Chapter 180 – Stats Gem

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While looking at these exquisite stone doors, Zhao Fu stretched out his hand and used his strength to slowly push them open. It was quite dark behind the doors, and Zhao Fu could only see about 5 meters ahead of him. It was completely silent ahead, and the region beyond gave him a sense of eeriness.

Just as Zhao Fu started to enter, a formless energy blocked him, surprising him.

Zhao Fu suddenly thought of the Gloomy Jungle command medallion. After taking out a command medallion, the formless energy in front of him instantly vanished.

Zhao Fu had already fused together 67 of these command medallions, and he distributed them to the Goblins, planning to bring them in with him. However, Zhao Fu found that the Goblins could enter without command medallions, so he took them back.

Zhao Fu led the Goblins and lit a few torches before entering into the space beyond the doors.

At first, it seemed like a very long corridor, and everyone proceeded nervously with their guards up against any unexpected surprises.

After walking for a while, they arrived at a jungle within the castle, and it was quite dark inside. However, they could still make out some things. The trees here were incredibly lush, and they heard strange noises from time to time, making this jungle seem quite frightening.


Soon, Zhao Fu encountered a few Goblin Club-Wielders. These Goblins were different than the ones outside, as their skin and eyes were black. Moreover, apart from looking ferocious, they also gave off a sense of evilness.

In terms of strength, they were a bit stronger than normal Goblin Club-Wielders, but this wasn’t a problem as Zhao Fu’s Goblins were all Hobgoblins and Blue Red Goblins. Zhao Fu essentially didn’t have to do anything as the Hobgoblins went up to surround them and swung their sharp swords, reducing those Goblins to corpses in just a few moments.

Apart from dropping some command medallion fragments, they also dropped a type of gemstone that was about as big as a fingernail. These gemstones were all different colors and shapes. Some were rhombuses; some were squares; and some were irregular shapes. From their appearance, they at least seemed quite pretty. Zhao Fu picked one up and looked at its stats:

[Stats Gem – Red]: Grade: White, Stats: Strength +1, Description: Equipping this on any piece of equipment will apply bonus stats.

There were 4 types of gemstones: red ones increased Strength; white ones increased Intelligence; green ones increased Constitution; and blue ones increased Agility.

“Is this the benefit of secret regions?”

Holding the gemstones in his hand, Zhao Fu stood there and thought about it, and he realized the value of this secret region. Blue grade equipment only gave one stat point and was incredibly easy to find, while these gemstones seemed quite rare. As such, these gemstones would be worth even more than normal Blue grade equipment.

When he thought of this, a trace of a smile appeared on Zhao Fu’s face – Great Qin had found yet another way to strengthen itself. However, in the next moment, countless terrifying figures flew out incredibly quickly from the side.

Immediately, cries of pain sounded out as a dark figure swept towards Zhao Fu as well.

Zhao Fu’s gaze became cold, and he drew the Sky Demon Sword in an instant, slashing with it and sending out an arc of light.


A metallic collision sound rang out as Zhao Fu’s sword was blocked by his enemy’s claws, allowing Zhao Fu to see what creature it was.

This creature was somewhat like a cat and had a humanoid physique. It was covered with fur, concealing its appearance and revealing only a mouthful of sharp teeth.

The name of this creature was displayed to be Cat Demon!

Zhao Fu’s sword continued to clash against the Cat Demon’s claws, and the arm holding the sword started to feel numb. After remaining in this stalemate for a few seconds, the Cat Demon leaped backwards and hid within the lush jungle.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu immediately yelled, “Hurry, retreat!”

From that single exchange, Zhao Fu found that these Cat Demons’ strength had reached Stage 2, and they were also incredibly fast. If they didn’t retreat, they would all die here.

Following this, Zhao Fu and his Goblins immediately started to retreat from this place.

Half an hour later, Zhao Fu and the Goblins escaped, but they looked quite wretched. Three of the Goblins had died inside, leaving only 29 now.

Standing outside the door, Zhao Fu let out a breath when he saw that they were safe now. Gloomy Jungle was not a place that they could explore right now; it was simply too dangerous.

The Cat Demons’ strength was at least at Stage 2, and they were ridiculously fast. What’s more, there were many of them, so he could only give up for now.

Zhao Fu closed the stone doors and gave out some recovery items to heal some of the injured Goblins. Zhao Fu had also received some injuries, but because they were all surface injuries, the three Flower Spirits were able to quickly heal him.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu sat on a large rock and started to think about what to do next.

Since he couldn’t explore Gloomy Jungle for now, he could only leave. He had already stayed here for half a month and had no idea what the situation in the Great Qin Town was like, so it was time for him to return. However, this required luck – he hoped that he would be able to find a village with a teleportation channel, but this was not something he could do by worrying.

He had a Teleportation Talisman that could allow him to teleport anywhere within 10,000 kilometers, but it was incredibly rare and could only reduce his journey by one-third. Even if he used the Teleportation Talisman, he would still be 20,000 kilometers away from Ninsun City. What’s more, Zhao Fu was quite reluctant to use this item, and he would only use it in a situation to save his life. Even in the battle against Shi Jian, he didn’t use it because he knew that he would be able to survive if he went all-out.

However, before leaving here, Zhao Fu still had to do a few things. Because Gloomy Jungle could bring him a lot of benefits, he could not just leave it as it was in case something happened to it.

Zhao Fu decided to establish a village here to protect this place but also to make it easier for him to find this place in the future. However, Zhao Fu didn’t have a City Creation Stone right now, so after the Goblins had more or less recovered, Zhao Fu took them exploring.



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