Chapter 202: Twenty-third Episode: Chapter 3
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It was clear. The sunlight streamed into the room through the window. Oscar slowly opened his eyes. He glanced at his surroundings in confusion. His blank mind caused him to take a long time before he could tell that he was in his bedroom in Kenshin Palace.

Someone was holding his hand. Oscar turned his head to the other side. He saw Alanis by his bed, wearing just a simple dress.

"They said you are sick!" Her Majesty the Empress looked into her husband's eyes.

Oscar shook his head slowly. He found that he could move, so he tried to sit up.

"What time is it now?"

"Four in the afternoon."

Oscar flipped the blanket wide a little furiously, "How long have I been sleeping?"

Alanis giggled, "Since yesterday afternoon! But... You should know that initially, we should have referred to this as a coma."

Oscar looked at his wife unbelievably, "Are you for real?"

"Of course!" Her Majesty pressed her husband back on the bed. She changed into a serious expression, "Oscar, you are sick. You should rest!"

Oscar lied obediently on the bed. He had no energy to think of the meaning of Alanis being here, neither had he any energy to consider whether he was truly sick. He was completely conscious now. All senses of his body had come back to his brain. His back hurt and his mouth was bitter. He knew that he was starving, but his stomach seemed to be filled with gas. Nothing could fit in it.

"Get me a glass of soda water!" Oscar moaned. Alanis heard it and looked at the servants standing by the door. The servant immediately understood and turned away.

"I don't understand. Your knights are still packing up!" Her Majesty said in an evasive manner.

However, she knew her husband could understand what she meant.

"I am already one week off from my previously arranged schedule," Oscar looked at his wife apologetically. He knew what this explanation meant to Alanis and also understood that his wife's pride and dignity would force her to act uncaring as she had known this all along.

As expected, Alanis giggled as if she had not heard anything or that nothing had happened, "Oscar is still Oscar. No matter how sick you are, you are still keen on doing things?"

"It's not some serious disease!" Oscar smiled rather helplessly. He originally wanted to say it another way, but it was a little overboard to not admit that he was sick. Moreover, he had never felt worse than now in his whole life.

"Your soda water!" Her Majesty took the glass from the servant. When her husband was about to take the glass, she avoided his hand.

"Let me do it!" Alanis said as she held her husband's neck. She placed the glass near the man's mouth.

Oscar did not say anything. He simply gazed at his wife, then gobbled up.

"Ola... That feels better!"

Alanis smiled. The two of them fell again into silence until that quiet palace chief Marquis Jevonah Wesarcia knocked lightly on the door.

"Oh! I should leave now! Since you are fine now..." Her Majesty said as she stood up.

Oscar turned his head over and his wife's kiss fell deeply on his lips.

"Rest well..." Alanis paused by the bedroom door. She still seemed like she wanted to say something, but at last, walked away without doing so.

Oscar was relieved for some reasons. He gulped down the last mouthful of soda water, then got up from the bed dexterously. He walked a few steps and reached the tall window. After pulling the curtain by a small portion, he was able to see everything outside of the palace gate. Her Majesty's carriage and guard of honor were all prepared. The Paladins were mixed with the Narcissus Knights of Kenshin Palace, but they soon separated their ways.

Her Majesty Empress Alanis walked out of the palace. The knights present all kneeled down. Only a few guys of special status bowed politely without kneeling. Among them, the one whom the Prince did not like was naturally Rudolf Hoss.

The Head of Secret Service Department stood together with a young man. Oscar had not seen that young man before. He saw that guy actually kissed the back of his wife's hand. This could only mean that the origin and the status of this guy were extremely important.

After the team of people had slowly moved out, Oscar let the curtain down. When he wanted to instruct on some matters, the understanding Messier had already appeared in his bedroom.

Federick Roxes Morisette was Her Majesty's nephew who was from the Roxes family. This young master around twenty years of age maintained a good relationship with the Imperial family. His mother was the daughter of the Titan Prince who fell off in the polo match. This Prince was the direct uncle of the previous Emperor Alfa III. However, there was no son in this branch of Morisette Imperial family, only three daughters. They were married into a few families of good status in the country. The person-in-charge in the Secret Service Department in the Capital we knew before was able to take a high position because he married the Prince's daughter.

