“Big Dipper certainly acted quickly. It’s only been a few days now, and they’ve already recruited so many students.” Zhao Ruoxi was not surprised by the sudden arrival of the hundreds of students. She then looked at Shi Feng, who had stared at those students curiously all this time, explaining, “These students are the elites that Big Dipper selected from the youths who will represent the city in the upcoming Provincial Youth Fighting Competition. They were brought here mainly to gain glory for our city in the upcoming provincial competition. To help them rank higher in the competition, Big Dipper had allowed these students to train here. After all, the environment and facilities here are valuable and would help these students improve.”

A realization struck Shi Feng after hearing Zhao Ruoxi’s explanation.

Indeed, it was just about time for the Provincial Youth Fighting Competition to begin. Only, he had never expected Big Dipper to be so generous.

“In reality, Big Dipper doesn’t really have a choice in this. The sudden appearance of God’s Domain has made a tremendous impact on various industries and professions. It is especially true for the fighting industry. Many people who have focused on fighting competitions have shifted their sights towards God’s Domain, causing a downturn in the fighting industry. The number of people willing to exercise at Big Dipper has decreased. In order to recover from this decline, Big Dipper has no choice but to do something like this in the hopes of recovering the fighting competitions’ popularity,” Zhao Ruoxi explained.

“There are fewer people working out?” Shi Feng suddenly thought of a good method to increase the strength of the Zero Wing members.

In the past, due to many players shifting their focus towards God’s Domain, the fitness industry had indeed declined for a certain period of time. Simply put, this decline had not happened as quickly in the past, only starting three to four months after God’s Domain launched.

However, as more people became aware of the secret of God’s Domain, physical training became popular again, even bypassing the previous peak in popularity. Business boomed for the fitness industry. At that time, many large Guilds would partner with training centers and gyms to allow the elite members of their Guilds to train and improve themselves at any time, which would, in turn, allow these elites to improve more quickly in God’s Domain.

Many first-rate Guilds had even chosen to establish their own large-scale training centers specifically for their elite members.

Zero Wing was still a small guild at the moment. However, as the Guild continued to grow, sooner or later, a physical fitness center would be required. Although Zero Wing’s Workshop was only a short distance away from the Big Dipper Training Center, it was not a long-term solution. Now that the fitness industry was going through a slump, it was the perfect time for him to take action.

Considering the situation, Shi Feng did not dislike the idea of working with Big Dipper.

If he established his own training center, he would need to spend an astronomical sum of money. He certainly did not possess that kind of money at the moment. By partnering with Big Dipper, not only could he encourage his Guild members to train ahead of everyone else, but he could also obtain the best training environment at a significantly lower cost.

While Shi Feng pondered about how he could gain Big Dippers’ cooperation, a few more people had arrived at the testing hall.

As soon as these people arrived, the staff members rushed to greet these newcomers, displaying respect.

“Manager Xiao, the students chosen are all here. Following your instructions, we have already begun testing,” one of the Big Dipper staff members said respectfully as he looked at a middle-aged man wearing black robes.

“Good. Have them continue. I’ve simply come to observe their conditions. This year’s Provincial Youth Fighting Competition will affect Big Dipper’s future development, so we must not be careless,” the man surnamed Xiao instructed.

“Yes.” The staff members promptly retreated and led the students to their tests.

Due to the arrival of this Manager Xiao, the students’ fighting spirits soared. They were all eager to perform well and attract more of Manager Xiao’s attention. That way, they could receive even more training resources in the future.

As the tests began, many Big Dipper members who had had also come to test stopped what they were doing, quietly observing the students’ test instead. After all, they would not have an opportunity like this often. Most of the visitors of this testing hall were usually ordinary folk who only trained casually. Meanwhile, although these youths were only students, they possessed the ability to participate in the Provincial Youth Fighting Competition. They should be more powerful than the average person.

Even Zhao Ruoxi seemed excited, and she demanded to go over and have a look as well. Helpless, Shi Feng had no choice but follow her.

The first test the students went through was the punching power test. An ordinary person’s punch usually carried around 100 to 150kg.

Meanwhile, every one of these students managed to achieve a result of over 200kg. Among them, a student named Wang Cheng had even achieved a force of 356kg. He was at least twice as strong as an ordinary person. Many of the spectators gasped in shock when they saw Wang Cheng’s result.

Even Manager Xiao’s eyes glowed with delight, and he praised Wang Cheng as a talented youth.

