“Interesting. Truly interesting.” Sitting on a silver throne, Ucarus voiced his praise as he looked at Shi Feng. “Your performance has completely surpassed our expectations. It is also for this reason that we have decided to reward you with an additional 2,000 Merit Points.”

It was also a fact that the last time someone managed to clear the 7th trial was over a millennium ago.

System: Rewarding 2,000 War God’s Temple Merit Points.

_That’s generous of them._ An expression of joy appeared on Shi Feng’s face.

With 1,500 Merit Points, Shi Feng could afford to exchange for a Dark-Gold ranked item. Meanwhile, 4,000 Merit Points would be equivalent to an Epic ranked item. Hence, the additional 2,000 Merit Points he received right now was truly a big harvest.

“Since you’ve already passed our test, walk to the center of the chamber. We will give you the strength necessary to locate the Seven Treasures,” Ucarus said.

Shi Feng then strode to the center of the Eternal Throne.

There were countless divine runes inscribed on the floor there, joined together to form a huge magic array. Meanwhile, the fifty silver thrones were hovering around this magic array, the thrones themselves apparently connected somehow with this magic array.

“Let us begin, then,” Ucarus said as he looked at his companions.

The lords of the silver thrones nodded their heads and promptly stood up. Immediately after, the mana inside the Eternal Throne started churning. The mana density here was no less than at the God’s Grave.

Meanwhile, this thick mana clustered around the magic array, forming fifty dense-looking fluid balls. Each one of these fluid balls was the size of a basin. These balls of liquid mana were definitely the densest mana Shi Feng had ever seen in all his years of playing God’s Domain. At this time, Ucarus had also turned his head to look at one of the lords of the golden thrones.

“My lord, the preparations are completed,” Ucarus said respectfully.

“It is still not enough,” the phantom sitting in a golden throne said in a low tone.

Ucarus was confused by these words.

The liquid mana they had formed was several hundred times more precious than even Seven Luminaries Crystals, and each and every drop had taken the fifty of them great efforts to form, not to mention fifty basin-sized liquid mana. Such an amount of liquid mana was more than enough to cast a Silver Stigmata.

“It is rare to find good talent. Let us lend a hand as well,” the phantom sitting in a golden throne said to his eight other companions.

“Very well, then. A person capable of passing the 7th trial is indeed worthy of the nine of us taking action.”

The other eight lords of the golden thrones nodded their heads in reply to their companion’s suggestion. They then stood from their seats, floating in mid-air as they started to condense mana as well.

In the blink of an eye, nine house-sized balls of liquid mana appeared in the air above the thrones in the Eternal Throne.

Ucarus and the others were shocked by this sight. Never would they have imagined that these nine lords would actually take action and work together to cast a stigmata for a minor existence like Shi Feng. This was the first time since the appearance of that absolute genius thousands of years ago.

As for Shi Feng, at this moment, he could no longer keep his mouth closed.

In regard to liquid mana, Shi Feng had seen this item before in the past. Mages considered it a priceless treasure. Even when offered Epic ranked items in trade, mage players would not be willing to part with the liquid mana they possessed.

Just the basin-sized balls of liquid mana that each of the lords of the silver thrones had formed had already given Shi Feng a great shock.

Now, the nine peerless existences floating in front of the golden thrones had actually managed to each form a house-sized ball of liquid mana. Judging based on sizes, the total liquid mana summoned by the fifty people from before did not amount to even one-tenth of a single house.

In the next moment, all of the liquid mana summoned was injected into the magic array. The divine runes engraved into the chamber started lighting up one after another, and within moments, every single divine rune inside the grand chamber was giving off a golden glow.

In the center of the Eternal Throne, a golden divine pattern took form. This divine pattern then melded with Shi Feng’s body.

Shi Feng immediately felt his body being filled up with an infinite amount of power, his mind clear as day, as if he knew everything there was to know in the world. However, this feeling only lasted for a few short seconds before it completely dissipated. Meanwhile, Shi Feng’s pupils, which were originally pitch-black in color, had also turned golden for a brief moment. Although his pupils regained their original color, careful observation would reveal innumerable bright stars flashing within them, looking just like the starry skies at night.

