Chapter 1151: What a Huge Pit!
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Everyone anxiously rushed to Zhang Xuan's side.

The haughty young man who seemed to have the entire situation in his grasp a moment ago had already fainted, and a trail of blood was flowing down the edge of his lips. With just a look, it was apparent that he had suffered severe injuries.

"You bastards, I'll kill you!" Luo Qiqi and the others roared furiously as they glared at Vice Pavilion Master Tian menacingly, seemingly wanting to devour him whole.

Oblivious to their glares, Vice Pavilion Master Tian was completely dumbstruck by the situation. Everything had happened so smoothly that he could hardly believe his eyes.

He had confidence in his strength, but judging from how the young man had been able to easily subdue King Zhongqing, the young man should have been able to dodge his attack as well. Because of that, he had prepared many follow up moves for when his initial assault inevitably failed. Yet, who would have thought that the most troublesome individual would be subdued with a single strike?

And more importantly, even though it had happened for a very brief instant, he could have sworn that he saw the other party shifting his body slightly to complement his offense, seemingly fearing that he would miss the attack.

To think that an individual would willingly take his palm strike, this was truly…

His palm harnessed immense strength that could crush a Primordial Spirit realm pinnacle expert with ease. Was that not as good as courting death?

Just as Vice Pavilion Master Tian was completely bewildered by the situation before him, a loud roar suddenly echoed through the hall. Turning around, he saw the Golden Soul Lock falling from King Zhongqing's body. The countless wounds on his body recovered at a visible rate, and within less than two breaths, he had already returned to his peak state, as if the torture he had undergone previously was nothing more than a brief nightmare.

When did that fellow obtain such formidable saint medicine?

Vice Pavilion Master Tian was rather close with King Zhongqing, but he had never heard that the latter had a medicine that was capable of swiftly healing one's wounds. That was already comparable to the mystical means that Zhang shi had used on Sun Qiang previously!

"I'll kill you!" Having recovered fully, King Zhongqing swiftly recalled the humiliation he had been put through just a moment ago.

With a furious battle cry, he immediately charged toward the unconscious Zhang Xuan. Along the way, he flicked his wrist and whipped out a sharp sword before brandishing it forcefully toward the latter.

In the previous battle, he had been subdued the whole time, depriving him of any opportunity to wield his weapon. Now that he knew how fearsome the enemy was, he knew that hesitation would be his downfall, so he decisively chose to execute his strongest offensive technique right from the very start.


A surge of sword qi burst across the room with a deafening sonic boom. Before this powerful sword art, even a Half-Leaving Aperture realm expert would have to back down temporarily.

"Don't you dare hurt him!" Luo Qiqi, Yu Fei-er, and Sun Qiang raised their weapons simultaneously to protect Zhang Xuan.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

With three deep thuds, Zhang Xuan's three allies were sent flying into the wall nearby. Their faces flushed crimson from the impact, and blood spewed wildly from their mouths.

The gap between them and a true Saint 4-dan expert was simply too huge. They did not stand a chance at all.

"Die!" After knocking the trio back, King Zhongqing continued slashing his blade toward Zhang Xuan, desiring to slice him in two.

"Hold it right there!"

At this moment, a furious bellow echoed. Following which, King Zhongqing felt a powerful surge of zhenqi morphing into a barrier right before Zhang Xuan, protecting the latter.

Despite the incredible might behind his sword, he found that he was unable to break that zhenqi barrier. Instead, the momentum he wielded in his offense seemed to backfire against him. The sword in his hand bounced back upon striking the barrier, flying back toward him.


Everything happened so fast that King Zhongqing could not even react. Before he knew it, his sword had already pierced his shoulder, and the powerful rebound sent him flying. He crashed into the wall, and the sword in his shoulder ended up lodged in the wall, leaving him hanging in midair like a scarecrow.

" Ahhh! "

The excruciating pain caused a roar of agony to escape from King Zhongqing's mouth.

Considering that he wielded a sword in hand and he had more than enough time to build up the momentum in his offense to the peak, his attack could be said to have reached the level of Half-Leaving Aperture realm experts. On the other hand, the other party had set up the zhenqi barrier hastily to protect Zhang Xuan, and yet, the barrier was still strong enough to cause his attack to rebound against him. Just how powerful was the other party?


Before King Zhongqing's horrified gaze, two figures appeared before Zhang Xuan with anxious looks on their faces.

"Principal Zhang! Principal Zhang!"

The two figures were Elder Wu Rufeng from the Master Teacher Pavilion and Hall Master Xing Tianming from the Combat Master Hall!

