Faint red glowing dots began circulating around the blade of the silvery-gray sword, the dots closely resembling the twinkling stars in the night sky.

Upon colliding with the sword images, a bang resounded. Strong winds then blew outwards into the surroundings, sweeping the leaves scattered across the ground into the air.

The Battle Monkey Warchief’s Dance of Blades suddenly vanished.

The Monkey Warchief was forced back by four steps, and a hint of fear suddenly appeared on its sneering face.

The man who was at the brink of collapse a second before suddenly possessed Strength that could make others tremble in the next second. Even Fire Dance and Flying Shadow, who were observing the fight from a short distance away, were stupefied.

“Guild Leader’s Strength is amazing!” Flying Shadow exclaimed.

Shi Feng had actually managed to force a berserk Level 25 Chieftain to retreat. Even Berserkers, who were known for their Strength, were far from capable of such a feat. If this Strength were used against players, even if Shi Feng did not use any skills, he could still finish them off with a single attack.

“It isn’t just his Strength, even his speed has received a huge increase. Before, I could still manage to see the afterimages of his attacks. Now, I can’t even see his sword images. I can only barely see his hand swinging his sword,” Fire Dance said, shocked.

An ordinary burst skill would increase its user’s Strength and speed by 50% at most.

On the other hand, the burst skill Shi Feng used was simply too frightening.

According to Fire Dance’s initial judgment, Shi Feng’s Basic Attributes had, at the very least, doubled. Such an increase would improve his combat power severalfold.

Looking at the Battle Monkey Warchief, Shi Feng slowly raised the corners of his lips as he said softly, “Let’s start the second round, then.”

The buff Shi Feng received after activating Blade Liberation had far exceeded his expectations.

Not only had his Strength increased by 100%, but his Agility had also increased by 150%.

Shi Feng could overwhelm the Battle Monkey Warchief even in a direct confrontation now.

“Zhi! Zhi!”

The Monkey Warchief screeched and bared its fangs at Shi Feng. Instead of acting wildly like before, it calmed down and carefully observed Shi Feng’s every action. It even tightly gripped its war saber and took a fighting stance.

“It seems that you’re finally getting serious.”

Shi Feng smiled faintly as he, too, shifted to a fighting stance, prepared to receive the Monkey Warchief’s next move.

The Monkey Warchief possessed very high intelligence, and it was no worse than ordinary NPCs. Hence, it was capable of using skills based on the situation.

Currently, Shi Feng possessed Strength that surpassed the Battle Monkey Warchief’s. Naturally, the Monkey Warchief knew not to try to suppress Shi Feng using its Strength.

In God’s Domain, Chieftain ranked monsters were not only stronger than other monsters in terms of Attributes and techniques, but they also possessed unique traits.

It was precisely these unique traits that made it very difficult for players to solo Chieftains.

There was a large variety of these unique traits. Some monsters possessed extraordinary destruction skills, some possessed skills that enhanced their own bodies, some possessed very-long-range attack-type skills, and so on.

As far as Shi Feng could recall, the Battle Monkey Warchief possessed an ultimate move called Clean Break.

Clean Break was a skill with godlike speed. When activated, the Monkey Warchief would swing its saber with a speed that could not be tracked by the naked eye, instantly killing its opponent.

In the past, many Tier 1 experts had died from this single move. Even a Level 30 Tier 1 Shield Warrior expert could not withstand it. As for Tier 1 Assassins—a class known for its speed—they would be killed before they could even use Block with their weapons.

Even now when Shi Feng possessed speed superior to the Monkey Warchief’s, he still dared not take the risk and had directly activated Defensive Blade.

“Why did Guild Leader go on the defensive? He clearly possesses Strength and speed superior to the Monkey Warchief’s. He should be able to kill it with ease!” Flying Shadow said, surprised.

Standing beside him, Fire Dance was silent.

She had challenged a Chieftain before, so she knew how powerful a monster of that rank was. She, too, could sense that the Battle Monkey Warchief was about to display its true power, which was why she silently focused her attention on Shi Feng. She wanted to see just how Shi Feng was going to deal with this situation.

However, something surprising happened.

