"Are you jealous and want to take revenge?" Qiao Nan seemed to have understood.

"Of course!" Shi Qing turned her head and admitted up-front.

Qiao Nan was at a loss. "Shi Qing, you are a strange person. There would not be such trouble if you didn't tell me about Brother Zhai's injuries or allow me to get onto your family car. Now, you feel upset after helping me and want to settle accounts. Don't you feel that it's too tiresome?"

"I don't feel tired. I am too bored, and I am trying to find things to occupy my time," Shi Qing said carelessly. "Okay, stop thinking about it. Your benefactor is thirsty, so hurry up."

She felt uneasy helping others. She had to take revenge on them so that she would feel better. She was such a contradiction, different from others!

Qiao Nan gave Shi Qing a thumbs-up. Shi Qing was indeed invincible!

"Uncle Qiao, the dishes that you prepared are delicious. They are indeed home-cooked food. They are superb!" During dinner, Shi Qing ate to her heart's content. She did not care to look at Qiao Nan and Qiao Dongliang, who had an awkward expression on their faces. She helped herself to the food happily.

Qiao Dongliang was glad that an outsider was all praise for his dishes. "Well, if you like these dishes, you should have more of them. You can also join us for meals in the future."

"Dad…" Qiao Nan wanted to stop Qiao Dongliang. She knew that her father was being polite, but some people in the world would take the jokes of others seriously and would see others' politeness as their warm welcome.

It turned out that they had run into such a person today.

"Sure!" Shi Qing slapped on the table. "Uncle Qiao, you are such a nice person. It's Qiao Nan's blessing to have you as her father. I am proud and honored to accept Uncle Qiao's gracious invitation. After all, one should not reject the elders' good intentions. Thank you, Uncle Qiao!"

In the future, she would have free lunches.

Qiao Dongliang was at a loss for words. He was being polite. Why were the kids nowadays so blatant?

"Uncle Qiao, have more of the food. Qiao Nan told me that you have a car accident a year ago, and you still have to work to earn money to raise Qiao Nan. It's been tiring on you. We can have less of the food, but you must not go hungry." Shi Qing did not treat herself as an outsider. Instead, she reversed the position of the host and the guest and picked up some vegetables with her chopsticks for Qiao Dongliang. The latter was dumbstruck.

Shi Qing's father was Shi Peng. He was used to giving orders to people in the army. He was an expert at this.

The daughter had learned well from the father. Though Shi Qing was not as good as her father, but compared with Qiao Dongliang, who had been an obedient soldier for many years, she was able to make him listen to her.

"No, don't stand on ceremony with us. I, I will get the food by myself. All of you are still young. You, you have a hard time studying. Nan Nan and you should eat more."

"Alright, sure, I will obey Uncle Qiao." Shi Qing responded to Qiao Dongliang's words by picking a large amount of the vegetables with her chopsticks and putting them into her bowl.

Usually, there were only Qiao Dongliang and Qiao Nan who would eat at home, and since Qiao Nan forbade Qiao Dongliang from leaving leftovers for the next day, the portion of food Qiao Dongliang cooked was just enough for the two of them.

Today, since Shi Qing was staying for dinner, Qiao Dongliang had prepared more food than usual.

However, judging from the amount that Shi Qing had, Qiao Dongliang dared not eat any more of the food.

He was afraid that he might eat too much and the children would not have enough to eat.

It would be alright if Nan Nan did not have enough. After all, the guests were more important and she would only go hungry for one night. He would prepare more food for her tomorrow.

But he could never let the guest go hungry.

Qiao Dongliang hesitated and said, "Shi Qing, are these dishes enough? I remember there are two eggs in the refrigerator. How about I whip up a plate of stir-fried tomato and scrambled eggs?"

"Sure, I just happen to crave for another half a bowl of rice." Shi Qing smiled happily at Qiao Dongliang. He stood up immediately, took the eggs out of the refrigerator, and went into the kitchen to prepare the dish.

True enough, home-cooked food prepared by someone else was definitely better than the food back at home.

"Shi Qing, don't be too much. You have finished the amount of food that could last my dad and me for two meals. You seem to be skinny and petite, yet why do you have such a huge appetite?" Qiao Nan sized up Shi Qing. She could not understand why she was able to have so much food.

It was news to her that Shi Qing was a foodie.

"Don't worry. I won't suffer indigestion from these dishes. Today, I have traveled high and low with you. Qiao Nan, are you thinking of starving me, not letting me have a full meal?" Shi Qing was not afraid of Qiao Nan.

Zhu Baoguo was her defeated opponent. She thought nothing of Qiao Nan who looked thin and scrawny like the poorly-developed chicks.

"Qiao Nan, let me give you a piece of advice. Zhu Baoguo, the hatchet man of yours, is nowhere to be seen. Given your small frame and without him around, you'll be easily bullied by others. With me around, nobody will dare to come close to you. You must not live in plenty without appreciating it." Her fighting prowess was better than Zhu Baoguo's. With her around, Qiao Nan was particularly safe. She should be thankful.

"Crap." Qiao Nan was speechless. "How can you be so blatant when you are having a meal for free? I take my hat off to you. Protect me? Who will be after me?"

"Qiu Chenxi!" Shi Qing snorted.

"Why?" Why would Qiu Chenxi create trouble for her?

"Have you forgotten that she was not allowed to enter Brother Zhai's dormitory today?"

"But it's not my fault. It's you who pulled her away!" If Qiu Chenxi really wanted to settle accounts, she should look for Shi Qing, not her.

"Hey, don't you know that there are people who bully the weak and fear the strong? Given my fighting prowess, will Qiu Chenxi dare to act up in front of me? I can have her under my thumb with one hand. The most important thing is that she already has you as her target. Now that she is fuming with anger, she will definitely lose her temper at you. I'm staying at your house to protect you. You're so unappreciative."

Yes, she would always give in to Qiu Chenxi in the past, but Qiu Chenxi did not dare to go overboard in front of her.

If not for her fighting prowess, she would not have been able to pull Qiu Chenxi away today and Qiao Nan would not have been able to see Brother Zhai.

She should not underestimate her!

Qiao Nan clutched her forehead in exasperation. "I have a headache."

It turned out that Shi Qing refused to leave not merely because she wanted to have a good meal. She was also here because of Qiu Chenxi.

Qiu Chenxi had no idea who the girlfriend of Brother Zhai was. Hence, she kept pestering her.

But at least, Qiao Nan was, in fact, Zhai Sheng's girlfriend. She felt better at the thought of that. Otherwise, aside from not having such an outstanding man as her boyfriend, she would be downright unlucky to be the scapegoat for that lucky woman who was his girlfriend.



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