Second Chance War

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Second Chance War  If you had the ability to go back in time and change history would you? Even if it was by complete accident? Thomas Conlin is a soldier of the U.S. Army in WWII who has participated in every major action up to D-day. During the Normandy Invasion Thomas dies on the first day, but a crazy german science experiment that takes place at the same time goes horribly wrong, resulting in Thomas“s soul ...

《Second Chance War》latest chapter
48 Awakening
47 Bodily Changes
46 The Power of Flashing
45 Accidental Activation
44 Reports and Approval
43 Kenneth Taylor, Pilot Extraordinaire
42 Small Delay, My Apologies
41 Doris Miller, Hero
40 Pearl Harbor 2
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《Second Chance War》All chapters
1 The Beach
2 Alive Again?
4 The Twenty Mile Hike
5 History and Tactical Maneuvers Class 1
6 History and Tactical Maneuvers Class 2
7 The Obstacle Course
8 Operation Red Herring
9 Conlin vs Daniels
10 Conlin“s Files
11 Push Forward; Memories of the Fort!
12 Victory: Fort Excellence
13 Private
14 Project Kingmaker 1
15 Operation Kingmaker 2
16 Operation Kingmaker 3
17 The Dossier Selection 1
18 Dossier Selection 2
19 Kincade the Nightmare
20 Bound by Dreams
21 Time-Phase Report; Thomas Awakes
22 Recovery and Experimental Drugs
23 The Effects of X-BC 257
24 Doctor Alan Turing
25 Monte Cassino Nightmare
26 Monte Cassino Nightmare: The Ridge
27 Monte Cassino Nightmare: Bunker to Bunker
28 Monte Cassino Nightmare: USS District of Columbia
29 MCN: The Righteous Call of Thunder
30 MCN: No Will To Figh
31 MCN: Turning the Figh
32 MCN: Patched and Geared Up
33 MCN: Taking the Final Bunkers
34 MCN: Fire Support Mission
35 Back to Reality
37 Files and Inspections
38 Operation Time Leap
39 Pearl Harbor 1
39 Mitsuo Fuchida, Imperial Hero
40 Pearl Harbor 2
40 Fuchida Falling
41 Doris Miller, Hero
42 Small Delay, My Apologies
43 Kenneth Taylor, Pilot Extraordinaire
44 Reports and Approval
45 Accidental Activation
46 The Power of Flashing
47 Bodily Changes
48 Awakening
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