Chapter 238 – Evil-Warding Power

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The Skeletons held their weapons with their mouths as they climbed up the cliff incredibly quickly. In just a few moments, they had almost reached the top of the cliff, which was ten or so meters high, and a dense sea of Skeletons was quickly forming at the cliff with unstoppable momentum.

When he saw this, Zhao Fu ordered his soldiers to pour buckets of Yang blood. Upon landing on the Skeletons’ bodies, the Yang blood’s effects were like that of boiling water, causing white smoke to rise from the Skeletons and for them to fall down.

The Yang blood dyed the cliff red, causing the masses of Skeletons to seem somewhat apprehensive. They didn’t dare to come close anymore, and it seemed that Zhao Fu would be able to use Yang blood to suppress these Skeletons.

However, the battle wasn’t so simple!

Swish, swish, swish…

Suddenly, sharp arrows filled with deathly aura shot up towards Zhao Fu’s side from below. It wasn’t just Zhao Fu who had Archers – the Skeleton Archers also started to shoot powerful arrows. Immediately, Great Qin soldiers responded by forming shield walls, creating impenetrable walls of iron.

Bang, bang, bang…

The arrows shot up from below like a sea of arrows. Some hit shields, while others hit the cliff, giving off dull thuds.
The Skeletons caught this opportunity to start climbing up the areas where there wasn’t any Yang blood. The countless arrows forced Zhao Fu’s side to continuously defend, and Zhao Fu’s side couldn’t do anything about the Skeletons climbing up. Right now, Great Qin’s side was being suppressed by Skeletons.

Luckily, the Skeletons didn’t have unlimited arrows, and after shooting without stopping for a few minutes, the Skeleton Archers’ arrows started to thin out. The Skeletons that had made it to the top didn’t dare to come close because there were countless Evil-Warding Talismans all over the place. Because the area here was much smaller than the town walls and Zhao Fu still had a great amount of the talisman papers, he had his people stick three layers of talisman papers around this area. This was especially to the left and right of the passageway, where they had weaker defenses, and there were also two Gold grade Evil-Warding Talismans left over from the Ghost Festival.

Those two Gold grade Evil-Warding Talismans still had roughly one-quarter of their power and were still more effective than normal Silver grade Evil-Warding Talismans.

The Evil-Warding Power formed from so many Evil-Warding Talismans was simply terrifying to the Skeletons. To them, it felt as if there was a raging inferno ahead of them, and going closer made them feel like they were slowly dying.

By now, the Skeleton Archers had started to slow down due to lack of arrows, and Great Qin side took this opportunity to counterattack. They opened up the shield wall, and Archers, who had long since been ready, drew their bows and started to shoot at the Skeletons that had made it to the top but didn’t dare to approach.

Arrows containing immense force and Ghost-Slaying Power shot towards the Skeletons, causing them to fall back down.

Bang, bang, bang…

The Skeletons crumbled into fragmented bones after hitting the ground, making it seem as if it was hailing.
Even though the Skeletons continuously fell, the other Skeletons didn’t show any fear while climbing up the cliff. However, at the top, because of the powerful Evil-Warding Power, the countless Skeletons couldn’t draw near, and they could only vengefully glare at Great Qin’s soldiers.

Skeletons continuously plummeted down after being hit by arrows, but more Skeletons continuously climbed up. Great Qin’s soldiers didn’t dare to relax for even an instant, using all sorts of methods to deal with the Skeletons around them. The battle was incredibly intense, and the ground below was littered with bones.

Even though Great Qin’s soldiers were quite tired, at least no one had been injured.

Suddenly, something unexpected happened – a gray blur tore through the air and rushed towards Great Qin’s soldiers.


A massive explosion sounded out as the gray blur smashed into the wall to the left side of the passageway. The rocks crumbled, causing some soldiers to fall down to their deaths, shocking everyone else.

Zhao Fu’s gaze became cold, and he looked at the Skeleton. The Skeleton wore silver-gray armor and held a gray crystal bow, and it stood among the Skeletons. It was a Skeleton General, but its aura was at least four times as powerful as that of a normal Skeleton General.

Not only had the left side of the passageway partially collapsed, but many of the Evil-Warding Talismans had also been destroyed in the process as well.

As soon as the Evil-Warding Power on this side disappeared, a massive number of Skeletons furiously flooded towards them. All of the soldiers there were caught completely unprepared, and it seemed like the situation was going to spiral out of control.

“Bai Qi!” Zhao Fu roared. Bai Qi understood, and he drew his Seven Murders Sword and pointed it upwards as a blood-red aura came out of the soldiers’ bodies and gathered above.


A grand bird’s cry sounded out as a blood-red eagle rushed towards the countless Skeletons. Each beat of its wings brought with it a blood-red berserk gale, sending the Skeletons flying backward and destroying many of them, defusing the tense situation.

However, in the next moment, countless arrows filled with deathly aura shot towards the massive eagle. The Skeleton Archers had once again attacked with their limited arrows, forcing the blood-red eagle to dodge in between attacking and causing the situation on the left side to become tense again.

Zhao Fu immediately gave out orders, and the Archers and ballistae aimed at the Skeleton Archers and started to shoot. Countless arrows arced through the air towards the Skeleton Archers, forcing them to stop shooting and take cover.

The Skeleton Archers either died or ran from the arrows and bolts, preventing them from shooting anymore, and that relieved the situation for the blood-red eagle, allowing it to fully deal with the Skeletons on the left side.

The Skeleton General below once again drew its gray crystal bow as a large amount of deathly aura flowed out from its body and entered the arrow it had nocked on the bow, causing it to shine with a terrifying gray light.

The Skeleton General was about to unleash the same horrifying attack as last time!
How could Zhao Fu allow it to do as it wished? He coldly harrumphed, brought out the Great Spirit Roc Bow, and instilled it with his King’s Power, causing it to glow with a brilliant violet light.


A massive explosion rang out as a gray arrow streaked like a terrifying meteor towards Great Qin’s soldiers. At that moment, Zhao Fu released his arrow, causing it to fly out and turn into a large violet roc that shot towards the gray arrow.


The two arrows collided and exploded, causing gray and violet light to shoot in all directions and generating a fierce gale.

At that moment, another powerful aura appeared as another Skeleton General holding a spear and riding a large Skeleton horse appeared.

It turned into a gray blur as it charged over, reaching the cliff in an instant. The Skeleton horse seemed to defy gravity, and it rushed up the cliff on the right side.

This greatly shocked Zhao Fu, and he gave the Great Spirit Roc Bow to Zhang Dahu, whose cultivation was second only to Bai Qi, and told him to use it to suppress the Skeleton Archer General. He also asked Old Logue to support Zhang Dahu.

Zhao Fu went to the right side where the Skeleton Cavalry General was. The Skeleton Cavalry General ignored the Evil-Warding Power and gave off a terrifying aura as it eyed the Great Qin soldiers around it.



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