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A Valiant Life  I am Lin Fan and I’ve become a jack of all trades just because of a powerful Encyclopedia. In the first ever competition organised for trolls, all the other contestants lost. The crowd exclaimed, “Brother, you’re so good at trolling.” Lin Fan replied, “But I’ve never been trolling…”

《A Valiant Life》latest chapter
602 Eliminate in one fell swoop
601 This guy acts strangely and mysteriously
600 Drawn in
599 A sharp rise
598 Come to me, Encyclopedic Points
597 This day is finally here
596 Depends on my mood
595 Very regretful
558 A shockingly joyous occurrence!
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《A Valiant Life》All chapters
Chapter 1: I’ll bring you to fly with me
Chapter 2: A Failing Business
Chapter 3: It“s Heaven on Earth!
Chapter 4: Here Comes the Pretty Ladies
Chapter 5: Is this a dream?
Chapter 6: The Power Of The encyclopedia
Chapter 7: You’re too courteous
Chapter 8: It“s A Sin
Chapter 9: Never seen something like this
Chapter 10: Is it really that demonic?
Chapter 11: The First Legend
Chapter 12: Let“s Make This Global!
Chapter 13: The Atmosphere is Too Intense!
Chapter 14: Life of An Awesome Ruler
Chapter 15: The Second Page
Chapter 16: You are Insulting Fortune-telling
Chapter 17: Things Aren“t Looking Good
Chapter 18: A Little Loli Was Saved
Chapter 19: I Became Mr. Charming
Chapter 20: It“s Show Time
Chapter 21: Everything is Fated
Chapter 22: Profound Trickery
Chapter 23: One for you, one for me
Chapter 24: How Do We Continue from Here?
Chapter 25: Based on This
Chapter 26: Everything Came True
Chapter 27: Weibo Problems
Chapter 28: Two Stupid Idiots
Chapter 29: Here Comes the Enemy
Chapter 30: A Sudden Fight
Chapter 31: This is the Light for My Path
Chapter 32: A Dash of Green in the Sun Rays
Chapter 33: My Weibo Exploded!
Chapter 34: I Mean It When I Say It
Chapter 35: Because She’s Teacher Tao
Chapter 36: Unfathomable
Chapter 37: Let The News Spread
Chapter 38: Our Saviour Indeed!
Chapter 39: It’s All Falling into Place
Chapter 40: I Will Fight You to Death!
Chapter 41: Leakage, it was definitely a leakage!
Chapter 42: Foshan Shadow Kick
Chapter 43: Just Too Good!
Chapter 44: They Finally Believed Me!
Chapter 45: There Isn“t a Problem
Chapter 46: A Bloody Affair
Chapter 47: You Can Do It If You’re So Good!
Chapter 48: How am I supposed to clean this up?
Chapter 49: Let Him Do it Personally
Chapter 50: I Gotta Take Some Pride
Chapter 51: Gotta stay calm
Chapter 52: I“m Not Afraid
Chapter 53: The First
Chapter 54: Super Fearsome! Extremely Fearsome!
Chapter 55: Destroyed on Live Stream
Chapter 56: The Car Squad
Chapter 57: You Should Seize the Day
Chapter 58: All Hell Broke Loose!
Chapter 59: Begging for mercy
Chapter 60: Eating sh*t on livestream
Chapter 61: It“s a Trap!
Chapter 62: Capturing Little Boss Alive
Chapter 63: A fight is about to break out
Chapter 64: Do you have to exaggerate?
Chapter 65: Could These Celebrities Please Take Note?
Chapter 66: Not Good to Go To The Toilet!
Chapter 67: It“s Good That You Understand the Logic
Chapter 68: Useless Trickery
Chapter 69: I“ve gotten so many University offers
Chapter 70: Can“t Show Off Anymore!
Chapter 71: This is a couple
Chapter 72: It Can“t Be That Easy!
Chapter 73: Look, that’s the expression!
Chapter 74: You“re not good at anything
Chapter 75: A Serious Face
Chapter 76: Dashed Hopes
Chapter 77: So Unlucky
Chapter 78: Awe-struck
Chapter 79: What A Valiant Life
Chapter 80: I“ll save you with my two hands
Chapter 81: Third page of knowledge unlocked!
