Within Shi Feng’s memories, there was no mention of a Super-Dark Gold rank.

However, if a Master Forger like Seliora called it such, that’s what it was. Only, just what kind of Attributes would this Blazing Meteor possess?

“Are you unsure of what the Super Dark-Gold rank is?” Seliora was in a very good mood after forging such a masterpiece. Hence, she explained, “It is utterly understandable that you have not heard of it. Matters like these are only privy to those old monsters of the Grandmaster Forger rank. Even I discovered it by chance.”

“Indeed, in God’s Domain, the rank after Dark-Gold is Epic. However, between these two ranks, there is a humongous threshold. One could say that items undergo a massive leap in quality when upgraded from Dark-Gold rank to Epic rank. Don’t you feel that it is strange?”

Shi Feng nodded, deeply expressing his agreement.

It was just like Seliora had said. Dark-Gold Equipment was only somewhat stronger than Fine-Gold Equipment. However, regarding Attributes, Epic Equipment was several tiers above Dark-Gold Equipment. Take the Mavis’ Guard in Blackie’s hands for example. It was far superior to the Silver Lake in Shi Feng’s hands that possessed Attributes rivaling a Dark-Gold Weapon.

Simply equipping an Epic Weapon instantly gave Blackie a stronger damage output and Attack Power than Shi Feng’s. The power of an Epic ranked item was obvious.

“It seems that you also understand the gap between these two ranks.” Seliora revealed a smile, saying, “In actuality, Epic ranked items possess another name.”

“Another name?” This was the first Shi Feng had heard of this.

“That’s right; another name. This is also something I found out after researching the Book of Forging you lent me, coupled with the literature I’ve collected over the years,” Seliora nodded. “During the ancient times, Epic ranked items were also called Extraordinary items. The owners of these items would possess an absolute strength that allowed them to surpass ordinary mortals; thus they were known as Extraordinary. Meanwhile, I did not utilize any extraordinary materials in forging the Blazing Meteor, so it could not become an extraordinary item. However, it can still be considered a Pseudo-extraordinary item.”

“A Pseudo-extraordinary item?” Shi Feng started to understand a few points. He could not help but grow even more curious about the Attributes of the Blazing Meteor, which caused Seliora so much excitement.

“Have a look at it yourself, then.” Seliora handed the Blazing Meteor over to Shi Feng, softly saying, “A Pseudo-extraordinary item is the maximum limit that mortals can achieve with their own power, while this Blazing Meteor can be considered a masterpiece, the closest thing to an extraordinary item.”

Shi Feng’s heart started beating quickly as he heard those words. It was an item that approached the quality of an Epic ranked item. Most likely, aside from his Magic Weapon, the Abyssal Blade, no other item in his possession could rival this Blazing Meteor. Furthermore, the Blazing Meteor he received in his previous life was only Dark-Gold rank. He did not expect to obtain a Pseudo-extraordinary item in this life.

Shi Feng immediately received the Blazing Meteor from Seliora, taking a look at its Attributes.

[Blazing Meteor] (Throwing Weapon, Dark-Gold Rank)

Equipment Requirement: Strength 120, Agility 140

Attack Power (Player’s Strength*2)

Strength +50, Agility +65, Endurance +10

Attack Speed +5

Maximum throwing distance: 45 yards

Ignore Levels +8

Attack Speed increased by 15%

When attacking:

35% chance to ignore target’s Defense.

30% chance to activate Quadruple Phantom effect, each phantom causing 50% flame damage.

10% chance to activate Knockback effect.

5% chance to activate Burning Flames effect, dealing 200 flame damage to the target every second for 10 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.

Additional Skill: Flame God’s Fury. Deals physical and flame damage to enemies within a 40*3 yard area. Deals 900% damage to the initial target and damage reduces by 10% with each consecutive enemy hit to a minimum of 500% damage.

Cooldown: 3 minutes

The Blazing Meteor was forged by the Grandmaster Forger, Seliora. Due to the limit of its materials, it is only a Pseudo-extraordinary item possessing strength at the very limit of mortal men. The Blazing Meteor can be reforged into an Epic Ranked item after gathering Epic ranked fire-type materials.

User restriction: Ye Feng

Unable to be dropped.

Unable to be traded.

