Chapter 1069: Would You Believe Me?
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Hu la!

A powerful surge of sword qi burst toward the sculpture with astounding sharpness, severing the air in two. Even Spirit pinnacle artifacts would have been destroyed in the face of that sword qi.

Upon seeing this sight, the bodies of Wu shi and the others jolted, and they nearly fainted on the spot.

That is Ancient Sage Qiu Wu's sculpture, and there is even his consciousness within it.

To make a move against him without any warning beforehand, are you insane?

Alarmed, Wu shi hurriedly rushed forward, and with a slight wave of his hand, he easily dispelled the sword qi. After which, he turned to Zhang Xuan and asked with a deep frown, "Principal Zhang, what are you trying to do?"

"Nothing much. I just think that there is something wrong with this fellow, and I want to test him!" Zhang Xuan replied with a frown.

He did not think that Wu shi would rush back so anxiously to deflect his sword qi.

"Test him?"

Hearing those words, the crowd nearly fell to the ground in fear.

Who was the man standing before them?

Ancient Sage Qiu Wu!

A legendary expert who stood as Kong shi's equal, and Zhang Xuan actually wanted to test him?

"Principal Zhang, Ancient Sage Qiu Wu is a respected elder of our Master Teacher Pavilion. It is a deeply insolent act to raise one's hand against him!" Guild Leader Han anxiously sent a telepathic message to Zhang Xuan.

The hierarchy of seniority was an order that the Master Teacher Continent operated by. Students were not to raise their hands against their own teachers, let alone a venerated elder like Ancient Sage Qiu Wu!

Even if Zhang Xuan wanted to go on an insane streak, he should first have looked at the occasion. If it were made known that he had attacked Ancient Sage Qiu Wu, he could very well become an enemy of all master teachers on the continent!


Seeing the anxious looks around him, seemingly tempted to bind him to prevent him from recklessly attempting any more foolishness, Zhang Xuan sighed deeply.

He knew that Wu shi was right. His actions were indeed lacking consideration. No matter what, Ancient Sage Qiu Wu was one of the strongest master teachers in history, a figure who had once fought alongside Kong shi.

Even if the other party was a fake, it would still be very reckless of him to make a move against the other party.

However, if he could not force the other party into executing a battle technique, he would be unable to use the Library of Heaven's Path to compile a book on the other party and confirm his identity.

Just as Zhang Xuan was conflicted over what his next course of action should be, the sculpture suddenly turned toward him and frowned.

As Zhang Xuan had been standing at the very back all along, Ancient Sage Qiu Wu had not noticed him. However, now that he had a clear glimpse of the other party's appearance, his eyelids immediately began twitching as he let loose an unintentional exclamation. "It's you?"

"You recognize me?" Zhang Xuan was taken aback as well.

The sculpture harrumphed coldly. "A person who listed the flaws in my Unbounded Voyager and spoke such words to me, how could I not recognize you?"

"You possess the memory of what happened in the Unbounded World?" Zhang Xuan widened his eyes in shock.

Doomed… He really made a mistake this time around.

Since the other party was aware of what had happened in the Unbounded World, it could only mean that the fragmented soul before him belonged to Ancient Sage Qiu Wu as well.

Otherwise, he could not possibly have known about the Unbounded Voyager.

Did he really guess wrongly?

"I am able to access the memories of my fragmented soul in the Unbounded World. He could have survived for at least two more days, but with mere words, you actually managed to discompose his psyche, causing him to dissipate on the spot. Are those in the current generation really that formidable?" the sculpture replied.

The fragmented soul deposited in the Unbounded World only served one aim—to find a fitting successor, take them in as his student, and impart the Unbounded Voyager to them. Eventually, the fragmented soul did manage to find a fitting successor, but not only was the other party unwilling to become his student, the other party even scorned the Unbounded Voyager for having too many flaws.

What was even worse was that the other party even attempted to take him in as his student. Having suffered this series of blows, it was no wonder his fragmented soul dissipated!

"Discompose his psyche?"

"Principal Zhang… has met Ancient Sage Qiu Wu before?"

Hearing the conversation between the two of them, the crowd glanced at one another with confusion in their eyes.

Just what in the world did Principal Zhang say that discomposed the psyche of even the great ancient sage from the same era as Kong shi, causing his fragmented soul to dissipate on the spot?

"Those words slipped out of my lips unintentionally. Allow me to earnestly apologize to elder right here." With a reddened face, Zhang Xuan hurriedly clasped his fist.

