She did not lack in anything except for a husband to share her wealth.

When the dinner was almost over, Lady Victoria Honwarren was already sitting on the lap of Marshal O'Neil Andrew Morisette. The bitter thing about this was that this wealthy lady who came from nowhere was only eight years old. She spoke limited southern words and was eating a big red apple.

"Where did you get apple in spring?" Oscar asked.

The little girl said, "God of Light made all apple trees in my house bear fruit yesterday night."

Oscar widened his eyes.

The little girl knew this fat uncle did not believe her. "How about this? Tonight, wait for me at the forest at the back of the mountain. Let's go and see God of Light together!"

Looking at the generals of the Eighth Region who were roaring in laughter, Oscar scratched his head. "What more did God of Light tell you?"

"Yeah!" The little girl took her apple away. "He said I will be the Queen of Titan in the future, just like my Aunt Soolad!"

"Ola.... That is my honor! Then I am the first one to call you Your Majesty?" Oscar smiled happily.

Little Victoria seemed to think it was true. She reached out her white hands to the man just like a true Queen. Oscar also kissed her hand. As a result, the men present there laughed even more crazily.

"Do you guys just let a Lady roam freely in the Command Unit of the Military?" The Prince glanced at the little beauty.

General Stuagate, Commander of the Eighth Region showed a bitter smile without help. "Sir Marshal, this is inevitable! Everything on this Silure Mountain belongs to the Honwarren family. Including our local Command Unit. It is us who took another's place to carry out our duty!"

The old General was teasing the young beauty. He got some white wine with the silver spoon and let the girl take a sip of it. The young beauty immediately frowned. After saying 'old jerk' to him, she ran off with a bitter face!

"My god! Who taught her that?" Oscar was truly worried about this Lady.

"Her grandfather. Old Duke Honwarren. The infamous gambler in the Southern Five Provinces." An official answered the Prince.

Oscar shook his head. He was not familiar with the Honwarren. He only knew that infamous Queen Soolad was the Queen who was sentenced to death by the Titan Emperor then. She was also the grandmother of Alfa III His Majesty.

"What was with that public case back then?" The Prince asked after seeing the little girl had gone out playing.

General Stuagate shook his head. "You are a high-status Imperial family member. You should not ask it this way! We only know the Honwarren family members were mostly eliminated after that incident."

Oscar said nothing further because it was simply unsuitable to talk about the matter in the palace with soldiers. It was simply too disgusting.

That night, the Prince slept in the Guard City. He naturally did not go on the date with the little beauty. She was brave enough to ask a man to meet her in the forest in the middle of the night when she was only eight. What would happen if she grows up?

Oscar was truly worried about the future of the Honwarren family! It appeared that the education given to the heir by this family was not as strict as said by others.

It was the start of spring. The Special Combat Warriors under the Prince finally had some free time. These warriors, who have fought for hundreds of days and nights in the mountain, changed into their new spring uniforms respectively. The war machines who had nothing to do in the mountain washed off their killing aura in the mountain spring. They even shaved each other's beard. The thick bubbles flowed to the water drains at the foot of the mountain along the stream. The people even thought they were ladies who enjoyed bubble bath on the mountain.

The Special Combat Warriors prepared a cover for their Marshal at a small pond in the mountain, but Oscar let them take it away right after he saw it.

"Only the women use those!" Oscar was still complaining about this after he dived.

The gentle sunlight lighted up the quiet lake water. Between the mosses on the rocks were the grass and small pine tree that grew from the edge of the rocks. He thought about his three months eliminating the criminals in the mountain and the dangerous Coyttshag... The Marshal of the Guards dived into the clear water. The water pressure in his ears made him feel like he has not done this for a few centuries. When he came back out of the water, everything was quiet! There were no footsteps on the snow, no swishing sound of the arrows, no explosions, no blood, no decaying bodies, and no... Woman?

Oscar widened his eyes in terror. He wiped the water from his face and looked at the small figure by the lake, unbelievably.

"You... Why are you here?"

Obviously, Victoria, who had puffy eyes, just cried. She was what a standard Titan beauty would be: The beautiful facial features, the cute jaw, the brown hair, the blue eyes deep like the ocean that was free of impurities.

"You broke your promise! I waited for so long!"

Oscar did not understand. He had already forgotten about the promise made during the dinner. He was considering whether he should wear his clothes, but how should he get out of the water?

"You... Have you seen my knights?" Oscar looked around. D*mn it!

Guards? Why didn't they stop this careless kid?

