The Nebula Tiger roared angrily, releasing shockwaves with the sound.

The Nebula Tiger’s roar echoed throughout Creek Town, causing everyone who heard it to shudder.

This was the might of a High Lord ranked Phantom Beast. A single roar could send tremors through a person’s heart.

However, the main reason the Nebula Tiger released this roar was not to shock its enemies. Instead, it was meant for its master.

In the next moment, a layer of crimson mist surrounded Absolute Heaven’s body.

This was the effect of Life Ward, a special skill gained by summoned monsters. When this skill activated, it would form a protective shield around the summoner, increasing the summoner’s defense.

When all was said and done, a summoned monster was still a summoned monster. If the summoner of the monster died, the monster would also disappear. Hence, all summoned monsters would possess skills capable of protecting their masters.

When Absolute Heaven saw the effects of Life Ward, his lips immediately curled into a smile.

When used, Life Ward created a protective shield capable of absorbing 20,000 damage. Even if an enemy managed to close the distance and engage him in melee combat, they would need to expend a significant amount of effort to exhaust the Life Ward. Furthermore, Absolute Heaven possessed high combat power as well. His opponent might die before he could overcome the Life Ward.

Absolute Heaven had originally worried that Shi Feng could simply deal with him directly. However, with the Life Ward protecting him, his only fear vanished.

“Black Flame, your time of death has come!” Absolute Heaven started commanding the Nebula Tiger to attack Shi Feng.

The greatest difference between a summoned monster and a normal monster was the player’s control. While under a player’s control, monsters that had originally possessed powerful Attributes would become even more formidable. Not to mention, as a High Lord ranked monster, the Nebula Tiger possessed quite a number of skills. It would only take an instant for the Nebula Tiger to kill a player.

The Nebula Tiger, which was over three meters in height, lightly tapped its feet on the ground, crossing the distance of over ten yards between Shi Feng and itself in an instant.

“So fast!” Shi Feng was surprised.

The Nebula Tiger swiped its claws at Shi Feng. Although Shi Feng wanted to dodge the attack, his reaction was a step behind, and the attack landed on its target.

However, the Nebula Tiger’s attack did not manage to deal any damage due to Defensive Blade.

Seeing that its first attack had failed, the Nebula Tiger immediately brandished its claws at Shi Feng again.

After swiping its claws at Shi Feng several times, the Defensive Blade’s effect quickly broke.

Just as the Nebula Tiger’s Fatal Swipe was about to reach Shi Feng, Shi Feng barely managed to activate Parry to defend himself.


A Level 30 High Lord ranked monster was simply too powerful. Shi Feng did not even possess a Tier 1 class yet, so it was impossible for him to stop the attack. Like a cannonball, the tiger’s attack launched Shi Feng backward.

“As expected of a great expert like Guild Leader Black Flame, you’ve even managed to block such an attack.” Absolute Heaven could not help but applaud as he watched the exchange between Shi Feng and the Nebula Tiger.

Absolute Heaven was not making fun of Shi Feng at all. Rather, he praised his enemy sincerely.

Absolute Heaven himself was certain that, if he were the one receiving the Nebula Tiger’s attacks right now, he would have no way of defending himself. Most likely, before he could even use Block, the tiger would have killed him already. Yet, Shi Feng held it off.

However, Shi Feng also paid a heavy price when he blocked the attack. As Shi Feng landed, he was both physically and mentally unstable. He could no longer dodge or defend against another one of the Nebula Tiger’s attacks.

The huge gap in Attributes was not something that could be made up for by solely relying on battle techniques.

Previously, Shi Feng had used overwhelming destructive force to suppress Absolute Heaven. Now, Shi Feng faced a similar crisis. It was already praiseworthy that he managed to survive for so long.

Just as the Nebula Tiger pounced at Shi Feng once more, a figure suddenly dashed over and stood before Shi Feng, blocking the Nebula Tiger’s attack and saving Shi Feng’s life.

Absolute Heaven was greatly stunned by this scene. The figure’s speed was simply too fast, and before he could catch a clear glimpse, the figure appeared in front of Shi Feng. More importantly, this figure blocked a full-powered attack from the Nebula Tiger. It was simply unbelievable.

