"She has never taught you. Instead, you have stolen from her. If someone else or Qiao Nan knows about it, you should know what will happen. You treat her as a teacher, but will she treat you as her student?"

Qiu Chenxi felt annoyed that Qian Yanyan addressed Qiao Nan as 'Teacher Xiao Qiao'.

Since she was annoyed, other people had to suffer with her. The first person would be Qian Yanyan.


Beep. Beep. Beep.

Qian Yanyan wanted to rebut her. She wanted to tell her not to go overboard. Back then, she stole Teacher Xiao Qiao's lesson plans for her sake. How could she be so ungrateful?

However, before Qian Yanyan had the chance to speak, the arrogant Qiu Chenxi had hung up on her.

After hanging up the phone, Qian Yanyan felt extremely uneasy. From the conversation just now, she felt that Qiu Chenxi seemed to be after Qiao Nan again.

She knew that it was not a secret that Qiu Chenxi called her today.

Regiment Commander Zhai and Teacher Xiao Qiao were on good terms. Even if Qiu Chenxi succeeded with her plans, Regiment Commander Zhai might find out that she was behind it.

Qiu Chenxi had the Qiu family to help her while she had no one on her side. If Regiment Commander Zhai found out about her conversation with Qiu Chenxi today, and that she hid important information from him, he might give her a demerit and asked her to leave the army!

Qian Yanyan was in a fix. She did not know if she should come clean with Zhai Sheng.

The next morning, when the sky was still dark, Qian Yanyan was startled awake by a nightmare. She hurried to wear her clothes and dashed to Zhai Sheng's dormitory. She told him everything and confessed to him that she stole Qiao Nan's lesson plans and gave them to Qiu Chenxi.

Instead of being threatened by Qiu Chenxi, she would rather come clean and ask that he gave her a second chance.

Qiu Chenxi made the phone call so as to check with Qian Yanyan regarding Zhai Sheng's whereabouts. She wanted to be sure that Zhai Sheng would not disrupt her plans or help Qiao Nan so that she could make plans in advance.

She did not know that she had outsmarted herself in the end because of that phone call and Zhai Sheng came to know about her plan in advance.

She did not expect that Qian Yanyan would decide to come clean because of her constant threats.

"…" Qiao Nan curled the corners of her lips. "In the end, it was because of Qiu Chenxi's phone call that I was able to sit for the exams for all the subjects without any hitches. She might have plotted against me, but she has helped me inadvertently as well. If she knows about it, will she boil in anger?"

Zhai Sheng held Qiao Nan's hands. "She asked for it." He was going to make her pay double, or even triple for it!"

"Indeed." Qiao Nan did not deny it. Qiu Chenxi had used all means and methods to seek revenge on her. "How much money has she spent in order to stop me from sitting for the college entrance examination?"

"If we do not count those that did not get paid, she has probably spent two to three thousand yuan."

One would need money to hire people to help her. The first group of people was hired by her henchmen. The second group of people was gathered by the first group of people. Everyone in the second group would be paid ten yuan of down payment in advance.

The first group of people gathered a lot of people to join them. Every one of them would at least gather five other people. The fifty yuan that they received would not be enough for them to use. Therefore, they would ask for more money from Qiu Chenxi's henchmen.

Qiu Chenxi was bent on stopping Qiao Nan from sitting for the exam. She was not concerned about the money that she had to pay them. She had given everyone in the second group a down payment of ten yuan.

Apart from giving ten yuan to the second group of people as down payment, the first group of people also demanded a down payment of twenty yuan.

As a result, Qiu Chenxi had spent a huge sum of money even before the actual day.

"Oh, it's good to have money." She was worried sick for her college fees, yet Qiu Chenxi had so much money to squander. Everyone has a different life. It is no use to envy others. "I have checked with the nurse. On the day we saw Qiao Zijin, she did not visit my mom and dad. She slipped away halfway."

From Qiao Zijin's behavior, it proved that she knew beforehand that her mother would be in a car accident.

"…" Zhai Sheng frowned. "What about your mom?"

"In my mother's eyes, Qiao Zijin will always be the best child in the world. She is the most obedient, sensible, and caring daughter. The car accident is just an accident. How can she blame it on the 'innocent' Qiao Zijin? Even if you presented her with a lot of evidence, she will say that you have fabricated the evidence!"

This was her mother.

Zhai Sheng sneered. He tightened his grip on Qiao Nan's hands. "Never twice without three times. Even if she did not die from the accident that Qiao Zijin planned, she has suffered greatly because of her." Her rib bones had pierced into her lungs. It was sheer torture.

"This time, she was seriously injured. If something similar happens again, she may not be so lucky. She may die in the hands of Qiao Zijin."

"Believe it or not, if my mom is really dead and it is true that one will turn into a ghost after one dies, she will come into my dreams and blame me for her death." Qiao Nan knew Ding Jiayi very well and she had lost all hopes that Ding Jiayi would change for the better.

She did not care what her mother and Qiao Zijin were up to. They had better not implicate others, and in particular, it was best that they left her alone!

Qiao Nan brushed over the topic of her mother and her sister as if they were not related to her. Zhai Sheng's heart ached that she had to go through all these sufferings. He wished that he could gift Qiao Nan with his sincerest heart.

He held her in a tight embrace, showing her that he was willing to do anything for her.

Qiao Nan felt a chill inside her at the mention of her mother and her sister. However, now that Zhai Sheng held her in his embrace, the chill was gone. She blushed and buried her head in his embrace, feeling safe and assured in his arms.

"Brother Zhai, thankfully, you stayed by my side to support me and take care of me. Otherwise, I really don't know whether I could last until today. I often wonder whether I have become weak and delicate with you by my side. You have been helping me and sheltering me from hardships. Without you, would I be able to shrug it off and study for another year should I not make it in time for the college entrance examination? But no matter how I think about it, I would rather that I am weak so that you will always be by my side."

Only one in love would feel this sense of vulnerability and uncertainty.

She always knew that no matter what difficulties and troubles she encountered, Brother Zhai would always stand by her side. He would be like a towering tree that sheltered her from the wind and rain. He would be her pillar of support, and he would not allow anyone to bully her.



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