Chapter 776 - Triple-casting

"Such swift and fierce techniques. She must be more than just an ordinary expert of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion." Aqua Rose, who watched from the stands, was slightly stunned. She had not expected Blue Phoenix to be so highly skilled.

Magical classes and melee classes' combat methods were different.

Magical classes had to focus on their familiarity and control of their Spells.

The more familiar a player was with a Spell, the faster they could cast said Spell. Once they were familiar with a Spell to a certain extent, they only needed minimal Concentration to cast it. It was even possible for players to skip chanting completely and cast their Spells instantaneously.

Meanwhile, the higher a player's control was of their Spells, the more Spells they could cast simultaneously. Also, high-tiered Spells required more control to cast. Multicasting Spells was like multitasking in real life. One might be able to handle one task with ease but would find two or more simultaneous tasks difficult. For magical class players, without a certain level of control of their Spells, it was impossible to cast multiple Spells at once.

Of course, there were some talented people who could multitask two or more tasks without training. If these people played a magical class, they could easily become experts. Even without a high degree of control, they could cast two or more Spells simultaneously.

One could overwhelm their enemies by multicasting Spells, drowning them in a bombardment of magic.

After all, evading one Spell attack was already difficult, not to mention evading two or more.

Being able to double-cast Spells would greatly increase a magical class player's variety of attack methods. They would not have to rely on monotone attacks that could be easily avoided. Naturally, this would increase their combat power by leaps and bounds.

Currently, Aqua Rose could only handle double-casting. Moreover, she could only cast two Tier 0 Spells simultaneously. Even casting one Tier 0 and one Tier 1 Spell simultaneously was beyond her. Yet, Blue Phoenix was capable of multicasting a Tier 1 Sure-kill Spell and a Tier 0 Spell. One could just imagine how superior Blue Phoenix was to her.

Facing the dozens of incoming Ice Spears, Shi Feng ran, leaving behind multiple afterimages as he moved.

It was far more difficult to hit a moving player with a Spell. Not to mention, Blue Phoenix had to focus on controlling so many Ice Spears.

"It's useless!" Blue Phoenix had long since seen Shi Feng's intentions and had taken countermeasures.

However, Shi Feng was also an expert in the Void Realm. He could sense the dozens of Ice Spears' exact locations. The instant the Ice Spears were about to reach him, he sidestepped and allowed the dozens of spears to brush past. He then circled the Ice Walls and approached Blue Phoenix.

Although the Void Realm allowed players to perceive their surroundings clearly, their range was not unlimited. Their maximum range was 20 yards. As long as he was over 20 yards away from Blue Phoenix, the Elementalist could not perceive his movements in such detail. It wouldn't be possible for her to change the trajectory of her Ice Spears in time.

However, Blue Phoenix was no fool. While controlling Ice Madness, she also used the Ice Walls or instant-cast Frost Arrows to hinder Shi Feng's advance.

Just as she was about to force Shi Feng into a corner, she summoned four Ice Walls, surrounding Shi Feng from all sides. The dozens of Ice Spears that had lain in wait descended on Shi Feng.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Frost particles and white mist permeated the area.

"Is he dead?" Blue Phoenix looked at the time. Only three seconds had passed since the battle had begun.

Suddenly, Blue Phoenix felt that something was wrong. It felt as if a ferocious beast had just appeared behind her. Hurriedly, she activated Blink with a thought and appeared 15 yards away from her original position.


Numerous blue sword lights blossomed Blue Phoenix's original location, slicing apart the afterimage she left behind. She had only been a thread away from Shi Feng's strikes.

Her senses sure are sharp. Shi Feng sighed disappointedly. If he faced against any other class right now, he would have hit his opponent. Unfortunately, Blink could be cast with a single thought. The Skill took effect instantaneously, allowing the user to appear 15 yards away. No matter how fast his sword was, it could not outmatch Blink.

That was close! With her Void Realm perception, Blue Phoenix had realized what Shi Feng had done. So, he still had such a move. Unfortunately, it is useless! I will end everything with this!

Following which, Blue Phoenix waved her finger and used Ice Dragon's Roar. In the next moment, a powerful gush of cold air blasted towards Shi Feng.

Just as Shi Feng was about to dodge to the left, five Great Fireballs appeared, flying at him.

Double-casting could allow magical class players to launch preemptive strikes, using the first attack to force the enemy to reveal a weak point, then attacking said weak point with the second Spell. If ordinary players did not cope with the twofold attack properly, they would not even know how they died.

