Shi Feng’s question stunned Sharlyn. She looked at Shi Feng, surprise flashing in her beautiful eyes.

What were Advanced Legacies?

A heaven-blessed individual could only come across an opportunity like this if they were lucky. They’d never find an Advanced Legacy by searching alone.

Even if one tried to trade ten Epic items, they could never afford it. Even she, the manager of the Stargazing Tower, had paid a massive price to obtain this one chance to challenge an Advanced Legacy.

Yet, Shi Feng wanted to give this precious chance to someone else…

“The Legacies of the Stargazing Tower cannot be passed to others. If you do not wish to accept the Legacy, I can give you an Epic item as compensation instead,” Sharlyn said, shaking her head.

The words “Epic Item” were tempting.

However, Shi Feng was not satisfied.

“Lady Sharlyn, may I exchange the Advanced Legacy for a favor from you?” Shi Feng asked once more.

“A favor?” Sharlyn grinned. Chuckling, she said, “Little dummy, do you know how valuable an Advanced Legacy is? And you want to trade it for a favor? Don’t tell me you want Big Sister to….”

Looking at Sharlyn’s blushing cheeks, sweat streamed down Shi Feng’s forehead. Hurriedly he said, “Don’t get the wrong idea. You mustn’t misunderstand me. I only want you to awaken an item for me. Only Tier 4 classes can awaken it.”

“Awaken an item?” Sharlyn was suddenly interested. She then focused on Shi Feng, thoroughly scanning his body from top to bottom. Her eyes widened in surprise when her gaze landed on the bag hanging from Shi Feng’s waist. With a teasing laugh, she said, “I don’t see anything on your body that needs to be awakened, though. You can’t be asking me to wake that withered dragon hanging from your waist, right?”

Based on Sharlyn’s comment, Shi Feng had finally confirmed something.

Sharlyn could see the contents of his bag. This was how Sharlyn could always squeeze him dry every time they met.

_Hm? She hasn’t discovered it_ _?_ Shi Feng felt that something amiss when he saw Sharlyn’s ridiculing smile.

Since she could see the contents of his bag, why didn’t she discover the extraordinary power within the Sword in the Stone?

If a Tier 0 player like himself could see it, how could a Tier 4 Great Divine Official not?

Thus, Shi Feng removed the Sword in the Stone from his bag.

Sharlyn, who had still been chuckling, immediately became serious upon the appearance of the Sword in the Stone; she was no longer laughing. Indescribable emotions flashed in her eyes as she fixed her gaze on the crystal-encased sword in Shi Feng’s hands.

Sharlyn reacted as if the sword in Shi Feng’s hands had suddenly appeared out of thin air.

“Just what is this? It actually escaped the detection of my Eyes of God.” Sharlyn was momentarily surprised. Even as she looked directly at the sword, her Eyes of God could not discern any information. It was as if the sword before her did not exist.

Eyes of God was a Tier 3 advanced detection spell, and even Legendary items could not escape its detection. Yet, the Sword in the Stone had actually….

“Can I have a closer look at it?” Sharlyn asked, her curiosity reaching its peak.

Shi Feng did not reject Sharlyn’s request, handing the Sword in the Stone over to her.

The moment Sharlyn received the sword, she immediately cast over a dozen spells in quick succession. Every time one of her spells faded, Sharlyn’s expression would grow slightly more serious.

“Amazing. It seems that I’ll have to use my true abilities.” Sharlyn smiled. Suddenly, a terrifying amount of Mana burst forth from her body, and in the next instant, Sharlyn’s Holy Light Domain had devoured the room.

Simultaneously, two golden magic arrays appeared on both the ceiling and the floor.

Shi Feng immediately felt his body grow heavy, the Mana in the room rendering him immobile. Sharlyn’s Holy Light Domain was much stronger than the Tier 4 Sky Piercer Weissman had used against the Mechanical Slayer.

