Molten lava slowly flowed across the vast, empty field. Meanwhile, the Scorching Lamia Cela paid no particular attention to the intruder, Shi Feng. She simply swished her tail, slithering to a pool of lava. With a splash, Cela dove straight into the scorching pool, frolicking with a content expression.

If a normal player copied Cela’s actions and jumped into the lava pool, they could lose their lives in a given minute. Even if they activated the Flaming Sun’s Blessing and received an additional 100 points to their Fire Resistance, they would still lose 300 HP every second they submerged in the lava pool.

Taking a good, long look, Shi Feng finally decided upon a plan.

[Scorching Lamia Cela] (High Lord Rank)

Level 25

HP 500,000/500,000

A Lord ranked Boss was not as easy to deal with as a Chieftain ranked Boss. If it were a Level 25 Lord ranked Boss, not to mention a 20-man elite team, even a 100-man elite-team would still die at the Boss’s hands.

A Lord ranked Boss was simply too powerful. The only way to kill these Bosses was to gather thousands of players and use the advantage of numbers to exhaust these Bosses to death slowly. Other than that, there was no other way around it.

Meanwhile, the Scorching Lamia, who bathed in the lava pool, was even more intimidating than a normal Lord ranked Boss. Without the Flaming Sun Scripture, even thousands of players would have zero chances of defeating Cela.

On the other hand, Shi Feng had a method of dealing with the Scorching Lamia. However, he first needed to clear out the surrounding Elite and Special Elite monsters. Otherwise, he would be similarly helpless against the Scorching Lamia.

_Let’s first lure them slowly and clear them, bit by bit._ Shi Feng then randomly looked for a solitary Flame Naga, boldly walking over to it. He did not intend to use any special means to lure these monsters.

As Shi Feng was only Level 14 right now, when faced with Level 25 elites, these Elites would all charge at him in a craze as long as he came within 40 yards.

Hence, he still needed to apply some techniques to lure only one Flame Naga.

Be it a snake-type monster or a Naga, both were innately born with exceptional hearing. Hence, players needed to be light on their feet when approaching these Naga. If players made even the tiniest disturbance, they would find only their own deaths.

Shi Feng walked with a strong and steady pace atop the soft and unstable ground, and with relative ease, he attracted the attention of a Flame Naga. Immediately, Shi Feng watched as the Flame Naga charged at him like a madman.

“Come, come!” Seeing that the Naga had taken the bait, Shi Feng faintly smiled as he spun around and ran towards a distant rock cliff.

The Flame Naga was well versed in close combat. Meanwhile, its only ranged attack was the Raging Flame Roar, and it belonged to the category of channeling spells. The skill had an effective area of 40*4 yards, and it needed 3 seconds to channel the skill fully. However, this skill did not pose any threat to Shi Feng. On the contrary, melee combat with the Flame Naga was much more difficult.

As the chase continued, although the Flame Naga was fast, Shi Feng was not any slower than it either. The moment Shi Feng arrived in front the rock cliff, with no further paths of retreat remaining, Shi Feng started climbing up the extremely steep cliff with great ease. When he arrived at the top of the cliff, he stuck out his tongue at the creature as he silently looked down at the Flame Naga.

The Flame Naga was further incensed by Shi Feng’s blatant provocation, and it, too, started frantically climbing the cliff.

Although Shi Feng was not a ranged class, and he could not kite the Flame Naga, melee battle the Flame Naga was simply too dangerous. If Shi Feng was slightly careless, the Flame Naga could kill him with just two moves. Hence, Shi Feng intended to fight from a range.

Seeing that the Flame Naga was about to climb the cliff, Shi Feng took out a Basic Frost Grenade from his bag. He then threw it at the Flame Naga.

_Peng!_ Ice fragments scattered, and cold air spread out to the surroundings.

The Flame Naga instantly froze. Due to the Flame Naga’s fear of the cold, the Basic Frost Grenade managed to deal -300 damage to it. However, the Flame Naga possessed 20,000 HP, so this small amount of damage barely made a scratch.

Frozen halfway through its climb up the rock cliff, the Flame Naga’s immobile body fell. Two stones, protruding from the rock wall, halted the serpentine beast's fall, sandwiching the Flame Naga's body between the rocks as it hung halfway up the cliff. Be it attacking or dodging, the Flame Naga would find it extremely challenging to do either from its current position. It could not even carry out the simple action of turning its own body right now.

