“Lonely, I’m not dreaming, right?” Blackie slapped Lonely Snow’s shoulders, his finger pointing towards the group of crippled Golden Fish.

Lonely Snow’s gaze turned sluggish as he shook his head in a daze.

Compared to the rapid decrease of the Golden Fish’s HP, Lonely Snow was more shocked by Shi Feng’s techniques. He only managed to see the countless shadows left behind by Shi Feng’s hands. Before Lonely Snow could even get a clear view of Shi Feng’s hands, more than ten Freezing Shadow darts already flew out. Such speed could practically rival an assault rifle.

Aside from Shi Feng’s frightening speed, his accuracy also caused others to submit. Every dart he shot out had accurately landed on the Golden Fish afflicted with the Doom Curse. Moreover, they even landed on the softer side-abdomens of the Golden Fish. If Lonely Snow were in Shi Feng’s shoes, it would be fortunate if he could toss out one Freezing Shadow dart at a time and land the hit, not to mention tossing out more than ten darts at a time and land every single one on the side-abdomens of the Golden Fish.

“I’ll be satisfied when I can achieve such a level of technique,” Lonely Snow was completely trapped in the fantasy of Shi Feng’s dart-throwing technique.

“Stop daydreaming and quickly capture the crippled Golden Fish!” Shi Feng hurriedly commanded.

At this time, Blackie and Lonely Snow were finally aroused from their thoughts. They immediately used the magical nets to capture the crippled Golden Fish.

One fish… Two fish… Three fish…

Shi Feng only spent a short 30 seconds to force three Golden Fish into a crippled state. Shi Feng’s violent speed had shocked even Faust himself, and he could not help but feel a slight ache in his heart.

However, when the effects of the damage amplification, Doom Curse, and Dark Violent Dance dissipated, the capturing speed of the Golden Fish immediately slowed. Shi Feng could only wait until the Cooldown for Thundering Flash, Earth Splitter, Thunder Flame Explosion, and Dark Violent Dance to finish before renewing his assault.

Overall, Shi Feng’s group captured an average of five Golden Fish per minute. Within one hour, they could capture around 300 Golden Fish, and within four hours, they could collect the required 1,000 Golden Fish and complete the quest.

Time passed, little by little.

Unknowingly, over four hours passed by already.

“We’re rich! We’re rich! Lonely, how many fish did you catch?”

“I got 618. You?”

“Hahaha! I have more than you! I have 645. We’ll have 1,263 if we add them together. We’ve already reached the targeted 1,000 to trade for the Fragmented Legendary ranked item!”

“Leader, hang in there! We should still have some time remaining! We might even gather another hundred or so Golden Fish to trade for a Dark-Gold ranked item.”

Blackie and Lonely Snow captured the Golden Fish in exhilaration. As they watched the number of Golden Fish continuously grow in their bags, they could not suppress even a smile a their faces.

The only misfortune in this situation was that Shi Feng could not raise his skill proficiency by attacking these Golden Fish. He also did not obtain a single point of experience from his efforts.

If he killed this many Level 20 Special Elites in a normal situation, the three of them would have long since risen by two or three levels.

However, Shi Feng did not feel much from this. It was only Blackie and Lonely Snow who did not know of the rarity of a Fragmented Legendary ranked item. They might not get another chance to secure one for a very long time. To obtain the Fragmented Legendary ranked item, the Heavenly Dragon’s Breath, right now, even spending one to two days would be worth it, not to mention spending only several hours.

Shi Feng’s strength would soar if they possessed a Fragmented Legendary ranked item. As long as he equipped it, even when faced with apex experts, he would still suppress them with overwhelming strength.

In God’s Domain, there were none willing to follow a weakling. Players would only revere the strong.

If Shi Feng wanted to establish his own virtual empire, he first needed to empower himself. Only then could attract others to follow him.

During the early stages of God’s Domain, players like Shi Feng, who had yet to start up their own Workshops, had zero chances of competing against the various large Guilds. In God’s Domain, there were plenty of high-leveled field Bosses that dropped valuable loot. There were even some that would drop Dark-Gold ranked items. If lucky, players might even encounter a High Lord ranked monster.

Although High Lord ranked monsters were incomparably powerful, they possessed a small chance to drop an Epic ranked item. As for the usefulness of an Epic ranked item to a Guild, that was obvious. Not only could it increase a player’s personal strength, allowing them to kill even more powerful monsters, they would also attract plenty of famous players to join the Guild, further increasing the Guild’s overall prowess.

