Parallel heaven, in other words, to stand on equal footing with the heavens.

Ordinary cultivators, even Transcendent Mortal experts, were incapable of flight. They still had to rely on aerial savage beasts to reach the skies. Yet, this cultivation technique claimed to be able to parallel the heavens. Didn't this mean that one would be capable of flight after learning the battle technique?

Flight had always been one of the greatest dreams of humans. Be it his previous life or his current one, Zhang Xuan had always possessed a yearning to soar through the skies. Thus, upon seeing the content, he couldn't help but feel agitated.

"A smile in the red dust, soaring alongside the wind. Parallel Heaven Scroll, upon mastery, grants one the ability of soaring in the skies, standing alongside the heavens..."

Zhang Xuan swiftly continued reading on.


Reading the contents within carefully, Zhang Xuan suddenly felt as though a new perspective to his understanding of cultivation had been unlocked.

Flight was something that even Transcendent Mortal 9-dan experts were incapable of. Legend had it that only upon ascending beyond the Transcendent Mortal realm would one be capable of the feat. Yet, it was detailed here that as long as one cultivated properly, a Transcendent Mortal 1-dan, or perhaps even a Half-Transcension like him, would be able to step into the skies!

"Transcendent Mortal cultivators strive to comprehend the essence of the world, thus granting them a certain level of control over their environment. By gathering this energy and molding it, one would be able to step on thin air and ascend to the skies!"

This was the main concept behind the scroll.

If it were any other Half-Transcension cultivator, they would definitely be unable to comprehend such a deep cultivation technique. However, Zhang Xuan was different. Given that most of the flaws had been resolved by the Library of Heaven's Path and the deep knowledge Zhang Xuan contained in his head, even though there were some intricacies here and there, they weren't sufficient to impede his progress.

"When one falls into the water, one can ascend upward by stepping against the water. Even though water is lacking is solidity, it is still able to make one float... and air is capable of the same feat as well! As long as one finds the correct method to driving the energy of the world, stepping against the air to float one isn't a difficult task at all. This is also what it means to mold energy with one's cultivation..."

After an unknown period of time, Zhang Xuan breathed out a mouthful of turbid air and his eyes lit up.

"Incredible! To think that there would be such a formidable battle technique in the world!"

As expected of Kong shi's student, Sage Zhong's comprehension of the heavens had reached an unthinkable level.

All of the battle techniques and cultivation technique he had seen before paled far too much before it. There was no basis of comparison at all.

The scroll had opened an entirely new world before him, granting him a much deeper understanding of battle techniques and cultivation techniques.

"It's a pity that this is only the first scroll. I wonder how profound the latter ones might be!"

Zhang Xuan sighed in lamentation.

After he finished browsing through it, he came to a realization. This Red Dust Heaven Ascending Steps was only an introduction formula. It was only suited for Transcendent Mortal cultivators, and after going beyond that realm, it would become redundant.

That was because beyond Transcendent Mortal, one would gain the capability of flight. Even if one had mastered the Red Dust Heaven Ascending Steps, at best, it would only augment one's flight speed by a small bit.

"I should give it a try..."

After resting for a moment, Zhang Xuan reorganized the Parallel Heaven Scroll before sitting down to drive his zhenqi according to the formula detailed in the scroll.

Even though he was still at Half-Transcension only, he already possessed a certain level of control over his surroundings. At this very moment, all of his attention and energy throughout his body was focused at a single point.


Zhang Xuan's meditating body gradually lifted up, as though a balloon rising up from the bottom of the water.


But barely after three breaths, he immediately fell down and began panting heavily.

"What fearsome expenditure..."

Zhang Xuan's face turned pale.

Just to hold himself in the air for three breaths, he had sapped his zhenqi dry. This Red Dust Heaven Ascending Steps sounded incredible, and being capable of flying in the air was also extremely incredible, but the zhenqi expenditure was simply way too exaggerated!

If he could only sustain it for such a short period of time, he would come falling down to earth before he could do anything in the air.

"Looks like... this is still a rather useless battle technique for me at the moment..."

