“First, they used the Six-star Extermination Magic Array. Now, there are even Berserk Potions. Red Feather really is wealthy.” Shi Feng immediately recognized the blood-red potions in the six Assassins’ hands.

At this stage of the game, there were no players capable producing a Berserk Potion.

Moreover, the recipe was not easily obtainable. The only way to obtain these potions was through killing the Bosses of a Team Dungeon. However, the drop rate was very low. Statistically, it was only 0.2%. In other words, one could only obtain two bottles after killing 1,000 Team Dungeon Bosses. Hence, without sufficient strength, it was impossible for a Guild to obtain six Berserk Potions.

When consumed, the Berserk Potion would stimulate a player’s physical potential, increasing their Strength and Agility. The player’s physique would also exceed its limits, allowing the player to carry out actions that they normally couldn’t do. To put it simply, the Berserk Potion was a very overbearing potion.

“Black Flame, we admit that you are impressive. However, playtime is over.” After the Assassin named Grey Squirrel drank the Berserk Potion, his skin began to turn red. The blood vessels all over his body bulged, and his body started emitting waves of heat. His aura had also completely changed.

The moment Grey Squirrel finished speaking, his body flickered, and the ground under his feet cracked. Leaving behind an afterimage, Grey Squirrel instantly appeared behind Shi Feng. His bright snowy dagger transformed into a white flash that flew towards Shi Feng’s back, his speed reaching far beyond that of his previous attacks.

Startled, Shi Feng hurriedly spun and used the Abyssal Blade to meet Grey Squirrel’s dagger.


Sparks flew in all directions as metal clashed.

The collision forced Shi Feng back by half a step. Grey Squirrel, on the other hand, was forced to take a full step backward. In terms of Strength, Shi Feng was still obviously superior.

However, this single exchange forced Shi Feng to take things seriously. From this single exchange, Shi Feng could feel that the Assassins Attributes were not far below his own.

Facing Gray Squirrel and his team, Shi Feng’s small advantage of Attributes was almost nonexistent without the use of his skills. Even in a one-on-one battle, it would be very difficult to achieve victory, let alone a one-on-six battle.

Compared to Shi Feng’s astonishment, Grey Squirrel and the others were even more shocked by their brief confrontation.

After drinking the Berserk Potion, they understood just how amazing the potion’s effects were. Yet, even with the effects of the Berserk Potion, their Attributes were still inferior to Shi Feng’s.

Shi Feng’s strength completely surpassed their imaginations. This revelation was astonishing.

“Just how excellent is Black Flame’s equipment?” Grey Squirrel kept focused on Shi Feng, his expression becoming serious. He then said to his five companions, “We’ll attack him together!”

The other five nodded. If they only relied on Grey Squirrel to deal with Shi Feng, the final victor of the battle would most likely be Shi Feng.

Seeing all six opponents approaching simultaneously, Shi Feng dared not underestimate them. Shi Feng took out a Basic Frost Grenade from his bag, tossing it at the Assassins.

Although he could not use skills, there was no restriction on the items inside his bag. Compared to Absolute Time of the Seven Luminaries Ring, the Six-star Extermination Magic Array was inferior.

When the Frost Grenade exploded, the six Assassins charging at Shi Feng failed to react in time and froze on the spot.

The six of them knew the dangers of being restrained. Hence, they all used Vanish to dispel the freezing effect. Originally, they had intended to continue their charge. However, the six of them suddenly saw Shi Feng remove an extremely familiar item from his bag.

Berserk Potion!

“How do you have one as well?!” Grey Squirrel’s eyes widened, intense fear appearing on his face.

“What? Your Star Alliance can obtain this item, but our Zero Wing can’t? Don’t forget that I am also the leader of a Guild. There should be a limit to how much you look down on us.” Shi Feng revealed a faint smile as he held the blood-red Berserk Potion before emptying the contents of the bottle.

In the next moment, Shi Feng’s skill turned blood-red. His entire body shown with a faint blue shimmer as well. Following which, his body emitted a violent heatwave, and even the six Assassins, who were over seven yards away, felt it. The effects displayed after Shi Feng drank the Berserk Potion were far stronger than theirs. Clearly, the increase Shi Feng received was much greater than theirs.

The Berserk Potion would display strength corresponding to the potential of the consumer’s existing physique.

Shi Feng was superior to the six Assassins in every aspect. Hence, after drinking the Berserk Potion, the resulting upgrade was far more impressive.

“Let’s start the second round, shall we?” Shi Feng cracked his knuckles. He could feel his entire body brimming with strength. Despite the fact that he stood still, cracks already began to form beneath his feet. His strength now far surpassed the strength he possessed after activating Purgatory Power. He then smiled at the six terrified Assassins.

The Assassins stared at Shi Feng as if he were the Demon God, and they couldn’t help but gulp.

Taking a step forward, Shi Feng suddenly disappeared. Before the six could react, Shi Feng appeared before Grey Squirrel. The silvery-grey Abyssal Blade descended.

Grey Squirrel tried to raise his daggers to block the attack. However, he suddenly discovered that his speed could not keep up with Shi Feng. As he had already used his lifesaving skill, Vanish, Grey Squirrel could only stare helplessly as the Abyssal Blade cleaved down into his body. A damage of -2,641 points appeared above his head, decimating his HP that was barely over 2,000. Moreover, the strike had not been a critical hit.

The other five broke down at this sight.

The speed of that strike was far too fast.

Today, they had finally witnessed what the words “In the world of martial arts, there are no impregnable defenses; only swiftness is invincible” meant.

Before Shi Feng drank the Berserk Potion, they could cope with his speed and Strength. After he drank the potion, however, they had no chance. If they had known, they would never have chosen to drink the Berserk Potions.