Victoria flipped her hair around. "They went to look for my hair pin. It is my mother's inheritance!"

Oscar glanced at the little beauty in gloom. "Is that the one you are holding in your hand now?"

"What?" The little girl screamed. She quickly put the hairpin in her pocket and still acted as if she was embarrassed. "You found it! Thank you! It is really important to me!"

Oscar rolled his eyes, but he immediately had goosebumps. The little girl actually placed her icy hands on his chest.

"What is this?" Victoria touched the man's scar in curiosity.

"That is Dulin!" Oscar carefully identified. What he did not lack on his body were all kinds of scars.



"What about this?" The girl kept pointing.

"That is Saijo Mountain... That is the nearby mountain at Fort Stanson… That is Werksan... That is a bridge within Deiss border... This was even earlier one at Damorga…"

The little girl appeared to plan to remember the meaning behind every scar, but there were too many of them. Finally, she gave up and shook her head.

"You are a hero and also a Prince. But you are not the Emperor while I am destined to be a Queen. Or else... I can consider marrying you!"

Oscar did not care about the little beauty who thought she was smart. He turned the small figure over and let her face the water. Then he combed the girl's hair in a familiar way.

"The girls in the Narcissus County all have this hairstyle." The Prince could still remember a little. He used to take care of Sasha this way when she was little. Victoria was very obedient. She let the fat uncle take care of her hair. This Prince tore the golden lace from his Marshal uniform and tied her hair up.

After a while, Victoria found herself turned into an unfamiliar beauty.

"Thank you!" The girl glanced at her reflection in the water. She even gave the uncle a kiss.

"This is more like it!" Oscar glanced at his masterpiece with satisfaction, but he then pointed to the little girl's skirt. There was mud sticking on it.

"To be a real Queen, this is not acceptable! First, you must always be elegant; Also, you need to be knowledgeable; Then, you should know what your country is going on now; at last, you have to be kind to your husband and your people. And, of course, yourself as well! Understand?" The Prince said as he wiped the dirt off from the girl's face.

At last, Oscar patted her head. He saw his knights have already returned. The knights brought the little girl on a huge black horse. Maybe little Oslu did not feel any weight on him, it did not go crazy like he did with others.

"Go home! My future Queen! I believe an Emperor will marry you in the future!"

The little girl suddenly shook his head, lonely. "Sorry! I lied. The God did not say that!" Then, she left the Prince's sight. Oscar nodded without caring.

To O'Neil Andrew Morisette, the appearance of a beauty was only a small part of his journey. He had already forgotten about this by the time he put on his clothes. But after many years, the little beauty today would grow into a true beauty. The 'Glory of Andrew' mentioned in the history of the land was created by the Emperor and Victoria I Her Majesty.

Speaking of Andrew Dynasty, the glorious time that went on for one century, what people always talked about was naturally the name of the Emperor, but they would call this time period in history as 'the Age of Victoria'.

'The Age of Victoria' was the divider between the ancient history and modern history in the Westland. And this little beauty was the dictator of that time.

Of course, that would be another story. According to the history and natural law, Titan Empire and even the whole Westland's political situation was progressing step by step towards this. Oscar simply smiled and did not comment on it.

As compared to the officials present, Tantalus should be the most excited one. He had no clue that Marshal Robin and General Eugene of the Southern Army Group would place him in this position. But at last, he must thank the Prince. If it was not for the care Oscar gave for this long, Tantalus believed he would still be that unpopular 'Mad Chief of Staff'.

"Let me do some arrangement of the next stage of the war for the Southern Army."

"Let's say it!"

Tantalus cleared his throat. He spat out the unpopular point-style attack.

"On the map actually covered by the Five Southern Region, we must build a war management zone. Encircle the important zone where the armed criminals are based including the sensitive border area and the noble's land within the area. On the basis of encirclement, increase the number of elite Division units to eliminate…"

"Wait!" Oscar suddenly shouted for a pause. "Why does this sound like my war strategy?"

"That's right, Your Highness! This is what you did at Coyttshag. Surround the criminals with a huge number of army, let the strong elite units into the encirclement, then kill the criminals off! You actually used this tactic and so you have proven that this strategy is extremely successful."

"The criminals are not bears… It's not easy to encircle them!" Major General Krapitch Drake, who had been quiet all this while, finally spoke. He could not stand Tantalus who has his nose up high.

Tantalus Piche glared at Krapitch, who was of born as a commoner. It appeared that he did not particularly care about this Infantry Corps Commander as well.

