Anyway, they were only stepbrother and stepsister, not biological siblings. If the two of them got married, to put it bluntly, it was not a major issue and not even considered incest.

It was a pity that all these were Qi Minlan's own imagination. Zhai Yaohui and Miao Jing did quarrel but they reconciled within one day. Not to mention Qi Minlan getting married to Zhai Yaohui, Zhai Yaohui and Miao Jing did not even quarrel to the extent of getting a divorce, and Qiao Nan had already thwarted Qi Minlan's dreams.

When she heard the news, this thought flashed across Qi Minlan's mind.

However, since she found out that Qiu Qin had committed adultery behind her back and the elderly couple of the Qiu family even sided with him and let her suffer, this desire of Qi Minlan had grown much stronger than before.

What if, what if she divorced Qiu Qin and Zhai Yaohui also divorced Miao Jing? Then, the happiness that she had lost for almost thirty years should come back to her, right?

"Mom, I've called you many times. Why are you ignoring me? What are you thinking of?" Qiu Chenxi nudged Qi Minlan, who was lost in her own thoughts.

Qi Minlan regained her senses. "Nothing much. You should not be happy too soon. Even if it's really not Qiao Nan, at most, you're only striking off one person. Actually, finding out who that woman is is both good and bad. If we can make that woman leave Zhai Sheng voluntarily, I believe it's still possible between Zhai Sheng and you. In this way, it won't affect the relationship between Zhai Sheng and you. However, you have to make Zhai Sheng fall for you. Only then will you be considered having true capability."

Qiu Chenxi pulled a long face. She knew what her mother said was the truth. "Then, what should I do? I'm at my wits' end. I've tried self-torture to gain pity. I nearly became as dark as the South Africans. In the end, I did not even manage to meet Brother Zhai. Making Brother Zhai fall for me and giving up on that vixen is tough. Therefore, the only way is to find out who that woman is and chase her away, isn't it?"

She had nearly been troubled to death by this matter.

"I've also considered many ways but I don't have any conclusion. Mom, why don't you help me think? Is there a way to con that woman out?"

"Con her out…"


How were they going to do that when they did not even know who that person was?

"Right, how can I forget her!"

"Who?" Qiu Chenxi blinked. "Mom, who have you thought of?"

"Shi Qing!!!"

"What about her?" Qiu Chenxi did not feel enthusiastic. No matter what, the young lady that Brother Zhai liked would not be Shi Qing, that fake lad.

"What about her? I'm saying that it's possible that she knows who that woman is." Qi Minlan's eyes lit up. This important matter had been overshadowed by the trivial stuff. She nearly forgot about the existence of Shi Qing.


"Think about it. Shi Qing has liked Zhai Sheng for so many years. Even when you were with Zhai Sheng, she did not really give up. This time, although Shi Qing knows that you have broken up with Zhai Sheng, she did not kick up a fuss, and neither did she pester Zhai Sheng. Don't you think that, judging from Shi Qing's current state, she no longer harbors any hopes on Zhai Sheng?"

When Zhai Sheng was still Shi Qing's future brother-in-law, it did not seem like Shi Qing knew her place then. But such a situation had occurred now. Was it not odd?

"Impossible." Qiu Chenxi's brain was getting entangled. "When I was with Brother Zhai, even though she did not do anything, her heart has always been with Brother Zhai. Hence, when she heard that I broke up with Brother Zhai, she simply transferred school to Ping Cheng to get closer to Brother Zhai and gain an advantage. What reason did she have to give up?"

"You can go and ask her." Qi Minlan was both amused and angry. "Don't just think about everything. Perhaps you'll get a simple and quick answer if you seek and ask directly."

"Alright, I'll find a chance to get to the bottom of this." Even she could not make Shi Qing give Brother Zhai up. What kind of woman could make Shi Qing know her place such that she did not even care about her own happiness anymore?

Shi Qing, who was in the school, sneezed.

Qiao Nan passed a piece of tissue paper to Shi Qing. "You didn't believe me. The rainy weather in October is very cold. Don't think it's not an issue just because it's hot during the day. It's very cold during the morning and night time now, not to mention that it's also raining."

At the sight of the stuffy-nosed Shi Qing, Qiao Nan's headache worsened.

She took out Shi Qing's cold medicine pills one by one and placed them in front of the latter. She then placed a cup of warm water with just the right temperature in front of her as well.

She had just finished taking care of Zhu Baoguo. Now, she had to take care of Shi Qing.

In her previous life, besides giving students tuition, she had not been a nanny before, and neither had she taken care of any child. In this life, how did she meet 'big children' such as Zhu Baoguo and Shi Qing?

"Where are the few pieces of clothing that I asked you to bring?"

"I didn't bring them," Shi Qing cleared her nose and said, sounding justified and righteous.


"…It's been washed." She purposely washed it.

If the uniform was not dry, she could wear the clothing that she brought herself.

Qiao Nan took a deep breath. "I'll lend you my jacket. If you spoil it, you have to pay me back with ten pieces of them."

"Crap." Shi Qing narrowed her eyes. "Qiao Nan, have you been waiting here for me for a long time?"

"Are you borrowing it or not?" Qiao Nan twisted the corners of her lips coldly. Was she happy to do so? She had no choice!

Qiao Nan truly took her hat off Zhu Baoguo and Shi Qing. They were already grown-ups but they behaved like children.

For some unknown reasons, the two of them 'fought' in the school field. When the form teacher rushed to the scene, both swore genuinely and expressed that they were not fighting, and that they were just having an exchange of blows as part of a normal martial arts challenge.

Such a situation had never occurred in Ping Cheng High School.

The two of them were not fighting. In front of the teacher, they seemed to be on quite good terms.

During normal lessons, the two deskmates did not interact as much as when they were exchanging blows. They did not have any major conflicts that would affect the teacher teaching in the class.

All of a sudden, Teacher Liu did not have a way with these two.

With no other alternatives, Teacher Liu then thought of Qiao Nan. Qiao Nan had been able to 'take Zhu Baoguo in hand' in the past. He hoped Zhu Baoguo would still listen to Qiao Nan. It would be good if he could be abiding for some time thereafter.

However, to the surprise of Teacher Liu, Qiao Nan not only held back Zhu Baoguo but also amazingly subdued Shi Qing.

The two demons that gave him extreme headache had completely bowed to the quiet and gentle Qiao Nan, who did not have any physical strength to speak of.

At the thought of the situation, Qiao Nan wanted to punch Shi Qing and Zhu Baoguo.

What did the fight of the two have anything to do with her? Why was it that she had to manage the fight between these two children who could not grow up every time? It was as if she were their parents.

Qiao Nan slapped her forehead. She conceded defeat to these two individuals more than ever.

If this continued, when she married Brother Zhai in the future, she would lose her confidence in having kids. Kids were too scary.



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