Chapter 82: Unintentionally powerful
Chapter 83: The Flame War Emperor
Chapter 84: You can“t reject a fellow townsman
Chapter 85: Run away!
Chapter 86: I know who it is
Chapter 87: The truth can“t be hidden anymore!
Chapter 88: How is this possible?
Chapter 89: Who would you pick?
Chapter 90: How Unreasonable
Chapter 91: They“re at our door again
Chapter 92: Master Lin is infuriated
Chapter 93: Master Lin strikes again!
Chapter 94: Autumn Sword Fish Killer, please continue with your show!
Chapter 95: Can we not talk about Scallion Pancakes?
Chapter 96: I’m reporting a fight!
Chapter 97: An Unforgettable scene
Chapter 98: The Peacemaking Kiss
Chapter 99: F*cking godly scallion pancakes
Chapter 100: Joining the Association
Chapter 101: It“s all original
Chapter 102: He should be called “Grandmaster“
Chapter 103: We“re waiting for you!
Chapter 104: Diss her!
Chapter 105: What are you trying to do?
Chapter 106: Complete victory
Chapter 107: A shocking outcome
Chapter 108: The sooner he could relax
Chapter 109: The certificate is here
Chapter 110: Please train us!
Chapter 111: You’ll see if I dare
Chapter 112: No matter who comes
Chapter 113: This is going to be fun!
Chapter 114: Things have gotten out of hand
Chapter 115: Defiant Master Lin
Chapter 116: Let them fret
Chapter 117: What a stubborn man
Chapter 118: A rotten stone
Chapter 119: It“s not a place for old men
Chapter 120: So that“s how it is
Chapter 121: Fear of overthinking
Chapter 122: The blessing of scallion pancakes
Chapter 123: Reported!
Chapter 124: Internet Frenzy
Chapter 125: I“m coming!
Chapter 126: A satisfied Li Bing
Chapter 127: F*ck your sister
Chapter 128: They“re all bullies!
Chapter 129: Don“t be naughty anymore!
Chapter 130: Something’s About To Happen Again
Chapter 131: Chaos broke loose
Chapter 132: Completely stunned
Chapter 133: Joint performance, begin!
Chapter 134: What the hell are you trying to do?
Chapter 135: Earth-shattering
Chapter 136: Stunning the entire audience
Chapter 137: Task completed
Chapter 138: A great service
Chapter 139: Anorexia
Chapter 140: The mysterious scallion pancake strikes again
Chapter 141: A great breakthrough
Chapter 142: You must be trying to woo her!
Chapter 143: A terrifying scene
Chapter 144: What the heck am I supposed to do?
Chapter 145: How valiant!
Chapter 146: All hell broke loose!
Chapter 147: It“s finally done!
Chapter 148: That“s how realistic it is
Chapter 149: Master Lin has failed
Chapter 150: What do they want?
Chapter 151: Someone will be here for him
Chapter 152: Stunned!
Chapter 153: Big news!
Chapter 154: It should be fine
Chapter 155: What comes after hope is desperation
Chapter 156: I can“t feel my hands
Chapter 157: Indestructible
Chapter 158: Development
Chapter 159: Time to witness a miracle
Chapter 160: Small matter!
Chapter 161: Challenge
Chapter 162: The fans that shout 666
Chapter 163: I“m not comparable to him
Chapter 164: It wasn“t supposed to be like this!
Chapter 165: To laugh or to cry
Chapter 166: Hope to work together again!
Chapter 167: Fifth page of knowledge, opened!
Chapter 168: I wish I was that dog
Chapter 169: It would be a waste
Chapter 170: The righteous Wu You Lan
Chapter 171: Sue your mom!
Chapter 172: Weibo banned
Chapter 173: Elder Dog’s disdain
Chapter 174: F*ck your mom“s dog sh*t
Chapter 175: Enter the world of inhumane beasts
Chapter 176: Fight to the death
Chapter 177: You are all my grandchildren!
Chapter 178: Enrage the beast!
