No matter how successful a parent's career was, they hoped that their children would be promising in the future.

"Dad, what do you mean by this? Do you believe that I'll tell Mom what you have just said?" Zhao Yu would not concede defeat. In what way was she worse than Qiao Nan? Her father actually envied Qiao Nan's father. This was not the real Qiao Nan. She was clearly a scheming bitch. She really knew how to act and pretend.

If she was willing to, she would definitely have become good friends with Qiao Nan long ago.

However, she was not as insidious as Qiao Nan. She was a forthright person. She could not act or pretend to like or hate someone.

"Alright, alright, alright. Don't get angry." Father Zhao patted his daughter. "Where are you going now? It seems that your classmates have not returned."

"I came to take something. I need to leave now," Zhao Yu said angrily. If she had not realized that she had missed out one of the books, she would not have seen Qiao Nan's father being surrounded by so many people. She was most annoyed by what her father said earlier.

One day, her father would understand that his daughter was much more outstanding than Qiao Nan.

Her father was the one truly blessed with her as a daughter.

"Alright, then quickly go ahead. Right, Xiao Yu, I've never heard you mention about making any new friends in this half a semester. Since next week is your birthday, do you want to organize a celebration at home and celebrate with your classmates? Qiao Nan's house is so near to our family. This year, you should invite Qiao Nan too."

She was the top scorer in the cohort and once the top of the middle school examination in the province. Father Zhao had the feeling that Qiao Nan might not be Fang Zhong Yong, the child prodigy who lost his talent when he was older, as mentioned by Zhao Yu.

Most people said that the results between males and females would be different from the third year onward. The difference would be more obvious as they reached senior high school. However, judging from Qiao Nan's progress in the science subjects, she scored nearly full marks for all of them in this midterm examination.

At the very least, there was no disadvantage for Xiao Yu to mix around with such a child.

If she was to make friends, she should certainly find a 'good' friend. Father Zhao would be very pleased if Zhao Yu could be closer to Qiao Nan.

Father Zhao heard what Mother Tao and the few parents said.

The few families' children were in the same dormitory as Qiao Nan, and the latter helped them a lot in their studies. Their children's academic performance had not only become consistent but also improved.

If Qiao Nan's good friend was Zhao Yu, the latter's results would definitely be different when he attended the parent-teacher conference next year.

At the thought of Zhao Yu, who never failed to be in the top ten in junior high school, but was now in the last ten, Father Zhao felt a little depressed.

"I'll invite everyone except her!" Zhao Yu snorted. "But I wish to focus on my studies this year. I'm not joining these messy activities anymore. Anyway, it's always the same when celebrating birthdays. Besides feasting and drinking, what else can there be? Instead of wasting time, I might as well study more and do better in the next examination."

"Are we really not holding a party for your birthday this year?" Father Zhao was shocked. His daughter loved having fun and people. If they did not remember it, their daughter would definitely kick up a big fuss. Unexpectedly, Zhao Yu actually requested not to hold a birthday party or any related actives this year on her own accord.

"Of course, it's more real than genuine pearls. Dad, don't look down on me. I'm actually quite sensible too." Zhao Yu would never tell her father that she had not found any good friends in the class although half a semester had passed.

Zhao Yu's grades were average in the class. In fact, it was actually below average. Even if the Zhao family was wealthy, not everyone in the class was keen on favoring her.

Because of Zhao Yu, Xu Tingting had been stripped off the role of the vice class monitor.

Xu Tingting directly told the class that they had to be careful if they were close to Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu already caused her to lose the position of the vice class monitor. If anyone dared to be close to Zhao Yu, they might be the next victim.

In a class, there were more students who did not hold any position than class committee members.

However, because of Xu Tingting's words, although some of the students were not class committee members, they were reluctant to become close to Zhao Yu too. What if Zhao Yu harmed them in other ways?

In that case, although they did not have an extremely poor relationship with Zhao Yu, they were not that close to her either.

Take the classmates in Zhao Yu's current dormitory as an example. They did not directly ignore and bully Zhao Yu like the latter's previous dormitory mates. They would usually greet Zhao Yu and call her along when they attended class or went for meals.

However, that was, at best, out of politeness. It did not go beyond that.

As such, Zhao Yu did not make any good friends at all in the class.

If she really organized a birthday party just like what she did in the past and invited a few classmates, in the end, Zhao Yu would not be in the limelight. She might even lose her face as not many would attend. Even if they came, that didn't mean they were close to her.

"With what you said, Dad feels like having taken more nutrients as compared to eating ginseng. Xiao Yu, strive hard. With your learning attitude, Dad believes that you will definitely do well in the next examination." Father Zhao was happy. There was no reason for him not to support his daughter in quieting down and focusing on her studies.

"Alright, I'm going to study in the reading room." Zhao Yu pursed her lips as she was not too pleased actually. However, she could not explain to her father given her current situation.

"Go ahead." Father Zhao smiled. He was extremely pleased as he looked at his daughter's back. Xiao Yu had become more sensible. He believed that as long as she worked hard, people would not treat him any less than they would Qiao Dongliang at the parent-teacher conference next year.

The parent-teacher conference ended as soon as it began. When it ended, the sky was already dark.

"Dad, take this with you so that you can see the way when you go home. It's not convenient for you to walk with your legs. Walk slowly and be careful on the way back." Qiao Nan stuffed a small flashlight into Qiao Dongliang's hands. She used the small amount of pocket money that she had to buy this.

"No need. Keep it for yourself." Qiao Dongliang refused to take it. "Look at how round and bright the moon is today. Don't worry about Dad. Nothing will happen. Nowadays, it's different from when Dad was still a child. There are many streetlights along the roads. I will walk slowly and won't fall down."

"Take it. Although it's not bright enough, it can still light up the way a little." Qiao Nan forcefully tucked the flashlight into Qiao Dongliang's hands again.

"Then, how about you?" Nan Nan must have bought the flashlight because she had a use for it.

"It's fine. I won't be needing it in the near future. I will be going home next week. I will be able to bring it back to school then. It's not a big issue." She bought this flashlight specifically for her father. She had no use for it as she normally did not read in the dormitory.

"Alright, I'll take it." Qiao Dongliang smiled helplessly. Nan Nan's temper was growing. He had to listen to Nan Nan although he was the father.



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