The silver suits of armor shone brilliantly under the dimly lit sky, creating an exceptionally conspicuous sight.

The assault from all directions forced Shi Feng to an abrupt halt.

Facing such intense attacks, Shi Feng had no choice but to stop. Even he was not confident of defending against so many attacks on the run.

_This won’t do. I won’t last long at this rate. I need to move faster._ Looking at the swords decorating the sky, an idea, inspired by his years of experience, struck Shi Feng.

Purgatory Power!

Shi Feng’s Attack Speed rose by 100%.

He then brandished the Abyssal Blade and the Purgatory’s Shadow, sending blades of light at the incoming swords and striking them down.

After continuing this process for three seconds, Shi Feng successfully deflected all of the swords that attacked him, scattering them around him.

“Undead Creature?” Shi Feng activated Omniscient Eyes and examined the distant Skeleton Warriors.

Shi Feng could not learn anything about these undead monsters.

If he faced them one-on-one, Shi Feng was confident that he could defeat such a monster with ease. If he had to face a group of them, however, even he was not certain that he would win. Moreover, the swords in the sky still posed a huge threat. When the two combined, Shi Feng’s very life was at risk.

However, Shi Feng did not know if death meant failing the Legacy Trial. If it did, then he would truly be finished.

As a precaution, Shi Feng did not immediately move after fending off the flying swords. Instead, he stopped to think of an appropriate countermeasure.

_Changing_ _my path_ _isn’t possible_ _. For now, let’s_ _put these_ _Skeleton Warriors_ _to the test_ _._

The only exit was at the mountain’s peak. Naturally, Shi Feng could not retreat. However, charging forward rashly and accidentally losing his life was unwise.

Hence, Shi Feng activated Phantom Kill, sending his doppelganger charging towards the Skeleton Warriors to test their strength. By doing so, not only could he buy himself time to come up with a defense against these undead monsters, but he could also avoid falling into any traps.

After all, this was the Trial of one of the Ten Great Saint Legacies. He could not afford to be careless.

The doppelganger possessed 70% of Shi Feng’s Attributes. It was more than enough to deal with a single Skeleton Warrior.

The doppelganger dodged the swords from above while approaching the Skeleton Warriors. However, when only a distance of 40 yards remained between them, the Skeleton Warriors still showed no signs of taking action. Instead, the monsters only focused on the doppelganger’s every movement, killing intent oozing from their entire bodies. It looked as if they would explode at any moment.

Disregarding the Skeleton Warriors’ lack of a reaction, the doppelganger threw the Blazing Meteor at the closest undead creature. The weapon struck the monster’s thigh, causing -816 damage. It would seem that the Skeleton Warriors only possessed mediocre Defense. However, the instant the Skeleton Warrior was struck, it started moving and charged at Shi Feng’s doppelganger.

The Skeleton Warrior that had been hit was not the only one to move. The surrounding dozen or so undead creatures charged at the doppelganger as well.

Although the Skeleton Warriors wore full sets of silver armor, their Movement Speed was extremely fast. It took them less than five seconds to close the 40-yard gap.

However, Shi Feng’s doppelganger did not stay idle as these undead creatures charged. Instead, it attacked with the Blazing Meteor again as it retreated swiftly.

In terms of speed, the doppelganger clearly held the advantage. Despite needing to dodge the constant stream of attacks from the sky, it was still a thread faster than the Skeleton Warriors. As this game of cat and mouse continued, the HP of the Skeleton Warrior leading the charge gradually decreased. Everything proceeded smoothly, and Shi Feng, who stood in the distance, did not discover any other traps hidden in this field.

Moreover, the Skeleton Warriors possessed low intelligence. Aside from carrying out some basic defensive maneuvers, the group of undead creatures single-mindedly chased the doppelganger. After a short moment, the doppelganger killed its first monster.

Although a Skeleton Warrior had died, other than a tiny amount of Skill Proficiency, Shi Feng received nothing at all. He did not receive even a tiny amount of EXP.

Even after the dozen or so Skeleton Warriors were wiped out, Shi Feng did not receive anything.

Fortunately, he didn’t really care.

He was in a Legacy Trial right now. His only goal was to clear the Trial. As for whether or not he could earn EXP or items, that was not very important.

With the doppelganger’s probing, Shi Feng’s advance became much easier.

There were no other traps in the surrounding area. The Skeleton Warriors also did not possess high intelligence or troublesome skills. As long as he dealt with the attacks from the sky properly, he could deal with these Skeleton Warriors by kiting them.

What the doppelganger could do, Shi Feng could do better.