He had only said those words to change the topic back then. He had not really thought that it would end up like that.

"There's no need for you to apologize, what you said is true. The Unbounded Voyager is an advanced movement technique, but it isn't perfect. Back then, Kong shi also said the exact same words to me," the sculpture replied without the slightest hint of anger.

Even though the cultivation of the young man before him was not too high, his eye of discernment was truly extraordinary. Despite having lived so many years, the young man was the second person who had managed to point out all of the flaws in his Unbounded Voyager in a single breath.

"The duration that I can remain conscious for is limited. If you wish to obtain my heritage, move on. You might command a deep understanding of movement techniques, but I have created my own unique school in the field of spatial manipulation. It won't be easy for you to comprehend it," the sculpture remarked confidently.

In the field of spatial manipulation, not even Kong shi was close to a match for him. It was no exaggeration to say that he was the number one expert in the field back in his era.

Thus, he had absolute confident that he would not be bested in this field.

The fact that the young man before him was able to see through the flaws in the Unbounded Voyager in a single glance showed that he possessed a deep aptitude in battle techniques. However, it would not be easy for him to achieve the same success in the field of spatial manipulation.

There was no such thing as a perfect human being who was knowledgeable about everything.

After all, there was only one Kong shi.

"Understood. Elder, I have a doubt in my mind, and I hope that you will be able to enlighten me," Zhang Xuan said with a nod.


Thinking that it would be improper for him to ask Ancient Sage Qiu Wu directly whether he had allowed an Otherworldly Demon to take the trial—after all, that would be equivalent to questioning the latter's loyalty—Zhang Xuan pondered for a moment before speaking.

"A senior of mine entered the ancient domain around two years ago, and there should be a powerful Otherworldly Demon pursuing them from behind. Based on what we know thus far, it seems like they are trapped in Qiu Wu Palace, unable to escape. May I ask if they managed to clear your trial?"

"There was indeed a group who arrived at my Qiu Wu Palace two years ago, and there were some Otherworldly Demons among them as well. However, they didn't choose this door," the sculpture replied.

"They didn't choose this door?" Zhang Xuan had not expected to hear this response.

That did not make sense. Since the old principal had marked this door, this should have been the door he entered as well. Why would he not have entered this door?

"Indeed. They took a detour around the nine doors and advanced straight ahead, so they are currently trapped within the Saint Ascension Hall," the sculpture replied.

"Saint Ascension Hall?" Hearing those words, Zhang Xuan and Luo Ruoxin glanced at one another, and they could see the bewilderment in each other's eyes.

In the first place, the ancient domain was not located too far away from the Saint Ascension Platform, and for there to be a Saint Ascension Hall within here as well… Could there really be a connection?

"Un." The sculpture nodded. "That is a gift that Kong shi left for the later generations. Of course, if you wish to head there, you have to clear my trial first. Otherwise, if you head straight there like they did, you will only be trapped like the rest of them, unable to leave for all eternity!"

"This…" Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

If the old principal had headed straight to the Saint Ascension Hall, why did he leave a mark before this door?

The more he contemplated over the matter, the more perplexed he felt

The sculpture looked at Zhang Xuan and Luo Ruoxin and said, "Now that I have answered your question, it's time for you to make your decision, too. My trial won't be easy, but the rest of them still decided to challenge it. What about you two?"

They were the only ones who had not expressed their decision yet.

After a moment of hesitation, Zhang Xuan said, "I… wish to undertake the trial!"

Since he had already confirmed that Zhang Yinqiu and the others were currently in the Saint Ascension Hall, he would have to clear the trial in order to get to them. Otherwise, if they were to head there in through the same route that Zhang Yinqiu and the others took previously, they would only end up being trapped in there as well.

Besides, it would be a delight to obtain Ancient Sage Qiu Wu's heritage.

Take the Unbounded Voyager for example, while it had plenty of flaws at the moment, once he found sufficient high-tier movement techniques to compile together with it and perfect it, the prowess it harnessed would be frightening. Once that happened, Zhang Xuan's fighting prowess would be raised by leaps and bounds in a single breath. Just by mastering the Unbounded Voyager 1-dan, he would be able to easily escape even from the real Skyleaf King.

He would not be as powerless as he was before.

Luo Ruoxin shook her head. "I won't be entering."

"You aren't going to enter?" Zhang Xuan was startled. He did not think that Luo Ruoxin would make such a decision.