So... Federick Roxes Morisette felt that it was his turn now, but his immediate boss Rudolf Hoss did not think so.

In these last few weeks, the Head of Secret Service Department did not give any less trouble to this young man. Perhaps Federick truly had not shown any contribution yet, but at least he did not commit any wrongdoings. Rudolf Hoss requested the young man to do his work strictly. Not only did he force Viscount Federick to memorize all sorts of procedures in the Secret Service Department, he even ordered him to memorize the list of members of the Secret Service Department. According to the explanation of that Head of Department, only after understanding the characteristics and capability of their subordinates could they clearly know when and who to use at times.

"Then say it! When will you use me?" Federick took a glance at the cold-looking Rudolf Hoss impatiently. Even though everyone was afraid of this vampire-like monster, but after a sufficient amount of time with him, Federick thought the Head of Secret Service Department was simply a smart little animal. There was not much difference between him and those pretentious animals beside Her Majesty.

Rudolf Hoss thought for a while and then pointed to Kenshin Palace that was left behind by the carriage, "Wait until you are able to fight it off square and fair with O'Neil Andrew Morisette..."

"Why must I do that?" Federick could not understand how the Head of Secret Service Department thought. "I am Her Majesty's nephew and also the Prince's nephew. I don't understand why I have to stand at the opposite side of O'Neil Andrew Morisette."

The Head of Secret Service Department suddenly chuckled, "That is because Her Majesty and the Prince are standing at opposite sides by nature. You should say that was the relationship between the Imperial family and Andrew. If it is about a man and a woman..." Federick glanced at the Head of Department with a distasteful gaze, "Don't forget that Her Majesty and the Prince are spouses by nature, not anything else. They will find a way to compromise! I have always been positive about this!"

Rudolf Hoss nodded, "This isn't completely impossible. But just as you said, this is the matter between Her Majesty and the Prince! Once you have joined this work, you must not be disillusioned by the compromise. The only reason the Secret Service Department exists in this world is to fight or defend for the benefit of the Imperial family! I love to attack because defending will cause the people in the business fall into passivity. So..."

"So, you want to fight against Prince O'Neil Andrew Morisette! Maintaining the offensive!"

The Head of Department nodded. He had high expectation of this sensitive guy.

Viscount Federick shook his head, "I don't know if this is considered smart. I only know that this situation will definitely bring us trouble. There should not be such communication pattern within the Empire. This is not normal."

"But this is the way the Imperial family deals with Andrew!" Rudolf Hoss was a little impatient.

"But the problem is that Her Majesty is married to the Prince. The previous Empire allowed this marriage with the compromise between the Imperial family and Andrew in mind."

"Compromises are temporary. Fights are long-term!" The Head of Department still decided to correct the young man's thinking, "Andrew's self-development has determined that this armed monster will one day break free from the shackles that history has given it! They can either go independent or threaten the status of Morisette."

"He is already Andrew! What additional power do they want?" The young man looked unbelievably at Rudolf.

"Haven't you thought about... If Her Majesty was forced to step down from the throne, what would happen then?"

"No!" Viscount Federick mumbled subconsciously, "I am saying... How?"

"Why not?" The gaze of the Head of Department left the young man and fell on the world outside of the window. "Other than the problem of the Imperial family itself, we are only talking about Andrew..."

Andrew had experienced development for four hundred years. To be more specific, this process that was filled with blood and fire was an abnormal route that was completely distorted by war. As the armed forces that had an endless pride in war and glory history, the God-chosen warriors had long stayed in the hearts of the people. The land, citizen and buildings in which the Andrew family had, built on the basis of management structure of war, knight system and the religious system of the God-chosen warriors; it had already begun having the element of a single ethnicity even though Andrew or the Narcissus people had never left the category of Titan citizens.

However, regardless of which point of view was taken, the continuous development and self-perfection of this battle-led tribe had formed the spirits, will and living style that was completely different from Titan citizens. If we studied these elements that were different from Titan citizens, then the extracted thing would be the complete control from within the Narcissus people by the Andrew family.

The Narcissus had always been a special name that was meant for the people who were led by Andrew. Andrew had always encouraged birth. The Narcissus ladies who had not married when they were of a certain age category would have to accept the arrangement of the Military Personnel Bureau and be married off. This forceful system was completely against human rights, but the Narcissus people would seldom trouble the Military Personnel Bureau. A large number of people would prepare sufficient war supplies to the Narcissus Knights. In the frequent war with the Persian, huge losses had not let Andrew feel the urgent situation where the land and living resources were lacking. Quite the contrary, this sort of situation always appeared among the Andrew.