Zhang Xuan was disappointed.

He thought that he would be able to soar into the heavens right after mastering it but from the looks of it... he was expecting way too much!

A flight that could only be sustained for three seconds was futile. No matter how high he could soar, after three seconds, he would come crashing back to earth due to lack of zhenqi.

What in the world was this? He'd learned such a formidable battle technique... But in the end, it was completely useless; he could reach even greater heights just by jumping. On top of that, he would come crashing down right after three seconds... At this very moment, Zhang Xuan made up his mind not to use this technique in public so as to not embarrass himself.

Grabbing a few spirit stones, Zhang Xuan frenziedly absorbed the spiritual energy within them; it took him an hour before he fully recovered.

In the end, the main problem was that his cultivation was too low, resulting in him possessing insufficient zhenqi to upkeep with his expenditure.

If he could bring his cultivation realm up a few notches, it might become much easier for him to execute the technique.

After studying the technique for a moment longer, Zhang Xuan evaluated that he wasn't suited to using the battle technique at the moment so he stretched his back and walked out.

"Young master, there's a fellow outside insisting on meeting you. I've already chased him away three times but he still shows up every single day... Should I inform Elder Jin so that he can toss the other party out?"

Right after walking out, Sun Qiang hurriedly walked up and spoke with an annoyed expression on his face.

"Someone is insisting on meeting me?" Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

He didn't know anyone here so why would anyone come here to look for him?

"I don't know who he is either. I've asked him several times but he simply refuses to speak. Just looking at his arrogant face makes me feel so infuriated..." Sun Qiang harrumphed.

"Arrogant?" Zhang Xuan felt even more perplexed.

There was someone in the world who could be more arrogant than this Big Brother Qiang here?

It was truly incredible that someone could annoy him to such a point.

"Is that person still around?" Intrigued, Zhang Xuan asked.


"Lead me to him!" Zhang Xuan waved his hands.

"Un. He's at the lounge!" Sun Qiang pointed.

The living quarters that Hall Master Sai assigned them was an independent residence with seven to eight bedrooms and an average-sized lounge.

Stepping into the lounge, Zhang Xuan saw a young man sitting on one of the seats. An elder stood behind the young man, and the aura shrouding him was vague and barely discernible, revealing his extraordinary cultivation.

It was the young man and the elder of Suite 23.


Seated in the lounge, Song Chao felt a little frustrated.

That day, when the item he wanted was intercepted by Suite 1, he had felt extremely displeased. Thus, he secretly had his men look into the matter and he finally managed to track the other party down.

The one who was with Hall Master Sai then was a master teacher named Zhang Xuan. As for his specific identity, there wasn't sufficient information to make any conclusion.

Upon hearing that the other party was a master teacher, Song Chao immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

If the other party was of any other identity, he wouldn't be in a good position to do anything. But for master teacher... As a 4-star master teacher, he definitely ranked within the top in Myriad Kingdom Alliance. He didn't think that a fellow who wasn't even twenty yet could be a match for him.

Master teachers viewed hierarchy very strictly. Since the other party's ranking was lower than him, this matter would be easy to solve.

Thus, he excitedly came knocking on the other party's door but in the end, all three trips of his ended in futile...

And more importantly, that butler of his even viewed him as a scammer and tried to chase him out... If not in consideration of his identity, he would have long slapped the other party to death.

"Young master, do you think that... he'll sell it to us?"

Seeing the frustration in the young master's eyes, the elder couldn't help but ask.

The reason why they made the long journey here was due to hearing rumors regarding the Soulless Metal Humanoid. Yet, the young master ended up being outbid on the auction. Thus, he looked into the background of the buyer and came knocking in hopes of being able to buy it down... But given how the other party bought it at an exorbitant price, why would he be willing to sell it to them?

"Humph, he doesn't have a choice in the matter! As long as he's a master teacher, I have a way to make him sell it to me!" Grabbing the armrest of the chair, Song Chao's face turned frosty.

"Does young master have an idea in mind?" The elder's eyes lit up.

