SS-rank was the highest evaluation achievable in a Legacy Trial.

In the past, the Legacy Shi Feng had accepted was only a Basic one. Even so, Shi Feng had spent a lot of time and effort to achieve an A-rank evaluation and obtain 7 Legacy Skill Points.

Now he that had an SS-rank evaluation, he could obtain between 20 and 36 Legacy Skill Points.

The thought of so many Legacy Skill Points alone was enough to excite Shi Feng.

Although Shi Feng had not achieved 100% Completion Rate, he was very satisfied with this result.

Now that he thought about it, the condition to achieve a 100% Completion Rate might have been submission to the God’s Will. Since he chose not to submit, this was probably the highest Completion Rate he could achieve.

System: Completion Rate 92%. Do you wish to open the Book of Legacies and accept the Legacy contained within?

Without hesitation, Shi Feng clicked “Accept.”

The Legacy Book suddenly released a golden flash. The book then flipped open, and a purple ray of light shot out of the book and pierced Shi Feng’s forehead. The moment the purple light touched him, Shi Feng felt his mind clear as if no secret in the world could hide from him.

As the Legacy Book faded out of existence, Shi Feng’s body began to emit a faint and flickering purple glow. After the flickering continued for a few more seconds, the purple glow subsided, and Shi Feng returned to normal.

After successfully receiving the Legacy, Shi Feng felt his entire body brim with power. His mind was clear and unburdened as well. Right now, Shi Feng was confident that he could face a Tier 1 Magic Knight without necessarily suffering defeat. Of course, that was if the Magic Knight did not possess so much HP.

System: Congratulations on obtaining one of the Ten Great Saint Legacies. Rewarding 20 Free Mastery Points.

System: Congratulations on becoming a Tier 1 Blade Saint. Rewarding Blade Saint title.

[Blade Saint]

All Attributes +20

All Resistances +15

Attack Power increased by 15%.

Attack Speed increased by 20%.

All Attributes increased by 30%.

Although Shi Feng was still Level 22, his strength had undergone an earth-shattering transformation.

His Base Attack Power alone exceeded 1,200 points, and his HP had reached 4,650 points. His HP even surpassed Tier 1 MTs now.

Moreover, after being promoted to a Tier 1 class, players could receive 8 Free Attribute Points with each level up, whereas Tier 0 classes would only receive 4 Free Attribute Points.

Shi Feng also had the Abyssal Blade, which provided him with two additional Free Attribute Points every time he leveled. The Golden Stigmata also increased all of his Basic Attributes by 5 points and gave him 10 Free Attribute Points with every increase in 5 Levels.

In other words, where other Tier 1 players would receive a total of 40 Attribute Points with each level up, Shi Feng would receive a total of 85 points. Ordinary players could not compete with Shi Feng.

In addition, after completing his Class Change, Shi Feng also gained two Basic Skills and one Passive Skill.

[Sword Dominator] (Passive Skill)

Can freely swap out sword-type weapons in both combat and non-combat states.

[Blade Dance] (Action-type)

Requires: Sword

Tier 1, Level 1 (Proficiency 0/30,000)

Allows simultaneous control of up to a maximum of five sword-type weapons for both attack and defense for 10 seconds. Each weapon has 80% user’s Strength and 50% user’s damage.

Range: 40 yards

Cooldown: 1 minute

[Illusory Shadow] (Action-type)

Requires: Sword

Tier 1, Level 1 (Proficiency 0/30,000)

Upon activation, player’s next six attacks cannot be blocked, and each attack will deal 40% attack damage.

Cooldown: 40 seconds

Shi Feng was shocked upon reading these skills’ descriptions.

The Basic Skills of the Blade Saint were already so powerful. Although Blade Dance was inferior to the Abyssal Blade’s Nine Dragons Slash in terms of the number of weapons and burst damage, Nine Dragons Slash could only attack, not defend. Moreover, as the weapons summoned by Nine Dragons Slash were phantoms, they did not possess any impact force. However, Blade Dance was different.