In regards to dealing with high-level monsters or High Lord ranked monsters, large Guilds could simply use numbers to overwhelm them. Although they would have to pay a heavy price, everything would be worth it if they could obtain top-tier equipment. Meanwhile, small Guilds and Workshops did not have such capabilities, and such a situation would allow the large Guilds to have a much easier time procuring top-tier equipment. As more time passed, the gap between the two would continue to grow larger and larger, and soon, the small Guilds would have no chance to compare to large Guilds at all.

Although developing a Guild with a massive amount of members was an easy task, it was a long and arduous process to fully persuade these players to willing stay in the Guild and share in the wealth and woe together. Time was necessary for the members to improve their cooperation with each other. A Guild also needed a core framework that could properly manage the Guild members. Aside from that, a Guild needed sufficiently attractive incentives and treatment to attract new members. It also needed to have a massive space for improvements and wonderful future prospects. Meanwhile, having wonderful future prospects meant having a powerhouse as a leader. None of these points could be to be missing. Otherwise, the recruited members would easily choose to leave the Guild.

For Guilds like Martial Union, Assassin’s Alliance, and Ouroboros, they had long since formed a sturdy foundation. They were also led by apex powerhouses. Hence, the moment they entered a new virtual reality game, they would very quickly develop themselves. They also continuously recruited a large number of players. Hence, even if they suffered massive setbacks, they would very quickly rise again.

Meanwhile, for startup Guilds like Shadow, they did not even possess a proper welfare system. If they wished to recruit a large number of players within a short period, they might cause an adverse effect, entering a period of stagnation and maybe even a period of declination.

Thus, Shi Feng chose to go down the road of the elite. He planned to first form a powerful team as the Guild’s foundation. He would then improve it steadily, gradually increasing the Guild’s member capacity. He would not follow in the footsteps of Shadow; where the Guild appeared superb on the outside, but in reality, it was riddled with holes, unable to withstand even a single blow.

If Shi Feng wished to form a sturdy foundation, powerhouses were a definite must, even more so for a newly established Guild and Workshop like Zero Wing. Without strength that surpassed others, how could they suppress those other experts and recruit them into the Guild? Only with great strength would Zero Wing show others the possibilities of advancement in their Guild. Meanwhile, the Fragmented Legendary ranked item was unquestionably a great source of strength for Shi Feng.

“Time is almost up. I should start the final spurt, then.”

After battling at full-power for over four hours, Shi Feng was drenched in sweat. Be it mentally or physically, he was exhausted near to collapsing. If it were not for the attraction of the Fragmented Legendary ranked item, he would have long since fainted into a deep sleep.

Soon after, Shi Feng took out all the Frost Grenades he had in his possession and all of the Tier 1 Magic Scrolls he had. He then distributed them to Blackie and Lonely Snow.

“These items are very precious. We’ll use them together. Absolutely do not waste them,” Shi Feng sternly said in the party chat.

“Brother Feng, rest assured. I’m a Cursemancer, so it will not be a problem for me to release these Tier 1 Magic Scrolls!”

“Leave it to me!”

Blackie and Lonely Snow could also feel the weight of these items. Not mentioning the Frost Grenades, just the value of such a large quantity of Tier 1 Magic Scrolls was immeasurable. If any accidents occurred, their losses would be abnormally huge.

“Attack that group of Golden Fish with me,” Shi Feng tossed out an Intermediate Frost Grenade, solidifying a group of Golden Fish in place. He then used Thundering Flash, inflicting a damage amplification effect and the Doom Curse on them. Soon after, he unfurled a fire-type Tier 1 Magic Scroll, blasting an attack at the group of Golden Fish.

Blackie and Lonely Snow also tossed out their Frost Grenades at the same time, freezing all the Golden Fish. They then followed up by using the Tier 1 Magic Scrolls, immediately starting violent bombardment.

A series of explosions resounded throughout the silver river, giving rise to layers upon layers of waves. The shocking damages caused the HP of the group of Golden Fish to roll downwards frantically. Compared to Shi Feng’s initial burst, this burst was much more powerful.

Watching this, Faust could not help but wipe away the cold sweat that formed on his forehead.

"Are these young lads trying to snatch even my family inheritance away?"



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