At the entrance of White River City’s majestic Library...

Aside from a large number of NPCs entering and leaving the premises, there were also plenty of players surrounding the Library’s entrance. However, no matter how hard they tried, they still could not enter the Library. Hence, a majority of these players were currently trying to befriend some of the NPCs here, increasing their intimacy in the hopes of these NPCs taking them along into the Library.

There were even some attractive female players that tried to seduce the NPC nobles.

Meanwhile, the players that attempted these actions were mostly mages such as Elementalists, Cursemancers, and Summoners.

As for why these players tried to get into the Library?

It was mainly because of the amazing skills they could learn within the Library. Aside from obtaining these skills from monsters and Dungeons, the Library also possessed some of the more common, high-level mage skills. As for healers, they would have to visit the Light Temple to learn their respective skills. Meanwhile, all melee classes could learn new skills from their respective class instructors in the Apocalypse Temple.

These players had read about the Library in the White River City Guidebook by Shi Feng. Hence, they had all come here to obtain new skills. After all, compared to upgrading their weapons and equipment, it was much easier to upgrade their arsenal of skills.

As long as players could learn some of these high-level skills, their overall prowess would massively improve. However, learning a skill was very expensive. Players also needed to do a series of quests and waste precious time to obtain a skill. Hence, Shi Feng never thought of obtaining his skills through such means. After all, the skills he had learned so far were not any weaker than those high-level class-specific skills. So, he naturally would not waste time trying to obtain them.

Seeing Shi Feng walking towards the Library’s entrance, the spectating players by the sidelines revealed sneers on their faces.

“Look, another new guy is trying to enter.”

“How many players has that been already?”

“Let’s watch the guard kick him out.”

Most of these players had suffered a loss at the hands of the gatekeeper. As none of them possessed an entry pass, the guards had chased them all away. There were also some players who tried to cause a scene after being refused entry. However, these players were either jailed or sent flying away with a kick.

Just as Shi Feng was about to walk towards the tightly shut large steel doors, a female Elementalist pulled on Shi Feng, stopping him.

“The guards here will kick out any player without an entry pass. It is best if you do not try to approach them,” the female player warned Shi Feng.

Shi Feng already knew this. However, since the other party had approached him with kind intentions, Shi Feng turned his head and looked at the female player that had stopped him.

Immediately, Shi Feng discovered that the female player who stopped him was very beautiful. Amongst all the female Elementalists he knew, only the Flame Witch, Zhao Yueru, might trump this girl’s beauty. Moreover, the equipment on this girl fully comprised of Mysterious-Iron Equipment. Although her weapons and equipment were all below Level 10, they were still extremely valuable. As the girl before him was an independent player, it was much more difficult for her to obtain such equipment compared to a member of a Guild.

However, for some unknown reason, Shi Feng felt a sense of familiarity when he looked at this female player. Yet, he could not recall when he had met her before. He then used Observing Eyes and took a look at this girl’s name.

Thoughtful Rain.

Shi Feng had no recollection of this ID, and he was very sure that there was no female expert in his previous life with such a name. Since she was not a female expert, why did he feel a sense of familiarity with her?

Shi Feng shook his head. There was no point thinking about it if he couldn’t remember. It might just be a misconception due to his reincarnation.

“Thanks,” Shi Feng said.

Thoughtful Rain faintly smiled. She thought that, since Shi Feng had shown his appreciation, he must have a kind personality, unlike others who would reply to goodwill with malice. Hence, she pointed towards the group of players a short distance away that was currently surrounding a few NPC nobles, softly saying, “En, your attitude isn’t so bad after all. If you wish to enter the Library, it is best if you obtain an entry pass first. You can also try to befriend one of those NPC nobles. They possess some entry passes.”

“Miss Rain, are you trying to enter the Library as well?” Shi Feng asked.

“En, but those NPC nobles are simply too vile. So, I was just about to leave in search of an entry pass somewhere else.” Thoughtful Rain nodded her head. However, when she recalled those fat and oily NPC nobles, an expression of disgust appeared on her face.

“Since that is the case, why don’t you enter the Library with me?” Shi Feng asked. He had no ulterior motives in inviting her along. He was simply trying to repay Thoughtful Rain’s kind reminder.