At this moment, Shi Feng had finally realized just how powerful Sharlyn was. It was no wonder why she could casually offer him the qualifications to establish his own city.

However, Sharlyn was not done after summoning the twofold magic array, as her hands continuously drew line after line of divine runes in the air. After a short moment, the twofold magic array became a fourfold magic array, before finally becoming a sixfold magic array.

At this moment, magic arrays covered all six sides of Sharlyn’s room.

The Tier 4 Sky Piercer Weissman had used only required a fourfold magic array to channel it. Yet, the spell Sharlyn channeled now required a sixfold magic array. At the very least, Sharlyn’s spell should be a Peak Tier 4 spell.

Although Shi Feng did not know what Sharlyn was trying to do, he felt incredibly fortunate. It seemed that asking Sharlyn to help him was the right choice after all. If Sharlyn could summon such a powerful magic array, her position in the Stargazing Tower should be relatively high. She might even be able to invite three Tier 4 NPCs to help him awaken the Sword in the Stone.

At this moment, the runes Sharlyn drew seeped into the Stone in the Sword, which floated in midair.

After another few minutes had passed, the golden divine runes separated from the Stone in the Sword and flew into Sharlyn’s palm, forming a golden ball. Following which, the magic arrays disappeared from the room, and the Stone in the Sword landed in Sharlyn’s hand once more.

However, Sharlyn paid no attention to the Sword in the Stone. Instead, she focused the ball of divine runes, seemingly studying it.

“How could this be?” Sharlyn muttered in utter disbelief. “Not even Divine Appraisal, a Peak Tier 4 spell, can analyze this sword?”

“To think that you have such an item, I have really underestimated you. Even after exhausting every option I have, I still can’t uncover a single thing about this item. How did you learn that this thing requires Tier 4 classes to awaken it?” Sharlyn asked. By this time, she had completely given up on analyzing the Stone in the Sword.

“I…” Shi Feng wondered the same thing. “I have simply used Omniscient Eyes.”

Sharlyn couldn’t uncover even basic information about the Sword in the Stone?

Just what kind of item was this?

“Omniscient Eyes? Impossible. I couldn’t analyze the sword even when I tried using the Eyes of God.” Sharlyn shook her head, slightly surprised by Shi Feng’s answer. However, she suddenly thought of a possibility. “Don’t tell me you have a Golden Stigmata!”

“Mhm.” Shi Feng nodded.

“No wonder!” Sharlyn revealed a faint smile. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier, little dummy? Throughout God’s Domain, the Omniscient Eyes of the Golden Stigmata is only inferior to the Eyes of Truth. I really did not expect the War God’s Temple to be so generous as to give you a Golden Stigmata.

“Tell me, then. What are the conditions to awaken this item?” Sharlyn inquired as she pointed at the Sword in the Stone.

“Twenty-one Mana Stones and three Tier 4 classes are needed to awaken the power slumbering within this sword,” Shi Feng recited the information he could see using the Omniscient Eyes.

“Little dummy, don’t tell me you have 21 Mana Stones inside that bag of yours. Even Big Sister here doesn’t have that many of them.” Sharlyn’s eyes glowed as she looked at Shi Feng. Stretching out her jade-like hand, she said, “Out with them, then.”

“This… I only have 21 pieces.” Shi Feng instantly panicked.

“What kind of person do you take me for?” Sharlyn rolled her eyes at the sight of Shi Feng’s caution. She then said, “Relax; I won’t rob you. I just want to awaken the power inside this sword.”

“It needs three Tier 4 classes to awaken this sword,” Shi Feng reminded, unwilling to hand over the Mana Stones.

“I know. However, do you think Tier 4 powerhouses have the time and energy to help you?” Sharlyn said, disgruntled. “This sword is no trivial matter. Fortunately, you met me. Otherwise, even if you found three Tier 4 powerhouses, they wouldn’t help you. Their answers wouldn’t change even if you offer each of them a Fragmented Legendary item.”



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