Not only did Shi Feng knock the punching power testing apparatus back with a single punch, but he also cracked the marble floor with a single stomp.

However, there was one point that confused everyone watching.

Shi Feng’s punch and stomp both looked very light, and no matter how one looked at the two actions, it was impossible for them to exert such immense power. Yet, the impossible had actually happened. Moreover, the burst of power was simply terrifying.

Shi Feng’s punch and stomp struck the testing apparatus and the marble floor, respectively. If they landed on someone’s body… Wouldn’t the hits be fatal?

Both Wang Cheng and Wu Chuan inadvertently gulped when they saw the cracked marble floor. They no longer looked at Shi Feng with contempt. Instead, they gazed at him in awe. Only now did they understand why Zhao Ruoxi’s claim. If they fought Shi Feng, the result would not be pleasant.

_What a hateful bastard! Despite being so powerful, he is constantly trying to hide it. For a second there, I was afraid he might lose_ _._ __ Zhao Ruoxi finally sighed in relief after watching Shi Feng’s stunning performance.

Standing beside the testing apparatus, Manager Xiao gaped at Shi Feng’s flushed and sweating face with disbelieving eyes. He suddenly thought of a possibility for Shi Feng’s shocking results, and he couldn’t help but ask softly, “Is this internal force?”

Manager Xiao was well-versed in physical techniques and combat. He knew only Grandmaster martial artists could utilize an advanced technique like internal force.

“Mhm. It is,” Shi Feng nodded, not expecting Manager Xiao to recognize the technique.

Internal force was an advanced combat technique. It was not a myth or a legend, and it was not a superpower. In the past, in order to learn this technique, Shi Feng had spent many years consulting several martial arts masters, constantly training and refining his skills in God’s Domain. Only after he finally achieved a certain level of control over his own body could he perform this technique.

Although internal force granted vast destructive power, it was also extremely taxing on the body. A single strike fatigued him. Right now, he began to show signs of collapsing. If he launched another strike using internal force, he would most likely fall flat to the floor.

“Mister Shi… I represent… Big Dipper to thank you for breaking our all-time punching power record. According to Big Dipper’s rules, we will award you 300,000 Credits for this achievement. However, at my disposal, in addition to paying you 300,000 Credits, Mister Shi, in the future, you will be a Platinum Member of Big Dipper. You can enjoy a 60% discount on all expenses at Big Dipper. You will also receive a specially reserved Platinum Suite at the Big Dipper Training Center for your pleasure, Mister Shi.” After receiving Shi Feng’s nod of recognition, Manager Xiao was nearly speechless from excitement. He no longer looked down at Shi Feng as a member of the younger generation. Instead, he treated Shi Feng as his predecessor, even changing the way he addressed Shi Feng.

Since his youth, Manager Xiao had been infatuated with martial arts. He had never stopped training his body. Even now, his dream was to achieve a higher level in martial arts and successfully practice internal force. However, despite his many years of effort, he had never been successful. So, now that an internal force expert stood before him, how could he contain his excitement?

Martial arts did not judge by age. Only one’s achievements were important.

Although he was young, Shi Feng’s capabilities with internal force signified him as Manager Xiao’s predecessor in the man’s eyes. Naturally, he would have to treat Shi Feng with respect.

“Uncle Xiao, since when were you so generous?” For a second, Zhao Ruoxi even thought she had heard wrong. At this moment, her Uncle Xiao not only gazed at Shi Feng with respect and reverence, but he also addressed her classmate as “Mister.” He even upgraded Shi Feng from a Normal membership to being a Platinum Member.

There were less than 100 Platinum Members in all of Jin Hai City. It was a symbol of status. Even she was only a Gold Member. Zhao Ruoxi could not understand what her uncle was thinking.

“Little girl, Mister Shi is a true martial arts expert! Why would you be surprised by this upgrade? On the other hand, why didn’t you tell me that Mister Shi was a martial arts expert, little girl? You’ve really caught me by surprise this time,” Manager Xiao said sharply, shooting a glance at Zhao Ruoxi. “Didn’t you say that you wanted Mister Shi to teach these students? This isn’t the proper place for such a discussion. Why don’t we go to a meeting room and have a proper chat?”

“Uncle Xiao, what about the results of the competition?” Zhao Ruoxi pointed at the score on the testing apparatus.

“Of course, Mister Shi won this bet. There’s no need to employ the reaction test anymore. I’ll have the three bottles of S-rank Nutrient Fluids delivered to you later,” Manager Xiao said. He then shifted his gaze to Wang Cheng and Wu Chuan, asking, “Do you two have any concerns?”

Both Wang Cheng and Wu Chuan hurriedly shook their heads.

Even a person as skilled as Manager Xiao treated Shi Feng with great respect. Shi Feng’s strength and skill were obvious. If they continued to compete with him, they would only humiliate themselves.

“Mister Shi, now that this competition is over, let’s go to a meeting room upstairs and talk. I have many things I would like to ask you,” Manager Xiao said.

Zhao Ruoxi’s heart fluttered with joy when she saw her Uncle Xiao’s respectful attitude towards Shi Feng. She also felt a little prideful as if Shi Feng’s success were her own.


After the crowd in the testing hall dispersed, Manager Xiao led Shi Feng and Zhao Ruoxi to a meeting room on the 21st floor.

“Mister Shi, would you be interested in becoming the Head Instructor of Big Dipper?” Manager Xiao asked seriously. “As long as Mister Shi is interested you can state any conditions you want.”

It was extremely rare to meet an internal force expert. After all, every one of these experts was a master of the martial arts world. Their statuses and positions were all extremely impressive. Manager Xiao could not meet such a master even if he wanted to. Employing such a master to Big Dipper was an even more impossible task.

The Big Dipper Training Center was famous in Jin Hai City and possessed a certain amount of influence. Outside of Jin Hai City, however, it was unknown and insignificant. Big Dipper had no way to compete with the training or fitness centers commanded by martial arts masters.

If Big Dipper had an internal force expert like Shi Feng in command, their long-time goal of becoming famous beyond Jin Hai City might soon become a reality.

“Uncle Xiao, are you joking?”

Zhao Ruoxi was stunned. The position of Big Dipper’s Head Instructor was no laughing matter. At that time, the rights Shi Feng would possess would surpass even Manager Xiao’s. In her opinion, Shi Feng was only a university student slightly skilled in martial arts. In the beginning, she had pestered her Uncle Xiao with the intention to help Shi Feng get a good part-time job, as well as train the current batch of students. Now that the situation had evolved, even she was slightly caught off-guard.

“Since when has your Uncle Xiao joked around before? I am very serious. I am only afraid that Mister Shi Feng is unwilling to accept my offer.” Manager Xiao did not know what to say to Zhao Ruoxi. Despite clearly having an internal force expert by her side, she had not realized the true value of an internal force expert. Manager Xiao’s anxiety was overbearing. He was deeply afraid that Shi Feng would just stand up and leave, taking Big Dipper’s dream of growing out of Jin Hai City with him.

“Big Dipper’s Head Instructor?” Shi Feng thought for a moment before saying, “It isn’t impossible, but I have two conditions.”

“Mister Shi, please speak your mind,” Manager Xiao hurriedly said.

“I want to become a member of Big Dipper’s Board of Directors and establish a specialized training area. Meanwhile, I want full responsibility over this training area,” Shi Feng demanded earnestly.



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