Although everyone was shocked by Dark Knight Gaia’s weakening, they were even more shocked by the person who activated Dragon’s Authority, Shi Feng.

Currently, raging winds surrounded Shi Feng’s body, swirling in all directions and creating a dazzling sight.

Shi Feng had now become the focus of this hall.

When Shi Feng took a step forward, his body instantly disappeared and reappeared in front of Dark Knight Gaia. Brandishing both the Abyssal Blade and the Demonbane, Shi Feng sent over a dozen slashes at the Boss, the afterimages of his swords creating an impression of a lotus flower.

Due to the Heavenly Dragon’s Breath, Shi Feng’s Attributes were greatly increased once more. Currently, his Strength had already exceeded 500 points, while his Attack was well over 1,200 points. His Agility had also exceeded 600 points. Whether it was his Attack Power or Attack Speed, both were far above the standards of even a Tier 1 Swordsman. Right now, Shi Feng could even give a Tier 2 Sword Master a run for his money.

This was the power of a Legendary item. Even though Shi Feng only had a fragmented version of it, the increase in combat power he received could allow him to challenge enemies of a higher tier.

Damages of over -1,000 appeared one after another. Some of his attacks had even dealt over -2,000 and -3,000 damage.

Dark Knight Gaia, who had previously been like an immovable mountain, was currently being forced to retreat step after step by the torrent of sword slashes. He could not even enter a basic stance due to the incessant attacks. Meanwhile, Cola was having a relaxed time going against the Boss, expending almost no effort on evading the Boss’s attacks.

However, Shi Feng’s onslaught had yet to end.

Thundering Flash!


Double Chop!

Earth Splitter!

Thunder Flame Explosion!

Every skill dealt over -2,000 damage. Of them, the Level 8 Thunder Flame Explosion had even achieved a critical hit, dealing over -6,000 damage to the Boss.

Shi Feng’s damage far surpassed even that of Blackie now.

“Guild Leader, what sort of potion did you take? How did you suddenly become so awesome?” Cola was extremely curious about Shi Feng’s sudden transformation. Previously, Shi Feng’s single-output damage was even below Blackie’s and Aqua Rose’s. Now, however, his damage had completely left that of the two in the dust. If Shi Feng said it was nothing, not even a ghost would believe him.

“Potion? Cola, you’re thinking too highly of potions. This is the trump card of our Guild!” Blackie said, a grin on his face. He had a fair idea of what was actually going on. After all, he had also been present when Shi Feng obtained the Heavenly Dragon’s Breath.

“Brother Black is right. Cola, you’re looking down on Guild Leader too much,” Lonely Snow chimed in with a proud tone.

The matter of the Fragmented Legendary item had always been a secret between the three of them. Shi Feng had previously told them not to leak any information about it, so nobody else, other than them, knew about it.

After all, just an Epic ranked item alone could entice a first-rate Guild to take action. If it was known that their Guild possessed a Fragmented Legendary item, rivers of blood might start to flow in White River City.

“It’s not a potion?” Aqua Rose was also surprised. However, after she gave it a thought, their words felt right. It should not be possible for potions to provide such a powerful upgrade. Yet, if it was not a potion, what else could allow Shi Feng’s battle strength to increase so tremendously?

Suddenly, Aqua Rose started growing more confused about the Guild known as Zero Wing.

It was clearly a recently established Guild. It could even be described as a blank slate. Yet, shortly after she had joined the Guild, she received one shock after another.

Aqua Rose had even begun to suspect that Shi Feng was an elder of one of those Super Guilds, and that he had come to White River City to play the role of a pig to devour the tiger.

Only a dozen seconds passed since the battle resumed, and already, Dark Knight Gaia had lost 5% of his HP. Currently, he only had 54% of his HP remaining. If this trend continued, his life would end before three minutes even passed.

However, Shi Feng was still not satisfied with this result.

The reason being, along with the passing of time, Dark Knight Gaia would grow stronger and stronger. Moreover, Dragon’s Authority lasted for only one minute. After the minute was up, Dark Knight Gaia would once again be like the reincarnation of a spear god. With Cola’s equipment, he would not last long under the Boss’s onslaught.