At this moment, Shi Feng looked at the tall figure standing proudly before him. Smiling, he muttered, “Just in time.”

The person that blocked the Nebula Tiger was none other than Kite, Shi Feng’s personal guard.

Kite was a Dark-Gold ranked personal guard. Moreover, he was even a Tier 1 Swordsman who had reached Level 30. Naturally, no player could compare to his strength.

Originally, Shi Feng had not planned to use Kite so soon. However, now that Absolute Heaven had summoned a High Lord ranked monster, he would meet his own death if he did not deploy Kite.

“So, it’s just an NPC guard. And here I wondered who was so powerful to block the Nebula Tiger’s attack. However, do you really believe a Level 30 Tier 1 Swordsman can defeat my High Lord ranked Nebula Tiger?” Absolute Heaven asked disdainfully.

Of course, since he used a summoned monster, he would not criticize Shi Feng’s decision to use an NPC guard. Even so, he was still confident that his Nebula Tiger was stronger than Shi Feng’s personal guard. Although both were Level 30, the Nebula Tiger was far more powerful than a Tier 1 NPC. In his eyes, Shi Feng had done nothing more than delay the inevitable.

“I admit that Kite is not a match for the Nebula Tiger, but he can hold it back for some time. Now, let’s find out which will happen first: your death or Kite’s.” Shi Feng revealed a faint smile. He then charged towards Absolute Heaven.

When all was said and done, Kite was still a Tier 1 NPC. Although he could not defeat the High Lord ranked Nebula Tiger, he would have no problems delaying the monster for some time. Otherwise, he would not deserve the rank of Dark-Gold.

Although the Nebula Tiger tried to chase after Shi Feng, Kite once more stopped the monster in its path, annoying the beast greatly.

In just a moment, Shi Feng swiftly arrived before Absolute Heaven.

Absolute Heaven knew that with Kite present, the Nebula Tiger could not do anything to Shi Feng. Hence, he commanded, “Get rid of that guard first.”

Absolute Heaven still possessed the Life Ward that would absorb 20,000 damage. He did not believe that Shi Feng could kill him so easily. Moreover, he did not intend to confront Shi Feng directly.

After giving his command, Absolute Heaven immediately turned and ran, not giving Shi Feng any chance to attack.

Absolute Heaven knew that even if the Nebula Tiger failed to kill Shi Feng, as long as he could escape and hide inside the town, Shi Feng would lose the bet.

After the Nebula Tiger switched its targets, Kite’s HP started to decrease madly.

After all, the Nebula Tiger was a High Lord ranked monster. Both its Attack Power and Movement Speed were terrifying, and even Kite would sometimes fail to block the beast’s attack. Whenever he was struck, he would lose close to 3,000 HP. Meanwhile, Kite only had slightly more than 18,000 HP.

However, Kite was not an ordinary guard. With a single Cross Slash, he managed to deal close to -10,000 damage. He then followed up with Frozen Slash, Windwalk, and other skills that either reduced the Nebula Tiger’s Movement Speed or increased his own Movement Speed, making it harder for the Nebula Tiger to hit him.

When the tiger used Heaven Splitting Claw, Kite used Triple Spin Attack, a Tier 1 Swordsman skill. When used, the skill made the user invincible for 1.5 seconds while attacking the enemy three times. Moreover, 60% of the damage dealt would even be used to recover the user’s HP. Unfortunately, Triple Spin Attack had a long Cooldown of one minute.

Kite landed one slash after another on the Nebula Tiger, and every hit dealt over -2,000 damage. In the blink of an eye, Kite had recovered all the HP he had lost.

Absolute Heaven was baffled by this scene. He had not expected Kite to be so powerful that he could actually contend with the Nebula Tiger. If the Nebula Tiger had not possessed a frightening 1,800,000 HP, Absolute Heaven suspected that Kite might actually succeed in killing the monster.

Absolute Heaven came to the conclusion that the Nebula Tiger could not finish off Kite in a short amount of time. Hence, the only way out for him right now was to escape into Creek Town.