"Of course. As a 4-star master teacher, I'll definitely be able to easily see the flaws in his cultivation. As long as I offer his guidance, he'll definitely hand it over obediently..."

Song Chao's mouth curled up.

It was impossible for a cultivator to possess no flaws with his cultivation at all. As a 4-star master teacher, he was more than confident of guiding a small figure who wasn't even twenty yet on his cultivation.

The moment he helps the other party achieve a breakthrough, the other party would surely be filled with gratitude for him. Putting aside the Soulless Metal Humanoid, it was even possible for the other party to kowtow on the spot and beg him to take him in as his student.

"That's true..."

After a moment of silence, the elder slowly nodded his head in agreement.

Master teachers did possess the capability and charisma to do so. The reason why he willingly followed the young master wasn't just because of the debt of gratitude he owed to the young master's clan; more importantly, it was because of this.

Following behind a master teacher was an opportunity in itself. Listening more to the words of a master teacher could help one to avoid straying on the wrong path on one's cultivation, allowing one's cultivation to rise swiftly.

"Young master, they are the ones who wish to meet you!"

Just as the elder was wondering whether they would be able to meet Zhang shi today, the butler's sound echoed and two men walked into the lounge.

The one walking in front didn't look too old, seemingly below twenty. From the looks of it, he must be that legendary Zhang Xuan.

"You're looking for me?"

Upon stepping into the lounge, Zhang Xuan's confusion deepened. He had never met these two before. What business could they have with him?

"That's right. I am 4-star Master Teacher Song Chao!" Song Chao stood up and gestured grandly.

"4-star master teacher?" Zhang Xuan froze for a moment before quickly clasping his fist. "Oh, Zhang Xuan pays respect to Song shi!"

He didn't think that this fellow who didn't seem as though he was thirty yet would actually be a 4-star master teacher. As expected of the Myriad Kingdom Alliance, it was indeed filled with talents.

"Un!" Seeing that the other party's attitude was not bad, Song Chao nodded his head in satisfaction. He was just about to bring out the disposition of an elder and guide the other party when a set of footsteps sounded outside.

"Zhang shi, you're finally out! All of the items you asked for have already been gathered..."

Hall Master Sai walked in.

Upon walking into the room, Hall Master Sai saw Song Chao and clasped his fist, "Sai Xiaoyu pays respect to Song shi!"

Hall Master Sai had met Song Chao over the past two days, while the latter was trying to look into Zhang shi's affairs.

After greeting the latter, Hall Master Sai immediately turned his attention to Zhang Xuan and delightfully passed a storage ring over to him with a fawning look.

"You've gathered everything? So fast?"

Didn't you say that it'll take three days? It has only been slightly more than two days but you're already done?

Taking the storage ring, Zhang Xuan swept through the contents within with his mind and realized that it was filled entirely with cultivation technique and battle technique manuals. In total, they added up to more than ten thousand books.

There were cultivation technique manuals on Transcendent Mortal 1-dan, 2-dan, and 3-dan.

But just like what Hall Master Sai said before, the quantity of the books reduced as the level of the cultivation technique manuals went up.

But even so, it was already a huge harvest.

From the looks of it, he should be able to compile a perfect Transcendent Mortal 1-dan Prolonged Longevity realm cultivation technique.

"You did well!"

Smiling slightly, Zhang Xuan nodded his head in commendation.

"Since I've already given you my word, it's only right for me to do it to the best of my abilities..."

Hall Master Sai replied in delight after receiving the commendation. After which, with a flick of his wrist, he took out an emblem and said, "Zhang shi, I've reported the matter regarding how you passed the Harmonious Stream of Flowing Goblets to the headquarters, and this is the 5-star appraiser emblem that they have bestowed to you..."

"5-star emblem?" Taking the emblem from the other party's hand, as expected, Zhang Xuan saw five bright stars on the surface of the emblem.

This almost felt like a dream. To think that he would become a 5-star appraiser just by clearing the Harmonious Stream of Flowing Goblet.

Wasn't the appraiser examination a little too easy?



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