From the late sixth century in the Church Calendar until the beginning of seventh, Andrew's enemy began to show their exhaustion. The foundation of this large Empire Persian gradually shook due to inner conflicts and foreign war. Meanwhile, the Andrew had an immense development when the situation slowly calmed down. This development was shown as an increase in quality. If Andrew had always lived with resisting invaders as their foundations in four hundred years, then from this moment onward, they slowly showed their intention to expand their living space. This intention spread irreversibly among the upper society of Andrew and the soldiers.

The population of Narcissus County and the number of Narcissus Knight kept creating the highest records during this period. As the basis of human's resources to survive, the land could no longer satisfy the increase in population and the series of problems that arose from economic needs. Even though in the perspective of Andrew's ruler, the situation was nonetheless beneficial! The Narcissus Knight could compensate for the lack of resources by their continuous expansion. Their fighting spirit and the glorious history that had gone on for four hundred years could still be revived from the war at the border. However, one day, the Narcissus people and Narcissus Knights were suddenly notified. The Persian Empire no longer existed! The strong enemy before had fallen! After the passionate celebration of the people, Andrew and its people calmed down instinctively. They had to consider where the Narcissus Knights and the war mechanisms that had gone on for four hundred years would stop!

The answer was naturally to the negative. Andrew and all of its spirit and ideals were based on wars. If wars were to stop, Andrew would no longer be Andrew. The Narcissus people would lose their faith and everything they fought and sacrificed for.

War, at the east, was simply a necessity! During this period, Andrew could only point to the Persian's land to relieve the soldiers and deal with the survival pressure in the county. The Narcissus Knights cheered as they began their journey. Andrew's management machinery and the whole Narcissus County went all their way for the war they dreamt for four hundred years. Then, from now onwards, was the Narcissus Knights still the division of soldiers that were given the name of justice by the Religion of Light?

The answer was, of course, no! Even though many history academicians thought that it was after the Narcissus Knights met O'Neil Andrew Morisette that their spirits had changed, the people who agreed with this point of view simply liked the opportunity O'Neil Andrew Morisette provided for them. They chose to overlook the logical process of development.

From the moment the Persian Empire retreated from the stage of history, Andrew and the armed forces he had no longer represented the justice division that used to symbolize honor and blessing of the God! Searching for land and resources for survival had become its sole foundation. Due to this, it was said from the moment the eastern war began, Andrew had finally begun its journey of invasion. After taking this first step, they would not stop... Until Andrew Dynasty's infamous Queen Victoria managed the lands she and her husband expanded during later years.

"So... You are correct! They are husband and wife!" The Head of Secret Service Department was distasteful against this word, "They may reach some sort of compromise in a certain matter, but, by nature, Andrew has a completely opposite ideal from the Imperial family. Deciding the victor out of this is simply a matter of time."

Viscount Federick Roxes Morisette did not dare to speak until Rudolf Hoss's voice called him back to his senses.

The Head of Secret Service Department said, "One day, you will either die in the hands of O'Neil Andrew Morisette or he will die in yours. Of course,… if Her Majesty chooses you to be the successor to the Secret Service Department."

"What about you?" Federick looked at Rudolf, confused.

Rudolf shrugged, "The doctor said there's a tumor in my liver. It's malignant! So... You are young. I will leave the rest to you!"

"Malignant tumor?" Federick mumbled helplessly.

"You can call it cancer," The Head of Department said it without a care as if this tumor was none of his concern. "We still have time! Moreover, we won't be lucky all our lives. At least, in the matter with Slovenia, O'Neil Andrew Morisette is destined to fail!"

"Says who?" Federick asked.

"Marshal Alan!" The Head of Department laughed cunningly as usual. Even the Prince, who was far away, sneezed because of this.

"Child! How are you?" Silverfox Alan was full of concern. He spread out his arms for the Prince.

"A cold? Weak mental state? Who knows!" Oscar said as he welcomed the Marshal of Guards, "Thank you for the visit, otherwise, I would've thought that the people in Army Division are all dead!"

