Chapter 417 – Disaster Beast

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It was still afternoon, so there was some time before the festival began at midnight. Zhao Fu decided to prepare by collecting some information on the Disaster Festival so as not to be caught off guard when it came.

Time gradually passed, and soon, midnight arrived.


A massive explosion sounded out in the air as a shockwave rippled out. This explosion could be heard all throughout the Heaven Awaken World, and it made everyone feel a stabbing pain from within their ears.

The lighting suddenly became darker as an oppressive aura continuously descended from above as if there was a terrifying demon about to descend.

The entire world seemed to fall silent, and it became quite dark, making it impossible to see anything. However, that oppressive aura became stronger and stronger.


A massive gust of wind started to blow, bringing with it an aura of destruction. This terrifying aura was enough to make people’s hairs stand on end.


The wild wind seemed to be able to blow away anything, and it started to assault the entire Forest of Horrors. Countless trees trembled as if they were about to be lifted up, and countless rocks were easily brought into the air.

The Forest of Horrors’ first natural disaster… was a cyclone!

Under the assault of such an intense cyclone, countless villages were severely damaged, and even some roofs were lifted off homes. Some buildings were knocked over, but that wasn’t the most terrifying thing.

What was most terrifying was that the countless rocks and logs lifted up by the wind would be slammed down, causing the ground to crack. Some buildings were ravaged by these rocks and logs, and people ran about in terror.

However, they didn’t dare to go too far away from shelter because it was quite difficult to walk in the wind, and they would be blown away if they weren’t careful.

It wasn’t just the players; even the system factions were affected. Many roofs were lifted off, and rocks and logs destroyed countless buildings, creating a devastating scene.

As the cyclone assaulted the Forest of Horrors, Great Qin’s territory shined with a faint light that seemed quite bright in the dark surroundings as something strange happened. The wind in that area suddenly became much gentler before disappearing.

Great Qin was completely unaffected as if there was no cyclone at all. This caused all of the nervous residents to let out a sigh of relief, and they all thanked Zhao Fu. This was all because of Great Qin’s natural disaster resistance stats.

The cyclone continued for ten or so minutes, leaving the Forest of Horrors in a complete mess. Countless trees had fallen, and many large rocks lay scattered about in craters.

Seeing that the cyclone had stopped, countless people let out a sigh of relief. Zhao Fu didn’t do anything because this was only the opening act of the Disaster Festival. Only after this would the true Disaster Festival began.

Zhao Fu used his Flight Stone and turned into a ray of black light as he left the Great Qin City. He looked at the aftermath of the cyclone and was surprised to see how much destruction it had caused.

However, this was what the Disaster Festival was like – now that everyone had seen how terrifying it was, it would gradually get better.

However, that cyclone hadn’t completely dissipated. It had instead turned into 20 or so gigantic azure birds that had wingspans of 30 meters. They weren’t corporeal beings. Instead, they were instead formed from an azure-colored wind. They looked just like normal birds, but their eyes were especially sharp and contained an azure light.

These sorts of beings were called Disaster Beasts, and they caused natural disasters. They would only appear during the Disaster Festival and cause all sorts of natural disasters.

In the real world, there were many reasons for natural disasters – cyclones were because of the movement of air currents, earthquakes were because of tectonic movements in the Earth’s crust, and droughts were because of a lack of rain over a long period of time.

Those were real natural disasters, and they had widespread effects; they couldn’t be controlled and were difficult to recover from. However, things were different in the Heaven Awaken World – the festival only lasted for seven days, and because everything would return to normal afterward, the natural disasters were all caused by Disaster Beasts as opposed to actual natural disasters.

There were many different types of Disaster Beasts, and the azure-colored birds were only one type of Disaster Beast responsible for creating cyclones. They were called Wind Disaster Beasts.

Wind Disaster Beasts weren’t as powerful as that cyclone from before, but they could still muster up winds that could affect everything within 100 kilometers. They were also quite hard to deal with. They didn’t attack directly. Instead, they created large gusts of wind that destroyed one’s village.

If one sent an army to attack them, they would quickly fly away upon seeing so many people because Disaster Beasts had some intelligence. They would then return after some time and create gusts of wind from another direction. That was why individuals had an advantage, which was also why it was said that this festival was one for individuals.

With Great Qin’s natural disaster resistance stats, the Disaster Beasts wouldn’t go to Great Qin, so Zhao Fu had to come out and seek them out. However, this wouldn’t be too difficult because there would be Wind Disaster Beasts wherever there was a strong wind.

Zhao Fu used his Flight Stone, and after flying for a while, he saw an area being blown about by massive gusts of wind. He activated his King’s Domain, and a black barrier with dragon inscriptions on it appeared around him as he dived into the wind.

After flying for a while, he saw a gigantic azure bird in the sky. This bird was continuously flapping its wings, causing powerful gusts of wind to ripple out from it. Some trees were even uprooted, and large rocks were sent into the air.

Zhao Fu maintained his King’s Domain with his full strength, resisting the wind.

By now, the Wind Disaster Beast had discovered Zhao Fu and flapped its wings, causing two massive wind blades to fly towards him. Luckily, as the Wind Disaster Beast attacked, the wild gale around him ceased; otherwise, it would have been very difficult for Zhao Fu to move.

Facing those two wind blades, Zhao Fu drew the Sky Demon Sword and dodged the first wind blade before vigorously slashing out, sending out a ten-meter long black arc of light that clashed with the second, causing the attacks to explode.

However, at that moment, the Wind Disaster Beast once again flapped its wings, and a pillar of wind knocked Zhao Fu back. After steadying his body in mid-air, Zhao Fu released all of his strength, and the City Lord Seal within his body trembled as a powerful aura spread out from his body. With the City Lord Seal, Zhao Fu’s strength became many times more powerful, and he quickly rushed towards the Wind Disaster Beast.

The Wind Disaster Beast released a few more wind blades, which Zhao Fu exploded with his own attacks, causing the Wind Disaster Beast to feel quite shocked. It cried out as it charged towards Zhao Fu – it was made up of countless strands of wind energy, so it had a very sharp aura and could even reduce steel to small pieces.

However, Zhao Fu coldly laughed and didn’t hide his strength as he used one of his divine skills, “Godly Demonic Thrust!”



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