The five controlled weapons were tangible and possessed 80% of Shi Feng’s Strength. This feature was far more valuable than just high damage. Through the consecutive attacks of the five swords, Shi Feng could break his opponent’s balance and create a gap in his opponent’s defense. If Shi Feng could not defend against an attack by himself, he could also use the five swords to boost his defense.

Meanwhile, Illusory Shadow was even more amazing. It was perfect for PvP.

In PvP[2] battles in God’s Domain, when both sides were equally strong, the opponent would usually block over 90% of the attacks. However, if one side possessed an unblockable skill, it would upset the balance. It was especially true if Illusory Shadow were used when both sides were nearly dead. Such a trump card could determine the outcome of a battle.

_The Blade Saint is indeed worthy to be called one of the Ten Great Saint Legacies. If I use these skills in_ _PvP_ _, dealing with a Magic Knight with the same Attributes as myself will be easy._ After reading the descriptions of the Blade Saint’s Basic Skills, strategies for future battles began to surface in Shi Feng’s mind.

Originally, Swordsman was a balanced class. Although Swordsmen were not as durable as Shield Warriors or had the endurance of a Guardian Knights, the frightening power of Berserkers, the long-range capabilities of Rangers, or the burst damage and dexterity of Assassins, the class didn’t have any shortcomings. The class was just as strong, or just as weak, against all other classes.

Meanwhile, the Blade Saint was simply the enhanced version of the Swordsman. Every aspect of a Swordsman had increased. It was probably the most formidable class in God’s Domain.

Following which, Shi Feng called up the system interface.

There was now a new tab called “Legacy Skills Menu” in the system menu. Selecting this tab, the Legacy Skill Menu that appeared reported that Shi Feng had 31 Legacy Skill Points available, as well as plenty of skills that he could learn.

There were over a hundred skills listed in the menu. However, there were only six Tier 1 skills Shi Feng could learn right now, and 2 Legacy Skill Points were required to unlock a Tier 1 Basic Legacy Skill.

Meanwhile, among these six Tier 1 skills, there were two that made Shi Feng’s eyes shine.

One of them was Skywheel Sword; the other was Blade Liberation.

[Skywheel Sword] (Action-type)

Requires: Sword

Tier 1, Level 1 (Proficiency 0/30,000)

Inflicts 1,000 base damage plus 200% weapon damage to all enemies within a radius of 20 yards. Also seals all enemies within range, preventing them from leaving the area for 4 seconds.

Cooldown: 1 minute 20 seconds

[Blade Liberation] (Action-type)

Requires: Sword

Tier 1, Level 1 (Proficiency 0/30,000)

Grants player unparalleled strength for 20 seconds. Effect obtained varies based on the weapon’s unlocked potential. After the duration, player is weakened. All Attributes decrease by 80% for three minutes.

Cooldown: 10 hours

Skywheel Sword was one of the extremely rare AOE control skills. Whether it was used in PvP or PvE[2], it was indispensable.

Meanwhile, Blade Liberation belonged to the super-berserk skill category. It could be a trump card when Shi Feng was in a desperate situation. It was also indispensable.

However, when Shi Feng saw the points required to unlock these two skills, he immediately sucked in a breath of cold air and very nearly cursed.

Skywheel Sword required 10 points to unlock, while Blade Liberation required an astonishing 20 points. With the total points these two skills demanded, Shi Feng could learn 10 Basic Class Skills.

However, these high requirements also made Shi Feng aware of just how extraordinary Blade Liberation was.

For an AOE control skill such as the Skywheel Sword, the demand of 10 Legacy Skill Points was not odd. However, Blade Liberation needed twice that amount to unlock. With 20 Legacy Skill Points, Shi Feng could even learn a Tier 3 Class Skill.

TL Notes:

[1]PvP (Player-versus-Player): a type of multiplayer interactive conflict within a game between two or more live participants. This is in contrast to when players compete against computer-controlled opponents and/or players, which is referred to as player versus environment (PvE).

[2]PvE (Player versus environment, also known as player versus monster): refers to fighting computer-controlled enemies.



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