Shi Feng’s Movement Speed was too fast. Unlike the doppelganger, not only could Shi Feng attack using the Blazing Meteor, but he could also cast AOE skills such as Thundering Flash and Earth Splitter to deplete the Skeleton Warriors’ HPs while maintaining the distance between them.

When the arcs of lightning weaved across the Skeleton Warriors, they dealt damages of -1,242, -1,784, and -2,439 to the undead creatures. Some of the Skeleton Warriors who received critical hits lost over half their HP.

In less than ten minutes, Shi Feng had reduced the hundreds of Skeleton Warriors into piles of pearly white bones scattered across the plains.

“Hm? What’s going on with these bones?” Just as Shi Feng was about to depart from this field of bones, he noticed the bones begin to tremble. The bones then gathered.

In the blink of an eye, these bones transformed into an entirely new monster. This monster was three times the size of the Skeleton Warriors from before. It wielded a Skeletal Giant Axe in one hand and a thick black chain in the other. Dark green flames burned in its empty eye sockets. Emitting an angry roar, it charged at Shi Feng with massive, thudding steps. With every step this monster took, the land beneath its feet would crack and shatter. One could see just how powerful this monster was.

[Skeleton Giant] (Undead Creature, Chieftain Rank)

Level 30

HP 250,000/250,000

“Why is it a Level 30 Chieftain?!” Shi Feng was stunned. He instantly activated Windwalk and escaped.

There was no way he could face a Level 30 Chieftain head-on while dealing with the incoming attacks from the countless swords in the sky.

Moreover, with the Skeleton Giant’s strength, a direct hit with its axe was all it needed to end Shi Feng’s life. Even if Shi Feng dodged the monster’s attack, the descending swords were no laughing matter. Each sword could deal -200 damage.

Currently, Shi Feng’s HP was only slightly over 3,000. If sixteen swords to hit him, he would lose his life all the same.

Although the Skeleton Giant was colossal, it was frighteningly quick. Despite having activated Windwalk, Shi Feng still could not shake off the Skeleton Giant, the distance between them never increasing.

However, Shi Feng also had to endure the rain of swords as he escaped. To avoid the blades, he was oftentimes forced to take action and strike back, affecting his speed as a result. Sometimes, in order to dodge a more densely packed attack, Shi Feng had no choice but to dodge sideways, making a 90-degree turn.

However, after Shi Feng turned, the Skeleton Giant behind him would stumble. Its speed greatly fell when it changed directions, allowing Shi Feng to widen the gap between them.

Moreover, due to the Skeleton Giant’s large frame, the sudden turn helped Shi Feng block a few of the flying swords. When the swords struck the Skeleton Giant’s body, the monster also received -200 damage from each attack.

_How could I forget? Due to their joints, skeletal monsters have difficulty dodging and turning._ Shi Feng smiled faintly upon seeing the Skeleton Giant’s situation.

Not only was the Skeleton Giant slow to react, but it would also receive damage from the swords above. Moreover, the Skeleton Giant’s huge frame made the perfect shield.

Considering the situation, a plan formed in Shi Feng’s mind. Following which, he made a 180-degree turn and charged directly at the Skeleton Giant’s back.

To deal with Shi Feng, the Skeleton Giant had no choice but to turn around as well. Although its body spun relatively quickly, its feet could not keep up with its body. By the time the Skeleton Giant had stabilized itself and started swinging its giant axe, Shi Feng had arrived beside its feet.

As the swords in the sky cascaded down towards Shi Feng, due to the Skeleton Giant being in the way, the monster suffered the full brunt of the rain of swords.

Now, not only did the swords in the sky no longer pose a threat to Shi Feng, but they also benefited him.

Seeing as his plan’s success, Shi Feng began to attack the Skeleton Giant.

Meanwhile, no matter how many times the Skeleton Giant turned its body, Shi Feng would always appear behind it. Faced with the continuous assault from Shi Feng and the swords, the Skeleton Giant’s HP fell rapidly.

Half an hour later, the Skeleton Giant crumbled. Even until its death, it had not landed a hit on Shi Feng. On the contrary, it had become his shield, blocking the falling blades.

“This fellow dropped an item?”

Shi Feng noticed a golden piece of paper with divine runes laying beside the Skeleton Giant’s remains. When Shi Feng picked it up and tried to check its information, he only received an “Unknown” in reply. Hence, Shi Feng used the Omniscient Eyes.

Legacy Chapter (7th page): A scattered page that has fallen out of a Legacy Book written by the Ancient Gods. This Legacy Book holds records for one of the Ten Great Saint Legacies. It has a total of 50 pages. After gathering all of the pages, the Saint Legacy contained within the Legacy Book will become available.

Class Requirements: Berserker, Swordsman.



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