System: Congratulations! Player has obtained Golden Stigmata. Reputation with the War God’s Temple increased by 3,000 points.

“The seal on the Endless Abyss has been broken. If we wish to reseal the Endless Abyss, we need the assistance of the Seven Treasures, which the Gods had bestowed upon the human race. However, the Seven Treasures have been missing for hundreds of years now, scattered throughout this large continent. A few of these Seven Treasures have even been damaged. It would be extremely difficult to locate and gather the Seven Treasures. However, with the Stigmata that we have engraved into your body, your task of locating the Seven Treasures should become much easier. As long as you come within a certain range of one of the Seven Treasures, the Stigmata will produce a response to notify you of it. If you happen to come across one of the Seven Treasures that is damaged, the Stigmata can also aid you in repairing it.

“Now that our part here is done, we will move to suppress the Endless Abyss. The fate of the entire continent will depend on you now. I pray that you will be able to gather the Seven Treasures as soon as possible.”

System: Legendary ranked Main Storyline Quest “Seven Treasures” accepted.

Quest details: The Seven Treasures have been scattered throughout the continent. Player is required to gather the Seven Treasures within two years. Otherwise, the Endless Abyss will break through the War God’s Temple’s suppression and plunge all inhabitants of God’s Domain into misery and suffering, turning the continent into the playground of darkness. If player is unable to complete this quest, player’s Level will drop by 30, all Attributes will be permanently reduced by 70%, and all EXP gained will be reduced by 90%.

_The system really is ruthless. If I can’t complete this quest, this account would definitely have to be scrapped. Fortunately, I have two years to complete it._ Shi Feng inwardly clicked his tongue when he read the system notification.

_However, just what is this Stigmata thing?_ Shi Feng wondered as there was nothing new on his body or in his bag. He then opened his status bar to take a look.

As expected, there was an additional column labeled “Stigmata” there.

[Golden Stigmata]

Automatically perceives the presence of the Seven Treasures within a radius of 5,000 yards. Detect can be used once a day to search for the specific location of the Seven Treasures within a radius of 50,000 yards. In addition, player will receive Stigmata’s Power, providing player with Ignore Levels +20 and all Resistances +40. For every increase in five Levels, all Attributes of player will increase by 5 points, in addition to receiving 10 Free Attribute Points and 10 Free Mastery Points. Player will also receive the skill Omniscient Eyes.

[Omniscient Eyes]

A pair of eyes that can see through everything and find out all information. Nothing is capable of hiding from the Omniscient Eyes. The Omniscient Eyes have a perception range of 100 yards.

Duration: 1 minute

Cooldown: 10 minutes

“Such amazing effects!” Shi Feng’s excitement after looking at the effects of the Golden Stigmata was indescribable.

For starters, the additional 40 points in all Resistances meant that he could ignore most of the environmental factors of many terrains. He would also receive reduced damage from spells. When battling against magic-type monsters, he could easily take on the role of an MT.

However, the most amazing part about the Golden Stigmata would still have to be the increase in Attributes. The Golden Stigmata was unlike the Abyssal Blade, whereby Shi Feng would receive two additional Free Attribute Points every time he leveled up. However, the Golden Stigmata would provide Shi Feng with an average of seven Basic Attribute Points per level, two points of which were even Free Attribute Points. This was definitely a huge increase.

Moreover, the Golden Stigmata also provided Shi Feng with a powerful identification skill. This skill would be of significant help when used against Dungeon Bosses or during field battles.

“It seems the Heavenly Dragon’s Breath is already waving its hands at me.” Shi Feng revealed a faint smile.

Originally, the Heavenly Dragon’s Breath’s requirement of 120 points in Intelligence had given Shi Feng a major headache. Now, however, with the bonuses provided by the Golden Stigmata and his Magic Weapon, as long as he received his promotion to a Tier 1 Swordsman, he could definitely equip the Heavenly Dragon’s Breath before he reached Level 30.

He would actually get to equip a Fragmented Legendary item before reaching Level 30. If it were in the past, Shi Feng would not even have dared to dream about it.

Following which, Shi Feng called out the exchange interface of the War God’s Temple and began to carefully look through the treasures there.



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