Chapter 282 – Refining Corpses

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This time, Great Qin obtained 90,300 Stage 1 corpses and 200 A grade corpses from indigenous residents. After hearing about these great gains, Zhao Fu couldn’t help but feel delighted.

After wrapping up everything here, Zhao Fu returned to the Great Qin Town and started to refine a large number of corpses.

On the other side, Bai Qi and the other Generals and Commanders carried out their plans in the other five regions, killing players outside the Vietnamese main cities. All of them used different methods.

They killed a large number of Vietnamese players, and what angered the Vietnamese even more was that after killing people, they would leave the corpses in the center of the road and leave messages on cloth strips such as ‘The Vietnamese barbarians, a bunch of trash, dare to offend China? This is their outcome. Just sit by and wait for China to conquer you, and you’ll soon live as subjects of China.’

When they saw the Chinese players coming into their territory acting so arrogantly, many Vietnamese people were greatly angered. Thousands of Vietnamese players banded together and chased after the Chinese players who had done this, but just as they were about to fight, the Vietnamese players discovered that there were 6,000 or so people ahead who were all well-equipped. The Vietnamese side only had 2,000 to 3,000 people, so they were completely unable to resist. In the end, only a few hundred people were able to escape and spread the news about what had happened.

This caused everyone on the Vietnamese side to become incredibly furious. This time, they gathered tens of thousands of people and went to take down that group of despicable Chinese players.

However, those Chinese people seemed to just disappear, and not a single one could be found. The Vietnamese people had no place to vent their anger, and they felt incredibly wretched.

After the horde of Vietnamese players returned to the main city, the group of despicable Chinese players came out and started killing Vietnamese players again. What’s more, they were so arrogant that they would kill Vietnamese players on the main road while trash talking them, angering the army of Vietnamese players enough to cause them to come flooding out again. However, by the time they arrived, they found that the Chinese players had once again disappeared. This caused the Vietnamese players to feel even more incensed, but they had no idea that there were Great Qin spies among them who let the others know ahead of time.

The countless Vietnamese players were almost going mad with anger, but they could do nothing to that group of Chinese players.

At that moment, a group of people from the Vietnamese Guard went out with a few hundred people without making a big fuss of things. Afterward, the despicable Chinese players disappeared and never reappeared.

Soon, news spread that the Vietnamese Guard’s people and the thousands of Chinese players had engaged in a massive battle in order to defend Vietnams’ honor. All of the Vietnamese Guard’s people had been bathed in blood but showed no fear, and they took down the army of Chinese players while also nearly being wiped out.

After hearing about this, the other Vietnamese players almost wept, and adding on how selfless the Vietnamese Guard was, it lit a fire within all Vietnamese players’ hearts. At the same time, a saying was spread: The Vietnamese Guard were leading countless people to resist China in the northern region of Vietnam!

From this, it could be seen just how high of a position the Vietnamese Guard occupied in the Vietnamese people’s hearts. The entirety of Vietnam was now praising the Vietnamese Guard, and there were even people saying that it was the pride of Vietnam and that every Vietnamese person should learn from it.

Now, the Vietnamese Guard’s fame and reputation were on the same level as the other major factions within Vietnam. Its sense of righteousness, order, and selflessness made every Vietnamese person respect and like it greatly.

Many branches of the Vietnamese Guard also started to appear in various other places. Of course, these branches weren’t formed by Zhao Fu but by players taking the initiative. Some were strong, and some were relatively weak – some of them had thousands of players, while the smallest had just tens.

Facing such a passionate response from the people, the Vietnamese Guard said that it would continue to abide by its principles and defend Vietnam by selflessly making sacrifices for it. It would continue to fight for Vietnam and not do anything that was outrageous, and it encouraged people to join it.

Those who knew the truth about the Vietnamese Guard felt that this was quite amusing, but apart from Zhao Fu’s people, no one else knew about it. This made it seem like it was a glorious event to join the Vietnamese Guard, making it even more attractive to join.

This was exactly what Zhao Fu had wanted, and this would help strengthen the Vietnamese Guard, which would help him take over Vietnam in the future.

What the Vietnamese people didn’t know was that after the people from the Vietnamese Guard met Great Qin’s soldiers, they all greeted each other as old friends and had lunch together, eating meat and drinking wine. Finally, they splattered some animal blood and guts around to make it seem like a massive battle had happened before going back.

The people who were part of this group were all core members, so there was nothing to worry about.

Later, historians would record that the reason that Vietnam fell so quickly was mainly because of the Vietnamese Guard!

Now, all of the soldiers returned to Great Qin, and Zhao Fu refined the 90,000 or so corpses, obtaining 90,000 or so Blood God Pills. Luckily, they had the energy stone mine, or it would’ve taken an extremely long time to refine these corpses.

From Zhao Fu’s experiments, he had found that a Stage 1 Blood God Pill could raise a Stage 0-0 soldier to Stage 0-4, a Stage 0-5 soldier to Stage 0-8, and a Stage 0-8 soldier to Stage 1-0.

By now, apart from some of the newer soldiers, most of Zhao Fu’s soldiers were around Stage 0-7 or 0-8, while most of the soldiers who had followed Zhao Fu from the beginning were Stage 0-9 by now and just needed a bit more to break through.

Right now, they gained roughly 70 or so Stage 1 soldiers every day, most of whom were the older soldiers breaking through. Zhao Fu thought about it and decided not to give them Blood God Pills because they were incredibly close anyways. It would be a bit of a waste to use Blood God Pills when they were so close.

However, Zhao Fu didn’t mistreat the older soldiers – he bought Stage 2 medicinal pills from main cities that could help with breaking through and gave these medicinal pills to them. He gave them a few days to rest and focus their minds on cultivating and breaking through.

At the same time, Zhao Fu gave the Blood God Pills to the other soldiers. In just a few days, Zhao Fu had 23,000 Stage 1 soldiers, which was a massive increase. Great Qin’s military force had become much more powerful, as the difference between Stage 1-0 and Stage 0-9 was incredibly big.

After obtaining so many Stage 1 soldiers, Zhao Fu smiled and asked Guo Binglin if there was any news about the other four Legatees in the vicinity.

There were five Legatees he knew about within the area that he wanted to conquer, but there were definitely a few in the dark he didn’t know about. Now that he had destroyed Great Shun, Zhao Fu wanted to make a move against the other four Legatees as soon as possible to prevent them from developing.

After destroying Great Shun, Zhao Fu had ordered Guo Binglin to collect information on them, but after what had happened to Great Shun, the other Legatees learned to be smarter.



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