Alan laughed awkwardly. He did not know if the child was praising or mocking him.

"I gave a strict order to my subordinates in the Army Division. They can't come to visit, neither can they know about your situation. Moreover, your health is not your own matter! Do you know how many foreign ambassadors came for your news after you have fallen sick?"

"Many, I presume!" Oscar mumbled hatefully.

Alan nodded, "Especially the Faran! Once every hour, even at night!"

"Ola... These Faran people can't wait to see me go to hell!" Oscar was extremely furious. The southern army group was not there for fun. Faran knew well of the influence of this Titan Prince near their door. If they said they were not concerned about this, no one would believe them.

Oscar pulled the old man to sit in the living room. Colonel Vick brought biscuits and tea for the two Marshals. The Prince still had a bad appetite. He only chose a few pieces of soft cheesecakes. On the other hand, Alan tasted every single delicacy, then, at last, got himself a caramel coffee.

"Sugar is bad for you!" Oscar glanced at the old Marshal who seemed extremely happy.

"Never mind that! Let's talk about you. What is wrong with you? It's the second time, isn't it?" Alan put down his coffee and looked at the child, confused, "Habitual coma is not anything good. Moreover, you are still so young."

Oscar scratched his head. He also did not know what was wrong with him. He thought to himself, could it be it was just as what the psychologist said? Did he receive some sort of hint? Bearing an immense pressure?

Oscar thought about it, but how could he explain such matter to others? So, he could only reply, "I am fine. It's nothing to worry about! Moreover, I am not in a coma. From the doctor, it's apparently a normal physical situation due to excessive exhaustion."

"Then, it's good..." Alan could still see that the child was hiding something, but he did not plan to pursue deeply this matter.

"I came to visit you this time because..."

"The Lighthouse Strategy is finding trouble for myself... I know!" Oscar said it first. He knew that Silverfox Alan would not come here for other matter. Moreover, it was about time Alan gave his opinion on this matter.

Marshal of Guards subconsciously avoided the gaze of the young man. He knew that this guy was becoming harder to deal with, but until now, O'Neil Andrew Morisette had not presented any danger. His and Andrew's actions were still under the mental limit that Alan could take.

"Thank God of Light that you can say that!" Silverfox smiled calmly.

"About the fact that the Lighthouse Strategy is leaked, we must investigate thoroughly. However, this is not how far this matter has influenced us. We must reflect upon the confidential action and the inner discipline of the Guards. We have no time to do all of these. The current urgent matter to attend to is to calm the furious Westland Kingdom Alliance. Otherwise... I am worried that they will do something stupid."

Oscar was playing with the food on the plate. He was thinking about the logic behind the whole matter. Alan's doing was completely different from his past offensive spirit, but the Prince could not find in where the problem lied.

"The problem lies in Slovenia!" Marshal of Guards acted confidently. "Back then, Balgan Peninsula is simply a buffer area of war to the Empire. It can stop the Persian from invading our country from the southeast border from the sea, avoiding Andrew. But now... The Persian is finished and Andrew is safe. But the Engels and Faran were both interested in this piece of land and the two areas of sea that it divides."

"Slovenia Kingdom is located at the border at the Disin Sea and the Aldrid Sea that connects to the Black Sea and Eichin Sea. If we maintain the local political power, naturally there won't be any problem. However, if someone dares to be the first to create a problem at Balgan Peninsula, then the Engels and Faran will not be satisfied with being the second. Their ships will rush to the location during the first hour. They are fine with even getting a few spots on the coastline. However, to the first person... He won't have a strong navy force to resist the armed invasion, neither will he have enough military power to control the six-hundred miles long coastline. At that time, if he still is stubborn with his ways, he will sustain great damage, don't you think?"

Oscar nodded and kept doing so. The problem Alan thought about was naturally the thing that worried him the most. The first to create issues at Balgan Peninsula would surely become everyone's target. Moreover, it was a fact that Andrew did not have strong navy forces or land forces that were capable of controlling the whole Slovenia. He did not want to utilize his knights to resist the Engels' warships that were equipped with cannons. However, if he could, he would not mind sharing the benefits of the seas with Engels' enemy, the West Percian. However, actually dealing with this matter was too much of a hassle. Even whether it was possible after ten years was an unknown.