Shi Feng was instantly dumbfounded when he saw these Attributes. As expected of a Pseudo-extraordinary item, it was far superior to ordinary Dark-Gold ranked items. As long as Shi Feng’s Attributes reached the prerequisite and he equipped the Blazing Meteor, his strength would instantly soar by several tiers.

After receiving the Blazing Meteor, Shi Feng finally felt that he was a true Swordsman.

There were two variations of the Swordsman class: duel-wielding Swordsmen and two-handed Swordsmen. At the same time, a Swordsman could also equip a long-range throwing weapon. However, a Swordsman was still a melee class at its heart, so their ranged attacks were not particularly powerful. A majority of the Swordsman players did not pay much attention to ranged throwing weapons.

However, Shi Feng heavily relied on his ranged attacks. After all, there were many instances when facing monsters with melee combat was troublesome. If he could switch to ranged attacks, he would have a much easier time. Moreover, there were plenty of shared skills in God’s Domain. Among them, there were quite a few throwing skills. If Shi Feng could learn a few of them, he would not fall too far behind the other ranged classes.

Now that he had the Pseudo-extraordinary item, the Blazing Meteor, ranged attacks were no longer one of Shi Feng’s weaknesses.

Moreover, throwing weapons were not consumable items. Due to the magical ingredients involved in its forging, the Blazing Meteor number of uses were limitless. Whenever a throwing weapon hit an enemy, it would instantly vanish and reappear in the player’s hands. It was an extremely convenient function.

Unfortunately, Shi Feng’s current Attributes prevented him from equipping the Blazing Meteor. Only by replacing and upgrading the equipment he currently wore could he achieve the requirements of the Blazing Meteor.

After Shi Feng finished reading the Blazing Meteor’s introduction, he was suddenly shocked.

Seliora was originally a Master Forger, so why did the introduction describe her as a Grandmaster Forger?

“Master Seliora, could it be that you’re… already a Grandmaster Forger?” Shi Feng looked at Seliora with doubtful eyes. The system introduction could not be faked. If the system displayed it, it must be true. However, that was inconceivable. Seliora, who was not even thirty years of age, had actually become a Grandmaster Forger.

There was not a single Grandmaster Forger throughout all of the Star-Moon Kingdom. Grandmaster Forgers were existences that stood at the pinnacle of forging in God’s Domain, and even Tier 5 apex powerhouses had to suck up to a Grandmaster Forger. Their statuses were no lower than the ruler of a country. Normally, one could only meet a Grandmaster Forger with luck in the capital city of an empire or places like Blackwing City. Meanwhile, the Seliora before him was one such existence.

“Hmm! I didn’t expect your eyesight to be so sharp! I have indeed become a Grandmaster Forger! However, this is all thanks to you. If you did not lend me the Book of Forging, allowing me to unravel the mysteries that have troubled me for the past several years, it would still be impossible for me to become a Grandmaster. As a thank you, here is my communication crystal. In the future, you can contact me at any time through this item,” Seliora nodded, smiling as she spoke.

System: Hidden Quest “Search for Seliora” completed, exceeded by aiding Seliora in becoming a Grandmaster Forger. Rewarding player with the Pseudo-extraordinary item, the Blazing Meteor. Rewarding Seliora’s Communication Crystal. Seliora’s Favorability increased by 200 points. Reputation in Star-Moon Kingdom +50. Reputation in White River City +300. Obtained the title “Grandmaster’s Friend.” Forging Proficiency increased by 500 points. Rewarding 200,000 EXP.

Instantly, Shi Feng rose to Level 14.

Shi Feng was stunned for a long time when he saw this series of rewards. Ignoring the fact that, with Seliora’s Communication Crystal, he could often request Seliora to handle certain affairs for him, just the 300 Reputation Points in White River City would make the purchase of a real estate in White River City much easier. As long as he became a Baron, he could purchase private territory in White River City, establishing a Guild Residence. However, a Baron could only purchase the outermost land of White River City.

As for Saliora, she had only recently become a Grandmaster Forger, so she intended to go on a journey. She wanted to commemorate her achievement by making her first Epic ranked item, so she needed to explore and search for materials.

Soon after, Shi Feng departed from the smithy.

Seeing that the time was just about right...

Shi Feng posted the White River City Guidebook on the official forums, setting the post to publish in three hours. He then used the pass to Blackwing City, teleporting there.

Shortly after Shi Feng departed, another batch of players set foot in White River City. Immediately, White River City Region System Announcements rang out.



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