The flames in the Ghost Rider’s eyes flickered, its emotions impossible to discern. However, none of the Ferocious Evil Spirits dared to approach within 20 yards of it.

With the frightening prowess of the Ghost Rider, even if Shi Feng had risen to Level 20 and brought along a 20-man elite team, he would still fail to kill the Ghost Rider. Moreover, there was a 90% chance they would be wiped out instead.

The Ghost Rider was simply too strong.

At this stage of the game, many Guilds would occasionally encounter a few Elite or Special Elite monsters, and they could usually deal with these monsters with only a party or a team. However, after the evolution of God’s Domain, even only a Level 5 Chieftain Ranked monster could completely wipe out a 20-man team filled with Level 5 elite players. Moreover, a monster over Level 10 would have their intellect greatly boosted.

A Level 10 Chieftain needed at least thirty Level 15 elite players to deal with, and even then, the number casualties would be very high.

As for a high-leveled Chieftain like the Ghost Rider, it possessed a large variety of AOE damaging skills. It was also capable of commanding all the ghosts in the entire Hundred Ghost Town. Although it was only a Level 15 monster, its raid difficulty was even above that of a Level 20 Chieftain.

Glorious Light had sent out thousands of its members to slay the Ghost Rider, paying a very heavy price.

Currently, Shi Feng lacked both resources and influence. Not mentioning the gap of 6 Levels, he was also alone in this place. He had absolutely no chance of challenging the Ghost Rider.

_It seems I can only use that method._

Shi Feng observed the situation in the center of the plaza, inwardly running calculations and simulations in his mind.

Right now, he stood over 300 yards from the fountain. If he wanted to obtain the Ice-Blue Devil Flame, first and foremost, he needed to dispose of all these Cursed Evil Spirits and Ferocious Evil Spirits, then finally, deal with the Ghost Rider. As long as there was the tiniest of mistakes, he would end up dead and sent back to town.

Shi Feng took out two Tier 2 Magic Scrolls. These were the only two remaining treasured scrolls he had left. It would be extremely difficult for him to obtain another one in the future, as obtaining these scrolls largely depended on one’s luck.

If it weren’t for obtaining the Ice-Blue Devil Flame, he would not even be using such precious items.

_Phantom Kill,_ Shi Feng inwardly chanted, a doppelganger of him slowly forming into being.

Shi Feng immediately passed over a dozen Frost Grenades to his doppelganger. The doppelganger then rushed towards the plaza.

The moment the doppelganger set foot into the plaza, the Ghost Rider discovered it immediately. The Ghost Rider’s pearly white skull turned towards the doppelganger, the flames in its eye-sockets flaring.

“All living beings must die!”

The Ghost Rider unsheathed the silver greatsword from its back, pointing it at the doppelganger. The blue flames surrounding its body abruptly moved to engulf the greatsword as well, warping the greatsword in shape. The pommel of the sword transformed into a white-colored skull and sinister-looking barbed tips appeared on the blade.

Following the Ghost Rider’s command, the countless Cursed Evil Spirits in the plaza surged towards the doppelganger like a tidal wave.

The doppelganger activated a Speed Scroll. It then tossed out a Frost Grenade, instantly turning a large group of Cursed Evil Spirits into ice sculptures, before turning to escape.

On Shi Feng’s side, he activated Windwalk and used a Speed Scroll, then activating the Ring of Nothingness. Once in the state of nothingness, Shi Feng dashed towards the fountain like a fierce gale.

As the duration of the state of nothingness quickly flew by, Shi Feng’s distance between the fountain shortened.

300 yards…

200 yards…

100 yards…

As Shi Feng was about to arrive at the fountain, his grip on the two Tier 2 Magic Scrolls tightened. His expression became abnormally calm as both his eyes fixated on the heart of the fountain.

“Little rat, did you think that you could hide from my eyes?”

The Ghost Rider suddenly appeared before Shi Feng, and as if the flames in its eyes could see past all things, it spoke in a deep, disdainful tone. The Ghost Rider then raised its White Bone Greatsword, the faint blue flames surrounding the sword immediately raising the surrounding temperature to scorching-hot levels. With an abrupt wave, the greatsword transformed into a flowing stream of light, splitting apart the air as it descended towards Shi Feng’s head.

