The series of system notifications startled Shi Feng slightly.

He had only made some slight adjustments to the Silver Dawn based on his habits and battle styles.

He did not think his luck would be so heaven-defying.

Even out of a hundred tries, both effects definitely won’t trigger together again. One could just imagine how greatly enhanced the Silver Lake’s Attributes are; to what extent of an increase, however, nobody knew.

The Runic Steel could upgrade an item’s quality by one rank. That meant that Secret-Silver Rank could be upgraded to Fine-Gold Rank.

As for Blacksteel’s Insignia, it could increase the Attribute values of a piece of equipment, and the increase would normally be between 5% to 25%. If the weapon’s Attributes rose by 20%, it would be the equivalent of having upgraded the weapon’s quality by an entire rank.

If both effects stacked with each other, the refined light blue longsword would, at the very least, be a top-tier Fine-Gold Weapon, with the possibility of even being a Dark-Gold Weapon.

A Level 10 Dark-Gold Weapon… At this stage of the game, aside from Magic Weapons, it was the most powerful weapon available, period.

Immediately, Shi Feng held up the Silver Lake that gave off a blue glow, checking its Attributes.

[Silver Lake] (Fine-Gold Rank, One-handed Sword)

Level 10

Equipment Requirement: Strength 45, Agility 80

Attack Power +78

Strength +18, Agility +22

Attack Speed +1

Durability 70/70

Additional Passive Skill -

Flowing Shadow: Creates an afterimage effect while attacking. Simultaneously, the faster the Attack Speed is, the greater the damage caused. Damage can be increased up to a maximum of 50%.

These Attributes completely surpassed that of a top-tier Fine-Gold Weapon. With the additional skill, Flowing Shadow, the Silver Lake was absolutely comparable to a Dark-Gold Weapon.

_The Attributes combine both speed and Strength. As expected, it is as I thought._ The more he looked at the Silver Lake, the greater his love for it became.

In God’s Domain, the equipment forged generally had better Attributes than the equipment dropped by the Bosses from Dungeons. Moreover, the forged ones were more suitable for specific classes. Hence, many experts preferred to hire Master Forgers to craft them custom weapons and equipment personally.

Hence, Master Forgers were extremely welcomed and respected in God’s Domain. The experts of God’s Domain, especially, loved to make friends with Master Forgers.

Master Forgers also held great influence within a Guild.

Within God’s Domain, nobody would rashly offend a Master Forger.

Who knew which expert a Master Forger had forged a weapon for before? If one carelessly provoked a Master Forger, they might end up assassinated or hunted by a large number of experts. After all, these experts all wished to earn a favor from a Master Forger, calling it in for custom equipment.

Only suitable equipment would be the best equipment.

Although these personalized weapons and equipment were only slightly better than equipment dropped from Dungeons, the battle prowess a player could display while using the equipment would increase manyfold.

Regarding these sorts of weapons and equipment, they were all referred to as Exclusive Equipment. They were only suited to a single individual or a certain type of individual.

The Silver Lake was a Personal Exclusive Weapon that Shi Feng created for himself.

If other Swordsmen used the Silver Lake, it would only display the power of a normal Fine-Gold Weapon. However, in Shi Feng’s hands, it could display the prowess of a Dark-Gold Weapon.

Previously, Shi Feng had lost the Crimson Blade in battle, and he just happened to be in need of a new weapon.

This Silver Lake would suffice for Shi Feng’s use for a very long time, and he would not need a new weapon any time soon.

Now that he had crafted his first Personal Exclusive Weapon, Shi Feng felt much more assured. He then continued forging more Silver Dawns.

After successfully forging the Fine-Gold Ranked Silver Lake, it became much easier for Shi Feng to forge the Silver Dawn.

Two days quickly passed. During the day, Shi Feng would move some items to his new house, decorating his new home with some furniture. He then trained his body as usual. At night, after he entered God’s Domain, he forged equipment without stopping. In such a way, his time was fully occupied.

After training his body for a time, in addition to the constant aid of the Nutrient Fluids, Shi Feng could feel a clear improvement in his body’s physique. Also, his mind felt much more clear. Currently, his physique had only caught up with the average standard of the athletes in his university. As long as he persevered for another fortnight, he might be able to reach the standard of the fighting and martial arts societies’ members. At that time, his body could absorb Nutrient Fluids more efficiently, allowing his mind to become much more active.

Meanwhile, during the nights in God’s Domain, aside from occasionally visiting the Auction House to purchase materials and appreciation items, Shi Feng had conducted a large transaction with Stabbing Heart. Shi Feng sold the Level 5 to Level 7 Bronze Equipment he possessed in bulk, earning himself over 2 Gold Coins and over 200,000 Credits. Other than that, Shi Feng spent the remainder of his time cooped up in the Intermediate Forging Room. Not only did he forge Silver Dawns, but he also forged plenty of equipment using the Bronze and Mysterious-Iron Forging Designs he obtained from Blackbeard.

After he spent all his money on forging equipment, he continued making Advanced Whetstones.

In a period of two days, Shi Feng had forged a total of 31 Silver Dawns, over 200 pieces of Level 8 Bronze Equipment, over 100 pieces of Level 9 Bronze Equipment, over 100 pieces of Level 10 Bronze Equipment, over 60 Mysterious-Iron Weapons, over 70 pieces of Mysterious-Iron Equipment, and over 2,000 Advanced Whetstones.

If other Forgers saw at these numbers, they might faint from shock. Shi Feng’s forging speed was simply outrageous.

However, the main reason Shi Feng could create so many items was his low rate of failure.

