Zhao Jianhua’s expectant gaze made it difficult for Chen Wu to respond.

Previously, he did not have a clear grasp on Shi Feng’s actual strength. He had merely felt that it was possible for Shi Feng to have already reached _that_ realm. However, now that he had actually witnessed Shi Feng in action, shock was the only word that could describe his current state.

Chen Wu had not dared to imagine that a young man in his early twenties could already attain such a high understanding of martial arts.

If Shi Feng’s understanding of martial arts had merely achieved perfection, Chen Wu could still attribute it to him being a genius. Yet, when Shi Feng executed his moves, his actions were like nature itself, alive and full of spirit. Such actions were impossible with theoretical understanding alone. One needed to experience extensive combat, and also undergo countless life-or-death experiences in order to attain such a level.

Even Chen Wu himself had only recently reached such a level, and he was already 45 years old this year. Ever since he started practicing martial arts at the age of 16, he had participated in hundreds of battles, both large and small. He had even entered actual battlefields before. He could only achieve such a level today after undergoing the baptism of these fields of blood.

Chen Wu found it hard to believe that Shi Feng would possess so much hands-on experience. Even if he started participating in life-or-death battles in his mother’s womb, it was impossible for him to achieve such a degree of perfection in only 20 years or so.

“As he isn’t limiting himself to a single style of combat, I can’t make a good judgment. In Jin Hai City, however, there probably isn’t another youth like him who has cultivated his martial arts to such a level.” Chen Wu sighed, a soft chuckle escaping his mouth.

“It can’t be, right? Master Chen Wu, aren’t you appraising him too highly?” Zhao Jianhua was shocked by Chen Wu’s words.

“No, my evaluation is not high at all. Although Shi Feng’s physique is on the weak side, in terms of actual combat strength, he would have no problem entering the top ten of the provincial fighting tournament.” Chen Wu shook his head, refuting Zhao Jianhua’s words.

Chen Wu’s words instantly shocked Xu Wenqing and Zhao Jianhua.

Although the champion fighter of Jin Hai City could be considered a top-tier expert, on the provincial level, he would not amount to much. After all, there were tens of cities within a single province. Not to mention the top ten, even entering the top thirty in a provincial fighting tournament would be a difficult challenge.

Yet, a martial arts master like Chen Wu was confident that Shi Feng could make it to the top ten. The listeners could not help but raise their evaluation of Shi Feng.

In the past, Chen Wu had personally entered the top three in a provincial tournament, so he had a very good grasp on the standards of the fighters at that level. If Chen Wu said so, then Shi Feng did indeed possess the strength to enter the top ten of the province.

There were hundreds of millions of people within the province, and the number of fighters participating in the tournament was in the hundreds of thousands. If Shi Feng was capable of entering the top ten out of so many participants, then his value would far exceed even that of the champion fighter of Jin Hai City.

In regard to a combat genius like Zhang Luowei, Zhao Jianhua and the others only treated him as one of the younger generation. Although they looked favorably on him, it was not to the degree of placing actual importance on him. In Shi Feng’s case, however, not only was it necessary for them to consider him someone of consequence, they also had to treat him as an equal when dealing with him.

_It seems that I have misjudged that little brat._ _He held such strength in his hands, yet he actually chose to keep it hidden. It is no wonder Ruoxi is placing such importance on him._ At this moment, Zhao Jianhua no longer looked at Shi Feng with anger and contempt; on the contrary, admiration filled his eyes. He then shifted his gaze towards Ling Feilong who sat beside him, thinking in rage, _This brat,_ _on the other hand,_ _actually dared to use me as a_ _hatchet man_ _[1]_ _._ _It seems he needs to be taught a lesson_ _._

Previously, Zhao Jianhua had a favorable opinion of Ling Feilong. He was also clear on the fact that Ling Feilong was trying to pursue Zhao Ruoxi. However, he did not block Ling Feilong’s actions as the boy was indeed excellent; he had the qualifications necessary to pursue his beloved niece, Ruoxi. Now, however, Zhao Jianhua only felt loathing for Ling Feilong.

At this point, even if Zhao Jianhua was an idiot, he could still tell that Ling Feilong had been using him all along. Previously, Ling Feilong had many a time commented on Shi Feng’s shortcomings, his family’s poverty, and how Shi Feng was constantly stalking Ruoxi. Ling Feilong had also mentioned that Shi Feng was often bullied by others, that he was a mediocre person, and so on. Now, however, it would seem that the situation was completely different from what Ling Feilong had made it out to be.

In reality, Ling Feilong had no chance of being compared to Shi Feng, hence why Ling Feilong slandered Shi Feng, giving Zhao Jianhua a bad impression of Shi Feng.

Placing ninth in the university? That might be an impressive feat in Jin Hai University, but against the backdrop of Jin Hai City’s fighting tournament? Ling Feilong would only amount to the standard of a fresh contestant. Meanwhile, there were hundreds of such new contestants participating in the city’s fighting tournament every year. If placed in a provincial tournament, not even a hint of Ling Feilong’s shadow would be found.