Just as Dark Knight Gaia was about to recover his battle strength…

“I wonder how well this move will perform?”

The Abyssal Blade in Shi Feng’s hand suddenly ignited in flames, the fire-type mana within a 30-yard radius frantically gathering around the weapon.

The light from the scorching flames illuminated the dark hall, while the heat evaporated the moisture in the air. Currently, the Abyssal Blade in Shi Feng’s hand was like a miniature sun.

This was none other than Shi Feng’s ultimate move, Flame Burst.

Due to his increased Attributes, the current Flame Burst was much stronger than the last time Shi Feng used it.

Before anyone could react, the Abyssal Blade turned into a shooting star, smashing into Dark Knight Gaia’s chest.

Gaia’s previously impenetrable armor was like tofu when it met with the Abyssal Blade. The Abyssal Blade easily pierced Gaia’s steel armor and body like a hot knife through butter, creating a large hole in Gaia’s chest. However, this was not the end of Shi Feng’s attack. Shi Feng then followed up with five more slashes, each of his slashes dealing over -6,000 damage. Some of them had even achieved a critical hit, dealing over -13,000 damage. Meanwhile, the armor on Dark Knight Gaia’s body was instantly shattered, the sundered metal fragments smashing heavily against the stone pillars at the sides of the hall. These stone pillars completely collapsed at the impact of the metal fragments.

Receiving these six continuous attacks, Dark Knight Gaia instantly lost over 60,000 HP. This scene absolutely dumbfounded everyone in the team.

Right now, Shi Feng looked more like the Boss here with Dark Knight Gaia as the player.

The situation was so shocking that Cola and everyone else in the team even forgot to attack Dark Knight Gaia.

“Oi! Stop daydreaming! The Boss is still alive!” Shi Feng smiled helplessly as he received everyone’s fervent gazes.

After Shi Feng’s reminder, Cola and Ye Wumian quickly reacted and charged at the Boss.

Maybe because he no longer had his armor, Dark Knight Gaia was actually receiving an additional 30% damage from everyone’s attacks now. The raid progressed at a much faster rate right away.

“You ants have angered me! Accept the punishment of darkness!”

The moment Dark Knight Gaia bellowed, the entire hall turned bloody red. Immediately, 20 ferocious-looking Blood Fiends appeared within the hall. Meanwhile, these Blood Fiends each had 20,000 HP, and each of them quickly ran towards their locked targets after being summoned.

“Blackie!” Shi Feng said in the team chat.

“Got it! It’s finally time for me to show off!” Blackie chuckled as he waved his staff. A gigantic magic circle appeared above the hall, and in the blink of an eye, a dazzling star emerged from the magic circle and crashed downwards.

The Stars of Light had a very wide coverage. Hence, Blackie easily enveloped all the Blood Fiends within the skill, the enraged Dark Knight Gaia included.

Each star caused over -5,000 damage. After over a dozen stars came crashing down, not even ashes remained of the Blood Fiends. As for Dark Knight Gaia, he was left in a miserable state after the duration of the skill ended.

Everyone else in the team took this chance to use their most powerful moves on the Boss, holding nothing back.

Before even a minute passed, Dark Knight Gaia’s HP fell to 30%. Instantly, the Boss went into a berserk state, his body doubling in size. In this state, both his Attack Power and Defense were greatly increased.

Even when Cola had Protection Blessing activated, the skill reducing any damage he received by 50%, he lost over 3,000 HP the instant Dark Knight Gaia’s spear connected with his body.

“Just in time.” Shi Feng had been waiting for this moment all along.

Did he think going berserk was amazing?

In front of a dragon, everything was insubstantial!

Shi Feng immediately activated Heavenly Dragon’s Power, increasing his HP by 300%, Strength by 100%, Defense by 300%, and also becoming immune to all controlling effects for two minutes.

After the activation of Heavenly Dragon’s Power, Shi Feng’s body underwent a transformation. Dragon scales suddenly covered his skin, making him look as if he was wearing dragon-scale armor. With the addition of these dragon scales, Shi Feng’s originally ordinary appearance suddenly became tyrannical.



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