Looking at the silent Prince, Silverfox could not help but came close to him, "Child, don't say that I didn't remind you. You have to think carefully about it! If you think about it, the problem of Slovenia is not the most urgent ones!"

"Oh?" Oscar looked at him with a questioning look. He was not suspecting that Alan had hidden meaning behind his words. He was simply thinking that maybe the sincerity on the face of the Marshal was used in a wrong occasion.

"Last night! When you were in a coma, Lieutenant General Tivoli Hadley that is responsible for maintaining the daily duty of Military Intelligence Bureau had to submit an urgent information to me. This is because the limit of his power does not allow him to react to that information."

"About what?"

Alan's voice became deeper, "Your Narcissus Knights has an abnormal arrangement on a large scale. Marshal Figg Andrew Tibotty increased three fronts in Persian area towards the Slovenia direction. A total force of hundred thousand soldiers!"

Oscar's eyebrows shivered. He slowly supported his jaw with his hands and stared at Silverfox Alan who seemed 'to be kind' with a playful gaze.

"Are they all knights?"

"That's right!" Alan nodded. He was a little worried over Oscar's reaction, thus he added another layer of his words, "If this hundred-thousand-man knights army meets with the units that were sent to the border previously, then Andrew's total army forces facing Slovenia will reach approximately twenty hundred thousand. Such a strong unit is more than enough to defeat Slovenia's Kingdom Army that is lower in number."

Oscar took a deep breath. He planned to throw this question back to Alan. The more Alan said, the clearer his aim became.

"How do you see this matter?"

As expected, Silverfox was a little stunned. He still did not understand what Oscar meant.

"I am saying that I am still unsure of the reason for this arrangement. How do you see the situation at Slovenia side?"

Alan thought about it. He was considering his words and how he would not show his true intention through his words.

"I think... The situation in Slovenia must not deteriorate any further! You have to talk to Marshal Figg. After all, you are the head of Andrew now. Even the Marshal of the Narcissus Knight has to listen to your opinion."

Oscar suddenly smiled. He could not hold it in any further! Alan was too obvious to the extent that Oscar thought this was not something Silverfox was doing.

"Aren't you going to the southern Vielonna?" The Marshal of Guards raised his head suddenly as if he had a thought all of a sudden. "Can you ask Marshal Figg to go to Vielonna? This way... the situation at the border can calm down for a bit. You brothers can exchange some opinions about these issues."

Oscar slowly shook his head, "There's no need for that. I only need to write a letter! After all, the eastern war is still going on. Figg can't leave that place. I don't want to listen to him complaining."

Alan shrugged, "This is the family issue of Andrew. I have no right to say anything... but consider it carefully. The head of the family and a Marshal. This situation will appear sooner or later. The key is how strong you control the other!"

Oscar originally wanted to say that this was none of the Silverfox's concern, but he swallowed the words anyway. Since Alan wanted to pretend to be the old Marshal that cared immensely about the child, then he should just let him be. However, the Marshal of Guards would definitely not be so kind! Oscar had already confirmed that the analysis of that student was correct. The leaking of Lighthouse Strategy was most probably done by Alan himself.

"I know Figg well..." The Prince said as he raised his cup to cover his mocking smiling face, "I believe the things that you are worried about won't happen."

Silverfox Alan pursed his lips. He glanced at Oscar unbelievably. If it was before, this guy should be full of doubts by now, unlike how he was acting now... Such confidence! That was right! The Marshal of guards shivered. It was confidence! O'Neil Andrew Morisette was extremely relaxed. Alan did not know how much restlessness and troubles that were hidden under this relaxed pretense.

"To be honest, seeing you healthy makes me happy!" Alan avoided the young man's gaze naturally and stood up from his seat.

"Thank you! Don't you want to have dinner together?" Oscar followed suit.

"No! We are not the people who can have momentary peace... There is still matter to attend to in the Army Division!"

Oscar hugged the old Marshal who came for a quick visit. He arranged his uniform and sent Alan to the door. Perhaps because the both of them had a lot to think about; what they talked about as they walked became some matter that was of no importance.

Walking out of the palace, the flame of the dusk had lit up the fountain and garden of Kenshin Palace. A large shade of brownish red painted a lively scene. The clouds paused at the western side of the city, covering a part of the sky as they faced the red sun in the dusk. O'Neil Andrew Morisette patted the old Marshal's shoulder, "Don't worry! Tomorrow will be a new day!"

