Chapter 135 – Seven Murders Star

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“How could someone have his or her General Star return so quickly?” Countless espers and ability-users looked up at the violet star and felt completely shocked.

The return of a General Star symbolized an aligning of Fate, and it meant that one would become a great General. Such Generals were extremely powerful and versed in both civil and military matters. They could help govern the nation and lead an army, supporting their liege in various ways. They also gathered a lot of Fate.

Since ancient times, Fengshui masters had said that those who had a General Star would have an extraordinary future, and they would become a person with great power and authority.

Examples were Han Xin, Zhuge Liang, Qin Qiong, and so on… these people were all pillars of China’s history, and all of them had made great contributions to their respective lords.

When the Heaven Awaken World was opened, many historical heroes were brought back, but their General Stars had been sealed. When their General Stars were unsealed, espers and ability-users called this the ‘return’ of their General Stars.

Of course, a violet star appearing in the sky also symbolized a General Star ‘entering’ one’s life. A General Star ‘entering’ someone’s life and ‘returning’ were different: when a violet star appeared upon one’s birth, it meant that the General Star was ‘entering’ his or her life and that one was destined to be a great General. The General Star ‘returning’ meant that one’s General Star had been unsealed.

Currently, no one in the Heaven Awaken World had been discovered to have a General Star ‘entering’ his or her life. However, this did not mean that it was impossible: usually, General Stars only entered one’s life during massive rises and falls of Fate.

During extremely chaotic times, there were many people who had General Stars entering their lives, and they became great Generals. Similarly, this often happened when the country was unstable and there were outer forces attacking it.

They appeared during the rise and fall of nations, and the Heaven Awaken World was currently in an extremely chaotic state. Therefore, many people with General Stars entering their lives may appear.

Right now, the espers and ability-users believed that the violet star was a General Star returning instead of entering one’s life, as the changes still had not stopped and the star gave off an ancient feeling.

Back at the Great Qin Town, at the center of the massive storm and under the violet star, Bai Qi slowly drew the Star Slashing Sword at his waist and pointed it up towards the sky!

“Ahhh!!!” Bai Qi roared as a massive aura exploded out from his body, and a blood-red aura rushed out from him.

By now, the storm had become many times stronger, causing sand and small rocks to fly everywhere. Those who had been watching did their best to resist the wind, but they were still blown far away. Zhao Fu unleashed a black screen with dragon inscriptions in front of him and was able to resist the wind.


A massive explosion sounded out as a few arcs of blood-red lightning flashed around Bai Qi. Following this, a massive blood-red pillar of light rushed up from Bai Qi towards the violet star.

As the blood-red pillar shot towards the violet star, the violet star, which shined with a noble light, was dyed with a blood-red color and gave off a cold and murderous aura.

The instant that the countless espers and ability-users saw this, their pupils contracted and cried out, “Seven Murders!”

Out of the 13 General Stars, the Seven Murders Star was the most wrathful, and it was also the one most oriented towards killing. Moreover, when the Seven Murders Star shined with the Voracious Wolf Star and the Army Destroyer Star, the formation was called the ‘Murder Destroyer Wolf.’ Once these stars were gathered, great changes would happen underneath the heavens.

The Seven Murders Star gave off a blood-red light as it hung in the blue sky, creating a strange scene.

At this moment, the blood-red pillar of light around Bai Qi started to weaken before it disappeared, and an explosion followed this.


A blood-red pillar of starlight descended from the Seven Murders Star and fell on Bai Qi’s body, causing the surrounding air to explode. This massive impact caused the ground to crack, and even Zhao Fu took a step back. Luckily, the storm had stopped by then.

Under the blood-red pillar of starlight, Bai Qi continued to point his sword towards the sky, and the starlight started to cause changes to his body. His eyes shot out a cold, blood-red light, and his long black hair blew in the wind. The killing intent he exuded seemed to reach the heavens, and he was incredibly terrifying.

At this moment, the 10 orbs of light slowly floated towards Bai Qi and entered the sword he was holding.

After the orbs of light entered it, the silver Star Slashing Sword turned into a noble violet color; following which, it became a blood-red color. The color was just like that of the Seven Murder Star, and it radiated a cold killing intent.

The words ‘Seven Murders’ were carved by themselves on the blade. After that, the transformation was complete.

The pillar of blood-red starlight slowly disappeared, as the blood-red Seven Murders Star also faded.

After all of these abnormal signs disappeared, the ground was left in a completely disordered state. Bai Qi stood in the center, and because his killing intent was almost corporeal, no one dared to approach.

Right now, Bai Qi seemed to have become the Bai Qi that was recorded in the annals of history: ‘Killing a single person makes one a murderer; killing ten thousand makes one a hero! Killing 9 million makes one a hero among heroes!’

During ancient times, Bai Qi had a Seven Murders Fate. He fought on the battlefield for 37 years, took down more than 70 cities, and killed millions of enemies. However, in the end, Bai Qi was eventually seen as a threat, and he was ordered to commit suicide.

Zhao Fu couldn’t help but internally sigh when he thought about that. That had been the First Emperor of Qin’s fault, not Bai Qi’s. Zhao Fu definitely wouldn’t do such a thing in the future.

As the blood-red star slowly faded, the countless espers and ability-users looked away, resisting the urge to perform a divination. The backlash from doing such a thing would only be slightly lower than divining someone with an Emperor’s Fate, and if this General belonged to the person with the Emperor’s Fate, the backlash would be three times greater. After all, since this was the return of a General Star, the person most likely already had a liege.

“Who was that person? Who is his lord? He was the first person to unseal the Seven Murders Star, and his name will definitely resound across the world in the future.”

Suddenly, the espers and ability-users realized that the Seven Murders Star had appeared in the north!

Upon realizing this, the espers wondered to themselves, “Surely this Seven Murders Star doesn’t belong to Great Qin?”

Because the northern region of Midland Continent was quite big, that Seven Murders Star may not belong to Great Qin. However, there was at least a 50% chance that it did.



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