However, since Zhai Sheng was her boyfriend, then everything would be different.

"Now that you understand, you have to thank me." Shi Qing felt very smug.

"Thank you? Nan Nan, what's wrong? Why are you clutching your forehead? Are you uncomfortable? Is it too hot?" Qiao Dongliang knew that one would catch a cold if they were too cold, and they would catch a cold as well when too warm. It was called pyretic cold. "Or was it too warm when you went out today and now you are suffering from heatstroke? Where do you feel uncomfortable? Do you feel dizzy or do you feel like vomiting? Do you want to lie on the bed for a while? I will get you an ice pack."

"Dad, don't be anxious. I'm fine. Sit down and have your meal." After making sure that Qiao Dongliang was seated, Qiao Nan used her chopsticks to pick two servings of the scrambled eggs into Qiao Dongliang's bowl. "Dad, Shi Qing's right. You have a hard time working and you must be tired. You must have more of the food and eat well. Dig in now."

Otherwise, all the good food at home would be eaten by Shi Qing. It would be such a waste.

"Shi Qing, since you're staying for the night, what about your clothes?" It seemed like Shi Qing was bent on staying for the night. But fortunately, she was his daughter's classmate, not a stranger. Qiao Dongliang felt more reassured.

"Uncle Qiao, don't worry. I have brought clothes with me." Shi Qing patted the bag next to her, indicating that she was prepared.

Qiao Nan pursed her lips. Previously, she had felt odd that Shi Qing came out from the car with a bag. It turned out that those were her clothes.

It seemed that Shi Qing had already planned to stay for the night at their house.

"Oh, I see." Since Shi Qing came fully prepared, Qiao Dongliang had nothing more to say. "Initially, I was thinking of asking Qiao Nan to lend you her clothes. But it's good that you came prepared. Alright, I have boiled some water for you to bathe. Shi Qing, why don't you take a shower first, and Nan Nan will shower after you?"

"Sure, thank you, Uncle Qiao." Shi Qing did not stand on ceremony with them. She took her clothes and went into the bathroom, watching as Qiao Dongliang brought the water into the bathroom.

Qiao Nan, who was watching the television in the living room, ground her teeth. If Shi Qing dared to leave her clothes for her to wash, she would let her know that in the face of absolute intelligence, brute force was useless!

Fortunately, Shi Qing knew her limits. She came out of the bathroom with her cleanly washed clothes. "Do I hang the clothes to dry in the yard? Where are the clips? Can you pass some to me?"

"… Is this your first time washing clothes?" Qiao Nan rolled her eyes.

"Of course not." Shi Qing retorted. "I took such a short time to wash these clothes. Does it look like this is my first time washing clothes?"

"Well, all I can say is that nobody has taught you the correct way. It's not good to dry clothes at night. The night dew will get on the clothes. They are bad for the body."

"Night dew?"

"Forget it. Fortunately, it is summer now, and it doesn't seem like it will rain tomorrow. You can go ahead to dry it. It will probably dry in two hours' time." Qiao Nan picked up her clothes and went into the bathroom. Since Shi Qing looked strong and healthy, there was nothing for her to worry about.

Actually, Qiao Dongliang felt uncomfortable that there was an eighteen-year-old young girl who was the same age as his daughter in the house.

That night, Qiao Dongliang did not watch the drama series that he had been following. He reminded Qiao Nan to sleep early before retiring to his room, leaving the living room to the two girls.

"Qiao Nan, your dad is a good man." Like her father, he was reasonable and was a good father.

"Okay, stop sucking up to me. I know whether my dad is a good father or not." Qiao Nan yawned. "Do you want to watch television, or do you want to sleep?"

"It's too early to sleep."

"You can't sleep?" Qiao Nan was amused. She took out the English dictionary that Zhu Chengqi gave her last time. "For now, it will be impossible for you to memorize the Oxford Dictionary. You can start from this that is slightly easier. It's already quite late. I'm certain that you'll feel sleepy after reading that for half an hour."

Shi Qing leaned back and lay motionless on the chair. "It will not take me half an hour. I already feel sleepy just by looking at the cover. Qiao Nan, must you be so ruthless?"

"Yes, because I am sleepy." Qiao Nan yawned again. Shi Qing was different from her. She could maintain her results as she was diligent. Shi Qing was the genius that Tao Zhenqin and the rest would always marvel at. She disliked memorizing and preferred open-ended questions that required her to be flexible and apply whatever she learned.

To Shi Qing, memorizing was an extremely boring and dull method of studying. It was no wonder that she would feel sleepy.

"There's no need for me to read that. I'm feeling drowsy right now. Let's go to sleep." With that, Shi Qing had a big yawn. As soon as she saw the English dictionary, she felt so sleepy that her eyes were teary.

It was rare that Shi Qing was honest with her. Qiao Nan switched off the television. "Actually, there is another small room in our house. Last night, my sister stayed in that room. Do you want to sleep there?"

She felt uncomfortable that she had to share a bed with another person. In her two lifetimes, she had always been sleeping by herself.

"The room must be cramped and the bed inside must be very small. I am a guest. Is this how you should treat me? Why don't you sleep in the small room? I will not sleep there." Shi Qing refused to fall for the trick. She went straight to Qiao Nan's room.

Qiao Nan stared upward, at a loss for words. She refused to use the room that Qiao Zijin had stayed in previously.

Moreover, the bigger room was hers. Why did she have to give up her room?

Fortunately, the way Shi Qing slept was much better than Miao Jing. She did not have the habit of hugging the person next to her. She would maintain the same sleeping position throughout the night. She lay on her bed and did not turn and toss for the whole night.

At least, Qiao Nan, who could not sleep well when she shared the bed with someone else, did not feel the slightest discomfort throughout the night.

Shi Qing and Qiu Chenxi were indeed relatives. The next morning, Shi Qing woke up and ran for a few laps after Qiao Dongliang went to work. When she came back from her run, she saw that Qiao Nan was sleeping soundly and hence she went back to sleep. However, the two of them were jolted from their sleep by the incessant knocks on the door.

"Who is it?" Qiao Nan rubbed her eyes.

Shi Qing appeared to be wide awake. "Who else could it be but my cousin?" She was indeed early. It seemed that Qiu Chenxi had stomached her anger yesterday and she was all ready to vent her frustrations on Qiao Nan today.

The reason why Shi Qing wanted to stay for the night at Qiao Nan's house was that she was worried that Qiu Chenxi would come looking for trouble early in the morning.

It was impossible for her to be in the vicinity of her house for twenty-four hours a day. It would be better for her to stay at her house.

In this way, if Qiu Chenxi made trouble at Qiao Nan's house, she would be the first to know.



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