Hearing Ling Feilong attempt to fawn over him and his respectful attitude while doing so, Shi Feng couldn’t help but sigh.

The shoe was on the other foot now!

Fate truly knew how to toy with people.

Judging from Ling Feilong’s tone, Shi Feng could discern that Ling Feilong intended to ride on his coattails.

“If you wish to recruit me, tell me what sort of benefits you plan to offer first,” Shi Feng calmly asked.

“Brother expert, I guarantee that you’ll be satisfied. As long as you join Shadow, you’ll immediately become an elder of the Guild. Moreover, our Guild has a large backing behind us, and we have plenty of funding, so we can temporarily set your annual salary at one million Credits. In addition, we’ll give you 10% of Shadow’s shares. I think you should know the value of Guild shares, right? As long as Shadow rises to glory in the future, this 10% will far exceed tens of millions of Credits. No other Guild can offer you this kind of treatment,” Ling Feilong explained, very satisfied with himself. His words even moved his own heart.

That was 10% of the Guild’s shares!

Right now, all of the Guilds out there only offered high annual salaries when recruiting an expert; none of them would willingly hand over a portion of the Guild’s shares. Along with a Guild’s growth, the value of its shares would continuously rise. In addition to God’s Domain’s growth potential, if Shadow properly developed as time went on, this 10% could represent billions of Credits or more. Hence, all the large Guilds would not simply offer their shares, and instead, choose the wise decision of offering a static salary.

“Who’s making this promise?” Shi Feng was slightly bewildered. He did not think that Shadow would be so decisive in their actions.

In Shi Feng’s previous life, although he was the Guild Leader of Shadow, he did not possess any shares of the Guild. However, Shi Feng had only recently become the Guild Leader at that time, so he did put too much thought into the matter. In the end, the Guild kicked him out. One could say that the shares of a Guild were the true proof of one’s authority. If Shi Feng had 10% of the Guild’s shares at that time, Lan Hailong would not have dared to casually expel him from the Guild and sever all connections with him.

“Our Guild Leader made this promise. Of course, with your strength, the position of Guild Leader will doubtlessly be yours in the future,” Ling Feilong unwaveringly started flattering Shi Feng.

“Oh? Very well,” Shi Feng calmly laughed. He then, with a tone as cold as ice, arrogantly said, “Return and tell your Guild Leader this; if you want me to join Shadow, then I want 60% of the Guild’s shares and the position of Guild Leader. Otherwise, there’s no deal.”

Finished speaking, Shi Feng disconnected the call.

Of course, he only said those words as a joke to toy with Ling Feilong. Even if Shadow were willing to hand over 100% of its shares, Shi Feng would still reject the offer without hesitation. He swore that would never again wear the hateful name of Shadow.

He simply said those words because he knew that Ling Feilong, Zhang Luowei, and Lan Hailong could never truly agree to such a request. After all, with 60% of the Guild’s shares, Shi Feng would become the head honcho of Shadow; his word would be final. Whether it was Zhang Luowei or Lan Hailong, neither could endure being a subordinate of someone else.

“Such a domineering tone! No wonder he could force Martial Union, who is even stronger than Shadow, to take a huge loss. Unfortunately, he isn’t a broad-minded person. If he had accepted the offer, based on the strength he possessed, he could have easily become the Shadow’s true boss in the future if he wanted to.” Although Ling Feilong admired Shi Feng, he sneered disdainfully as he determined Shi Feng to be a boorish fellow. Yet, without a backer to rely on, it was impossible for Ling Feilong to climb further up the ranks of Shadow. Zhang Luowei trusted Zhou Yuhu much more than Ling Feilong. Ling Feilong was simply an elite member of the Guild in Zhang Luowei’s eyes. So, it was imperative that Ling Feilong looked for a reliable backer. Meanwhile, a boor like Shi Feng couldn’t be a better backer. Although 60% of the total shares seemed a little high, if Ling Feilong expended a lot of effort, it was not an impossible number to accomplish. “It seems that I’ll have to rearrange his words before reporting back to Brother Zhang and Brother Lan.”

At this moment, Shi Feng would have never imagined that his casual remark meant to anger Lan Hailong and Zhang Luowei would become Ling Feilong’s new goal.


Inside the Flame God’s Cave, Shi Feng took out one of the Flaming Sun Scriptures from his bag. He then opened the book, reading the incantations inside.