However, Shi Feng no longer gave Absolute Heaven any chances. When only a few yards stood between him and Absolute Heaven, he used Abyssal Bind on the Assassin.

Knowing that the situation had turned out of his favor, Absolute Heaven used Vanish without hesitation, causing Abyssal Bind to lose its target. Moreover, Vanish allowed him to enter a state of Forced Stealth for three seconds. During this period, even if Absolute Heaven received any damage, he would only break Stealth temporarily before automatically re-entering Stealth once again.

Shi Feng simply revealed a smile at his opponent’s actions. Shi Feng then used Earth Splitter. A sword aura immediately rushed towards the location where Absolute Heaven had stood, the attack revealing Absolute Heaven momentarily before he disappeared again. Although it was only an instant, Shi Feng had enough time to lock onto Absolute Heaven’s position.

Shi Feng then used Space Movement, appearing directly above the Assassin.

Thunder Flame Explosion!

Lighting and fire descended from the skies, landing directly on Absolute Heaven’s head.

Absolute Heaven responded quickly to the incoming attack and threw himself forward. Simultaneously, Absolute Heaven used Shadow Cloak to negate the damage from Thunder Flame Explosion and resist the Faint effect.

Shi Feng was slightly astonished when he saw the skill Absolute Heaven used. He never expected for Absolute Heaven to have learned even Shadow Cloak. It was no wonder why Absolute Heaven was so confident of escaping.

Shadow Cloak allowed the user to become immune to all magic damage and control effects for five seconds. It was the perfect skill for escaping.

However, Shi Feng immediately switched the Aura of Space to the Aura of Fire, increasing his damage by 30% and decreasing his target’s Defense by 30%. He then cast Firestorm at the location where Absolute Heaven had disappeared from again.


Inflicts 500% damage within a range of 10*10 yards for 5 seconds.

Although Firestorm would not deal any damage to Absolute Heaven, it could still expose Absolute Heaven.

Sure enough, Absolute Heaven’s figure appeared once again after the attack landed. Moreover, while Absolute Heaven remained within the effective range of Firestorm, it was impossible for him to re-enter Stealth.

Shi Feng advanced and charged at Absolute Heaven. Simultaneously, he had activated Purgatory Power, greatly increasing his Attack Speed and damage.

He then used Flame Burst at the escaping Absolute Heaven.

Covered in flames, the Abyssal Blade in Shi Feng’s hand was like a miniature sun. Shi Feng brandished his sword six times at Absolute Heaven, striking the protective shield repeatedly.

Every strike dealt over -4,000 damage. His critical hits dealt close to -9,000 damage.

Even though the Life Ward protecting Absolute Heaven could absorb up to 20,000 damage, in the face of Flame Burst, Shi Feng sliced the protective shield apart like paper. His’s subsequent attack after breaking the shield struck Absolute Heaven’s back. The Secret-Silver Equipment Absolute Heaven wore also lost more than half of its durability from the attack. To Absolute Heaven’s disbelief, his HP, which had been over 2,000, plummeted to zero. The Assassin’s body fell to the ground, his weapons and equipment scattered around his body.

Although everything seemed to have happened slowly, in reality, it only lasted an instant.

The battle stunned the Zero Wing members who watched from a distance. At this moment, no words could describe their feelings.

It turned out that a battle between players in God’s Domain could also be so frightening.

It was a battle that shook them to their core.

From the appearance of the red pillar of light to the end of the battle, less than 20 seconds had passed. First, there was the confrontation between the High Lord ranked monster and the Tier 1 NPC Swordsman, and then, there was the chasing battle. The spectating members of Zero Wing had only managed to catch the afterimages of two figures running towards town, with one escaping while the other pursued. As the battle continued, the appearance of lightning and fire dazzled the eyes. Finally, after the momentary appearance of a miniature sun, one person lay flat on the ground with items strewn around his lifeless body.

On the other side, the battle between the Nebula Tiger and Kite also came to an end. Now that its master was dead, the Nebula Tiger transformed into light particles and disappeared. Only Kite remained, standing there quietly and covered in numerous wounds. Meanwhile, the land surrounding Kite was in a miserable state. Pits and cracks surrounded him. One could just imagine how fierce the battle had been.



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