Chapter 605: Strongest Nation
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Zhao Fu suppressed his excitement and said calmly, "That's fine. I'll take all of the corpses you can find."

Roxi let out a sigh of relief and felt a lot of admiration towards Zhao Fu's grandness. She had no idea just how much money Zhao Fu had to be able to spend it so liberally.

Moreover, Zhao Fu had said that he would take all of the corpses they could find, which meant that this could become a continuous transaction. The profits that this would bring in would be enormous.

When she thought of this, Roxi felt incredibly excited and nodded, saying, "Don't worry dear guest. We'll help you obtain a large number of corpses, but it will take some time."

Zhao Fu nodded and said that he would buy more Talisman Stones in the future, and he especially wanted higher-grade ones.

Roxi felt quite shocked about Zhao Fu's fortune – he wanted even more high-grade Talisman Stones on top of the corpses; just how much money would that cost? He simply had too much money.

Zhao Fu did not mind what Roxi thought, and after their discussion, he immediately left. A few days later, he once again returned.

By now, Roxi had gathered 400,000 Stage 1 corpses, 20,000 Stage 2 corpses, and 1,000 Stage 3 corpses.

Zhao Fu was quite astounded – he had never thought that the Swan Goose Group could amass so many corpses in such a short amount of time. This was especially because of those 20,000 Stage 2 corpses and 1,000 Stage 3 corpses, which made him incredibly pleased.

The Swan Goose Group had put in a lot of effort to obtain those corpses. They had bought corpses from all over the Kirsh Kingdom, and they did not dare to touch the corpses of soldiers, as they could not afford to offend the governmental faction. Because of this, they could only turn their gaze to other sources.

As long as there was demand, there would be a supply. This resulted in a new profession, which was Graverobber, and it was especially for stealing corpses. They would come and steal the corpses that were buried.

Of course, the governmental faction would not allow this sort of behavior. If it was an unknown corpse, no one would mind, but if it was someone who had a family, there would be anger from the common people, and this matter caused a lot of tension in the Kirsh Kingdom.

Over the past few days, countless graves had been robbed, and the governmental faction started to investigate. Because of this, the Swan Goose Group started to be wary and even thought about giving up.

However, in light of the massive benefits that Zhao Fu offered, they still chose to carry this out secretly. They did not dare to be as bold anymore though, and they expanded their business to the surrounding few kingdoms.

After spending more than ten million gold coins, Zhao Fu did not have many gold coins on him, so he used equipment to trade. This equipment was not what Great Qin had made but equipment from players. There were tens of millions of them, and Zhao Fu had been worried that he would not be able to get rid of them all.

Zhao Fu set the price for the equipment quite low, and even though he suffered a bit of a loss, Zhao Fu felt that this was worth it. As long as Great Qin could obtain a large number of corpses, it would be fine.

After returning to Great Qin, Zhao Fu refined the Stage 2 corpses and obtained Stage 2 Blood God Pills, and he gave them to some of Great Qin's older soldiers. In a few days, Great Qin had 20,000 more Stage 2 soldiers, and with the ones from before, Great Qin now had 40,000 Stage 2 soldiers.

As for the Stage 3 corpses, because there were not many of them, the refined Blood God Pills were given to people who were Captain level or above.

Most of the Generals and Commanders were at Stage 3, while Zhao Fu's cultivation had reached Stage 4. He had consumed a Stage 4 Blood God Pill, and his Cultivation was at Stage 4-4.

Great Qin was also mass-producing Talisman Equipment, and apart from the offensive weapons, they had also started to produce Talisman Defenses.

One type was Talisman Armor. Talisman Armor had a mystical sheen to them, and there were a few grooves along them that had some runes within them. There was a circle at the center of the armor, which was the core, where the defense was the strongest.

If they sent their cultivation power into the armor, the grooves and circle would light up, making it seem like a piece of armor from a sci-fi movie. The armor would also become more powerful, and it would be able to rival a Talisman Equipment of the same grade.

Now, they had a large number of corpses and Talisman Stones, and the two things that had been bothering Great Qin had been resolved. Now, Great Qin just needed to steadily develop.

Zhao Fu became quite free with his time, and he mainly spent it reading about the Grassi people's history and their current situation in order to learn more about the previous world before them.

The previous, previous world's race was called the Lantong people. Their looks were like westerners, and they had deep blue eyes. However, their blood was blue.

Zhao Fu obtained a lot of information from the books, and Zhao Fu read every day.

"Lord husband, you should take a break. You've been reading the entire today," Nü Lü said caringly as she walked in with some desserts.

Zhao Fu nodded. After reading for so long, he felt quite fatigued, so he put the book aside and looked at Nü Lü.

Nü Lü's personality was like that of a woman from ancient times. Her embroidery and cooking skills were quite good, and most women now would not be able to do such things, nor would they be so considerate.

Nü Lü placed the desserts on the table before sitting on Zhao Fu's lap and gently massaging his temples.

After interacting for a few days, they had become closer and closer.

Zhao Fu closed his eyes and leaned against the chair, enjoying her massage. At that moment, Nü Lü said, "Lord husband, how is the situation in the west with India?"

Now that Nü Lü's body had entered the Heaven Awaken World, she did not know what was happening outside, and because she had no way of finding out herself, she could only ask Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu replied, "India constructed a powerful defensive wall and continuously strengthened their forces there. Because of their faith, many of them have powerful battle intent, and because of their massive population, China isn't able to reclaim those regions for now. The fighting between both sides is quite intense, and there hasn't been a clear victor yet.

"I think that Shama is slowly assimilating those regions. Even though they are not receiving any bonus rewards anymore, they're just buying time for Shama to assimilate those 13 regions. Only after assimilating those 13 regions will they retreat to India's territory."

"When that time comes, China will only have 13 shells, while Shama, with his Nation Armament, Clan Armament, and the support of countless players, will possess strength that will surpass Great Qin, and his nation will become the strongest nation in the world."

Zhao Fu knew clearly that Great Qin would be weaker than the Maurya Dynasty. After all, Great Qin did not have the support of players, and they instead had countless enemies. Great Qin had only assimilated five regions, while the other side was assimilating 13 regions.

With so many regions and the support of countless players, Shama would definitely surpass Great Qin – this was completely obvious.



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