Shi Feng’s appearance stunned the Guild players blocking the entrance.

To think there was actually someone so foolish….

“Brat, you must be a newcomer, right?

“In White River City, we are the sky. Even Zero Wing, which is in its heyday right now, has to bow before us.

“Since you are also new, I’ll give you a piece of advice. Join us. Why bother with a Guild that has no future like Zero Wing?”

“Of course, it’s also fine if you don’t wish to join us. Just pay 5 Silver Coins, and we’ll let you be on your way.”

The various Guild players laughed maniacally.

Shi Feng paid no mind to the ridicule and laughter. Instead, he said, “So, it turns out that your Guilds are such good-for-nothings. Instead of growing the courage to confront Zero Wing, you came here to target the players intending to join them. Don’t you think you’re ridiculous?”

“Brat, you trying to challenge us?” the male Assassin from Dark Star sneered disdainfully.

As the male Assassin spoke, the other Guilds sent forward a few of their own first-class citizens.

As first-class citizens, as long as they did not damage players without Reputation, even if they manhandled the other party, they would not face any consequences. Hence, they could simply drag Shi Feng and the other two newcomers out of White River City. Kill them? Cut them? They could do whatever they wanted.

It would be even better if the newcomers retaliated. As long as the newcomers retaliated, they could kill them.

In other words, regardless of whether Shi Feng and the other two retaliated or not, they would not have a happy ending.

At this moment, Shadow Sword whispered to Shi Feng, saying, “Fellow brother, thank you for standing up for us. In a moment, I’ll charge ahead, so take the chance to escape. As long as you leave the Teleportation Hall, you should be able to avoid them. If you hide in the high-class area of the city, they cant use force against you.”

There were differences between the areas in a city. In the common areas of the city, as long as no actual damage occurred, the NPC guards would not pay any attention to the friction between players. However, it was a different story if such a situation occurred in the high-class areas or Trade Area. The same applied to the restaurants and shops inside the city. Even first-class citizens would be arrested and jailed if they tried to create trouble in this areas.

Shi Feng smiled in reply to Shadow Sword’s words. However, he did not take them to heart as he continued advancing, walking step by step towards Drunken Maniac, the male Assassin from Dark Star.

“What’s wrong with this person?”

Originally, Turtledove had some goodwill towards Shi Feng. However, seeing that Shi Feng ignored Shadow Sword’s words, her impression of him worsened slightly.

“Turtledove!” Shadow Sword chided in a low tone.

“Hmph! I want to see what he’s going to do next!” Turtledove snorted as she frowned Shi Feng’s frail back.

Shadow Sword remained silent, quietly watching Shi Feng. Shadow Sword felt that Shi Feng was not as simple as he appeared. Although the Black Cloak that Shi Feng wore hid his appearance, level, and name, it could not hide the air of an expert his body exuded. Moreover, looking at Shi Feng’s unperturbed appearance, Shadow Sword’s certainty that Shi Feng was a powerful expert grew; hence, he hindered Turtledove’s actions.

However, Shadow Sword had not expected anything to actually happen. After all, they were still within White River City. Even experts were not allowed to take action here.

“Oh? Since you want to die, we’ll play with you.”

Six players with statuses of first-class citizens immediately surrounded and grabbed at Shi Feng, intending to drag him away and out of the city.

“Huh? What’s going on?” one of the six first-class citizen players asked, astonished.

Despite the six of them working together, no matter how much strength they used, Shi Feng did not even budge a single inch.

“What happened to you all? Isn’t he just a newcomer? Why haven’t you dragged him away yet?” Drunken Maniac demanded, his brows wrinkling.

Lone Tyrant had sent him to deal with players that came from other cities to join Zero Wing.

Due to Zero Wing’s growing popularity, many players on the forums had expressed their intentions to migrate to White River City to join the up and coming Guild.

Faced with such a situation, the various Guilds in White River City were unable to sit still. It was especially true for Dark Star and World Dominators.

