Although the explosions from outside the Teleportation Hall grew increasingly louder, they had not dissuaded any of the various Guild players from their opportunity for fame and fortune.

Currently, the Guild Leader of Zero Wing stood before them. As long as they could kill Black Flame, they would become famous overnight. Whether it was for themselves or their Guild, they would benefit greatly from killing Black Flame.

Black Flame’s reputation was simply too powerful.

The prestige Zero Wing enjoyed today was largely due to Black Flame.

Now that such a fortuitous opportunity lay before them, they simply could not pass it up.

Black Flame had already taken the initiative to kill so many players inside the city, violating White River City’s laws. Now, he was no longer protected by the City. In a moment, the guards would arrive to kill Black Flame. Which was to say, even if they killed Black Flame, the guards of White River City would do nothing to them.

Currently, they had the Teleportation Hall’s only exit blocked off. They might never encounter such a godsend opportunity in the future.

“Ignore what’s happening outside for now! Let’s get rid of Black Flame first, then talk. If the guards arrive, we won’t have the chance to kill him anymore!”

“That’s right! We can’t let him get away!”

“Black Flame, don’t think that you are amazing just because you are an expert! Today, you will die!”

“So what if you’re an expert?”

“Do you know what strength in numbers means?”

The various Guild players all wore sneers on their faces. Obviously, they no longer held any respect for Shi Feng. There was only greed and highly-inflated confidence in their eyes right now.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, I’ll attract their attention in a moment, so take the chance to escape,” Shadow Sword said as he suddenly moved in front of Shi Feng.

Shi Feng looked at Shadow Sword strangely.

Previously, Shi Feng had not been too concerned about Shadow Sword as he had focused on the situation itself. Now that he took a closer look at Shadow Sword, he suddenly discovered that this person was not as simple as he seemed. Although Shadow Sword’s equipment was nothing special, and he was only Level 17, his every movement exuded the unique temperament that only martial arts practitioners possessed.

_Although I had never heard of an expert named Shadow Sword in the past, this person is still quite interesting._ Shi Feng revealed a faint smile as he examined Shadow Sword’s figure.

Although Shi Feng had been the Guild Leader of Shadow in the past and had played God’s Domain for over a decade, it was simply impossible for him to remember the names of every expert in God’s Domain. After all, there were simply too many experts in this game.

However, what Shi Feng admired about Shadow Sword was not his skills. Rather, it was Shadow Sword’s behavior.

In a situation where most people would hide and cower, Shadow Sword actively rushed forward instead. Even though he knew that this was a suicidal thing to do, he had still done it. It had been a long time since Shi Feng had encountered such a “fool.”

Even while hundreds of players charged at Shi Feng, Turtledove discovered that Shi Feng had not moved an inch. Instead, he stood there quietly, watching the crowd.

Inwardly, Turtledove was stunned, wondering what was going through Shi Feng’s mind.

_Has he already given up?_

“Oh? There really are a lot of Guilds here. It seems that I’ll have to use a little effort this time,” Shi Feng looked around, memorizing all the Guilds here today.

If he did not give these Guilds a taste of Zero Wing’s might, their actions would only grow bolder in the future.

Normally, he would not stand a chance against such a crowd. Now, however, the situation was different.

“It should be about time. You two, in a moment, distance yourselves. The farther, the better. It would be unfortunate if I mistakenly injured you,” Shi Feng whispered a reminder to Shadow Sword and Turtledove before slowly advancing on the crowd. At the same time, he activated the Aura of Space on the Seven Luminaries Ring, becoming immune to all control and restricting effects.

Shi Feng’s instructions confused the two independent players.

Just what was he planning to do?

Did he really intend to engage in a deathmatch with these hundreds of players?

“Presumptuous! Die!” One of the Level 16 Berserkers who led the charge smiled disdainfully. Lifting his battle axe, he used Charge and took the lead to hack at Shi Feng.

The giant battle axe carried a strong wind with it as it descended.

Originally, the Berserker thought he could repel Shi Feng with a single attack. In the next moment, however, this Level 16 Berserker finally realized what true “Strength” was.