"Krapitch. The first thing I did when I began work was to send you to the Eighth Region to be the First Corps Commander. You should give me some confidence, otherwise, I might suspect that I have made the wrong decision!"

Krapitch frowned. He looked at the prince who simply smiled. "The First Corps Commander of the Eighth Region?"

"Yes!" Oscar finally nodded. "To prepare for the next stage of the war, I need to find someone reliable by my side."

The Vice Chief of Staff of the Southern Army was a little unmoved about this. "Is the Butcher Silvio not enough to assure you? He is very reliable when it comes to work and not hesitant in fighting a war."

"I don't know Silvio well!" Oscar looked at Krapitch. "So I will leave the encirclement work at Shawmond border in the hands of my old friend. This way I will be able to leave my back to you."

Krapitch nodded in determination. "Your Majesty, just as you have said, there will be no criminals behind your back!"

Tantalus whistled. Since the Marshal has decided, there was nothing more for him to say.

Oscar glanced at the two weird generals. Finally, he stood up from his seat. "Everyone, look at our group. You are all trustworthy people whom I rely on! I don't want some strange things to ruin our friendship. So... At least in front of me, keep a collaborative attitude. Privately, whatever you do, even dueling, is none of my business!"

Krapitch turned his head away. Tantalus tugged at his own shirt.

"I will take it that you all have heard me!" Oscar placed his hands on the map of the Southern Five Provinces.

"The situation now is favorable to us. Gondol is at the Fifth Region, Tantalus came to the Chief of Staff unit of the Southern Army Group, Dario is about to retire, Tatan getting the position is a matter that is bound to happen. Maybe... Everyone has not yet seen the future of our Master Geo, but let me clarify that Geo's work is more important than war. The southern businessman and the southern nobles exchange benefits. Once we find this intersection of interest and further mix it together, it will make both sides compromise with us and even move forward together!"

"Your Highness!" Geo suddenly stood up. "Things are not as simple as you think. I definitely have some influence amongst the businessmen. But it is not enough to influence the whole business system. Moreover, the cooperation between the local government in all southern provinces are important. I still encounter issues when it comes to Vielonna's local government!"

The doorbell suddenly rang! Everyone looked at the late one strangely.

"Sorry. Sorry! The carriage had a little problem when going uphill!" Alfa III His Majesty's confidential secretary Count Philip Goolean said as he took off the cape that he was wearing


Oscar reached out his hands to the confidential secretary while Philip held it quickly with respect. "Your Highness, I send my regards from the Goolean family!" The confidential secretary kissed the back of the Prince's hands after saying this.

Oscar finally smiled with satisfaction. "You missed lunch. I am not going to repay you for that!"

"Of course, it's my fault after all!" Philip smiled bitterly. This master was no less easy to deal with than Alfa III His Majesty. "I must tell you that His Majesty..."

"Wait, Philip!" Oscar interrupted him. "If Geo needs the help of the Goolean family in the local administration area…"

"I understand!" The confidential secretary immediately understood. He turned to Young Master Verones, who wore a face full of anticipation. "I will introduce you to my brother. He is in charge of the finance department in Burton Province. If you need more help, I believe my father will be able to provide aid to you."

Geo quickly thanked him. He was naturally confident with the influence of the Goolean family.

"Say it! What is with Alfa III His Majesty?"

Philip raised his head at his own pace after drinking one cup of hot tea. "You won't believe it! Marshal Alan just came back from Riel and was sent to the north to deal with the military arrangement even without seeing His Majesty once!"

Oscar laughed coldly. "The Northern Army was in such messy state due to Alan's attack against the Deiss twice. He should get a taste of his own fruit now!"

The people laughed. Only the person-in-charge of the Secret Action Unit in Military Intelligence Bureau Baron Chevinne frowned deeply. Oscar, who saw this change, immediately shot him a glance.

Chevinne spoke slowly. "I think... Marshal Alan's northern journey only shows that our Alfa III His Majesty is still extremely conscious!"

Oscar fell into deep thought while Chevinne continued his words.

"The fall of the Hagrid family caused a new wave of opposing voices in the noble circle in the Capital. After the defeat of Deiss last spring and that public case, it is not difficult for the people to guess what Alan has done! But Alfa III His Majesty did not alter Marshal Alan's position. Instead, he pushed the important responsibility of rearranging the Northern Army to Alan…"

"This means that His Majesty still trusts Silverfox!" Oscar spat these words out with gritted teeth.