Void Realm magical class experts sure are difficult to deal with.

Having no better options, Shi Feng retreated backward, intending to avoid the five Great Fireballs before evading the Ice Dragon's Roar. However, two Ice Walls suddenly appeared behind Shi Feng, sealing his path of retreat.

"Impossible!" Astonishment appeared on Aqua Rose's face. "She can actually triple-cast?!"

Double-casting was already Aqua Rose's limit. Even so, double-casting had increased her combat power tremendously. Yet, Blue Phoenix could triple-cast. She was simply inhuman.

Despite both Ice Wall and Great Fireball being Tier 0 Spells, when triple-casted, they were far more powerful than a Tier 2 Spell.

Everyone finally realized just how frightening Blue Phoenix was. It was no wonder why she had confidently claimed that she could end the battle in one minute. Almost anyone would be helpless against her diverse attack method. A player's only option was to confront the incoming Spells. However, against Blue Phoenix's high magic damage, just how many attacks of her's could one handle?

"Blue is taking this too seriously," Phoenix Rain sighed helplessly as she watched her comrade's performance. "It seems that Blue will be participating in the competition."

In the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, Blue Phoenix had even suppressed Martial Dragon before he had awakened his Domain. Needless to say, an unknown character from Zero Wing stood no chance against the Elementalist.

Hence, she had told Shi Feng before that he would pass if he could survive a minute against Blue Phoenix.

Now, however, it would seem that even one minute wasn't possible.

With Blue Phoenix's current equipment, lasting ten seconds against her serious efforts was impressive enough.

Just as the Ice Dragon's Roar was about to devour Shi Feng, he lightly swung Killing Ray at the torrent of cold air.

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

Multiple streaks of blue lightning pierced the Ice Dragon's Roar.

Two streaks of lightning scattered the pure-white Spell. Following which, another two streaks snaked their way towards Blue Phoenix.

When Blue Phoenix saw the incoming lightning bolts, she hurriedly cast Ice Walls and Flame Explosion to defend herself.

Only after breaking the third Ice Wall did the lightning bolts vanish.

Such high Strength! Blue Phoenix could not help her shock as she glanced at the evaporated Ice Wall.

However, before Blue Phoenix recovered from her shock, she saw Shi Feng swing Killing Ray once more.


Immediately, countless wind blades flew towards Blue Phoenix, leaving no space for the Elementalist to dodge.

Blue Phoenix hurriedly used Blink again, escaping Hurricane's attack range. However, Shi Feng had already circled to her left and was only 20 yards away from her.

Elementalists could cast Blink, at most, twice in a row, with each Blink charge having a Cooldown of 12 seconds. Only a few seconds had passed since she used Blink the first time. Hence, her Blink was on Cooldown and was unavailable.

Do you think you can approach me just because I've used up my Blink? Blue Phoenix smiled disdainfully. Waving her staff, she began casting Ice Walls, one after another, to block Shi Feng's path. At the same time, she used Ice Spheres to both slow and damage Shi Feng.

Slowed by evading the Ice Walls and Ice Spheres, as well as pinned down by her firepower, by the time Shi Feng could close in the Elementalist, Blink would have finished its Cooldown. By the time Shi Feng could approach her, her Blink would already be ready for use.

Just as Blue Phoenix wondered how Shi Feng would evade her attacks, Shi Feng suddenly activated Defensive Blade and swung his sword at the Ice Wall before him.

When one touched an Ice Wall, the Spell would reduce their speed instantly. However, if one attacked an Ice Wall using sword aura, their speed would be unaffected. After activating Defensive Blade, Shi Feng's attack range extended to 15 yards.


Suddenly, the blue sword aura shattered the Ice Wall before Shi Feng. He then charged past the broken Ice Wall.

"Don't even think about getting near me!" Blue Phoenix cast more Ice Walls while bombarding Shi Feng with Ice Spears.

However, the instant her Ice Walls appeared, Shi Feng's blue sword aura shattered them. The numerous Ice Spears Blue Phoenix fired shared a similar fate.

When Shi Feng was within 15 yards of Blue Phoenix, he suddenly brandished Killing Ray at the Elementalist and triggered the Lightning effect.

A streak of blue light shot across the dueling ring. Not only did the sword light pierce the blocking Ice Wall, but it also pierced Blue Phoenix's Frost Body. Numerous streaks of blue light then wrapped around Blue Phoenix, devouring her HP, dropping it to zero…



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