"Unfortunately, there isn't any extra bed in our dormitory. I'm not afraid of catching a cold without the blanket, but I'm afraid I'll be smoldered to death!" Zhao Yu had a sharp and vicious tongue. The way she put across the matter made Xu Tingting's face turned pale. "If Xu Tingting's attitude was more sincere when she apologized, I'd definitely not take it to heart. However, I can't accept her sarcasm."

Xu Tingting's face was pale, but Teacher Liu's face turned red. He did not expect that Zhao Yu would come up with such a reason. Moreover, Teacher Liu could not ask if Xu Tingting had athlete's foot or if her feet really stank. After all, Xu Tingting was a young lady.

"You're talking crap. You're the one with stinking feet!" Xu Tingting exploded in anger. She never had athlete's foot and her feet never stank, and she was very particular about personal hygiene. Zhao Yu was obviously talking nonsense!

Zhao Yu laughed in her heart. Yes, she was driveling. But what could Xu Tingting do to her? If Xu Tingting was determined, she could remove her shoes in the office and let Teacher Liu smell whether her feet stank.

"Alright, stop arguing. No matter what, it's wrong to fight. Xu Tingting, as a class committee member, you should take the lead and set a good example. Judging by the situation, do you think you have fulfilled your duty as the vice class monitor? It's definitely wrong for Zhao Yu to fight with you. However, Zhao Yu's words are not without a reason. Since today's weather is good, take the opportunity to wash Zhao Yu's blanket. Zhao Yu, you have to apologize to Xu Tingting. The two of you also have to write a letter of self-reflection as soon as possible. If this happens again, I'll report this to the school directly and let the school put this on official record!"

Teacher Liu had a great headache. Class one of the school had traditionally been labeled as the 'class of nerds'.

There were advantages to this and Teacher Liu did not mind that his students were not as lively. He was most fearful of encountering students such as Xu Tingting and Zhao Yu who were too 'lively'.

"Teacher Liu, I have something else to say." Zhao Yu's face turned black after hearing that she was to write a self-reflection. She had a streaky clean record in junior high school. Nevertheless, she expected to be punished. She considered herself lucky that they did not put this on record.

"You…" Xu Tingting was anxious. What was Zhao Yu trying to do? She was not done with the matter yet?

It was only at this point that Xu Tingting understood that Zhao Yu was being serious and not joking with her.

The reckless one was afraid of the unreasonable one, and the latter was fearful of those daring ones.

Zhao Yu was not a class committee member, and neither was she holding a junior role such as subject representative or team leader. Hence, Zhao Yu was not afraid of losing any 'official designation'. On the contrary, Xu Tingting cared very much about the vice class monitor position she was holding. Otherwise, she would not be at odds with Qiao Nan.

However, with Zhao Yu stirring up this matter, Xu Tingting might have to step down from the position.

"What's the matter? Speak."

"Teacher Liu, although she's our vice class monitor, Xu Tingting actually led the classmates in our dormitory to isolate and bully me. Since she's the vice class monitor, everyone in the dormitory listened to her and ignored me. Teacher Liu, if this continues, I'll feel so stressed and may not be able to continue studying here. I've had a few sleepless nights in the dormitory. Each time I carried a basin of water in the dormitory, a selected few in the dormitory would always bump into me 'coincidentally', making me spill my water and wet the clothes I'd just changed into. This time, it occurred in September. If this happens again in December, it'll be hard for me to dry my clothes and blanket."

In the past one month, Zhao Yu had endured much bullying. What she said earlier was true.

Zhao Yu tolerated until today as she intended to blow up the matter all at once and lodge a vicious complaint against Xu Tingting.

"Is there such a matter?" Teacher Liu was shocked. It had not even been a month since the school started. He did not expect that so much conflict would arise between the students. "Xu Tingting, is this true?"


"Really? Then, should I call your dormitory mates in for questioning?" Teacher Liu's attitude was even more serious. Teacher Liu would definitely not allow the behavior of ganging up to isolate and bully one classmate.

"I…" Xu Tingting's face turned crimson. She was in tears and finally fearful.

"Fine, judging by your reaction, I know what has happened." Teacher Liu's face stiffened. "Xu Tingting, given your character, you're not suitable to be the vice class monitor. Alright, the two of you should go back and write the self-reflection letter." He had thought that Xu Tingting was at most a little spoiled, but it seemed that she was also quite mean.

"Teacher Liu, it's not like that…" Xu Tingting wanted to compete with Qiao Nan for the vice class monitor role. Now, with Zhao Yu stirring this matter up, she had to pull out of the race and Qiao Nan did not even need to lift a finger.

"Alright, go back. If the self-reflection letter is not sincere enough, I'll not let it pass. I'll also keep a record of the letters."

"Teacher Liu, I have a request." Zhao Yu covered her mouth and smiled secretly.

"What request?" Teacher Liu frowned. He did not like the fact that Zhao Yu had so many issues.

"Teacher, please change my dormitory. Those people have gotten into the habit of bullying me with Xu Tingting. Even if they stop bullying me in the future, they will definitely ignore me."

"Change your dormitory? But all the dormitory arrangements have already been finalized. Where can you go to?"

"Qiao Nan's dormitory. I heard that there are two empty beds in their dormitory. I can move to that dormitory. It won't be too cumbersome."

Xu Tingting gritted her teeth. She nearly wanted to spit at Zhao Yu, this scheming bitch. After kicking up such a fuss, Zhao Yu's ultimate objective was actually to move in to Qiao Nan's dormitory. She had been thinking. Was there a need to blow up the matter in the first place? It even resulted in her losing the vice class monitor position.

In the future, she vowed to be irreconcilable with both Zhao Yu and Qiao Nan.

In fact, Xu Tingting really wanted to expose Zhao Yu in front of Teacher Liu. The matter had been blown up because she was just a pawn of Zhao Yu.

She was now down on her luck, yet Zhao Yu had her wish granted!

After blinking her eyes a couple of times, Xu Tingting let out a long breath. She sneered. No, she would not expose Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu had been bullied by her for one entire month. In this entire month, Zhao Yu did not even murmur a single word, not to mention picking a fight. She was too careless and oblivious to assume that Zhao Yu was a pushover that could be easily bullied. Zhao Yu was clearly a rattlesnake with shimmering fangs that had been ambushing.

She had already suffered a big loss due to Zhao Yu. It did not make sense to allow Qiao Nan to watch the fun merrily from the side. After all, Qiao Nan was Zhao Yu's junior high school classmate. The two of them could 'go through thick and thin together' for all she cared.



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