Chapter 317 – Elf Royal Clan

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The kneeling Elves included Daisy and Asani, and this caused Zhao Fu to frown. He didn’t like his subjects kneeling to powers apart from himself.

At the same time, Zhao Fu was quite curious – the Elves were a proud race, and they normally wouldn’t kneel to anyone. And yet, they were kneeling on the ground with looks of respect and devotion. What’s more, this was right in front of Zhao Fu, making him feel quite displeased.

“Daisy!” Zhao Fu coldly said.

When she heard this, Daisy quickly came back to her senses and realized what she had done. Her face paled, and she turned and knelt to Zhao Fu as she said, “Your Majesty, please forgive me.”

When he saw how afraid Daisy looked, Zhao Fu’s tone became softer as he asked, “What’s going on?”

When she heard that Zhao Fu’s tone was no longer as cold, Daisy let out a sigh of relief as she explained, “Your majesty, that ancient tree is the most important tree to us Elves, and it is called the World Tree. What’s more, that girl has the Elf Royal Clan’s bloodline, and we were instinctively moved to worship her.”

When he heard Daisy’s explanation, the dissatisfaction within Zhao Fu’s heart disappeared as he said, “You can rise. Your body just fused with a bloodline and is quite weak, so you should go and rest.”

When she heard Zhao Fu’s care-filled words, she felt a sense of peace and warmth within her. She stood up and told the other Elves to get up.

Zhao Fu looked at Celia, who was still floating in the air – she possessed the Elf Royal Clan’s bloodline? That meant that she was the descendant of royalty, and Zhao Fu guessed that Celia was the child of an Elf and a Human.

In the air, waves of silver light shined from Celia’s body, and the noble aura around her body became stronger and stronger – the Royal Bloodline within her seemed to be awakening.

Celia’s facial features started to change, and she began to look more beautiful than before. Her hair became silver-colored, and her ears started to become pointed.

Celia slowly opened her eyes, both of which had become silver-colored. She then flew towards the World Tree, and as they touched, formless energy ripples spread out, causing the weather to change and silver clouds to gather.

The One World Rod hovering in the air shined with a blinding green light that contained a tinge of silver light. As Celia’s image and the World Tree’s image fused, the One World Rod’s appearance also changed, and it slowly turned into a wooden sword.

This wooden sword was silver-colored, a meter long, and 15 centimeters wide. There was a green leaf at the place where the blade and hilt connected. The sword didn’t give off a sharp or bloodthirsty aura. Instead, it gave off an aura filled with life

As the wooden sword formed, the image of the World Tree and Celia fully fused before slowly disappearing, and rays of silver light descended from the sky, creating an awesome scene.

The wooden sword slowly descended, and Zhao Fu stretched out his hand and caught it as he looked at its stats.

[Royal Wood Sword]: Grade: Epic, Stats: Strength +20, Intelligence +25, Constitution +30, Agility +20, Description: A wooden sword formed from a World Tree branch and the Elf Royal Clan’s bloodline. It contains a massive amount of lifeforce.

Zhao Fu waved the Royal Wood Sword about and felt that it was extremely sharp. It easily tore through the air, and a massive sense of life came from the sword.

What’s more, the Royal Wood Sword had a type of blessing called the Elf Royal Clan’s Blessing. Anyone who equipped this sword would receive the respect of all Elves and be able to subdue Elves easily.

The sword’s stats were quite good, but what he wanted now was a fishing rod – it had now become a sword.

“Master, I have a solution for that!” A silver-haired young girl appeared by Zhao Fu’s side as she smiled.

Zhao Fu looked at Celia, who had just changed, and smiled as he said, “Celia, you look very pretty!”

A faint look of embarrassment appeared on Celia’s face as Zhao Fu asked, “What’s your solution?”

“This is the Royal Wood Sword’s second form; it’s first and original form is still a fishing rod. If master wants, I can change it back to a fishing rod,” Celia explained.

When he heard this, Zhao Fu relaxed and asked Celia to change back. The One World Rod looked roughly the same as before, but its stats had greatly increased.

What Zhao Fu cared about the most was the Fishing Blessing effect, which now increased the chance of catching fish by 800%, and it had an extremely large chance of catching rare types of fish.

Now, Zhao Fu would be relying on this fishing rod. If this fishing rod performed well, he would make great gains, and if it didn’t do well, he would lose out on many opportunities.

Time gradually passed, and although there weren’t any rivers or oceans within the Forest of Horrors, there were still lakes and streams. As such, Zhao Fu ordered people to guard the nearby rivers and streams.

The sky gradually darkened, and soon, it was 12 AM.

At that moment, the heavens and the earth started to change. Stars appeared in the sky, giving off resplendent starlight, covering the entire night sky, and turning into a sea of stars.


The sound of a large rock crashing into water sounded out throughout the world, and a gigantic fish appeared in the sky, swimming in the sea of stars as if it was alive and playing in the water.

This lasted for five or six minutes. Then, the gigantic fish turned into countless motes of light that descended from the sky, which was extremely beautiful.

The motes of light fell into bodies of water as fish that shined with light appeared. Inscriptions moved on the surface of them, making them look quite mysterious.

The Divine Fish Festival had officially begun, and this was when there was the most fish. Zhao Fu was currently standing in front of a large lake, and he didn’t have to use a fishing rod for now. He held a harpoon in his hand, and because there were simply too many divine fish, it would take too much time to use a fishing rod – it would be much faster to use a harpoon for now.

Most of the fish within the water were carp and grass carp, and they were about as big as one’s palm. They gave off gray and white lights. There were also some crucian carp that gave off faint blue light.

Zhao Fu aimed at a fish and raised his harpoon before stabbing it into the water. The divine fish were faster than normal fish, but Zhao Fu wasn’t slow either.

The harpoon pierced through a fish, and the fish tried to struggle and escape. However, Zhao Fu quickly raised the harpoon. As soon as the divine fish left the water, it turned into countless motes of light and entered Zhao Fu’s body.

“System announcement! Congratulations, you have caught a carp. You have received ten Divine Fish Points.”

The fish, which was just a carp, turned into motes of faint gray light. It was the first divine fish caught by Zhao Fu. Now, Zhao Fu turned his gaze to the next divine fish.



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