Chapter 179: Everything within his power
Chapter 180: Turn of events!
Chapter 181: Flustered!
Chapter 182: Don’t snatch the gift from Elder Dog!
Chapter 183: Sister Hong“s missing daughter
Chapter 184: My little daughter is gone
Chapter 185: The amazing Elder Dog
Chapter 186: The great dog operation
Chapter 187: A horrendous scene
Chapter 188: The law doesn“t apply to dogs
Chapter 189: Is he able to climb on top?
Chapter 190: Too many gifts
Chapter 191: I won“t crush your dreams
Chapter 192: Master Lin is so fortunate
Chapter 193: The powerful Godly Dragon Tail Strike
Chapter 194: F*cked up standards
Chapter 195: Wang Er Mazi
Chapter 196: This is a big fish!
Chapter 197: Interrogation
Chapter 198: A bunch of truthful nonsense
Chapter 199: Guess, guess...
Chapter 200: Believe me yet?
Chapter 201: Funeral funds saved!
Chapter 202: It’s not impossible
Chapter 203: Monkey Bro Mask
Chapter 204: Master Lin is really frank
Chapter 205: That“s crazy talk
Chapter 206: Sixth page of knowledge, unlock!
Chapter 207: Low-key, gotta stay low-key
Chapter 208: Terrifying three seconds
Chapter 209: Master Lin cooks!
Chapter 210: New East
Chapter 211: Reclaiming Ceremony
Chapter 212: F*cking d*mn it!
Chapter 213: The special cultural date is established!
Chapter 214: Where are these clowns from?
Chapter 215: We should look at the good side of things
Chapter 216: Conflict
Chapter 217: It“s better not to say
Chapter 218: The truth hurts
Chapter 219: What kind of stupid reason is that?
Chapter 220: A smokeless war
Chapter 221: Something“s not right
Chapter 222: Lil“ Fan, you gotta learn
Chapter 223: How helpless
Chapter 224: Did you get them blacklisted again?
Chapter 225: The impact was too great
Chapter 226: A Coincidental Encounter
Chapter 227: Upcoming best dog actor
Chapter 228: Give the dog more screen time!
Chapter 229: Little Blackie needs the full package
Chapter 230: Still a familiar scent
Chapter 231: Mirror Box Tofu
Chapter 232: Appeasing your restless hearts
Chapter 233: Won over
Chapter 234: Imparting godly skills
Chapter 235: A huge blow
Chapter 236: The second dish
Chapter 237: Have a goal
Chapter 238: Has anyone seen this species before?
Chapter 239: You“re really amazing!
Chapter 240: Followed him there
Chapter 241: The rich can do anything!
Chapter 242: We“ll count slowly
Chapter 243: Just go rob a bank!
Chapter 244: Who knows?
Chapter 245: Too soft
Chapter 246: Betrayed
Chapter 247: A perfect ending
Chapter 248: What do you think you’re doing?
Chapter 249: Han Lu, can you stop being so shameless?
Chapter 250: That makes sense
Chapter 251: Completed all of a sudden
Chapter 252: How to continue with life
Chapter 253: A high-level scam?
Chapter 254: No limit today!
Chapter 255: Wonderful, Little Boss
Chapter 256: Captured
Chapter 257: You just want to cause trouble
Chapter 258: The leader takes care of business
Chapter 259: What has this got to do with him?
Chapter 260: I won’t make things difficult for you
Chapter 261: There“s a problem...
Chapter 262: The situation becomes sour
Chapter 263: Too ruthless
Chapter 264: This isn“t a wet market
Chapter 265: I’ll have to settle this on my own
Chapter 266: Sh*t Stirrer
Chapter 267: Undercover Boss
Chapter 268: The final confrontation
Chapter 269: We will do as you say!
Chapter 270: Time to feast!
Chapter 271: Fighting to be Little Boss’s neighbour
Chapter 272: Research, research
Chapter 273: A little show of skill
Chapter 274: Gasps of shock!
Chapter 275: No choice but to put on a show!
Chapter 276: I’m convinced...