"I knew Alfa III His Majesty will not give up on Alan. Alan's leave is to avoid the political situation in Dulin and to deal with the Big Three in the north again! Who knows what he will do this time?"

Chevinne bowed to the Commander. "Be rest assured. I will take note of this."

Oscar turned to Philip, slightly bitter. "Was there only news on Alan from Dulin?"

The confidential secretary of the Emperor was stunned.

In the Church Calendar Year 799 17th day of the 3rd month, a news that excited the ancient Empire came to the Narcissus County of the east. The Narcissus Knights had successfully defeated the last Persian Prince in the Great Plains of Anatolia. This Prince, along with his clan and the map of his land, surrendered to the Andrew family. Following that, Chief Commander of this expedition, General Figg Andrew Nedgabel, announced the ownership of Titan Emperor towards the Great Plains of Anatolia. This caused the Titan's land to expand once again after so many years.

In Church Calendar Year 799 21st day of the 3rd month, the head of Boustead family, the leader of Titan's free businessmen, announced an open letter at Faran Kingdom to apply for a political refugee status from the Faran King. The palace representatives of the Faran Kingdom accepted the request of the Boustead family. The free organization of the southern businessmen began to divide since then. Boustead has been listed as the most wanted criminal in the Empire by the Titan Emperor. Alfa III His Majesty even said that he would not mind waging a war with Faran due to this.

In Church Calendar Year 799 11th day of 4th month, Titan, Deiss, Faran, Hoilland, West Percy, and Italia organized the fifth round of Seven Countries Meet of the highest level to discuss the Guards' actual control over Riel Kingdom. Marshal of Guards of Tian Vann Hewitt Alan's strong attitude was finally accepted. His Highness Crown Prince of the Empire Lobble Alfa Morisette signed on '799.4.11 Seven Countries Meet Summary'. Titan acknowledged the status of Westland Kingdom Alliance Army Group over Riel Kingdom while the Alliance forgave and respected the area under control of Titan. This was the first time in history that signaled the division of a monarchical country.

In Church Calendar Year 799 19th day of 4th month, in Vielonna, the Capital of Burton Province of Titan Empire, the Commander Unit of the Fifth Region of the Empire organized a grand yet depressing flag-lowering ceremony. The 'Hercules' flag that represented the Hagrid family was brought on the carriage by the depressed ex-General of the Guards. The golden lion flag of the Morisette Imperial family once again flew high in the sky on this land. This meant that the Dynasty actually disbanded the strongest noble army in the south that has the longest history. Hagrid became a pronoun in history from now onwards.

In Church Calendar Year 799 7th day of 5th month, Marshal O'Neil Andrew Morisette organized the most important secret meeting in his life at Honwarren Castle at Silure Mountain of the Westria Province in the south of Empire. It was after this meeting that Prince O'Neil began to snatch the actual control power of the south step by step.

At the observation deck in Honwarren Castle, Prince O'Neil gathered all his colleagues.

This included General Gondol Abassia, who was just made the Commander of the Fifth Region of the Empire, Lieutenant General Murat Bedoya the Commander of Red Tiger Cavalry Corps, Lieutenant General Tantalus Piche, who was just made the Chief of Staff of the Southern Army Group, Baron Messier De Quixote of the Military Intelligence Bureau, Major General Janin Sherman the Vice Commander of the Military Intelligence Bureau Southern Office, Brigadier General Luke Citel, who was the Commander of the Special Combat Brigade, and Brigadier General Tove Van Sukhoi, who was the Commander of the First Cannon Division of the Guards.

Except for these people, there were also Major General Krapitch Drake, who was the commoner born infantry commander, Colonel Payne Lubelly, the Hercules Mendez Blane, and Georgio Verones and Paurol Jawock of Vielonna.

To be more specific, there were only two unfamiliar faces. One was Baron Chevinne, who was the person-in-charge of the Secret Action Unit in Military Intelligence Bureau, and the other was Colonel Sandinand of the Guards, who was small but capable. There was also 'Devil Sandy'. This guy has been complaining that the Prince moved him out of the war arrangement. Except for this, he was extremely quiet. No one has seen him utter more than a few sentences in a week.

The most memorable one is Baron Chevinne. As the person-in-charge of the Secret Action Unit, Chevinne controlled all the work of the Military Intelligence Bureau agents. When the Bureau was just established, Chevinne was the Head of the Deiss office. It was Oscar who promoted him to his position today.