Alan frowned at the huge shade of red in the sky. He could hear a hint of mockery from the young man's tone. Perhaps he indeed went overboard with the matter of Slovenia, but he did not regret his decision. If Andrew was to continue to grow, then the arrival of the day that Andrew brought the flame to Dulin would just be a matter of time.

"The sun is still the sun. However, it goes down, the same way it will rise!"

The old Marshal smiled at the young Prince, "I am not a poet, but a soldier! I am frank in my speech. Don't mind it."

Oscar did not mind anything. He closed the door for the Marshal of Guards.

When the carriage that carried Silverfox disappeared at the end of the street, Messier De Quixote approached Oscar with a worried look.

"Maybe Marshal Alan is right!"

"What are you talking about?" Oscar turned his head.

"Marshal Figg! The head of a family and a Marshal. It is indeed easy to have an issue with this situation. Moreover, the issue will be the most dangerous ones among all! You are thousands of kilometers away from Marshal Figg. If there were any issue..."

Oscar suddenly spat, "Even you are saying this?"

Messier nodded without wavering, "Is there anything wrong with that?"

Oscar turned to his palace, "Didn't someone complain that I lack security? I trust Figg on this! I believe that my brother will not do the things that you guys are worried about."

The Prince suddenly paused in his walk and turned to the Head of Military Intelligence Bureau who kept shaking his head.

"I think Alan's words have confused you. The one that needs us worrying about is our Marshal of Guards! Since I believe in the loyalty of Figg towards the heads and the family, then, just like Colonel Lukas Diyabaker had said, because Alan is being Alan, Alan will be able to understand what I believe in. There are no such things which I believe in that Alan doesn't! However, now that Alan has said that, this shows that this matter is not finished yet. I can smell the scent of conspiracy, but I am not sure that this conspiracy will take its shape! Because Silverfox Alan is being Silverfox Alan. If you can guess what Silverfox Alan will do, then, believe me, your guess must be the wrong answer."

"Then why are you so confident? Just as you had said, can you confirm that what you guessed is not the wrong answer?" Messier kept questioning as he followed the quick Prince.

"Because Oscar is being Oscar!" Oscar said this the same way he described Silverfox, "The answer Oscar guess will never go wrong! No matter what Silverfox says or does, the matter that lays in front of you is either conspiracy or trap. Step into it, then it will be hard to get out!"

"What do you plan to do?"

Oscar sniggered, "Ola... I will see the psychologist. That guy is interesting!"

Messier became more worried, "Your Highness! Sir! If we don't do anything, we will fall into the trap as well."

Oscar had to pause. He wrapped his arm around the Head of Military Intelligence Bureau's shoulder, "Mes, there are six messages delivered by what Alan had said just now. First, he does not wish for Slovenia's situation to deteriorate. Second, he wished that the Slovenia's situation will worsen. Third, he wishes Slovenia's situation to remain just nice like the present. Fourth, he wishes for Figg to leave Andrew's land and stay within the Empire for a while. Fifth, he did not wish for Figg to leave Andrew's land. Sixth, he wishes for Figg to stay at the same place."

"This... How is this possible?" Messier widened his eyes in question, "You are talking about two matters in complete contradiction!"

"It's not contradicting at all!" Oscar shook his head, "Alan only provided six possibilities. You won't know which will begin the conspiracy, neither will you know which, among the possibilities, will have a trap set up by Alan. But, believe this, no matter which possibility you chose, you will still step into a trap and trigger the danger! So... Figg will continue the attack towards the east at Persian, while Slovenia...."

Messier sighed anxiously, "Slovenia is troublesome! We can't let the situation worsen, get better or stay the same! What are we supposed to do?"

Oscar smiled, "Alan can't do much about the matter with Slovenia. He is smart in this leaked incident. However, if he does it one more time, I assure you that he will bring the troubles onto himself. Moreover, the traps and conspiracies he set up were mainly aimed at Andrew, so... Slovenia's situation has to worsen as it gets better, and get better when it worsens!"

"I... I don't understand!"

Oscar shrugged, "I don't understand either. But our university student said that he could do this!"

"You mean Colonel Lukas Diyabaker?"

