- Dependent on the strength and agility of physical body

Levels in martial arts:

Nascent level

Intermediate level

Advanced level

Emperor level


-Based on the cultivation of the elements of nature

-Separate methods of cultivation for each element of nature

Fire element:

Phoenix cultivation method or Scarlet dragon cultivation method based on the type of one's flame.

Water element:

Golden lotus cultivation method

Ice element:

Blue Crystal cultivation method

Wind element:

For plain wind nature- Pearl Jade method [ flutes as medium]

For vortex wind nature- Black Iris method [ Jade fans as medium]

Here, flutes and fans refer to magical artifacts

Levels of internal qi cultivation: Grade 1 to Grade 10


Soul cultivation levels : Mortal ← Transition ← Immortal

Soul arts : Soul refining

Soul taming to form contract with spirit beasts


Magic can be practiced by those who have affinity for magic. Here, runes come into picture.

Magician ← Wizard ← Sorcerer


Paths from which each cultivator has to choose:

Swordsman : Beginner ← Warrior ← Knight

Archer: Beginner ← Intermediate archer ← Heavenly archer

Healers: Beginner ← Practitioner ← Master ← Grand Master

One can choose one or many paths based on their abilities.


Demonic beasts: Their cores are useful for cultivation

Levels : Grade1 to Grade 9 ← Blood sucking beasts ← Corrosive beasts

Spirit beasts: Can be tamed and contracts can be formed

Levels: Grade 1 to Grade 9 ← Mythological beasts ← Divine beasts


Master and servant : The beast is free once the master dies.

Life and death: The beast follows master to death. When master dies, the beast dies. But, even if the beast dies the master remains alive.



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