However, it was already too late….


Meanwhile, while Shi Feng fought inside the Six-star Extermination Magic Array, the various Guilds outside the Teleportation Hall also recomposed themselves. Once more, they charged into the building.

The moment they entered the building, however, they noticed a giant magic barrier of purple flame blocking the corridor, preventing them from advancing.

The various Guilds grew anxious, having no idea what was happening.

Red Feather, on the other hand, had an indifferent look on his face when he saw this purple flame barrier. The appearance of this barrier meant that Grey Squirrel and his group had succeeded. Shi Feng, who was trapped within the barrier, would definitely die. As soon as the barrier lifted, the drops Shi Feng had looted, as well as the equipment he wore, would belong to the Star Alliance.

A moment later, the purple flame barrier began to vanish, holding everyone’s attention.

_Good. The next thing we need to do is to get Grey Squirrel and the others out of here._ Red Feather felt ecstatic in his heart. Although they had wasted the Six-star Extermination Magic Array, close to half of the Mechanical Slayer’s loot belonged to them now. Compared to such a gain, the loss of a Barrier Crystal was insignificant.

After the purple flames completely dissipated, a figure appeared before the crowd.

Red Feather’s ecstatic mood instantly fell into an abyss. Following which, his face turned pale as he glared hatefully at the lone figure that had appeared. Gnashing his teeth, Red Feather bellowed, “Black Flame!”

Red Feather could not believe that Shi Feng had actually defeated six expert Assassins. Moreover, Shi Feng had done so without the use of his skills. As a precaution, Red Feather had even given each of the six Assassins a Berserk Potion. Yet, the result was still a resounding defeat.

“Crap! Zero Wing has activated the teleportation array! Black Flame is going to escape!” a player shouted, reacting quickly.

However, by the time everyone heard this reminder, it was too late. Shi Feng’s body flickered, easily throwing off the crowd as he drilled his way to the teleportation array. Aqua Rose promptly clicked “Teleport.” In the next moment, the members of Zero Wing disappeared from the Teleportation Hall, leaving behind a crowd of stupefied Guild players, as well as Red Feather, whose heart bled in pain.

Not only had Red Feather lost the Six-star Extermination Magic Array and the Berserk Potions, but he was also required to compensate the losses of the various Guilds present. Meanwhile, he had gained absolutely nothing.

As for pursuing Shi Feng and the others from Zero Wing, that was impossible. Ignoring the fact that he had no idea where they had teleported to, even if he knew, it was impossible to kill them while inside the city’s safe zone without overwhelming force.

As of this moment, the war inside White River City had finally reached its end.

In this war, aside from Zero Wing obtaining the most astonishing harvest, the Assassin’s Alliance, Emperor’s Light, and Ouroboros had also gained a small harvest. These three Guilds had immediately fled the battlefield the moment they claimed some of the drops. They made no attempts to snatch the drops from Shi Feng like how the other Guilds had. As for the other Guilds, every single one of them had suffered immense losses.

As for the members of Zero Wing that had escaped, after the restriction on the dropped items lifted, Shi Feng allowed everyone to get some well-deserved rest. After all, long battles were very taxing on one’s spirit. Meanwhile, Shi Feng also rented a room at a hotel and promptly logged off.

During this war in White River City, many spectating players had recorded videos of the battles and uploaded them to the official forums. The videos caused a huge sensation throughout the entire Star-Moon Kingdom. It was especially true when everyone watched Black Flame’s battle.

He only required one strike per person, a hundred strikes to bring about annihilation. Moreover, with his strength alone, he had managed to shake an army of tens of thousands. Everyone watching the video trembled with excitement.

Suddenly, every player throughout the Star-Moon Kingdom knew the name Black Flame.

“Say, do you guys think that Black Flame will make it onto the Secret Pavilion’s Experts List this time?”

“What are you talking about? Of course, he will! If he doesn’t make it, then the Secret Pavilion is blind. I’m just wondering what rank Black Flame will get.”

“Won’t we know once the Secret Pavilion publishes the new Experts List tomorrow?”

After the war in White River City ended, the Star-Moon Kingdom official forums exploded with activity. Many people discussed Black Flame and the Secret Pavilion’s Experts List.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng simply chuckled as he read through these forum discussions. After drinking a bottle of Nutrient Fluids, he began his physical training.

The Secret Pavilion was indeed a well-known existence in the virtual gaming world. Countless players dreamed of ranking on the Secret Pavilion’s Experts List. In the past, Shi Feng had dreamed of the same thing.

However, there were simply too many players in God’s Domain.

Star-Moon Kingdom was only one of the hundreds of countries within God’s Domain. If the positions on the Experts List were averagely allocated, each kingdom and empire in God’s Domain would only receive several spots. In other words, among the hundreds of millions of players residing in Star-Moon Kingdom, only a few would have the privilege of ranking on the Secret Pavilion’s Experts List.

However, through the Experts List, Shi Feng had also discovered information relating to the experts of God’s Domain. For example, he had learned of the Cleric God Violet Cloud, the Mage God Aqua Rose, and many other god-ranked experts.

“Hm? What’s going on today? Why have I suddenly become stronger?” Shi Feng, who was currently working out in his room, felt something amiss.

In the past, after completing a set of exercises, he would lay paralyzed on the floor for quite some time. Today, however, he could stand and move with ease. He could feel that his body was still far from reaching its limit.

Normally, physical improvement occurred gradually. It was impossible significantly improve within a short time. Yet, such a situation had actually occurred. So, how could Shi Feng not be surprised?

“It seems that I’ll have to head to the Big Dipper Training Center to take a test.” Unable to figure out the reason for his sudden improvement, Shi Feng had no choice but to have himself examined. He might even learn some secrets to improving his physical fitness.



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