All of a sudden, the Flaming Sun Scripture ignited, emitting dazzling golden flames. As if the fire-type mana within the Flame God’s Cave had transformed into soldiers, it all charged towards the golden flame, submitting to it. The golden flame was like an emperor among flames.

In reality, it wasn’t just the fire-type mana that was affected. Even Shi Feng’s Ice-Blue Devil Flame felt restless, giving off the notion of submission.

_Just what kind of flame is it?_ Shi Feng looked at the bundle of golden flame; his heart filled with curiosity. _To cause even the Tier 2 Ice-Blue Devil Flame to submit,_ _if this flame had a rank,_ _I wonder what tier it belonged to? It should be at least Tier 3, possibly Tier 4._ If Shi Feng could absorb this bundle of golden flame, his strength might rise to a whole new level.

Unfortunately, this flame was not a Mysterious Flame, so Shi Feng had no way of absorbing it.

After a minute passed, the golden flame sank into Shi Feng’s body after it absorbed a sufficient amount of fire-type mana. Instantly, a new status effect appeared on Shi Feng’s status bar.

[Flaming Sun’s Blessing]

Increases Fire Resistance by 100 points and reduces damage from fire-type attacks by 90%. All fire-type damage received has a 20% chance to recover an equivalent amount of HP. Damage dealt towards fire-type monsters increased by 100%. Duration of two hours.

Effective only within the Flame God’s Cave.

In reality, the Flaming Sun Scripture’s original purpose was simply for the convenience of players when grinding in a hot environment. However, when used inside the Flame God’s Cave, where the density of fire-type mana was extremely high, its effects increased by manyfold. Hence why the Ranger in Shi Feng’s previous life was able to solo the Elite monsters and Chieftain ranked Bosses here.

To begin with, Shi Feng already had 20 points of Fire Resistance. Now that he gained an additional 100 points, normal fire attacks would only be an itch to him. Not to mention, there was also the 90% damage reduction to fire-type attacks. This increase was just too awesome.

With the Flaming Sun’s Blessing, Shi Feng boldly advanced deeper into the Flame God’s Cave.

There were multiple pathways in the Flame God’s Cave, and it was extremely spacious. Players could easily get lost in the cave. This, however, was not a problem for Shi Feng. The Flame God’s Cave was like his own backyard, and very quickly, he located a lone Level 25 Lava Hound lying on solidified, blackened lava.

[Lava Hound] (Common Monster)

Level 25

HP 5,400/5,400

The Lava Hound was several sizes larger compared to a normal lion. Its entire body emitted red flames; its skin was a dark yellow, and it had a pair of large, crimson eyes. Detecting Shi Feng’s presence, the Lava Hound abruptly stood; its blood-red eyes glared at Shi Feng as it let out a low, angry growl. The Lava Hound’s sharp claws easily shattered a chunk of charred rock.

Just as Shi Feng unsheathed the Abyssal Blade and Silver Lake, the Lava Hound spat a mouthful of flames at Shi Feng.

Without holding anything back, Shi Feng activated the Ice-Blue Devil Flame, covering his entire body with a deep-blue flame. He then charged at the ball of flames head-on.

The Lava Hound’s attack could originally devour close to half of the HP of an MT of the same level. However, when struck Shi Feng, the attack merely caused around -10 points of damage. The damage the Lava Hound’s attack dealt was even less than the attacks of a Level 10 Common monster.

_As expected, with 120 points of Fire Resistance, my resistance has reached extraordinary levels._ Finished experimenting with his durability, Shi Feng arrived in front of the Lava Hound and sent a Chop slashing at its nape, drawing a pool of piping-hot blood. A damage of -345 points appeared above the Lava Hound’s head. The damage was barely within Shi Feng’s acceptable range.

Moreover, due to the Lava Hound being 11 Levels higher than himself, Shi Feng’s Skill Proficiency also soared with lightning speed. Every usage netted him 3 Proficiency points.

Although the Lava Hound was powerful, Shi Feng only needed to take note of its AOE skills like the Flame Breath and Flame Explosion. Without the threat of these powerful skills, Shi Feng only needed to deal with the Lava Hound’s sharp claws. With Shi Feng’s extraordinary evasive techniques, in addition to his very high Agility, he could easily dodge the attacks from the Lava Hound’s sharp claws.

Before even a minute had passed, Shi Feng had killed the Level 25 Lava Hound, the monster leaving behind a Flame Crystal and several Copper Coins after it died.

System: Level 25 Lava Hound killed. Level difference of 11. EXP obtained increased by 1,100%. Obtained 16,500 EXP.



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