Chapter 277: Once he plays, he gets serious
Chapter 278: Playing with fire
Chapter 279: Let’s have some fun
Chapter 280: I“ll make you feel excited again
Chapter 281: Mission complete
Chapter 282: Everything for justice
Chapter 283: Master Lin live on broadcast
Chapter 284: Let the performance begin
Chapter 285: The god of gambling
Chapter 286: Things are starting to look good
Chapter 287: Alright, come at me
Chapter 288: Discussing the importance of a degree
Chapter 289: The importance of walking right into the trap
Chapter 290: Don“t bully a fat teenager
Chapter 291: Cloud Street will not change!
Chapter 292: Going on television!
Chapter 293: I’ll do this openly in front of you
Chapter 294: A forced advertisement
Chapter 295: Task notification is here!
Chapter 296: Open for business!
Chapter 297: Busy as a marketplace
Chapter 298: First day of operations
Chapter 299: Sink deeper
Chapter 300: A mad situation
Chapter 301: It’ll cause you to be struck by lightning
Chapter 302: Sometimes, you need to be scheming
Chapter 303: Even the heavens are helping
Chapter 304: Crazy price!
Chapter 305: I’ll be done soon
Chapter 306: Supreme Confidence
Chapter 307: If you wanna see who’s better at showing off
Chapter 308: This is called defying nature and changing fates!
Chapter 309: Give some help
Chapter 310: Satisfy your eyes!
Chapter 311: Is my scallion pancake here yet?
Chapter 312: That was insane
Chapter 313: Don’t play around!
Chapter 314: Hello, look here!
Chapter 315: F*ck! Superman is here!
Chapter 316: I’m a scallion pancake seller!
Chapter 317: Shock!
Chapter 318: Eyes wide, mouths gaping
Chapter 319: Too arrogant!
Chapter 320: You’re right
Chapter 321: Completing the task in the fastest way
Chapter 322: A person has to have dreams
Chapter 323: Am I the type that listens to others?
Chapter 324: Forcing an advertisement
Chapter 325: Don’t be too reckless
Chapter 326: The righteous Little Boss!
Chapter 327: Little Boss is amazing!
Chapter 328: Everyone, quieten down
Chapter 329: The troublemaking begins!
Chapter 330: Hate
Chapter 331: Everyone is harmonious
Chapter 332: I“m too tired
Chapter 333: P*ssy!
Chapter 334: Autumn Sword Fish Killer is miserable
Chapter 335: Getting to know the truth
Chapter 336: This doesn’t seem right
Chapter 337: Very worth it!
Chapter 338: I don’t cheat honest people
Chapter 339: Terror and chaos
Chapter 340: A comeback
Chapter 341: Dugu Qiubai
Chapter 342: Can“t wait any longer
Chapter 343: Setting out towards the task
Chapter 344: Hype it up
Chapter 345: This is our territory
Chapter 346: A huge spectacle
Chapter 347: Too much guts
Chapter 348: Things have gotten out of hand
Chapter 349: F*ck! This is too unreal!
Chapter 350: The tenth page major class of knowledge
Chapter 351: I“ll give you another twenty years
Chapter 352: Task underway
Chapter 353: That was so mystical
Chapter 354: Encyclopedia, you are too sick!
Chapter 355: Absolutely no idea
Chapter 356: All stupefied!
Chapter 357: A little impersonation
Chapter 358: A perfect operation
Chapter 359: Everyone is stunned!
Chapter 360: A textbook example
Chapter 361: This doesn“t seem right
Chapter 362: This situation is f*cked up
Chapter 363: Too unreal!
Chapter 364: Sprinting away
Chapter 365: Not that simple
Chapter 366: The commemoration day
Chapter 367: A Slight Annoyance
Chapter 368: Left in his underwear
Chapter 369: Trouble Again
Chapter 370: I won’t let you disgrace me
Chapter 371: Step out now
Chapter 372: Zhao Si kneels
Chapter 373: Biggest reward
Chapter 374: A man that they will never get
Chapter 375: What happened?
Chapter 376: Are you all retarded?
Chapter 377: What do you want?
Chapter 378: A simple request
Chapter 379: Isn’t this trolling?