Making a casual swing with the Abyssal Blade, Shi Feng slashed at the steel battle axe, sending both the axe and the Berserker flying. Following which, Shi Feng charged towards his incoming opponents like a bullet, crashing into and dispersing the crowd.

“Is he a monster?” Turtledove was dumbfounded.

The players from the various large Guilds were also momentarily stunned. However, they quickly recovered their wits.

“Mages, kill him!”

Although the melee players who had charged at Shi Feng had scattered, the mages standing in the back had not stopped their chanting. Soon, spells flew at Shi Feng, one after another. Not daring to take all of those spells head-on, Shi Feng quickly carried out complex footwork, his dance becoming ethereal. Dodging one spell after another, Shi Feng charged towards the crowd.

“Not good! He’s going for the healers! All melees, block him!”

A group of melee players immediately charged forward and blocked Shi Feng’s path.

However, their attempt was futile. Shi Feng was currently Level 24, and most of the equipment he wore was Fine-Gold rank or above. All of his Attributes far surpassed these Level 16 and Level 17 melee players. With ease, Shi Feng plowed through all obstacles before him. Sword flashes enveloped these players. Even though these players had skills that could block attacks, their bodies could not keep up and react appropriately. Hence, Shi Feng eliminated them easily.

Moreover, as Shi Feng weaved his way through the crowd, the ranged mages were unable to hit the Swordsman. There was always someone Shi Feng could use as a shield, taking the hits for him. Even if some players used targeted control skills on him, Shi Feng possessed the Aura of Space’s effect that made him immune to all control effects.

“You melees are too stupid! Don’t you know how to get out of the way?”

“Crap, you mages are the idiots! Why can’t you aim properly?”

Fresh blood splashed through the air. After the death of over a dozen people, the various Guild players grew fretful, and they began to bicker amongst themselves.

“Why are you so anxious? Can’t you all see that Black Flame’s HP has fallen by quite a bit? He doesn’t have a healer. He won’t last long.” At this time, a sturdy and robust looking Guardian Knight stepped out from within the Teleportation Hall. Several hundred Guild players followed him as well.

“Guild Leader Lone Tyrant, why are you here?”

Everyone present immediately recognized the Guardian Knight.

At this moment, Lone Tyrant no longer possessed his previous calm. Now, as if possessed by a devil, both of his eyes glowed with a crimson light.

When Lone Tyrant discovered Shi Feng appearance in the Teleportation Hall, he immediately used a Return Scroll and rushed back to White River City. His previous death at Shi Feng’s hands had been an utter disgrace. Afterward, he had been forced out of the Ranking List. At this moment, Lone Tyrant’s hatred for Shi Feng was deeper than an ocean.

“Black Flame, today you will die! Everyone, charge!” Lone Tyrant laughed madly as he watched Shi Feng fight.


Suddenly, several hundred Dark Star elite members charged at Shi Feng.

“This Lone Tyrant sure has good timing.” Shi Feng could not help but wrinkle his brows. Currently, although he still had over 70% of his HP remaining, he would not last long if he had to face an additional mob of several hundred Dark Star elite members. “It seems that I can only retreat for now.”

Just as Shi Feng charged towards the entrance…

A huge explosion occurred in front of the Teleportation Hall.

The hundreds of players blocking the entrance were instantly obliterated, and not even their corpses remained. Only the items these players had dropped were left behind.

Shocked, everyone turned to look at the source of the explosion.

“What is that?” Turtledove’s eyes widened, a look of disbelief plastered on her face.

A steel giant had appeared at the entrance of the Teleportation Hall. Just by standing there, the steel giant caused those who looked at it to feel chills down their spines.

Simultaneously, all players in White River City received a notification.

White River City System Announcement: Monsters have invaded White River City! Assist the guards of White River City to repel the attack! Players will receive bountiful rewards based on contributions.

However, despite this system notification, this steel giant’s contemptuous laughter petrified any player who heard it.

“I’ve finally found you.”



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