"Big sis Lü!" the only young woman out of the four people yelled first before happily jumping into Nü Lü's embrace.

Nü Lü also smiled and lightly hugged the young woman.

By now, everyone else had come back to their senses. Nü Lü's original body had entered the Heaven Awaken World, and she had become Great Qin's Legatee's concubine, so why had she suddenly appeared here? Everyone felt quite curious.

The eldest out of the four people, who was a muscular man Nü Lü referred to as 'big bro Niu,' asked in concern, "Lil Sis Lü, have you been well since you went to Great Qin? Has Great Qin's Legatee been bullying you? Also, why are you here?"

Nü Lü sweetly smiled as she said, "Mm, I've been quite well. You guys don't have to worry about me. Lord husband cares about me a lot, and I came with lord husband."

"Lil sis Lü!" Before Nü Lü could finish speaking, she was cut off by someone. Hearing this familiar voice, Nü Lü's body froze, and she turned to look at a handsome young man who was walking over with an expression that was extremely happy.

Xuanyuan Xiu had never expected that the woman he had been thinking about night and day to suddenly appear here. His eyes teared up, and he spread out his arms, wanting to hug her.

However, Nü Lü smiled but gently stopped him, making him stare in surprise. Nü Lü said, "Long time no see, Big bro Xuanyuan. I have a husband now, so please don't be like this."

Hearing her words, Xuanyuan Xiu's heart started to ache, and he couldn't help cry.

Seeing this, a trace of hurt appeared on Nü Lü's face, and she said, "I'm really sorry, big bro Xuanyuan; I've let you down!"

Xuanyuan Xiu shook his head and said with a trace of hatred, "Lil sis Lü, it's not your fault. It's all Great Qin's Legatee's fault who stole you away; it's all his fault."

Seeing this, Nü Lü felt quite uncomfortable, and she said, "Big bro Xuan, it's not lord husband's fault; it was my choice. Also, please don't talk about lord husband like that."

Hearing the woman he loved calling someone else 'lord husband,' flames of fury erupted in Xuanyuan Xiu's heart. He grabbed Nü Lü's hand while saying, "Lil sis Lü, let's leave and find a place where there's no one. We can live there without caring about anything else; with how violent Great Qin's Legatee is, I'm sure you've been bullied a lot! Leave with me!"

Seeing that Xuanyuan Xiu seemed to be going a bit mad, she felt quite bad but still struggled away from him and said sincerely, "Big bro Xuanyuan, lord husband treats me very well. Right now, both my body and heart belong to him – it's over between us, so stop being like this!"

"I don't believe it!"

Xuanyuan Xiu yelled madly, unable to accept that the woman he loved now loved someone else. As he yelled, he once again grabbed Nü Lü's hand and tried to drag her away.

Seeing this, the others couldn't help but try to convince him, saying, "Xuanyuan, lil sis Lü has already made things clear, so don't make things difficult for her!"

"I don't believe that she likes another man; don't poke your noses in my business!" Xuanyuan Xiu was quite obsessed and yelled in a crazed manner.

His shouting drew the gazes of many people, and seeing who he was dragging, many people exclaimed, "She's Nü Lü! China's number one beauty!"

This drew even more gazes, and people saw that it was indeed Nü Lü. It was the first time that many people had seen Nü Lü, and after seeing her beauty, they were quite amazed. Moreover, they couldn't help but wonder why Great Qin's Legatee's concubine would be here.

"Let go of her!" a cold voice sounded out. Seeing that Zhao Fu had arrived, Nü Lü struggled out of Xuanyuan Xiu's grip and leaped into Zhao Fu's embrace. Her eyes were a bit wet as she said apologetically, "I'm sorry, lord husband!"

"What?" Nü Lü had leaped into that person's embrace and called him lord husband; was that Great Qin's Legatee? This caused almost all people present to look over.

Almost everyone, including the eight Legatees, as well as the various Legatees from other countries, heard this and couldn't help but look over.

Great Qin's Legatee's name was incredibly terrifying, and all of them were quite wary of him.

Everyone around Zhao Fu looked quite afraid, and they instinctively retreated. Suddenly, there was no one unrelated to Zhao Fu within the surrounding 100 meters.

The expressions of the four people from the Ancient Clans became quite serious as they looked at the cloaked figure Nü Lü was hugging. He was Great Qin's legendary Legatee, who was incredibly ruthless, bloodthirsty, and lascivious.

The raucous scene immediately became cold and fell silent.

"You're Great Qin's Legatee?" Xuanyuan Xiu asked with hatred in his eyes.

Zhao Fu looked down at Nü Lü, who was about to cry, and comforted her warmly, "It's fine. I'm not angry."

Nü Lü let out a breath of relief and happily nodded before smiling.

Zhao Fu looked over at Xuanyuan Xiu and nodded, affirming his identity as Great Qin's Legatee.

Immediately, everyone around them gasped – he was Great Qin's Legatee. At that moment, countless people came over. It was not just the eight Legatees but many other Legatees from various countries.

"I hope you'll let off my lil sis Lü!" Xuanyuan stared at Zhao Fu as he gripped the Regulus Sword at his waist and spoke quite frankly.

Even if others feared Great Qin's Legatee, he would not fear him at all.

Zhao Fu's gaze became cold, and he looked at Xuanyuan Xiu as he replied, "She's my woman; no one can take her away from me!"

"Don't be angry, lord husband. I'll take care of this." Nü Lü could tell that Zhao Fu was becoming angry, so she hugged Zhao Fu and spoke with a pleading tone.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu felt a bit unwilling to continue and nodded.

Following this, Nü Lü's gaze became cold as she looked at Xuanyuan Xiu and said, "Big bro Xuanyuan, if you continue this, I really will get angry. I'll say it one more time: I have a husband now and I truly love him. I hope you can understand."

Xuanyuan Xiu dumbly stared at Nü Lü. This was the first time he had seen her seem so angry before, and her words were incredibly resolute. He felt as if his heart had fallen into an icy pit, and he did not say anything else. His body gradually disappeared – he had most likely exited the Heaven Awaken World.

Many people from China felt that this was quite a pity. Xuanyuan Xiu was a descendent of the Xuanyuan Yellow Emperor, and he had immense potential. And yet, he had given up on this trial.

Nü Lü's eyes became wet, and she turned and leaped into Zhao Fu's embrace, tightly hugging him, saying, "Lord husband, I like you!"

Zhao Fu felt a trace of warmth within his heart and comfortingly stroked her back.

This matter was finally over, but countless people did not leave and continued to stare at the cloaked figure at the center. Wu Qingniang also stood at the side with a serious expression. This was the first time she had seen Great Qin's Legatee, and she understood that he was incredibly terrifying. She wondered just what had caused his appearance.

However, Wu Qingniang felt a bit confused, as Great Qin's Legatee felt somewhat familiar to her.



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