Chapter 380: Don’t worry, this will be quick
Chapter 381: Evil Intentions
Chapter 382: I’ll settle you first
Chapter 383: Let me rest awhile
Chapter 384: There“s thunder! Thunder!
Chapter 385: Walking on clouds
Chapter 386: An ambitious goal
Chapter 387: Saying ‘shut up’ sternly
Chapter 388: What are you doing?
Chapter 389: Can’t figure it out
Chapter 390: Willing to learn and willing to teach
Chapter 391: Too astonishing
Chapter 392: A very serious Zhao Ming Qing
Chapter 393: Panic-stricken
Chapter 394: A Grand Ceremony
Chapter 395: Tonight“s Suffering
Chapter 396: Resolved with a phone call
Chapter 397: You can ask me anything if you don“t understand
Chapter 398: This… This…
Chapter 399: As long as everyone“s happy
Chapter 400: Came a long way to converse
Chapter 401: Revealing incompetence
Chapter 402: 360 degrees of shock!
Chapter 403: Daydreaming
Chapter 404: It has to be taken slowly
Chapter 405: Let“s see what the specialist can do.
Chapter 406: A problem arises
Chapter 407: Tackling the issue
Chapter 408: Chinese medical doctors want to be involved too
Chapter 409: The Internet has gone mad
Chapter 410: The public opinion is out
Chapter 411: Avoid being hot-tempered
Chapter 412: Fully Convinced
Chapter 413: Inhumane old Chinese medical doctor
Chapter 414: The final outcome
Chapter 415: Completely stunned
Chapter 416: Letting off steam
Chapter 417: The great comeback
Chapter 418: Elder Zhao is pissed off
Chapter 419: That’s a very difficult thing.
Chapter 420: Time for Lin Fan to work hard
Chapter 421: He said you“re an idiot
Chapter 422: A little stunned
Chapter 423: Immediately Ignored
Chapter 424: Help from everywhere
Chapter 425: Can you release him?
Chapter 426: Not a single cent
Chapter 427: He strikes again
Chapter 428: Low-key
Chapter 429: An unforeseen event
Chapter 430: Everything has been exposed
Chapter 431: Bravo, burglars
Chapter 432: We stole it based on our abilities, why should we return it?
Chapter 433: Let“s split up
Chapter 434: Gotta stay firm
Chapter 435: Elder Lin
Chapter 436: Making things difficult
Chapter 437: Chaos
Chapter 438: Drink? Your mum!
Chapter 439: The violent Master Lin
Chapter 440: It is over
Chapter 441: A powerful individual
Chapter 442: I“ll give it back to all of you
Chapter 443: Call me Master Lin
Chapter 444: This smile is dangerous!
Chapter 445: Give me an explanation!
Chapter 446: I am satisfied
Chapter 447: Shocked!
Chapter 448: A great joy!
Chapter 449: A magical occurrence
Chapter 450: It“s nothing much
Chapter 451: Truly amazed
Chapter 452: Who is moving away?
Chapter 453: The self-scaring Elder Chen
Chapter 454: Teacher is mine!
Chapter 455: Everyone is shocked!
Chapter 456: Little fish takes the bait!
Chapter 457: Pre-trip preparations
Chapter 458: A kind man
Chapter 459: Act first, report afterward
Chapter 460: At the entrance of the hospital
Chapter 461: This…this...
Chapter 462: Spreading small-scale
Chapter 463: Do whatever you want
Chapter 464: Starting to spread
Chapter 465: Things have gotten big
Chapter 466: Starting to take flight
Chapter 467: Too shocking!
Chapter 468: I am Godly Doctor Lin
Chapter 469: Do you want to be treated, or not?
Chapter 470: You will regret this
Chapter 471: Just a minor illness
Chapter 472: That“s right, I“ll admit it
Chapter 473: The Chairman is astonished
Chapter 474: I just don“t feel like treating you
Chapter 475: Stop taking photos...stop taking photos...
Chapter 476: More trouble
Chapter 477: This is embarrassing
Chapter 478: That“s f*cking unprofessional!