_How could it be?!_

Shi Feng was shocked. He did not doubt that the Ghost Rider’s sword had the capability of instantly killing him. Hence, both his legs curved into a bend, his body similarly bending downwards. Like a cat arching its body, Shi Feng instantly pulled out both the Abyssal Blade and the Crimson Blade, using Parry with both swords. Suddenly, Shi Feng’s legs burst with strength, and with the addition of the strength from his lower back, Shi Feng charged directly at the descending greatsword.

The three swords colliding with each other created an explosive sound.

The Ghost Rider’s immense strength caused the ground that Shi Feng stood on to crack apart; dust and debris scattered. Shi Feng’s body, as well, was removed from the state of nothingness, revealed beside the fountain.

Although Shi Feng did not receive any damage from the collision, the flames of the White Bone Greatsword were just too blistering. As the Abyssal Blade was a Magic Weapon, there were no problems with it. However, the Secret-Silver Ranked Crimson Blade was different. Not only was its durability greatly reducing, but the Crimson Blade itself also turned a glowing red and even showed signs of melting.

Meanwhile, the Ghost Rider was slightly shocked that its sword did not yield it an immediate victory. However, it waved its sword for a second strike. The flames on the White Bone Greatsword soared, rising over 5 meters into the air as the sword slashed at Shi Feng.

This was the Ghost Rider’s Devil Flame Slash. When this move was used, all beings in its path would lose their lives and reduce to ashes.

However, contrary to expectations, Shi Feng did not retreat when faced with this attack. Instead, he activated Defensive Blade as he rushed towards the Ice-Blue Devil Flame.

Although the Ghost Rider’s Devil Flame Slash landed on Shi Feng, it had no effect at all. Instead, Shi Feng made use of the wave of steam generated by the White Bone Greatsword to further increase his speed.

Just as Shi Feng was about to reach the Ice-Blue Devil Flame, as if they had been long since prepared for this moment, tens of Ferocious Evil Spirits rushed at him.

_Become frozen!_

Shi Feng threw out an Intermediate Frost Grenade, turning all the Ferocious Evil Spirits into ice sculptures.

“A bunch of rubbish…!” seeing that its subordinates were actually so useless, the Ghost Rider loudly cursed. It abruptly leaped, its body landing and blocking Shi Feng. Its greatsword then slashed downwards, “Die, little rat!”

Abyssal Bind!

Nine pitch-black chains instantly bound the Ghost Rider, saving Shi Feng’s life.

However, the Ghost Rider’s strength was just too immense. In the blink of an eye, one of the chains snapped. Seeing this, Shi Feng dared not stop his movements as he ran towards the fountain.

“Wretched little rat, you have truly angered me this time!” the Ghost Rider roared as it saw that Shi Feng was already beside the Ice-Blue Devil Flame. It struggled free from the chains binding it, its body turning into a shadow as it swept towards Shi Feng, fully intending to dice him into chunks of meat.

Due to the Ghost Rider’s flames, the freezing effect of the Frost Grenades was also greatly weakened. The Ferocious Evil Spirits were quickly thawed from their icy prisons, all of them rushing at Shi Feng once more.

Shi Feng only revealed a faint smile at this sight. He spread opened the deep blue-colored Tier 2 Magic Scroll in his hands.

Within an instant, the water-attributed mana from the surrounding environment gathered above the magic scroll.

Tidal Overflow!

Shi Feng pointed the magic scroll towards the incoming Ghost Rider and Ferocious Evil Spirits, a dark blue magic circle forming above the scroll. Immediately, a violent torrent poured out of the magic circle, engulfing the Ghost Rider and the Ferocious Evil Spirits. The resulting water pressure even caused a deep pit to form on the ground.

The power of a Tier 2 spell instantly killed all of the Ferocious Evil Spirits. However, this magic had not greatly damaged the Ghost Rider as, during the moment of life and death, the Ghost Rider used its White Bone Greatsword to block the Tidal Overflow. As a result, the ferocious torrent only pushed back the Ghost Rider by over 30 yards. At such a distance, the Ghost Rider would only need a few steps to reach Shi Feng.

However, time was needed to retrieve the Ice-Blue Devil Flame, time which the Ghost Rider would not give Shi Feng.

Just as the Ghost Rider took its first rage-filled step towards Shi Feng…

Shi Feng took out the last golden-colored scroll in his hands. The scroll gave off a sacred and inviolable strength, and it was also Shi Feng’s final trump card.



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