"Alright! Sirs! Do you already miss this place so much you don't want to leave it?" Oscar stood at the highest point of the castle. The spring wind blew at his military uniform and caused him to have an urge to go into the green plains in front of him.

"It's beautiful!" Georgio Verones exclaimed. He looked at the castle of the Honwarren family with envy.

Oscar could not help but smile at Master Geo, who looked longingly at this place. "Hey Geo. I heard the castle of your family is already under construction! When it is done, I must be a guest there!"

"Don't even mention that, Your Highness!" Geo said in a low voice. "My old father may be a little crazy. He chose the design that needs at least 20 years to finish. I don't even know if he'll live to see that castle."

"This is the intelligence of an old man!" Oscar laughed again. "What your father gives to the next generation is something that they will remember in their heart. This is most important of all! The castle is not the main point!"

Geo nodded.

Oscar pulled him into a seat. "Tell me about those businessmen. What are they on about lately?"

Geo shrugged. "Actually... There's nothing much to say. They are still yelling about rebuilding the glorious southern commerce system, but these guys are still used to holding money in their hands. After all, the south is not that peaceful. Instead, some nobles are investing a large amount of money into new products and old manufacturing departments."

"Oh?" Oscar was a little confused. He had never foreseen this before. "Tell me... What is this all about?"

Geo pointed to the map of the Southern Five Provinces on the square table. "It's none other than fighting over mining spots and raw materials! These nobles have the land. They are self-sufficient. Using the free money to attain minerals and rights to mine is the best way to produce wealth."

"The distribution of land revealed some mining resources that are not owned by anyone. The businessmen no longer dare to think about getting the special business permit from the Empire. These mining resources are then divided by the noble families."

Oscar frowned. "Is there a chance for us to work on this?"

After thinking about this for a moment, Geo the con businessman finally nodded. "Yes, there is! The mining spots that the nobles fought over are mostly without proper checking and investigation. We can let the local government get this done for these family, then carry out a public auction for the ownerless mining resources. After this... The businessmen who see an opportunity will get themselves involved in this…"

"In the end, the mining resources will be more divided. The competition will become more intense!" Oscar continued Geo's words.

"That's right!" Master Geo nodded. "If we properly manage the competition, I believe the last one standing will be us, the taxing department!"

"Then, go all out and do it!" Oscar gave his final order.

Geo agreed.

"What about you guys? Satisfied with your new job?" Oscar turned to the quiet General Abassia and General Tantalus.

The first to give his response was Gondol who only has one arm. He just took over the soldiers who used to belong to Hagrid family, but this war hero did no look up to the Hercules warriors who had a long history. He called them a bunch of slow-moving thugs who did not have a strong will in battle. As a conclusion, they needed to be trained.

"There will be training! Aeolia is still busy. After this, she will send in a letter with a personal stamp on it. Alfa III His Majesty's instruction to you has been written down in the letter. Then... This letter is for Marshal Robin."

Oscar kept the letter properly and Philip talked into his ears.

"What did you say?" The Prince widened his eyes!

"You heard it!" Philip spread his hands innocently.

Oscar shook his head in disbelief. "I don't understand! I don't!"

"What is wrong?" Messier came forward.

Oscar used his fingers to knock on the table. "At first, it is our Second Prince Lobmus Alfa Morisette who was found sleeping in the same apartment as Marquise Erdogan Vas Ferdinand. Now, Her Majesty the Queen actually attended the Secretary of State, old Duke Kachev's birthday party!"

Messier frowned. "Second Prince and his father's lover? Queen Rolyn Kate attending the Ferdinand family's birthday party?"

"How old is he?" Oscar suddenly asked.

"70!" Baron Chevinne was the first to answer.

"Yeah!" Oscar nodded. "Ten points for you! It seems that Kachev wanted to quicken his pace to achieve his family dream!"

"This is possible!" Messier nodded. "Since the problem of an illegitimate child has been circulating in the House of Lords and weighing on the Imperial family, Alfa III His Majesty has not given much attention to Marquise Ferdinand! Old Kachev may have used his daughter to seduce the second son of the Emperor. But... With what condition will he use to ask for forgiveness from Her Majesty the Queen?"

Baron Chevinne looked at the young Prince with worry. "Maybe it is my misconception. About her second son, the Queen seemed to be... very protective of him. Usually, she would scold the First Prince relentlessly, but towards the Second Prince…"

"What do you want to say?" Oscar felt something fishy.

"It is just my guess. It seemed that... Queen Rolyn Kate wishes more for her second son to take over the Empire!"