Chapter 479: Astonishment! Shock!
Chapter 480: Too awesome
Chapter 481: The Start of The Gathering
Chapter 482: Do you dare to take a bite?
Chapter 483: Brother Qiang Qiang
Chapter 484: Direct Conflict
Chapter 485: A Misunderstanding
Chapter 486: You are the expert
Chapter 487: Task finally completed
Chapter 488: The nature-defying new knowledge
Chapter 489: This is Normal
Chapter 490: I’m setting the industry’s benchmark, understand?
Chapter 491: Godly back-scrubber
Chapter 492: Scrubbing out the conscience
Chapter 493: This skill is pretty awesome
Chapter 494: The development of the Welfare Institute
Chapter 495: Scared
Chapter 496: Gave me a scare
Chapter 497: A perfect solution
Chapter 498: Scrub you free!
Chapter 499: A little nervous
Chapter 500: Writing teaching materials
Chapter 501: Pregnant!
Chapter 502: I want to surrender myself
Chapter 503: There“s quite a number of people!
Chapter 504: Evil and crooked doctrines
505 Captured a small fish!
506 Unlocking new knowledge!
507 Reforming Chinese Medicine
508 Controversy
509 This doesn’t seem right at all
510 Flame!
511 Can’t say anymore
513 Slapping him profusely
512 Wang Ming Yang is in trouble
514 Clinging to the powerful and influential
515 Danger strikes!
516 The Valiant Brother Qiang Qiang
517 I would only shout 666 for you
518 Righteous Fan is unstoppable
519 Crush them all the way!
520 Something huge just happened
521 Fan Fan is innocen
522 Let“s meet in prison
523 I have a stable suppor
524 A man of morals
526 He“s just toying with us
527 Could the big shots give some face?
528 Is he here for a vacation?
525 Breaking into the computer guru“s computer
529 Guru, guru
530 I“m too strong
531 I, who know the truth, am shedding tears
532 Brother Qiang Qiang, you’re too beautiful!
533 Conflicted public opinions
534 I will find you
535 Don’t Celebrate Too Soon
536 This classification Isn’t Very Logical
537 Justice is an inextinguishable flame!
538 I am the God of Cleaning!
539 What is the fuss about?
540 I only needed a reason to strike
541 Fists are the only truth
542 Let the truth come out!
543 Sign Each Other’s Names
544 Incoming battle
545 I’ll slowly play with you
546 If I catch them, I“ll f*ck them up
547 My heart feels a little stifled
549 We’ve Been Impatient From The Star
548 Everyone Must Keep This Secre
550 Everyone Is In Shock
552 I’ll make the decision for you
551 You win this time!
553 We are here broadcasting live!
554 Justice Fan In Action!
555 Drunk Berserk Lin Fan
556 An awesome youngster
557 This knowledge classification is unbelievable
559 A big explosion
560 Don’t sow discord between Elder Dog and me
561 Can’t find i
562 An event to hype things up
563 Nine pits
564 Never mess with pits again
565 Everyone is very caring
566 Terrifying! Really terrifying!
567 What are you trying to do?
568 It’s over
569 Despicable
571 Something has happened!
572 Things are getting serious
570 It looks like chicken sh*
573 Still too late
574 I“ll handle i
575 Fighting with the God of Death
576 It isn“t over ye
577 We know you“re guilty
578 Time for Elder Dog to shine
579 Discovering a big secre
580 Overconfidence
581 I“m a righteous little citizen
582 Bursting with awesomeness
583 Righteous Fan has been falsely accused
585 A touched Lin Fan
584 I“ll train him
586 It really succeeded
587 Opening of the Departmental Store
588 What do I do? I“m too welcomed!
589 That is rather stunning
590 Are you up for it?
591 Something really happened
592 You can always try your luck
593 Can“t take being wronged
558 A shockingly joyous occurrence!
594 Nobita“s Forgiveness Cap
595 Very regretful
596 Depends on my mood
597 This day is finally here
598 Come to me, Encyclopedic Points
599 A sharp rise
600 Drawn in
601 This guy acts strangely and mysteriously
602 Eliminate in one fell swoop
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