Chapter 321 – Satisfy You Completely

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Zhao Fu had never expected to catch a gold divine fish so quickly, and the next few fish he caught were all silver divine fish. There was even another gold divine fish.

Even though Zhao Fu was away from most people, this was still seen by many people. When everyone they saw that a mysterious, black-cloaked figure was sitting on a small boat and using a branch-like fishing rod to continuously fish up silver and gold divine fish, everyone was amazed.

The people around him were already quite happy if they could even catch ordinary divine fish, and they couldn’t even dream of catching silver and gold divine fish like Zhao Fu. Many people thought that it was because the area he was in was quite good, so they all started to move towards Zhao Fu.

Soon, more and more boats appeared around Zhao Fu. As expected, most of them had better gains here. Even though they didn’t catch any rare divine fish, catching ordinary divine fish already made them overjoyed.

All of these ordinary divine fish were essentially attracted over by Zhao Fu’s bait, so these people also benefited. At first, Zhao Fu didn’t mind because these slight gains didn’t amount to much.

However, as more and more boats gathered, it became noisier and noisier, affecting Zhao Fu’s fishing. The number of gold divine fish gradually decreased until he ended up catching a blue divine fish.

As such, Zhao Fu used his King’s Power to move his boat elsewhere. To the other people, a black aura covered the boat, moving it along. This shocked many people – they had never thought that the black-cloaked figure would be a powerful expert.

They knew that a person like Zhao Fu couldn’t be easily angered. As long as they had divine fish to catch, they would be happy.

However, after Zhao Fu left, they started to catch less and less divine fish until they altogether stopped appearing, and many people started to move away.

Some sharp-eyed people spotted Zhao Fu at another section of the lake and saw him catching silver and gold divine fish, so they all went over and found that there were divine fish over here.

Soon, many boats gathered again, causing Zhao Fu to frown because they had once again started to affect his fishing.

As such, Zhao Fu could only move his boat towards an even more remote place. After Zhao Fu left, the number of divine fish in that area once again decreased.

Those who were smart realized that something was going on and started to follow Zhao Fu around. This annoyed Zhao Fu – if they didn’t affect his fishing, he wouldn’t care if they indirectly benefited, but they were greatly interfering with his fishing!

“If you continue following me around, I’ll kill all of you!” A massive aura burst forth, seeming to freeze the surrounding space as a cold voice sounded out, causing countless people to burst out in cold sweat.

Nevertheless, a loud voice called out, “What right do you have? This lake isn’t owned by you; we can go where we want. Who are you to tell us where we can and can’t go?”

Zhao Fu didn’t bother replying to him, and a sword light flashed out, splitting that person and his boat in half. A bloody and gory smell immediately spread out, sending a chill through everyone else’s hearts.

Zhao Fu continued moving away, and no one else dared to follow along, allowing Zhao Fu to fish in peace again.

After every two or three silver divine fish, Zhao Fu would catch a gold divine fish, and this was many times greater than his gains from the previous night. However, before Zhao Fu could start to feel happy, a few large boats started to move towards him.

Many people had told the large families about Zhao Fu, so they started to move towards him.

There was a ferocious-looking big man standing on the boat in the lead, and seeing Zhao Fu continuously catch silver and gold divine fish, he felt quite surprised and said in an amicable tone, “Brother, the Azure Tiger Gang is willing to buy your secret for $5 million in the real world. The Azure Tiger Gang will definitely treat you well in the future.”

How could Zhao Fu be tempted by $5 million? No matter how much money they offered, he wouldn’t hand over his secret, so Zhao Fu ignored that person and continued fishing.

When he saw that he had been ignored, the big man felt quite angry – his attitude had been quite good, and he had planned to use a carrot and stick approach. He had never expected this person to be so discourteous, and no one in this region dared to treat him so disrespectfully. The big man’s face immediately darkened.

“Haha…” another boat came over, on which a well-built man with a beard stood and laughed loudly.

“You want to buy such a secret with just $5 million? What a joke! Brother, I’ll buy your secret for $50 million.” The middle-aged man’s laugh had a sense of heroism to it.

When he heard this, the ferocious-looking big man felt quite angry, and just as he was about to say something, another boat came over.

There was a beautiful woman who gave off a cold aura, and she said, “Friend, the Zhao family is willing to pay the same amount of money to buy your secret.”

This made the ferocious-looking big man’s expression even uglier.

“How lively! Who would have thought that all of you would be here; the Zhu family also wants to join in.” a frivolous looking man said in a carefree tone while standing on another large boat.

The four boats all gave off powerful auras, and none of them were willing to back down. However, the main character, Zhao Fu, completely ignored all of them.

Suddenly, he felt a massive tug on the fishing line, causing it to immediately go taught. Zhao Fu felt that something big had bitten the bait, and it was very strong as it struggled in the water, resulting in massive splashes, trying to drag Zhao Fu away with it.

If it was a normal fishing rod, the line would’ve long since broken. Zhao Fu gripped the fishing rod with both hands and used all of his strength to raise the fishing rod.

A large fish broke through the water, and it looked a lot like whitebait. It was one meter long and 15 centimeters wide, and it shined with a faint violet light.

The appearance of this violet divine fish shocked everyone present, and those around had never expected Zhao Fu to be able to catch a violet divine fish.

After being raised by Zhao Fu out of the water, the violet divine fish turned into countless motes of light that entered Zhao Fu’s body, and the violet divine fish gave him a Fish Jewel.

“System announcement! Congratulations, you have caught a violet divine fish. You have received 800 Divine Fish Points.”

Anyone who could catch a violet divine fish would definitely make massive gains in this festival, and the muscular bearded man immediately said, “Friend, I’m willing to pay $100 million to buy your secret. I sincerely invite you to join the Jin family.”

The ferocious-looking big man also yelled, “Brother, the Azure Tiger Gang also sincerely invites you to join.”

The cold-looking woman also looked quite shocked and said, “Friend, if you’re willing to join the Zhao family, we’ll be willing to satisfy you completely.”

The man from the Zhu family also extended a similar invitation.



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