"Second son?" Oscar spat out his cigar with distaste. "Don't tell me about that overdosed guy. He has a problem in his head. Except for having a healthy physical state, he has no brain juice or whatsoever at all!"

Chevinne immediately shut his mouth once he saw that this topic was getting on Oscar's nerves.

Oscar finally pulled Count Philip Goolean over for a private talk. The confidential secretary of the Emperor kept nodding as he listened to the Prince's words.

Oscar was glad that he was able to receive the acknowledgment of the Goolean family. This allowed him not only to have a strong aid in the south but also an acquaintance who was always ready in the Dulin's palace.

"It seems I am destined to be busy!" Philip let out a moan. "You want me to go back to Dulin right away?"

The Prince quickly shook his head. "Why so? Dear Philip! You can wait a little longer. I won't make you work as hard as Alfa III His Majesty did!"

"Thank god!" Philip then praised the God.

Oscar leaned on his sofa with satisfaction. "Next! Mendez Blane, my Hercules! Hagrid family owns an elite unit. This unit is placed off service along with General Gondol. Are you interested?"

Mendez Blane quickly nodded.

Oscar rubbed his hands. He turned to Viscount Paurol Jawock, who was acting as the conference clerk.

"How is it? Have you gotten it all down?"

Paurol waved the notebook in his hands. "I only noted down those that I need to note."

Oscar laughed as he said 'Ola'. "Everyone, I must thank you greatly! For I feel extremely relaxed when I see you."

"Hey..." VIscount Javock poked at the Brigadier General of the Cannon Division, who slept as if there was no tomorrow. "The Prince was talking about you!"

Torry immediately stood up. "All hail the Guards!"

As a result, the men exploded in laughter.

No matter what, sleeping during the Prince's meeting seemed to have become the privilege of the Brigadier General of the Cannon Division, but no one usually disturbed him. According to the sayings, Torry beat Viscount Javock up seriously after this meeting ended. However, the next day, people saw the two noble youngsters with their hands on each other's shoulder, going off to the town at the feet of the mountain for some fun.

Therefore, the maxim of the eastern people is precise ---- Birds of the same feather flock together! As a future Queen or even the future Empress, that beautiful young master of the Honwarren Castle naturally loved to stick with the Prince.

Oscar taught Victoria to play chess and to use the infamous 'Chess of the Queen'. The people in the castle were astonished because no one could make Victoria sit at the table for a whole afternoon before.

Usually, the little beauty would lose terribly. Then, she would turn the chess plate over and use her own rules to win against Oscar! Once Oscar appears to be impatient, she would cry.

At one time, Oscar was truly frustrated. He snatched the eye drops that the little beauty always carried with her.

"A Queen would not do some petty moves!"

In the end, Victoria truly cried and she cried for a whole night. Then, this stubborn little girl was determined to not care about our Prince anymore even if the Marshal brought all his soldiers to apologize to her. At last, the troubled little beauty said, "Love will not befall on the same person twice!"

Oscar was truly out of ideas.

Honwarren Castle was rebuilt in the middle of the ancient century, that was the fifth century in Church Calendar. Because of this, even though it has undergone refurbishment and expansion, it aged in these years. The theme of the outer part of the castle remained the normal characteristics of a Gothic building, but it has already lost its beautiful and fresh outlook in present time.

It was after Oscar saw the family hall in the Castle that he began to consider refurbishing the Castle. This was not related to his relationship with the little beauty. The family book of the Honwarren family was painted on a granite wall. It stated the complicated family tree just like a vine plant that kept stretching upwards. Every point recorded the name and age of the family members. It was also at this point that these people carried out matters that made a difference in the world.

Oscar found the point of the Queen Soolad Honwarren and saw that the points of this big family that have been powerful for hundreds of years immediately died out from this point. He suddenly had an unspeakable complicated feeling. He did not know what the people would say about him and Andrew in a hundred years.

Maybe it was due to this attitude. When Prince O'Neil was about to depart, he planned a refurbishment plan for Honwarren Castle. He even invited the engineers of the First Cannon Division of the Guards to design cannon bases because he knew fire cannons would decide the fate of fortification for the castle in the future.

After some years, when O'Neil Andrew Morisette was trapped in Honwarren Castle, he would be glad that he made this decision this day.

The last thing to note with Honwarren as the final destination: The ladies who accompanied the name of O'Neil Andrew Morisette on the page of history have all appeared at this point in time.



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