After taking a closer look, they realized that Zhang Xuan had already lost consciousness due to how dire his injuries were. With a livid face, Hall Master Xing stood up and roared, "To attempt to murder a master teacher in public, Tian Qing, how dare you?"


Enraged, Hall Master Xing flicked his arm furiously.

"I…" Vice Pavilion Master Tian was about to explain himself, but before he could say a word, he was knocked to the ground by a powerful slap, and huge spurts of blood spewed from his mouth.

He had not even been a match for Hall Master Xing when the latter was still at Half-Leaving Aperture realm, let alone when the latter had achieved a breakthrough to Leaving Aperture realm!

After knocking down Vice Pavilion Master Tian, Hall Master Xing roared, "Men, apprehend those two fellows!"


Upon hearing the command, Division Head Liao, Division Head Zhou, Division Head Chen, and Division Head Yan rushed out from the shadows, and in the blink of an eye, they had already sealed the cultivation of the duo and captured them.

Despite being at Primordial Spirit realm pinnacle as well, the same cultivation realm as King Zhongqing, they were combat masters, the representation of the strongest fighting prowess in their cultivation realm. It would be a difficult fight against them even when the duo was in their peak state, let alone their current severely injured states.

"Principal Zhang…"

After apprehending the two culprits, Hall Master Xing took out a recovery pill and fed it to Zhang Xuan. Following which, he used his zhenqi to help the latter assimilate the medicinal energy within the pill, and only then did the Zhang Xuan slowly come to.

"You are finally here," Zhang Xuan said faintly with a relieved smile. He weakly turned his gaze toward Vice Pavilion Master Tian and King Zhongqing before continuing. "There might be some kind of misunderstanding between us. I hope that you won't hurt them… Pu!"

Before Zhang Xuan could finish his words, more blood spurted from his mouth.

"Principal Zhang!" Seeing that the other party was still speaking on the behalf of those two bastards, Wu shi and Hall Master Xing could not help but feel a little bitter for him.

It was those two bastards who had reduced him to his current state, and yet, he was still magnanimously asking for them to be spared! Where else could one find another individual as forgiving as that? He sure was kind to a fault!

On the other hand, King Zhongqing and Vice Pavilion Master Tian felt deeply frenzied as they watched the scene unfold before their eyes.

It was just a moment ago that Vice Pavilion Master Tian had been wondering why Zhang Xuan chose to take his attack face-on, and it turned out that… he was biding his time!

Now, the ones who were severely injured were the other party, and when Hall Master Xing and Wu shi appeared, King Zhongqing even nearly managed to claim Zhang Xuan's life. How were they supposed to explain themselves in such a situation?

"Zhang Xuan was the one who made a move against us! He used that cauldron to…" Anxious, Vice Pavilion Master Tian turned around and pointed to where Ding Ding was previously, only to find that the cauldron that had arrogantly been threatening to reduce him to cinders a moment ago had vanished without a trace.

The other party had actually managed to stow the cauldron back into his storage ring within the short period of time!

"Shut your mouth!" Division Head Liao slapped Vice Pavilion Master Tian out of sheer anger, knocking the latter's mouth out of place.

Principal Zhang had made such great contributions to their Combat Master Hall, and they had not even managed to show their gratitude to him yet when this fellow suddenly stepped in and reduced their benefactor to such a tragic state. If not for the other party's identity as a master teacher, they would have surely killed him on the spot!

Unforgivable! This was truly something unforgivable!

Ignoring Vice Pavilion Master Tian, Wu shi turned to Zhang Xuan and asked, "Principal Zhang, can you tell us what happened?"

"Save them first…" Zhang Xuan weakly raised a finger and pointed toward Luo Qiqi and the others.

"Alright!" Hall Master Xing raised a hand, and a division head quickly fed the trio a recovery pill each.

Seeing that the three of them were fine, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief. He then weakly turned his attention back to Wu shi and said, "Wu shi, do you still remember the matter concerning the news of the ancient domain being leaked to the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe?"

Back then, Old Principal Zhang Yinqiu had attempted to report the discovery of the ancient domain to the headquarters, only to have his intelligence covered up by a spy in the Qingyuan Empire Master Teacher Pavilion. After fleeing from the Qiu Wu Palace, the old principal had already explained the matter to them from the start to the end.

"Of course!" Wu shi nodded. "I have been looking into the matter since I returned, but I wasn't able to find any conclusive proof."

