Chapter 149: Zhang Xuan's Decision

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"Breath Forging Bead?"

"Three of it?"

Hearing those words, Zhao Ya and the others' breaths started to hasten.

Breath Forging Bead was something unique to the Hongtian Academy. It was something that couldn't be bought even at the Apothecary Guild. It increased the pace at which fighters absorb spiritual energy, allowing them to improve quickly.

"Zhang laoshi had done so much for us without expecting any returns. As his students, it's time for us to repay the favor!" Zheng Yang's gaze was resolute.

Since young, he had been training diligently alone, trying to fumble his way through his cultivation. He thought that even in school, his teacher would only clarify his doubts and solve some problems... However, the warmth that Zhang laoshi had given him was much more than that.

He created a cultivation technique just for him and pointed out his flaws. Just so for their sake, he even took the risk to partake in a Pill Debate...

As he thought about everything that had occurred, he couldn't help but feel moved. Motivation welled up in him.

"Zhang laoshi may care not for these resources, but... every teacher is allocated some of them. If he becomes the only teacher who doesn’t get any, his prestige and reputation will be sullied. As his students, we have to fight for his sake, no matter what it takes!" Zhao Ya gritted her teeth.

Zhang laoshi casually gave her the Frigid Sun Mother Grass which was worth a hundred thousand gold coins. Even though the Breath Forging Bead wasn’t bad as well, it was unlikely that he would care much for it. However... This is no longer a problem over the resource allocation, but dignity.

Of so many teachers in the academy, he was the only one who wasn't given the resources. If word were to spread out, people would look down on him.

Since he isn't at the academy, then... Teacher, we will protect your dignity in your stead!

We shall guard your prestige!

Determination filled Zhao Ya, Zheng Yang and Liu Yang's eyes. Not a hint of hesitation could be seen.

"Fine, we'll challenge the Student Dueling Platform!"

Nodding their heads in agreement, Zheng Yang retrieved the spear at his back and started fitting it together. Then, with a flick of his wrist, the air moaned under the pressure of the spear.

"This is what you have chosen for yourself, don't regret it!"

Zhou Tian sneered coldly. He raised his hand and beckoned, "Everyone come out, someone is challenging you. It's time to teach them a lesson. As long as you defeat them, I will give every one of you some Breath Forging Powder!"


Accompanied by a roar, a group of people came out. They were all freshmen and there were around forty to fifty of them.

"I have a total of 47 students. No matter how many of you go at them, as long as you can defeat all 47, I will consider it your victory!" The corners of Zhou Tian's lips crept upward.


Zhao Ya and the others' mouths twitched.

They didn't think that a new teacher who just joined this year would be able to recruit so many students.

"Let's fight. We mustn't embarrass ourselves and Zhang laoshi!"

There were rules for the Student Dueling Platform. One could choose to fight their opponents one by one or to take on all of them at once. As long as they were able to defeat all of the students under the teacher, it would be their victory.

Since they had already made up their minds, there was nothing for them to hesitate about.

With a leap, Zheng Yang first stepped into the ring.

Hu! One of Zhou Tian's students leaped up as well.

The duel began immediately.



"Zhou Tian?"

On their way over to the Student Bureau, Yuan Tao explained the situation to Zhang Xuan. Hearing so, Zhang Xuan frowned.

He had never offended this teacher, be it his previous self or after he reincarnated over. Why is he picking on him?

Even though the academy appeared to be calm on the outside, it was filled with internal strife. Many rivalries and schemes went on in the shadows. However, he didn't recall any conflict with that teacher from the Student Bureau. Teachers of the Student Bureau rarely did such things as it would incur the ire of the other teachers.

Furthermore, Zhang Xuan had just toppled the head of the Education Bureau. Even though the students were unaware of it, as a teacher, he should have heard the news. To pit himself against him despite knowing it, was he asking for a beating?

"I've heard some rumors that... he was once Elder Shang Chen's disciple. The reason why he was able to remain at the school as a teacher was because of the elder’s arrangements..." Yuan Tao said.

"So that's the case!"

If so, the situation made sense.

He had caused Elder Shang Chen to be stripped of his position as the head of the Education Bureau, and even now, he was at risk of being punished by the Teacher Guild. As his student, he had to stand up for his own teacher.

"However, my face... isn't that easy to be slapped!"

Knowing the reason, Zhang Xuan shook his head.

It's not impossible to slap my face, but... your hand has to be strong enough so as to not hurt yourself!


Peng! Peng! Peng!

After a few fists landed on his back consecutively, Zheng Yang felt a tinge of sweetness in his mouth and he seemed to be unable to bend the hand which wielded the spear anymore.

In the past few days, his cultivation had improved tremendously. Zhou Tian laoshi's students were not a match for him, but they were too numerous!

That was already the fifth opponent, and he was on the verge of collapsing.

If it were an ordinary dueling match, Zheng Yang wouldn't have been so tired. However, the other party seemed to have planned it out beforehand and was hopping around the battlefield intentionally, refusing to face him head on, with the goal of draining his stamina.

"Persevere! You have to persevere on!"

Zheng Yang bit the bullet. With the last sliver of energy he had remaining, his spear shook and he defeated his fifth opponent.

"Haha, can’t withstand it anymore?"

With a loud chuckle, the sixth student leaped onto the stage and kicked Zheng Yang's chest. The latter staggered seven to eight steps backward. If not for his dogged tenacity, he would have fallen off the ring.

"If you can’t take it, stop putting on a show here. To dare to challenge Zhou laoshi's prestige, scram!"

The sixth student sneered and sent his stave straight at him.

Given the speed of the stave, if Zheng Yang were to be hit, he would definitely be injured severely.