"Un. I have my own heritage. Ancient Sage Qiu Wu's heritage is great, but it's not compatible with me. Instead of wasting my effort inside, I think I will just wait outside for all of you," Luo Ruoxin explained with a smile.

"I see… Alright then." Zhang Xuan nodded.

Luo Ruoxin was right. Those who possessed unique constitutions or bloodlines could often only practice specific types of cultivation techniques and battle techniques. Take Zhao Ya for example, before meeting Zhang Xuan, she had practiced the White Jade Pure Maiden Skill, which was deeply incompatible with her Pure Yin Body. As a result, not only did her cultivation stagnate, it had even resulted in great suffering for her.

"Don't worry about me, you should go ahead with the trial. Ancient Sage Qiu Wu's heritage is very valuable. It will definitely be beneficial to you if you can learn it!" Luo Ruoxin said.

"Un." Zhang Xuan nodded. "I'll go in and take a look. Don't worry, I'll surely clear the trial!"

He had no idea what the trial would be on, but he had absolute confidence that he would be able to clear it.

Hearing those words, Luo Ruoxin nodded with a smile. "Good luck."

Having made up his mind, Zhang Xuan began walking toward the door behind the sculpture along with Wu shi and the others.


In just a few moments, they disappeared from sight.

A moment later, Zhang Xuan and the others found themselves standing within a courtyard, and a row of stone tablets stood before them.

There were around twenty of them in total, and they formed a circle around the crowd. Each of them was densely inscribed with all kinds of characters.

Knowing that they were already within the trial, Wu shi, Feng Xun, and the others dared not dawdle. They quickly rushed forward to examine the stone tablets.

A quick sweep of the tablets left each of them with bizarre expressions on their faces. It was not that they were unable to learn whatever was on top of the stone tablets, but that… they could not even understand it.

The inscriptions on the stone tablets consisted of words from many different languages. There was the language that they used, the Ancient Beast Language, and even the words of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe. Dozens of languages were inscribed side by side one another on the stone tablets, making it nigh impossible for one to decipher it.

"Near, qing, hua, sheng, break, ming, xiao… This… How are we supposed to comprehend this?"

Wu shi happened to know quite a few languages and could read some of the inscriptions, but the words did not string together to construct a proper sentence, and this left him completely bewildered. He had no idea how he was supposed to interpret the inscriptions.

Perplexed, he turned his gaze toward the others, only to see Feng Xun, Wo Tianqiong, and the others with equally confused expressions on their faces.

He shot a glance at Zhang Xuan and saw that the latter had a baffled look as well.

They thought that the trial to assess their wisdom would require them to learn a particularly profound cultivation technique, as such events trials usually went, but… they could not even read the stone tablets! How were they supposed to clear the trial?

They had already guessed that a trial from Ancient Sage Qiu Wu would be anything but easy, but who knew that it would be so bewildering?

Wu shi continued examining the stone tablets before him, but nothing came to him. Unable to stand it anymore, he headed over to Zhang Xuan and asked, "Principal Zhang, have you discovered anything yet?"

If any of them was capable of comprehending the secrets behind the stone tablet, it could only be the young man before him.

"Not yet…" Zhang Xuan shook his head.

To be honest, he was also at a complete loss as well.

Recalling the conversation between Ancient Sage Qiu Wu and Zhang Xuan earlier, Wu shi couldn't help but ask, "Didn't Ancient Sage Qiu Wu praise you earlier for your deep understanding of battle techniques? Since you were able to comprehend his other battle technique, this shouldn't be too much trouble for you, right?"

Zhang Xuan shook his head bitterly. "I only happened to successfully decipher his movement technique, but this… I really have no idea what's going on."

At this point, Feng Xun walked up to them and said, "It's already a formidable feat for you to have been able to decipher his movement technique, so you don't have to feel dismayed. Right, Principal Zhang, what did you speak to Ancient Sage Qiu Wu about for him to remember you so clearly?"

Hearing that question, everyone quickly turned their gazes over as well.

In truth, this was also a matter that they had been very curious about.

Words that could make a fragmented soul of an ancient sage who had lived for several dozen millenniums lose his composure and dissipate… Just what could they be?

Seeing that everyone was looking at him with eyes gleaming with curiosity, Zhang Xuan scratched his head in embarrassment and said, "If I were to say that I tried to take Ancient Sage Qiu Wu as my student… would any of you believe me?"<script>chaptererror();</script>



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