Shi Feng smiled at this sight. He jumped down from his elevated position, landing on one of the stones trapping his opponent. He then started attacking the Flame Naga from behind.

It was extremely easy to kill a Flame Naga that had zero means of retaliating.

Shi Feng sent a Level 10 Chop slashing at the Flame Naga’s back, earning him a scream of pain coupled with a damage of -168 above the monster’s head. Shi Feng couldn’t help but admit that a Level 25 Elite was truly amazing. With the level suppression, in addition to the Flame Naga’s superior Defense, his attack could not even deal -200 damage even with the damage multiplier from the Flaming Sun Scripture.

Immediately after, Shi Feng followed up with Thundering Flash, Earth Splitter, Double Chop, and Thunder Flame Explosion.

A series of damages appeared above the Flame Naga’s head. However, even with the damage amplification effect inflicted by Thundering Flash, the highest damage Shi Feng had dealt with a single attack was barely over -200 points. Though there was the occasional critical hit of over -400 damage, the Flame Naga had a total of 20,000 HP. Aside from Shi Feng’s skills being capable of causing more than -100 damage to the Flame Naga, his normal attacks could not deal over -50 damage. Moreover, Shi Feng had activated the Ice-Blue Devil Flame’s effect before his attacks.

Seeing as the freezing effect was about to end, Shi Feng threw another Basic Frost Grenade at the Flame Naga, freezing his target once more. He then resumed his barrage of attacks.

Although the Flame Naga had relatively fast regeneration, neither was the damage Shi Feng was causing to it a small amount.

Two minutes later, the Flame Naga’s HP finally fell to 20%. Simultaneously, the Flame Naga released a fierce roar. Flames covered its entire body, and shortly after, its body started trembling.

Shi Feng had long since been prepared for it. Immediately, he hid behind the corner of a rock.


Countless flying flame-blades shot out from the Flame Naga’s body. These flame blades were the beast’s scales, and their appearance signaled it’s ultimate move, Flame Bullets. The damage these Flame Bullets dealt was a combination of physical and fire-type damage. With Shi Feng’s current HP that was slightly over 1,800 points, these bullets could instantly send him into a critical condition.

However, with the iron-like rock blocking these blades for him, Shi Feng received no damage at all.

After the waves of Flame Bullets ended, Shi Feng threw out another Frost Grenade before resuming his attack.

In the end, Shi Feng killed the Level 25 Flame Naga with relative ease.

The instant the Flame Naga died, Shi Feng’s experience bar increased by a small portion. Shi Feng was already Level 14, and he needed an extremely large amount of EXP to reach Level 15. His experience bar rising by a noticeable chunk showed just how bountiful the EXP the Flame Naga provided was.

The Flame Naga also dropped two Flame Crystals, one Bronze Ornament, and tens of Copper Coins.

Ornaments were the rarest of all equipment. Compared to jewelry such as rings and necklaces, ornaments were far more valuable. In God’s Domain, every player could equip three ornaments at most. As of this moment, however, Shi Feng’s ornament window was still a big, empty space. He truly did not imagine that he would inadvertently obtain a Bronze Ornament. His luck was simply too good.

[Scorching Heart] (Ornament, Bronze Rank)

Equipment Requirement: Strength 80

Strength +10, Agility +10, Endurance +10

Fire Resistance +3

Can be activated to cast a Tier 2 Flame Shield that can absorb a maximum of 1,000 flame damage.

Although this ornament did not offer a large increase to his Attributes, ornaments that could increase one’s resistances were extremely rare. Every such ornament was valued at 6 Gold Coins or more.

“This is too great! I’m now Level 14, and I have 114 points in Strength and 131 points in Agility. If I equip this Scorching Heart, it will increase both my Strength and Agility by 10 points, just enough for me to meet the requirements of 120 points in Strength and 140 points in Agility for the Blazing Meteor!” Shi Feng was ecstatic as he held the flame-red-colored Scorching Heart.

Shi Feng did not think that he could equip the Pseudo-extraordinary Weapon within such a short period after obtaining it. If he could equip the Blazing Meteor right now, his strength would definitely receive an explosive increase. He might even reach the standards of an official Tier 1 Swordsman.



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