@@Qiu Chenxi could not even handle Zhai Sheng, let alone an additional person—Zhai Yaohui. There was basically no hope for her. "As I have said earlier, there are only two roads ahead for your dad. First, confess. Second, arrest."

If Qiu Qin would like to reduce the term of imprisonment, he had better be honest.

If he were to try his luck, then he would only increase his jail term by two to three years.

On the account that the two families frequently interacted with each other in the past, Zhai Sheng could only provide the Qiu family with this 'special care'.

"We will end the conversation here. It is up to the Qiu family now. Whether it will work or not… Certainly, there will be an outcome when the summer vacation ends." The utmost priority at this point in time was to safeguard the cultural relics. Afterward, it would be time for the government to settle the scores with Qiu Qin.

Without looking at Qiu Chenxi's reaction, Zhai Sheng paid for the bill and left.




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