Tens of players were currently lining up outside a large and peaceful tomb.

Everyone in this team of players was Level 17 or above, and all of their equipment were at least Mysterious-Iron rank with a few pieces of Secret-Silver Equipment mixed in. Most of the equipment the leading MT of this team had were of Secret-Silver rank, and the crescent-shaped shield he carried was even of Fine-Gold rank.

Meanwhile, all of these well-equipped players were looking reverently at the peerless beauty standing before them.

Looking out through the gaps of her silver-white helmet, her black, crystalline eyes shone with both intelligence and wisdom. Her hair, which was a midnight-black, hung down to her waist, gently brushing against the silver-white armor she wore. Resting her hand on the hilt of a dark-blue greatsword glowing dark blue, she exuded the indomitable aura of a goddess of war as she silently stood there.

This peerless war goddess was none other than the Snow Goddess of Ouroboros, Gentle Snow.

After undergoing the baptism of the Three Great Dungeons, Gentle Snow was even more dazzling than before. She was like a rough stone that had been polished, instantly revealing the sparkle of an icy-cold sapphire.

Currently, not only was Gentle Snow fully equipped with the Snowfall Set Equipment, a Secret-Silver ranked Set Equipment, the greatsword she wielded, albeit of indiscernible quality, was also giving off a frightening amount of energy.

The Snowfall Set Equipment could only be obtained from the Hard Mode of the Three Great Dungeons. As for the Blue Sky greatsword Gentle Snow wielded, she had obtained it after killing a Great Lord that served as a protector of a ruined temple.

If Shi Feng saw this two-handed greatsword, he would definitely be shocked. The reason being, this greatsword was similar to the Abyssal Blade, since it, too, was a Magic Weapon. Furthermore, it was also one of the thirty-six Famed Swords of God’s Domain, Blue Sky.

Just as Gentle Snow’s team was about to raid the fourth Boss of the Land of Death, the White-bone General Jera…

Gentle Snow suddenly received a system notification, and a hint of astonishment flashed through her eyes when she read its contents.

“How can he be so fast?” Gentle Snow knew exactly how difficult it was to obtain a Guild Residence. Even though she had a powerful Guild like Ouroboros, the number one Guild in White River City, backing her, the Reputation she had collected was still far from enough to allow her to become a Baroness of White River City. Yet, Zero Wing was still a step ahead of her. Gentle Snow’s lips suddenly curled into a faint smile as she muttered, “It seems I need to congratulate him.”

In White River City, Ouroboros and Zero Wing were actually allies, although this matter was not known to the public. If people did find out, however, they would definitely be greatly shocked. After all, who would ever imagine that White River City’s number one Guild would actually be willing to form an alliance with Zero Wing, a Guild that was declining by the day.

However, Gentle Snow had indeed done such a thing.

Although Ouroboros was the number one Guild in White River City, they were still far from being considered an unshakable existence. Just the fact that Dark Star was close to surpassing them showed how vulnerable Ouroboros was. Moreover, Dark Star also had some hidden connections with World Dominators, which was also a first-rate Guild like Ouroboros.

If these two powerful Guilds joined hands to wage war against Ouroboros, then Ouroboros would definitely suffer a huge loss.

Hence, Ouroboros itself needed allies. Setting aside Dark Star and World Dominators, there were still three others among the top six Guilds in White River City. Of the three, the most powerful would be Emperor’s Light, a first-rate Guild, while coming in second would be the Assassin’s Alliance, a second-rate Guild. As for Zero Wing, they were considered the weakest of the top six Guilds in White River City. Yet in defiance of all logic, Gentle Snow had chosen to ally herself with the recently established Zero Wing, out of these three Guilds.

The reason for her decision was her optimism for Zero Wing.

Setting aside the mysterious, elusive, and heaven-defyingly powerful Ye Feng, just the fact that Zero Wing had Black Flame in its midst had already solidified Gentle Snow’s conviction. Not only was Black Flame the publicly acknowledged Chief Forger of Star-Moon Kingdom, his personal combat strength was also frighteningly great. In addition, he had a mysterious organization supporting him from behind the scenes, not to mention a deep connection with the Starstreak Trading Firm.

Black Flame’s shocking financial power put even Gentle Snow herself to shame.

Although she could not make head or tail of the connection between Ye Feng and Black Flame, she knew for a fact that both of them possessed immeasurable strength. Yet, despite being so powerful, neither of them chose to reveal that strength to the public, and such an action greatly confused Gentle Snow.

Just the thought of the two of them working together had sent chills down Gentle Snow’s spine.

As if to put icing on the cake, the person named Aqua Rose had also appeared in Zero Wing out of nowhere. Aqua Rose used to be an honorary elder of Twilight Echo. Although her fame was less than Gentle Snow’s, that was only because Gentle Snow had appeared in many advertisements before, raising her profile in the public eye.

Gentle Snow had never personally fought against Aqua Rose. However, based on the video recordings of Aqua Rose’s battles, in terms of combat techniques, should they ever have a fight between themselves, Gentle Snow felt she only had a fifty percent chance of emerging victorious.

