Recently, Yang Yang had been very well-behaved, and he did not get into arguments with Baoguo either. Their relationship had improved, thus it should not be difficult.

After speaking with Wang Qinglin on the phone, Zhu Qin made a phone call to Elder Zhu. "Hello, Dad, it's me. There's this situation that I have to tell you, please let Brother know as well. I don't know how these people do their work, but they are paid by the government, yet they do not do their work. If Qinglin is affected by them, I will not let this matter rest."

Wang Qinglin had been talking about this project for quite some time. He was very ambitious and confident. He believed that after finishing this project, given his political achievements, there would be chances of him getting promoted this year.

When Zhu Qin married Wang Qinglin, she was actually marrying down.

At that time, the Wang family was not as well-to-do as the Zhu family. Regardless, Zhu Qin had taken a fancy to Wang Qinglin, and she married him as he was good to her.

However, Zhu Qin had become accustomed to the fact that whenever Wang Qinglin met with any trouble, she would always go to the Zhu family for help. Zhu Qin did not find anything wrong with that.

"Is that so? I don't know much about these things. I will tell your brother about it. He will make the decision." It was rare that his daughter called him, but Elder Zhu was unhappy when he learned that it was regarding his son-in-law.

At the other end of the phone, Zhu Qin smiled. "Dad, are you joking with me? There's nothing that my brother cannot settle."

Elder Zhu massaged his forehead. "That is if your brother is willing to. You should know your brother's temper recently. I can't do anything about you siding with the Wang family, and I can't control how your brother behaves as well. Both of you have grown up, and I am old. If there is anything in the future, settle the problem by yourself. Can you let me have a peace of mind and enjoy my retirement?"

Zhu Qin said guiltily, "Dad, what's wrong with you? It's not good for your health to lose your temper."

"What's wrong? Qin-er, you only know to ask. Why don't you think about it yourself? Whenever Wang Qinglin has any trouble, you will call me for help. Why don't you call your brother directly? Qin-er, do you think that I've become muddle-headed and foolish from old age? Do you think that I do not understand what's going on?" Elder Zhu was unhappy at having to play the role of a messenger for his daughter.

Zhu Qin looked awkward. "Dad, are you in a bad mood today?" She had always called her father for help and he had never rejected her. Why was her father so angry today?

"Fine, I will bring up this matter to your brother. But you must not have too much expectation." Elder Zhu sighed. His children were debts owed in his previous life. "You have grown up, and your husband is your top priority. I can't say anything about it. Your brother has grown up as well, and I can't stop him from doing whatever he wants either. This is the current situation. We shall see how it goes."

Zhu Qin had yet to say a word, and her father had already hung up on her. She could only hear the dial tone from the other side of the phone. "Hey, Dad? Hello?! Did you just hang up on me?" As long as her father spoke up, there was no way that her brother would refuse to help.

Zhu Qin hung up and stared at the phone.

In the end, did her father agree to it or not? What exactly happened to her father?

Zhu Qin was perplexed. When Wang Qinglin came back home at night and asked about this matter, Zhu Qin told him what had happened.

Wang Qinglin took off his clothes and sat down on the bed, deep in his thoughts. "Didn't your dad ask you to give your brother a call? Why don't you call him to ask?" It seemed that Zhu Chengqi still had the final say. The sum of money had already been reserved for him. Initially, it would not take long for him to get the money, and he would be able to do something big by then.

But why was his request disapproved now? Could it be that Zhu Chengqi put a stop to it?

"Sure, but it's too late now. How about I call my brother tomorrow?"

"Yes, tomorrow will do."

The Wang family had rested. Over at the other side, Zhai Yaohui, who was rarely at home, gave a call to Zhai Sheng. "Hello, Zhai Sheng."

"Dad? Is anything the matter?" Zhai Sheng was looking through some information when he picked up the call from Zhai Yaohui.

"I heard that you are in charge of Wang Qinglin's matter. Why are you?" All along, the Zhai family had nothing to do with the Wang family.

"Grandpa once taught me that as a soldier, we must do practical things for the country and the people, and we must never resort to deception. Since Wang Qinglin dared to play tricks, there is nothing wrong with me withholding the money. I have been through the accounts, and they are full of problems. I could not possibly watch by while he uses the people's money and engages in such unrealistic projects. Our country is big and we have a lot of talent. If Wang Qinglin is not up to it, we can give others the chance. We can give this power to others instead. Dad, do you think there is a problem?"

When Zhai Yaohui first heard about this, he had thought that Wang Qinglin had provoked Zhai Sheng. However, Zhai Sheng justified himself with valid reasons. There was no way that he could say anything.

As Zhai Sheng's father, how could Zhai Yaohui not be able to tell which of Zhai Sheng's words were true and which were not?

All that Zhai Sheng said was to give excuses for this matter.

Zhai Yaohui took off his reading glasses. "Alright, since you don't wish to say, I won't force you. But don't use those excuses to dismiss me. There isn't a big problem regarding this matter. You just have to know the limits."

Almost everyone knew that there were problems with Wang Qinglin's accounts.

Nowadays, among the people who worked for the people and the country, most would not be truthful in their accounts. The only difference was how they prepared the accounts and whether they knew their limits.

Wang Qinglin knew his limits. Even if Zhu Chengqi was his relative, he did not go way overboard. Hence, though there was something wrong with his accounts, nobody really cared. After all, they had to take into account the Zhu family.

"Sure. Dad, it's getting late. You should sleep." Zhai Sheng was not surprised that Zhai Yaohui would say this.

Zhai Yaohui hesitated for a moment. "It's still early…"

Zhai Sheng, who was flipping through some information, halted in his tracks. There was a glint of smiles in his eyes. "Is Mom still angry with you and wanted you to sleep in the study room?"

As soon as Zhai Sheng said this, sounds of someone overturning the teacup could be heard from the other side of the phone. "What are you talking about? I meant I want to read through some notes. Alright, I will hang up now!"

After hanging up, Zhai Yaohui cleared up the overturned teacup clumsily. It was late. He did not want to bother the helpers at home since they must have gone to sleep. He had no wish to wake them up.

Looking at the overturned teacup, Zhai Yaohui sighed.

His face turned black when he looked at the bed that he laid out in the study room. Ever since he married Miao Jing, he could not remember the last time that he made his own bed or stacked his own blanket. He almost did not know how to stack them.



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