Nobody would have expected that in a school where batches of students enrolled in and graduated from, there would be a day when the school's success and achievements were because of one single student. It was too bizarre!

Oh, man!

Qiao Nan was unable to comprehend the anger and anguish that Principal Wei felt. Because of Principal Meng's phone call, Qiao Nan and Shi Qing went to school early the next morning.

When Qiao Nan and Shi Qing reached the school, it was bustling with activities. Today was the day the third-year students would receive their results, and their parents were concerned about which university they should apply to. All of them wanted to know the cut-off points for all the universities and ask their teachers which university was suitable for them.

Of course, it was up to the students and their parents to write down their choices and make their own decisions.

Qiao Nan ran into third-year students as soon as she entered the school. Qiao Nan might not know him but the student knew it was Qiao Nan at one glance. "Hello, Qiao Nan, thank you for your help in the college entrance examination."

He was very grateful to Qiao Nan. He was able to get a score that was beyond his imagination and he was able to choose his favorite school. All this was thanks to Qiao Nan.

The parents of the student looked at his son, feeling baffled. "This is…?"

"Dad, this is the student that I told you about yesterday." The male student smiled embarrassedly. His parents were just as surprised at his good results.

His parents asked for details and he told them that a week before the exams, a second-year female student helped them spot questions and she was quite accurate. The most important thing was that he was from the science class. One of the questions during the exam was exactly the same type as the one that the female student spotted for them!

That question alone had helped him score several points and he had more time to check through the difficult sums.

With the extra time, he checked through his answers and spotted a lot of calculation errors. If he did not spot these mistakes, he would not be able to go to his ideal university.

"Oh, I see." The parents had an impression of the student that their son mentioned before. "Young lady, thank you. You are very capable."

"That… It was the school's arrangements." Qiao Nan was taken aback by the enthusiasm of the parents. "Well, let's go to school now."

"Yes, let's go to school."

As soon as the parents waved them off, Qiao Nan brought Shi Qing to the principal's office.

In late July, the classrooms of the third-year students were the only places that were opened in the school. Qiao Nan was a second-year student. She had no other place to go except for Principal Meng's office.

After Qiao Nan left, the parents of the student asked, "Is that young lady a second-year student? Why is she so capable that she could spot questions for you?"

Thankfully, the parents of the third-year students only learned of it after the college entrance examination was over and their children felt that they did well in the exams. Otherwise, they would have taken issue with the notion that the school had ridiculously allowed a second-year student to spot questions for third-year students. Was it not a waste of time?

"She is indeed capable." The student had a look of admiration on his face. "Do you know what we call her in our school?"


"Her surname is Qiao. Apart from the third-year students, the first- and second-year students address her as 'Teacher Xiao Qiao' whenever they see her. The second-year students usually ask for her help when they encounter difficult problems, while the first-year students ask for her study notes. As for the third-year students, you already know about it." She helped them spot questions. "Before she spotted the questions for us, the school arranged for her to sit for a third-year equivalent exam with us. We either sat for the humanities exam or the science exam. She sat for both exams and ranked in the top five in the level."

The male student had goosebumps all over his body at the thought of Qiao Nan's abnormal performance.

They felt ashamed that a second-year student was better than the third-year students.

"That young lady is so intelligent?" The parents finally realized that Qiao Nan was indeed smart. Her son and Qiao Nan had taken the same exam paper. Her son sat for one paper, while Qiao Nan sat for two papers. In the end, her results were better than her son's. They could not help but doubt that their son must have wasted his time in school. He was in his third year while Qiao Nan was only in her second year, yet she had better results than him.

"That was why the principal wanted her to spot questions for us in the last seven days. He could not put our college entrance examination at risk." Initially, he thought that the principal had made a mistake.

"Young brat, aren't you embarrassed? The young lady from the second year spotted the questions for all the third-year students. What were you doing in the extra one year that you had in school?" The parents had mixed feelings toward their son. On one hand, their son was the best as he did very well in the college entrance examination and was able to get into a first-tier university.

On the other hand, he might be clever, but he was not as good as that young lady.

It was beyond one's imagination that a second-year student would spot the exam questions for the third-year students.

"There's nothing to be embarrassed about." The boy touched his head. "Do you know that Classmate Qiao is the provincial top student in the middle school examination? Everyone at school has been saying that she may likely be the first top student from our school one year from now."

He was already very thankful that he was able to go to a first-tier university. She was the top student in the middle school examination. There was no way that he could be compared to her.

"The top student in the college entrance examination? She hasn't been in her third year and she is already this capable?" The parents were taken aback by Qiao Nan's performance. "Hey, what did she have when she grew up? She is too smart." She was only in her second year, yet all the teachers predicted that she would likely be the top student in the college entrance examination next year.

"My son, you have to answer me honestly. Has she been of any help by spotting the exam questions?"

"Of course." The student lowered his tone. "She has spotted several of the difficult questions in the exams. Students from other schools had to take some time to think about the questions. For us, as long as we studied hard at school and listened to her class, we could do the questions right away. I suppose it is because of her that our school has good results in the college entrance examination."

Until now, the male classmates still felt very surreal. He had not expected that he would be so lucky and that Qiao Nan would spot several questions accurately, especially those that were time-consuming.

His parents were left speechless with wonder. "Did this family have any other way of knowing the exam questions?"

"Dad, don't tease me. There are so many students in our school, and of course, there are a lot of parents. I don't know about other people, but I know the young lady's mother and sister very well." The student told his father about the past deeds of Qiao Zijin and Ding Jiayi.



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