As long as she could get into a top tier key university earlier than Qiao Nan, she would have won against Qiao Nan in this lifetime. Qiao Nan would not be able to make a comeback anymore.

In the heat of things, who would have expected that Qiao Nan would rush in during the last three minutes?

When Qiao Nan received the examination papers and was reviewing the questions, Xu Tingting was still in a daze. She was thinking about how Qiao Nan managed to enter the school when so many people did not manage to do so. Had wings grown on Qiao Nan and so she flew into the school?

When the teacher announced that they could start to attempt the questions, Xu Tingting was not even holding her pen.

When the examination began, the invigilator paid more attention to those students who came in during the last three minutes. They were observing their state of mind and if they were calm enough to take the test.

After confirming the extent to which these students were affected, they then began to invigilate the rest of the students in the entire classroom.

After one round of invigilator, five minutes had passed and the teacher discovered that Xu Tingting had not penned anything despite having held the examination paper for five minutes.

The teacher knocked on Xu Tingting's table with his finger. \"Student, please quickly make use of the limited time to attempt the questions.\"

After saying that, the invigilator left.

Xu Tingting jumped in shock. Panic filled her eyes as she quickly lifted her pen and attempted the papers directly without even reviewing first.

During the college entrance examination, gel pens were used. They were different from pencils in which the writings could be erased with an eraser and rewritten.

The more Xu Tingting panicked and answered the questions without preparation, the more hiccups occurred. She had already made a few mistakes in her writing after answering a few questions.

For the humanities examination, there were marks awarded for keeping the handwriting neat and papers tidy. One could attain about two marks if they were neat when attempting the questions.

People like Xu Tingting who made many corrections would no longer be able to receive any of such marks.

When Qiao Nan was working hard in the examination hall, Shi Peng and Zhai Sheng were also busy. Qiao Dongliang pulled that thief caught by Shi Qing directly to Shi Peng and Zhai Sheng. \"He is a thief. He only tried to steal from Nan Nan and not anyone else.\"

As soon as they heard Qiao Dongliang's words, both Shi Peng and Zhai Sheng felt that something was amiss.

Undoubtedly, Qiao Dongliang was the one who sent Qiao Nan and Shi Qing to school for the examination.

With this trio, it was impossible that the thief would set his eyes on Qiao Nan.

\"If Shi Qing had not caught him, he would have stolen Nan Nan's examination admission ticket!\" At the mention of this, Qiao Dongliang could not help giving the thief a few punches. The thief simply wailed in pain.

\"Arrest him and interrogate him thoroughly.\" Zhai Sheng already sensed that this so-called incident was clearly a masterminded acclivity.

If he had not given the orders for those who were caught twice to be fined, those people would not even be willing to leave. It was not because they wanted to join the crows. They would simply refuse to leave.

Who would one drop one's proper work and come here to 'sunbathe' in such hot weather?

Fortunately, the people who were involved in the commotion today were ordinary citizens. After arresting a group of them, it would not be difficult to investigate this matter thoroughly.

\"Rest assured, officer. We will definitely 'entertain' them properly. They actually harbored ill intentions on the buds of our motherland. In particular, it's the college entrance examination today. We definitely can't spare them lightly.\" The chief of the police station nearly rolled up his sleeves and expressed that he would definitely go all out regarding this.

\"Please don't…\" The thief was very frightened. \"I, I'm not going to the police station. I, I didn't steal anything.\"

\"But you've been caught red-handed. There are both a witness and proof. Be more honest. You can't escape from this!\" The chief of the police station got someone to cuff the thief up immediately. \"Officer, please rest assured. We will definitely get to the bottom of this matter. Once we have the findings, we will report to you immediately.\"

\"Call this number.\" Zhai Sheng passed his office number to the chief.

The chief took a glance and straightened himself respectfully. \"Officer, please rest assured. I will certainly do.\"

\"Be honest and get into the car now.\" The police officer immediately shoved the thief into the police car. \"You dared to lay your hands on a student taking the college entrance examination. You're so daring. You're of this age and not married yet, right? You did something so mean. When you are married and have kids in the future, and your kids encounter the same thing during their college entrance examination, that will be your retribution!\"

\"Regiment Commander Zhai, Officer Shi, I, I'll make a trip to the hospital.\" After handing the thief to the police officer, Qiao Dongliang certainly felt more assured. However, he had not forgotten about the person who had caused this traffic jam today. It was Ding Jiayi, the wife that he had separated from for two years.

After the crowd was dispersed, Qiao Dongliang could clearly see a pool of red and eye-catching blood on the ground.

They had been married for more than a decade. Even if Ding Jiayi did not have any conscience, Qiao Dongliang could not bring himself to helplessly watch Ding Jiayi die.

Shi Peng knitted his brows and took out two hundred yuan immediately. \"I only have this much on me. Take them first. If it's not enough, I'll send you more later.\"

Shi Peng had already heard that the woman who was sent to hospital was the 'masked' Ding Jiayi of the Qiao family, the wife of Qiao Dongliang whom he had not met.

\"I…\" Qiao Dongliang's face swelled and turned crimson immediately. He felt ashamed to take these two hundred yuan from Shi Peng or wait for Shi Peng to send him money. Even if the money was borrowed, he did not have the shame to take them.

It was not because of other reasons. It was obvious that everything that happened today was targeted at Qiao Nan. Someone wanted to harm Qiao Nan and make her miss the college entrance examination.

As Shi Qing was always together with Qiao Nan, Shi Qing was directly implicated and nearly could not make it in time for the college entrance examination. At this juncture, Qiao Dongliang just felt ashamed when he saw Shi Peng.

In addition, Ding Jiayi's accident was used by someone as an excuse to drag down Qiao Nan and they insisted that she followed Ding Jiayi to the hospital.

It was obvious from various clues that Ding Jiayi's appearance itself entailed a very big problem.

After connecting the dots and recollecting all the previous deeds of Ding Jiayi to make Qiao Nan quit school, Qiao Dongliang felt that he had a reason to suspect that it was highly probable that Ding Jiayi was the mastermind behind all that happened today.

If he had guessed it correctly, if those who had been arrested earlier only needed to pay a fine and leave the police station thereafter, then, given Ding Jiayi's crime, she must be detained at the police station for at least a few days.

\"It's fine. Hurry and take it. I will get someone to help at Qiao Nan and Shi Qing's side. Do whatever you should now. Qiao Nan is a sensible and obedient child. She won't be unhappy that you're not around. Furthermore, she should have already been used to such situations.\" The flaring Shi Peng also put all the blame on Ding Jiayi.

For the sake of letting Qiao Nan miss taking the college entrance examination, Ding Jiayi, this mother, could use all ways and means. These methods made people boil with anger!

Regardless of how angry he was, on the account of giving Qiao Nan and Qiao Dongliang face, Shi Peng had to offer the money.

He could not possibly let the reporters make news headlines such as a heartless daughter did not care about the life and death of her mother, choosing her future over her dying mother by taking the college entrance examination. This kind of news had an adverse influence on society.



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