Currently, Zero Wing was a huge headache for them. If they allowed experts from other cities to bolster Zero Wing’s ranks, the Guild would soon grow to become an unstoppable force in White River City. Hence, many Guilds decided to cooperate with each other and sent a few of their members with high Reputation to occupy the Teleportation Hall.

With so many Guilds working together, even Zero Wing would not dare create conflict casually.

By doing so, not only could they reduce the numbers joining Zero Wing, but they could also reduce some of Zero Wing’s prestige, killing two birds with one stone.

However, the only reply Drunken Maniac received was the flash of a sword.

Earth Splitter!

The players surrounding Shi Feng were only Level 16. Their HP was only slightly over 2,000. They could not endure Shi Feng’s sword at all. With a single attack, all six players surrounding Shi Feng fell like puppets who had their strings cut.

“You…! You actually attacked us!” Drunken Maniac gaped Shi Feng in disbelief. He could not understand why Shi Feng dared to attack them. They were still inside White River City. They also had so many players on their side. So, shouldn’t Shi Feng be on his knees, begging for mercy and allowing them to trample him?

Meanwhile, Turtledove, who stood behind Shi Feng, had her mouth open wide in shock. With her eyes fixed on Shi Feng’s back, she couldn’t help but mutter in a low tone, “Who… Just who is he?”

At this moment, Shadow Sword’s expression turned solemn.

He was not surprised by the fact that Shi Feng had made a move. However, being able to kill six elite Guild members with a single hit was simply unbelievable. Shi Feng’s Attack Power was practically on the same level as a Boss monster.

After killing the six players who had surrounded him, Shi Feng turned to Drunken Maniac. With a faint smile, he asked, “So, what if I attacked you?”

Shi Feng was a Viscount of White River City. He was a bona fide major noble. Yet, these players had dared to flaunt their slight skill before him. These players simply did not know their own place.

First-class citizen was just a nice-sounding title. In reality, they were commoners in White River City.

Meanwhile, a commoner that dared to make a move against a major noble was a commoner that did not know the meaning of the word “death.”

Drunken Maniac felt a chill crawl down his body when Shi Feng had glanced at him. It was as if Shi Feng were a towering giant that could easily stomp him to death. Involuntarily, Drunken Maniac retreated a few steps. However, when he thought of the many allies behind him, courage filled his heart. He then pointed at Shi Feng with unflattering rage.

“Brat, you’re courting death!

“Since you dared to kill us within White River City, nobody in the entire City can save you now! It would be the same even if Black Flame were here right now!

“Brothers, kill him!”

Tens of Dark Star members charged at Shi Feng. In the distance, over a dozen mages had also begun to chant their spells.

In the next moment, however, everyone discovered that they were actually unable to use any of their skills.

Immediately, Shi Feng swung the Abyssal Blade and sent three arcs of lightning at the group charging at him, causing damages of over -1,000 points to appear three times over everyone’s head. Under the lightning’s might, none survived.

At this moment, even a fool could tell that Shi Feng was not a simple character.

Originally, the members of the various Guilds present had laughed at Shi Feng for his foolishness. Now, however, no one laughed.

Shi Feng’s first strike had killed six players, while his second had killed tens of players. At this moment, nobody dared to make even the slightest movement, deeply afraid that the next person to die would be themselves.

The only thing they could do right now was to wait for the arrival of the city guards. Only the city guards could deal with a monster like Shi Feng.

“You… Just who are you?” Drunken Maniac retreated, his body trembling uncontrollably.

Shi Feng was simply too powerful!

This was the first time Drunken Maniac had felt such an invisible power.

Although there was nothing surrounding his body, Drunken Maniac felt as if his body were made of lead. Even his breath became extremely heavy.

“You said that it would be useless even if Black Flame were here. Well, I’m standing here right now. What you are going to do about it?” Shi Feng removed the Black Cloak. He then smiled at Drunken Maniac once more, slowly advancing towards the Assassin, step by step.

Without the Black Cloak, everyone recognized him as Black Flame.



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