As it were, the gap between Ling Feilong and Shi Feng was like the gap between heaven and earth.

_It seems that my eyes are really growing bad. Indeed, just like Elder Xu had said, young people should be left to deal with their own matters._ Zhao Jianhua no longer planned to interfere in the matters between Shi Feng and Zhao Ruoxi, intending to let nature take its course. As for what the final result would look like, that would depend on Ruoxi herself.

Soon after the martial arts competition ended, Shi Feng had undeniably become the main protagonist of the Fellowship Party this time around. Many students from the university came over to greet Shi Feng, hoping to form a connection with him. By contrast, although Zhang Luowei clearly lay unconscious on the floor, not a single person bothered to check up on him—not even his associate Lan Hailong.

Although Shi Feng had long since known about Lan Hailong’s personality, he still couldn’t help but sigh when he saw this scene.

Such was the fickleness of human nature.

However, Shi Feng did not sympathize with Zhang Luowei, because Zhang Luowei was also such a person. In the past, Shadow had recruited plenty of new players with good potential. Just when they were about to enter a period of rapid development, a sudden dispute occurred between Zhang Luowei and Lan Hailong. As a result of that dispute, the two had broken off all relations with each other, and Zhang Luowei had chosen to leave Shadow for good. To add insult to injury, Zhang Luowei had also drawn away a significant number of experts from the Guild when he left to join World Dominators. Shadow received massive damages due to his actions. If such a split had not occurred in the past, Shadow would not have lagged behind in its development and remained a third-rate Guild. Only after Shi Feng had taken over as Guild Leader did Shadow gradually start to develop into a top-tier second-rate Guild.

Yet, in this life, things were completely different. Originally, Shi Feng had planned to pay a huge price to compete for talent against Shadow. Now, however, it would seem that all his plans were unnecessary.

Zhang Luowei had suffered an overwhelming defeat, causing everyone’s opinion of Shadow to fall significantly. By contrast, Zero Wing had become the sole target of the audience now, and Lan Hailong could do nothing but gnash his teeth at this development.

If Lan Hailong had known from the beginning that Shi Feng was so powerful, he definitely would not have agreed to Zhang Luowei having a match with Shi Feng. At the very least, he could still have recruited some experts or new players with good potential. Now, however, he had lost all drawing power in this event. He could only choose from the leftovers of Zero Wing.

“Fellow student Shi Feng, do you think I can join Zero Wing? Even an outer member of the Guild is fine!”

“Hello, I am Ye Wumian, the president of Jin Hai City’s number one Workshop, Green Leaf. I wish to let my entire Workshop join Zero Wing. I wonder if Brother Shi Feng will be willing to accept us? We don’t need many positions, only ten official member spots, and fifty outer member spots.”

Just as Shi Feng restarted his Guild recruitment, the elite students of the university quickly surrounded him. There were also plenty of Workshop representatives and professional fighters trying to meet with him. Among all these requests to join his Guild, the most shocking one was the request from Green Leaf Workshop. In the past, Green Leaf Workshop had completely ignored Shadow’s attempts at recruiting them, and they had instead established their own Guild. After doing so, they had managed to obtain the aid and sponsorship of several corporations, becoming a third-rate Guild in God’s Domain.

At that time, however, the number of Guilds being established in Jin Hai City was growing by the day, which resulted in the dilution of available funding. If the Green Leaf Guild had not been lacking in funds at that time, without a doubt, they would have been a powerful rival for Shadow.

Besides that, Shi Feng had finally managed to locate the Five Demon Generals of Shadow.

By the time the Fellowship Party ended, the number of people he managed to recruit had exceeded the quota he previously set by more than a hundred. Just the number of potential experts he recruited had already exceeded fifty people, as well as nine future top-tier experts. Among those nine were the Five Demon Generals, while the remaining four were core members of Green Leaf Workshop.

After recruiting all these people, Zero Wing Workshop instantly became a huge existence in Jin Hai City’s virtual gaming world. Compared to other third-rate Guilds, Zero Wing had a much more powerful backing now. As long as Shi Feng could turn these players into the backbone of Zero Wing, he would not falter even if he had to start a war with a second-rate Guild.

Following which, Shi Feng spent the remainder of his day signing contracts with these newly recruited members.

As for the management of Zero Wing Workshop, Blackie had long since dealt with it. Moreover, most of the people Shi Feng recruited were originally members of other Workshops, so they took no time at all to adjust themselves to a new environment. In addition, these people could also contribute significantly on the management side of things. However, Blackie was truly shocked when he found out about the amount of people Shi Feng managed to recruit.

The influx of over 400 people had instantly filled up Zero Wing’s workplace. Suddenly, the entire Workshop was much livelier, no longer as empty and quiet as before. It was a fitting atmosphere for such a large Workshop.

Only when night arrived did Shi Feng finally arrive back home. He then cooked a casual meal for himself and downed a bottle of Nutrient Fluids, before starting a new day in God’s Domain.

Also, this new day was fated to be extraordinary.

TL Notes:

[1] hatchet man: someone that does the dirty work of others.




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