After forging so much equipment, Shi Feng’s level had long since reached Level 10, and he was not that far from Level 11. As long as Shi Feng desired, he could go to White River City at any time. However, he did not plan to make that journey yet. At the very least, he wanted to make a trip to Blackwing City first, before going to White River City.

According to Shi Feng’s understanding, the average players were mostly at Level 6, the pro players at Level 7, while only those leveling madmen who played the game 24 hours a day might be Level 9. Hence, Shi Feng was not in a hurry. Going from Level 9 to Level 10, the EXP needed was not a small amount. At the very least, it would take over a day to obtain it.

Just as Shi Feng prepared to go to the Auction House and sell a few more Glimmer Chestplate Forging Designs...

Shi Feng suddenly discovered an interesting matter.

The members of Martial Union, whom he could previously see on the streets, were nowhere to be found.

_Could Martial Union have disbanded already?_ Shi Feng was slightly puzzled. He then called out the Bounty System governed by the Main God System, checking just how many members of Martial Union have died during this period.

The collection of bounties in God’s Domain could be done through the Main God System. As long as a player completed a bounty and submitted the appropriate information, the Main God System would verify the information. After verification, the bounty previously registered and stored by the employer would be handed over to the player. There was absolutely no need for the employer to personally verify all information submitted, wasting a lot of time in the process.

Previously, Shi Feng stored 5 Gold Coins and a million Credits in the Main God System, enough to burn Martial Union for a month or two.

However, now that Shi Feng took a look, he was immediately dumbfounded.

The 5 Gold Coins he placed were no more, while there was still around 800,000 remaining of the one million Credits.

The bounty on a normal member of Martial Union was only 1 Silver Coin or 100 Credits; five Gold Coins meant 500 kills. If it were an elite member of the Guild, the bounty was 10 Silver Coins or 1,000 Credits, and 5 Gold Coins was the equivalent of 50 kills. Such a number was sufficient to send all the elites of Martial Union in Red Leaf Town back to Level 0. Furthermore, there was still more than 100,000 Credits used up.

It had only been slightly more than two days since Shi Feng announced the bounty, and yet, so much was gone already. With this, nearly all members of Martial Union stationed within Red Leaf Town had died, several times to boot.

This was a devastating and irrecoverable strike to Martial Union in Red Leaf Town. It was no wonder there were no players from Martial Union on the streets.

After looking at the numbers and video evidence, Shi Feng only had one word in his heart.


Having suffered to such a degree had definitely crippled Martial Union.

Among all the kill counts, a female Assassin held the record for the most kills. She slaughtered over 50 members of Martial Union, and none were repetitive. This attracted Shi Feng’s attention.

After watching the recordings of the female Assassin in action, Shi Feng was incomparably shocked.

The girl’s techniques were extremely skilled, and in battle, her usage of skills was simply perfect. She was absolutely one of the rare expert Assassins.

“Fire Dance?” Shi Feng looked at the name displayed at the number one spot, his mouth softly reciting it. According to his memories, there didn’t seem to be an expert female Assassin called Fire Dance.

At this moment, a call request suddenly came from Blackie.

“What happened, Blackie?” Shi Feng knew that Blackie would not randomly call without a purpose. The only possibility was that something had happened.

“Brother Feng, I don’t know what happened, but those bastards from Martial Union found us. They also sent many of their elite players to surround us. Among them, there were also a few experts from Martial Union that I have never seen before.”

“We went all out to break out of the encirclement, but because of my inability, Cola sacrificed himself and stayed behind to cover for us. The others also died as they tried to open a path. Right now, Lonely Snow and I are the only ones left alive. Brother Feng, you need to be careful. You definitely mustn’t allow them to discover you. If they do, you won’t even have the time to use a Return Scroll,” Blackie said with an extremely hurried tone; both rage and resistance filled his voice.

Ever since he started grinding for levels with Cola and the others, adventuring and going through life and death together, they had long since formed a very deep bond. Now, however, to secure his escape, Cola and the others took the initiative to stay behind and stall the enemies, while he could only run away.

Thinking up to this point, even more anger filled Blackie over his own inadequacy. If he could become slightly stronger, he might not have to watch his teammates die, one after another.

“Where are you? I’ll come immediately.” Hearing Blackie’s report, Shi Feng burned with rage. However, he remained calm as he spoke.

“Brother Feng, you mustn't come here! There are too many players from Martial Union right now. Moreover, there are several experts here as well. I’ll try to think of a way to escape with Lonely Snow,” Blackie advised. The only reason he contacted Shi Feng was that he worried Shi Feng might accidentally encounter the players from Martial Union. It was not that he did not believe in Shi Feng’s strength, but the players from Martial Union simply numbered too many. There were also many experts among them; Shi Feng would have no chance against them.

“Tell me where you two are, now,” Shi Feng said each word coldly, an icy glint flashing in his eyes.

Hearing Shi Feng’s grave tone, Blackie knew that Shi Feng was serious. Moreover, Shi Feng was very angry. Helpless, Blackie said, “We’re in Gale Valley.”

“Alright, I’ll be there immediately. Be careful not to get surrounded,” Shi Feng said.

“Lonely Snow and I have escaped into the inner regions of the Gale Valley. Shrubs and fog fill this place, so they should not easily discover us.” Blackie felt that he should not have contacted Shi Feng. That way, he wouldn’t have dragged Shi Feng into this mess as well.

“Good, then. Since you can’t use Return Scrolls, someone might be using some special skill to stop you. However, you two can still use Isolation Scrolls. That way, it will be much harder for them to discover you. Find a good place to hide. I’ll arrive soon,” Shi Feng disconnected the call.

Although Shi Feng did not know how Martial Union managed to find another group of players, even with experts leading them, they were gravely mistaken if they thought they could easily bully him.

Shi Feng dashed towards Gale Valley.



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