"Yeah!" Oscar nodded, "Lukas is writing a new proposal now. I think it still needs some time, but the last military attack will be based on the Lighthouse Strategy."

The Head of Military Intelligence Bureau did not say anything more. He looked at the Prince as he took the food on the dining table like a mischievous child. From Messier's perspective, the Prince was truly an odd one.

Before this, he was still tortured until he had momentary coma due to some strange emotion. Now, he was cheerful and happy as if nothing had happened.

"What time is my appointment with Doctor Maslow Riodre?" Messier asked in a small voice to the palace secretary Colonel Vick Keegan.

"Tonight... At seven!"

"Don't forget about that!"

The Head of Military Intelligence Bureau said that as he looked at the excited Prince wiping the sweat from his forehead. Usually, he would not think there was anything to it, but now that he knew his young master had a serious illness. He believed that no one in this world would be so excited over deadly conspiracy and dangerous trap.

That fatty hands that kept stealing food off the dining table were finally hit by the master lady! There was no applause or flower. The finance minister of the Empire, Marquis Almodovar Godzilla, who only appeared after a long while, was not as spirited as he was before. He stood beside the dining table cowardly. He glanced at his young and beautiful fiancé with teary eyes and at the tasty delicacies on the table with a gaze that seemed to even gobble up the tablecloths.

The beautiful lady frowned and threw a document to the careful Marquis, "What was the fifth one? Read it!"

The relaxed and pleasant southern accent made Almodovar Godzilla fell head over heels. He already knew the paper that had his schedule written on it by heart.

"Fifth... Eating is not allowed during a non-dining time. That includes all wine and drinks containing sugar..." The finance minister's voice was as if he was sobbing. This rule was enough to take his life.

"Then what are you doing just now?" Lady Edamorl Havink pinched the Sea Creature's ears without listening to his explanation.

"Pss... Pss... Eda... My Eda... Be gentle! Gentle!" The Sea Creature let out moaning as if he was dying, but his begging was only responded with the lady's stronger pinch.

Godzilla kneeled on the floor. The servants, who were busy about the restaurant, came in and out as if nothing was happening. Obviously, they were used to this situation.

"Eda! My queen! It is just... It is just a fried potato!" The finance minister was full of tears. He was extremely sensitive to pain.

Lady Havink was still moved by her fiancé's obedience. When Godzilla's tears dripped out of his eyes, she could not help but smile, yet her hand was still increasing its force. She did not let him get away with it, "Not even potato! Not even potato..."

Speaking of her fiancé, Lady Edamorl Havink had to sigh because there was rarely anyone who had not heard about Almodovar Godzilla. The rumored finance minister was a beast that was full of ulcers all over him and had to eat virgin's meat to revive! The lowly jokes and rumors about the Sea Creature were not allowed to appear in any kind of literature. However, even so, Lady Havink still loved him. A pig that had such a bad reputation.... was what the lady's father had said.

It began with a gathering hosted by the finance department. A few members of the Havink family who stayed in Vielonna had come to Dulin to visit. Lady Havink and her father were invited.

When the gathering began, that finance minister, who loved to joke around and had a lot of food, was the focus of the gathering. A new ruler was naturally accompanied by new finance decision. The local officials who attended the gathering wanted to get some news from him. They fought to talk to the high-spirited Almodovar Godzilla! However, the scene did not continue for long. The ball had begun! The men led their partner into the dance floor, while the ladies and madams from good families all avoided the fat finance minister.

Almodovar Godzilla was still self-aware. He was already way past the age of imagining about romance and had lost interest in those pretentious women who wore thick makeup and thought they were beautiful. He had lots of women. Some were lovers. He did not care at all about the flowers in these occasions.

At this time, the young, curious and beautiful Lady Havink noticed the proud finance minister who hid quietly in a corner when the music began. He finally took the pretentious smile off his fat face. Instead, it was replaced with lonesome and undisguisable exhaustion.

Perhaps it was due to a maternal psychology exclusive to women, or a deep sympathy towards a pig. The most beautiful lady did not care about the advice of other ladies and the stopping of her father, she walked towards the lonely Sir Sea Creature who seemed a little scary on the outside as if she was the sacrificial lamb.