“Enter?” Thoughtful Rain asked in confusion, “Do you have an entry pass?”

“No.” Shi Feng shook his head. He then smiled as he explained, “However, I have other methods.”

“It shouldn’t be possible, right? The guards here will only allow those with an entry pass or those related to the Library to enter,” Thoughtful Rain revealed an unconvinced expression as if saying, “You’re tricking me.”

Shi Feng merely smiled at her reaction, not bothering to explain. He then walked towards the large metal doors. Before Thoughtful Rain could stop Shi Feng, the guard on duty had already noticed him.

The spectating players in the distance all started snickering at the thought of the misfortunate about to befall on Shi Feng.

“This noob is trying too hard to impress the beauty he just met. I want to watch the guard put him in his place.”

“With his figure, I’m guessing that the guard will send him flying over 10 yards. If he continues making a ruckus, the guard might even capture him and hang him by the Library’s entrance for display.”

“That isn’t right. The guard kicked that last Berserker over 10 yards. I bet that he will fly 15 yards away!”

Just as everyone wore mocking smiles, the guard moved forward and blocked Shi Feng’s path.

“Halt!” the powerful and mighty guard at the entrance suddenly blocked Shi Feng with his spear. He then coldly said, “You will need to present your pass if you wish to enter the Library.”

“I’m a Demon Hunter. Will that do?” Shi Feng swapped out his Might of a Thousand title for the Demon Hunter title, asking.

“So, it is Lord Demon Hunter! Please pardon my rudeness!” The gatekeeper immediately retracted his spear, showing Shi Feng extreme respect.

This situation immediately stunned the spectating players standing at a side. Their mouths gaped as the scene left them speechless.

Even after they tried countless methods to obtain an entry pass from the NPC nobles, they still failed. Yet, the noob before them had actually made the gatekeeper kneel before him in respect just by uttering a single sentence.

Could this be the rumored secret signal? Or was it the entry password?

Shi Feng nodded towards the guard. He then pointed at Thoughtful Rain, saying, “She is a friend of mine. However, she does not possess an entry pass. I wonder if she can enter with me? I can be her guarantor.”

“Of course! Since she is a friend of the Lord Demon Hunter, she is naturally allowed to enter!” The guard took a look at Thoughtful Rain, immediately noticing that she was an exquisite beauty. He then returned his gaze to Shi Feng, an understanding look on his face as he hurriedly said, “In addition, here is a Library Member’s Emblem. This will allow Lord Demon Hunter’s friend to enter the Library freely in the future.”

Saying so, the guard respectfully passed the Library Member’s Emblem to Shi Feng.

Shi Feng was slightly stunned. God’s Domain had only undergone one evolution as of this moment. He never thought that these NPC guards would be so intelligent already.

Though he felt slightly shocked, he had no hesitation when accepting the Library Member’s Emblem from the guard. An entry pass could only provide a single entry into the Library for players. However, one could not complete the process of learning a new skill with a single trip. Meanwhile, there was no limit to the number of uses for the Library Member’s Emblem; players could enter the Library without any restrictions if they possessed this emblem. Originally, obtaining the Library Member’s Emblem for a friend was a special right reserved for nobles in White River City. Shi Feng did not think that even a Demon Hunter would have such rights.

“Miss Rain, please hold onto this Library member’s emblem properly. In the future, you simply need to wear it on your person, and none of these guards will bar you from the Library,” Shi Feng said, handing the emblem to Thoughtful Rain, who was currently still in a daze.

Following which, the two of them entered the Library under everyone’s stunned gazes.

Some of the players were immediately dumbfounded. A few female players also revealed their envy as they watched Thoughtful Rain.

At this moment, the players who had previously mocked Shi Feng ran up to the Library’s entrance.

“Halt!” The gatekeeper blocked all the players, coldly saying, “You will need to present your pass if you wish to enter the Library.”

“I’m a Demon Hunter. Will that do?” these players repeated Shi Feng’s words, inwardly praising themselves for their clever minds.

“How brave! You actually dare to impersonate the Lord Demon Hunter?!” When the guard swept a glance over these players, he failed to discover any of them in possession of the Demon Hunter title. Immediately, the guard flared with anger.

In the end, all these ‘smart people’ ended up in tragedy...



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