In any case, just the presence of these three powerhouses in Zero Wing made it worthwhile for Gentle Snow to ally herself with them. Not to mention, Zero Wing still had many other experts within their ranks. Their true strength and potential were simply unfathomable.

In the eyes of the public, Zero Wing would sooner or later vanish from existence. However, Gentle Snow knew very clearly…

Zero Wing’s current calm was merely the prelude to their next breakout.

The situation right now would be the best example. Against all expectations, Zero Wing had suddenly become the first Guild in Star-Moon Kingdom to obtain its own Guild Residence, miles ahead of the other Guilds. Within moments, Zero Wing had become the focal point of all players throughout Star-Moon Kingdom.


Shortly after the appearance of the system notification, Zero Wing’s recruitment point was overrun by a stampede of players.

Although Aqua Rose had long since prepared for such a reaction, the sea of players desperately trying to join the Guild still left her breathless.

Meanwhile, the players who had previously withdrawn from Zero Wing presently had regret filling up their intestines. If they had not acted so impulsively and had waited just a few more days, they would have been able to enjoy the various benefits offered by a Guild Residence. Now, unless they deleted their game accounts and started over with a new name, it was impossible for them to join Zero Wing anymore. However, who would have the courage to actually delete their account and start all over again?

As for the players that had chosen to remain in Zero Wing, currently, they were extremely happy about their wise decision.

Now that Zero Wing had a Guild Residence, not to mention being able to receive more quests, they could save a lot of money, thanks to the equipment and weapons repair facility of the Guild Residence. Neither would they need to spend money to recover their Stamina at Hotels; they could simply do so at the Guild Residence.

Furthermore, they could also obtain a Double EXP buff just by resting inside the Guild Residence. With this buff, they could grind and level up with much greater efficiency than before.

In addition, Guild Residences could also provide Private Rooms. This was also the greatest benefit of having a Guild Residence.

In God’s Domain, every player would wish to possess their very own private room or house. As long as players logged off inside their own rooms, they could still accumulate the Double EXP buff, and with much greater efficiency than in the Guild Lounge to boot, even though they weren’t personally within the game.

Normally, when Guild members rested within the Guild Residence’s Guild Lounge for 48 hours, they could accumulate 20% Double EXP, and they could accumulate up to one Level’s worth of Double EXP. In the case of a private room, however, players only needed to rest for 24 hours in order to accumulate 20% Double EXP, and they could likewise accumulate up to one Level’s worth of Double EXP. Although the maximum capacity of the buff was the same, the accumulation speed inside a private room was double that of the Guild Lounge.

Of course, this was only in the case of a 1-star Private Housing.

In God’s Domain, housing was also categorized into different levels. Meanwhile, the higher the level, the greater the benefits a player could enjoy. The lowest level housing was 1-star, while the highest was 10-star. Each increase in level required a huge sum of money, and also certain special materials. It would not be easy for players to upgrade their private housings.

For a 1-star Private Housing, every 24 hours, players could accumulate 20% Double EXP, up to a maximum of 1 Level’s worth of Double EXP.

For a 2-star Private Housing, every 24 hours, players could accumulate 25% Double EXP, up to a maximum of 1 Level’s worth of Double EXP.

For a 7-star Private Housing, every 24 hours, players could accumulate 50% Double EXP, up to a maximum of 1 Level’s worth of Double EXP. In addition, players would also receive a Vigor Increased buff, increasing all Attributes by 5% for 2 hours.

For a 8-star Private Housing, every 24 hours, players could accumulate 50% Triple EXP, up to a maximum of 1.5 Level’s worth of Triple EXP. In addition, players would also receive a Vigor Increased buff, increasing all Attributes by 5% for 3 hours.

For a 9-star Private Housing, every 24 hours, players could accumulate 50% Triple EXP, up to a maximum of 2 Level’s worth of Triple EXP. In addition, players would also receive a Vigor Increased buff, increasing all Attributes by 8% for 3 hours.

For a 10-star Private Housing, every 24 hours, players could accumulate 50% Triple EXP, up to a maximum of 3 Level’s worth of Triple EXP. In addition, players would also receive a Vigor Increased buff, increasing all Attributes by 10% for 4 hours.

However, it was simply too difficult for players to obtain their own houses in White River City. Yet, buying a house in a town would not be convenient for them.

Meanwhile, Guild Residences could provide its members with private rooms, although not everyone could enjoy the benefits of a private room, due to limited space inside a Guild Residence. Normally, these private rooms would be given to members who contributed greatly to the Guild and also the upper management of the Guild. If there were any additional private rooms, Guild members could also rent them using the contribution points they accumulated from raiding Dungeons and doing quests.

In God’s Domain, the matter of leveling up would always be a headache to players. Moreover, the further into the game a player went, the harder it was for them to level up. It would not be strange for players to level up only once every three to four days. If players died out in the fields, they would also lose an entire level as a penalty. Hence, a tool that could aid players in leveling up quicker would definitely be well-received.

This Guild benefit alone already held a fatal attraction for all players. And that was in addition to the large number of Guild Quests available for choosing, which would dramatically accelerate players’ leveling speed.



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