Then... Almodovar Godzilla raised his head from unspeakable emptiness and he saw his goddess in the next moment! The eyebrows of his goddess were slightly covered by her front bangs and her clear eyes flickered a light of youth. She had a light brown hair typical of Vielonna lady and large, white breasts! He could not look further down! He could not! The Sea Creature kept reminding himself. It was blasphemy if he looked down!

The beautiful lady reached out her white hands to the finance minister, "Sir, let's have a dance!"

The Sea Creature did not think he could use the beautiful jade from the east to describe the lady's skin because he had a few valuable jades, but he had never seen skin that was as beautiful as jade.

Lady Edamorl Havink reached out her hands to the finance minister. Just when she thought the waiting time had gone over the limit acceptable by a lady, the Sea Creature caught her hand and stood up! His fat body flipped the table over. The guests were watching both of them.

She laughed so loudly. The Sea Creature was also laughing awkwardly with a smile uglier than when he was crying because he thought he had messed it all up.

His goddess actually did not care about it. Under everyone's gaze, she led the creature to the dance floor. Almodovar always had his self-awareness. When he drowned in the sweet smell of the lady, he was also thinking about the logic behind the whole matter!

The dance finished. The gathering had finished! Rumors began to circulate in Dulin. The Havink family used a beautiful daughter to seduce the Empire's finance minister! Almodovar thought this must be it!

This was because he had experienced many times of similar events. Sometimes, both the mother and daughter would approach him. According to the finance minister's past experiences, the Havink family would soon visit his mansion and that lady would come as well. Following that, it would be the usual event, it's just that this time the Sea Creature had decided to satisfy all requests of the Havink.

However... Things were not what the Sea Creature thought it was. Havink's family members left the Capital in the quickest speed after hearing about the rumor. The head of the family even told the capital's noble circle that Havink would never return to the Capital before leaving. They could not be embarrassed any further!

Almodovar was furious. Furious! He had never thought this was the result he was waiting for! At the same time, the Sea Creature finally confirmed one thing. He had fallen for a well-mannered lady who had a good family background at his age.

The Sea Creature decided to send her away. He was naturally avoided. The Sea Creature decided to bribe his way through. He must see that lady once more. As compared to the past illegal trades of the finance minister, climbing the wall in the middle of the night did not amount to much. However, Almodovar was as excited as a middle-schooler who met with his lover secretly. That bribed servant pointed to the lady's window and even prepared a ladder for the finance minister!

We would never know what Lady Edamorl Havink thought of when she saw a pig head appearing in front of her window, but many would imagine that she would be screaming. Indeed, she screamed but covered her mouth tightly immediately.

For some reason, the lady opened the window. She was a proper lady. She should not have done that, but the Sea Creature still broke the ladder. Letting him into the room was better than letting him fall to his death. Eda then invited the Sea Creature inside. She explained the invitation during the gathering and commented on her naivety. She also apologized for the trouble brought to the finance minister. The Sea Creature was, of course, very sad. To be specific, he was hurt and even cried badly! Eda, with her maternal instincts, hugged him tightly as she consoled him! At the end, who knew what was going on? Perhaps Almodovar Godzilla used a psychedelic drug. Maybe the young lady liked fat guys. Who knew who got the other in bed? The things that should and should not happen... did happen in the end...

Almodovar carefully touched his fiancé's shoulder. The greatest thing he did in his life was making Eda falling in love with him.

"Why isn't our guest coming? Shouldn't we have some--"

"Shut up!" Eda glared at the Sea Creature.

Almodovar quickly shrunk his neck. If that guest was not his fiancé's cousin, he would never discuss the finance's independent idea of the southern five provinces joint government with the person! If the finance department of Southern Five Province Joint Government also did this, then the south was the same as independent. If they could discuss such matter... He presumed Her Majesty Empress Alanis would kill him.

"You have to help my cousin! My family had already broken off with me, but isn't this all because of you? Only my cousin still cares about me!"

Facing his fiancé's question, the Sea Creature could only promise her with gritted teeth! He thought to himself, why would your cousin care about you? What he cared about was the immense profit of the southern government! Only God of Light knew how difficult it was to make this matter work! But... If this truly worked... the Sea Creature carefully considered it. Was the sovereignty of the Empire more important? Or the government's profit the southern people promised more important?

Most probably... To the finance minister of the Empire, the answer to this question should be extremely simple, shouldn't it?



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