The punching power standard of the professional fighters in Jin Hai City was only 320kg. Meanwhile, Wang Cheng, a high school student, had effortlessly surpassed that standard. Wang Cheng obviously had a promising future ahead of him. After all, Wang Cheng was still a kid; he still had growth potential. He would have no issues achieving a force of 400kg in the future. Having a force of 400kg meant that he could reach the standard of the well-known fighters in Jin Hai City.

“These students are amazing. That Wang Cheng, in particular, has already surpassed Zhou Yuhu. Shi Feng, as our class’s great hidden expert, do you think Wang Cheng can enter the top ten of the Provincial Youth Fighting Competition this year?” Zhao Ruoxi asked as she shifted her gaze towards Shi Feng curiously.

She had personally witnessed Shi Feng’s strength. Even Chen Wu, the reigning champion of Jin Hai City’s fighting competition, had praised Shi Feng’s power. Moreover, Shi Feng had even defeated Zhang Luowei, someone reputed as a fighting genius. Hence, she knew that her judgment was definitely incomparable to Shi Feng’s.

“It’s not that easy to tell. Victory and defeat aren’t solely decided by a person’s punching force,” Shi Feng laughed bitterly as he shook his head. He was not a god, so how could he make a judgment based solely on a person’s punching power?

Zhao Ruoxi nodded, feeling that Shi Feng had a point.

Following the punching power test was the reaction test. Of the hundreds of students, they all achieved a result of Basic Perfection or above. Among them, there were a few who achieved Intermediate Excellent. A student named Wu Chuan even achieved Intermediate Perfection, shocking everyone.

Although the tests had yet to end, Wang Cheng and Wu Chuan had immediately captured the crowd’s attention. Manager Xiao treated them both like treasures, doubling their training resources on the spot. Many students had cast envious gazes at the two.

After the tests ended, Manager Xiao of Big Dipper had originally intended to take both Wang Cheng and Wu Chuan to meet the best instructor in Jin Hai City, someone whom the Big Dipper Training Center had gone through a lot of trouble to invite. However, after he noticed Zhao Ruoxi among the spectators, he halted his steps.

“Ruoxi! You little girl! Why didn’t you tell Uncle Xiao that you were visiting Big Dipper?” Manager Xiao said as he walked over to Zhao Ruoxi.

“I was afraid that Uncle Xiao would be busy,” Zhao Ruoxi giggled sweetly.

Meanwhile, Wang Cheng and Wu Chuan who stood behind Manager Xiao were immediately stupefied when their eyes fell upon Zhao Ruoxi’s sweet and beautiful smile. If not for Manager Xiao’s presence, they might have dashed forward and promptly introduced themselves to this great beauty.

At this moment, Manager Xiao discovered Shi Feng, who currently prepared to take his own test, standing beside Zhao Ruoxi, and he could not help but ask, “Ruoxi, this person beside you is…?”

“This is my classmate, Shi Feng,” Zhao Ruoxi introduced. “He has come here today to test himself and check on his own physical condition.

“Uncle Xiao, haven’t you wanted to nurture those students to participate in the Provincial Youth Fighting Competition? I have a great way to help them obtain a good rank!” Zhao Ruoxi said, giggling.

“Really?” Manager Xiao’s eyes suddenly glowed. The Provincial Competition was incredibly important to the Big Dipper Training Center. Zhao Ruoxi would have really helped him big time if she had a way to help the students to get a good rank in the competition.

“Of course,” Zhao Ruoxi said with confidence.

“What kind of method is it?” Manager Xiao asked concernedly. Seeing Zhao Ruoxi’s serious expression, Manager Xiao did not think she was lying.

Zhao Ruoxi then pointed towards Shi Feng. With a slightly prideful tone, “It’s him.”

“Him?” Manager Xiao shifted his gaze to Shi Feng’s body, unable to discover anything special about him.

Zhao Ruoxi nodded, explaining, “He is our class’s great expert. With him teaching those students, they will definitely succeed.”

Hearing this, before Manager Xiao could speak, Wang Cheng and Wu Chuan started laughing. They were the elite seedlings chosen by the Big Dipper Training Center after undergoing a rigorous selection process. Let alone an ordinary university student, even some professional fighters had no right to instruct them. How powerful could the great expert of a class of university students possibly be? They could probably knock Shi Feng out with a single punch.



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