"I have to block it..."

With a ferocious expression on his face, Zheng Yang tried to raise his spear for a block. However, he realized that he was one move too slow, he wouldn't be able to make it in time.

Knowing that the stave would surely hit him, Zheng Yang closed his eyes and braced for the impact.

He thought that he would fall off the Student Dueling Platform immediately spurting fresh blood, but for a long time, nothing happened. He opened his eyes hurriedly and saw a figure before him. That person wasn't of a tall stature, but his back view looked extremely reliable.

The stave that the sixth opponent brandished was grasped between the person's fingers. No matter how much strength the former exerted, he was unable to shake his weapon out of the latter’s hand.

"Zhang laoshi..."

With a single glance, he recognized the person.

That figure before him is his teacher, Zhang Xuan laoshi.

He... isn't he out? Why is he here...

The one who stopped the stave was indeed Zhang Xuan. Arriving with Yuan Tao, upon witnessing the situation, he immediately dashed forward and jumped onto the ring.

It was just ten days before the battle with Lu Xun laoshi. If these students of his were to get injured at such a time, Zhang Xuan would have to surrender for the Teacher Evaluation duel.

As Shang Chen was overthrown by Zhang Xuan, Zhou Tian harbored resentment for him. Knowing that he wasn't a match for Zhang Xuan, he intentionally provoked his students, Zheng Yang and the others, for this purpose.

As long as Zheng Yang and the rest were injured, he calculated that they would not stand a chance in the Teacher Evaluation.

Seeing that it was too late to stop the duel through any other means, Zhang Xuan leaped onto the stage himself.

"Zhang Xuan, what do you mean by this? Your students are competing in the Student Dueling Platform. Why? Do you intend to make a move on my students despite being a teacher?"

Seeing him rush over, Zhou Tian wasn't too surprised. A menacing gleam flashed through his eyes.

"Make a move on your students? You sure are thinking too much!"

With a flick of his finger, the other party's stave broke into many pieces. Patting his hands, he glanced over.

"Then what do your actions mean? Do you wish to take back your words? However, it seems like it is too late. Your students have already agreed to challenge the Student Dueling Platform, and they have already injured five of my students. No matter what, the challenge must go on! This matter isn't up to you! Unless..."

At this point, Zhou Tian's lips curled up into a cold smile, "Unless... you concede defeat and admit that your students are inferior to mine!"

"We mustn't admit defeat!"

"Even if we have to give it our all, we will definitely win..."

Hearing the plain mockery in the other party’s voice, Zheng Yang and the others clenched their fists and their faces flushed red.

If they were to really admit defeat like that, they wouldn't be able to uphold their pride in the academy in future.

"Admit that my students are inferior to yours?" Zhang Xuan shook his head. "You must still be dreaming!"

"Hmph! Since that's the case, let's continue. I request that you get down from the ring!" Zhou Tian flung his robe. "For a teacher like you to interfere in a battle among students, aren't you bullying the weak?"

"Don't be in such a hurry!' Zhang Xuan smiled. "I am not admitting defeat, but I didn't say that I will allow our students to continue competing!"

"You wish to stop the duel? The Student Dueling Platform has already begun, and you don't have the right to stop it. It is too late to regret." Zhou Tian harrumphed.

"My students' decision is my decision. Since they decided to challenge the Student Dueling Platform, there's nothing for me to regret!" Zhang Xuan looked over. "However... I think that a mere Student Dueling Platform is too uninteresting. Why don't we conduct a 【Teacher Dueling Platform】? Just that... do you dare to accept the challenge?"

"What? Challenge the Teacher Dueling Platform? Is that fellow insane?"

"Is there something wrong with his head?"

"Teacher Dueling Platform means that the students challenge the teacher. It is already difficult for those students of his to achieve victory in the Student Dueling Platform, yet he wants to challenge the Teacher Dueling Platform? Isn't he daydreaming?"



Upon hearing Zhang Xuan's words, the teachers and students present in the Student Bureau were dumbfounded.

When a student is dissatisfied with a teacher, he can challenge all of the students under him via a Student Dueling Platform to force him to admit his mistakes. On the other hand, Teacher Dueling Platform meant that a student would be challenging the teacher directly. If he were to lose, admitting defeat would be one thing, but the dignity of the teacher would be sullied.

Of course, given that the cultivation realms of the students are far beneath that of teachers, it is impossible for students to win in a normal duel. For the sake of fairness, the teacher has to lower his cultivation realm down to that of the student in a Teacher Dueling Platform.

Even so, the fight could not be considered to be totally fair.

Being able to become teachers, their experience and grasp over the flow of battle are obviously far superior to that of mere students. Even if they were to duel at the same power realm, it was impossible for a student to emerge victorious over a teacher.

Zhao Ya and the others all staggered and nearly fainted on the spot.

They thought that they had been audacious to challenge the Student Dueling Platform. Yet, Zhang laoshi managed to top them and requested for the Teacher Dueling Platform instead...

You... must be joking!

Even though this Zhou Tian laoshi wasn't exceptionally powerful among the teachers, barely reaching Fighter 4-dan Pigu realm primary stage, he was still a true teacher of the academy. He wasn't someone a bunch of Juxi realms could defeat.

"Teacher Dueling Platform? You want your students to challenge me?" Zhou Tian looked as though he had heard the most hilarious joke in the world.

"Why? Don’t dare to?" Zhang Xuan looked at him.

"Haha, you are truly courting death!" Zhou Tian burst into laughter. "Fine, I'll agree then. If you win, I will give you ten Breath Forging Beads. However, if you were to lose... Hehe, I won't demand any items, you just have to kneel down before me!"



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