"I have been pursuing the matter as well, but in the midst of it… Sun Qiang was suddenly kidnapped by the men of Vice Pavilion Master Tian and King Zhongqing. They accused me of colluding with the Poison Hall and claimed that I am unworthy of being a master teacher. They even said that they wanted to send me into the Subterranean Gallery to have me make up for my sins… Cough cough!" As Zhang Xuan spoke, he gradually grew more and more agitated before coughing once more.

"They accused you of colluding with the Poison Hall and wanted to send you into the Subterranean Gallery?" Hearing those words, Wu shi flung his sleeves wrathfully, and coldness surfaced in his eyes. "Preposterous! How dare they slander an upright master teacher?"

Others might have been oblivious to the matter, but he knew full well that the young man before him was not only a Celestial Master Teacher but also a Celestial Saint. In the entire history of the Master Teacher Continent, there was only one figure who had achieved the same—Kong shi.

To accuse a Celestial Master Teacher of colluding with the Poison Hall and attempt to send him to the Subterranean Gallery over it?


"I refused to acknowledge their accusations, so they decided to force a confession out of me instead. You should also know that I am completely powerless against Primordial Spirit realm cultivators. It's fortunate that you came quickly, or else we might have lost our lives here," Zhang Xuan said with a terrified yet relieved look on his face.

Vice Pavilion Master Tian and King Zhongqing glanced at one another, and they nearly blew up on the spot.

Completely powerless against Primordial Spirit realm cultivators?

You call this being powerless? We were nearly pummeled to death by you!

If there's anyone who is powerless here, it should be us, alright!

The duo felt so indignant that they could have choked from the sheer frustration they felt. They wanted to refute the other party's words, but the combat masters had already sealed their movements, not allowing them to speak even a single word.

On the other hand, Sun Qiang, Luo Qiqi, and Yu Fei-er also exchanged glances, and their mouths twitched uncontrollably from the shamelessness that Zhang Xuan was displaying.

This was even more so for Yu Fei-er. She was rendered completely speechless by the sight before her.

She had nearly lost her mind when she saw Zhang Xuan lying unconscious on the ground after being struck squarely by King Zhongqing, but to think that… he was just feigning weakness!

With Wu shi, Hall Master Xing, and many division heads witnessing Vice Pavilion Master Tian and King Zhongqing attempting to murder him, those two would never be able to cleanse their names.

Previously, they had been worried about how Zhang Xuan would resolve the situation after making a brazen move on the vice head of the Master Teacher Pavilion. Who would have thought that he had already prepared a pit for the duo to fall into!

For those who dare to provoke Zhang Xuan… they had best be prepared to fall to the lowest point of their life!

With such thoughts in mind, the trio could not help but direct looks of sympathy toward Vice Pavilion Master Tian and King Zhongqing.

On the other hand, Wu shi and Hall Master Xing nodded in agreement after hearing Zhang Xuan's words. "Indeed, I know your strength well. You aren't a match for Primordial Spirit realm cultivators."

Wu shi had spent a very long time together with Zhang Xuan in the Qiu Wu Palace, so he knew the latter's strength very well. It would have been difficult for him to even match a Saint 3-dan cultivator, so how could he be a match for Primordial Spirit realm cultivators?

As for Hall Master Xing, he had exchanged blows with Zhang Xuan back at the Heart Division. While he had been surprised by the incredible reflexes that the latter had displayed during the battle, it had been apparent that the latter was still lacking the strength to stand against a Primordial Spirit cultivator head to head.

Not to mention, his opponents were the vice head of the Master Teacher Pavilion and a King who had forged his name on the battlefield.

Since Zhang Xuan was not a match for them, less had to be said about Luo Qiqi and the others.

"I was truly desperate, so I could only send a message to all of you…" After explaining the course of events, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief before lying on the ground, his breathing still faint from the severe injuries he had incurred.

With just a look, it was clear that he had suffered grievous wounds. Even with the supplement of recovery pills, it was unlikely that he would make a full recovery any time soon.

The more Wu shi thought about it, the more angered he felt. Turning to the duo, he harrumphed coldly. "On top of slandering a fellow master teacher, you even attempted to force a confession. Tian Qing and King Zhongqing, the both of you sure are brazen! I shall have this matter reported to the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters and have them judge it!"

Vice Pavilion Master Tian and King Zhongqing's faces paled. The pit that they had leaped into… seemed to be a little too big in proportion.


Force a confession? Report to the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters?

Rather than a pit, it seemed like they had leaped into an abyss instead!



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