Although Shi Feng had readied his stance and taken defensive measures, he did not wait for the Monkey Warchief’s attack to look for an opening to exploit. Instead, he took the initiative to attack first.

Earth Splitter!

A blade of light emerged from the fractured earth, slashing at the Battle Monkey Warchief.

Just as the mighty blade of light was about to hit the Monkey Warchief, the blade of light suddenly shattered, as if something struck it.

Meanwhile, by the time everyone noticed, the Monkey Warchief’s posture had changed. Its body had also moved two steps backward.

It was obvious that the Monkey Warchief was the one that shattered the blade of light. However, Shi Feng’s Strength was simply too overwhelming. As a result, the recoil had forced the Monkey Warchief to retreat by two steps.

“So fast!” Flying Shadow said in disbelief, his eyes wide open.

Flying Shadow had not even seen the Monkey Warchief draw its saber. This showed that the Monkey Warchief was even faster than Shi Feng.

“Six yards?” Shi Feng roughly gauged the Battle Monkey Warchief’s attack range from its previous attack.

Clean Break did not affect the Monkey Warchief’s Movement Speed. It only gave the monster a frightening drawing speed. However, its saber was only so long, so its attack range was very limited.

Based on Shi Feng’s estimates, the Monkey Warchief’s attack range should be six yards. The area within these six yards was the Monkey Warchief’s absolute domain.

After identifying its attack range, as long as Shi Feng avoided moving too close, he would be absolutely safe.

Shi Feng then brandished his sword dozens of times in quick succession. As Defensive Blade increased his attack range, Shi Feng could always maintain a distance of around ten yards every time he attacked.

Meanwhile, the Battle Monkey Warchief also rushed at Shi Feng while defending against his attacks, trying to get within six yards of him.

Unfortunately, the Monkey Warchief’s Strength was inferior to Shi Feng’s. Every time it defended against Shi Feng’s attack, it would be forced to take a few steps back. Moreover, Shi Feng’s speed was originally faster than the Monkey Warchief’s, making it even more impossible for the Monkey Warchief to close the distance.

However, Shi Feng’s attacks were also unable to cause any damage to the Monkey Warchief; they were all blocked by Clean Break. Furthermore, the Battle Monkey Warchief’s HP was continuously increasing due to its battle recovery.

“Sure enough, Clean Break is indeed powerful. However, what do you think about this move?”

Smiling faintly, Shi Feng activated Nine Dragons Slash.

Suddenly, 12 phantoms of the Abyssal Blade appeared around Shi Feng. Simultaneously, all twelve phantoms stabbed at the Monkey Warchief.

The moment the 12 phantoms entered the Monkey Warchief’s attack range, it was as if they had stabbed into a protective barrier. The phantoms were instantly sent flying backward, unable to hit the Monkey Warchief at all.

However, Shi Feng was far from done with his assault. In the next moment, scorching hot flames emerged around the Abyssal Blade and the Purgatory’s Shadow. This was the effect of Shi Feng’s sure-kill skill, the Level 9 Flame Burst. It concentrated the power of flames to a single point for 12 attacks.

Suddenly, Shi Feng charged at the Battle Monkey Warchief once more.

Just as Shi Feng was about to enter the attack range of Clean Break, he suddenly vanished. Although the Monkey Warchief was on high alert, it still could not detect Shi Feng’s existence at all. Moreover, it also needed to face the simultaneous attacks of the 12 phantoms; it had no energy to spare for locating Shi Feng.

When Shi Feng appeared again, he was already standing directly in front of the Battle Monkey Warchief. The Abyssal Blade was also only a short distance away from hitting the Monkey Warchief. Yet, the Monkey Warchief still managed to block the Magic Weapon with its godlike skill, Clean Break.

“What kind of Attack Speed is that?!” Fire Dance had been wholeheartedly focused on the battle.

Now, however, she, too, was stupefied.

In her view, Shi Feng’s sword simply could not be blocked at such a short distance. Yet, the Monkey Warchief had managed to do exactly that…

How was Shi Feng supposed to kill it?

However, despite having succeeded in blocking Shi Feng’s attack, the Battle Monkey Warchief had an extraordinarily grim expression on its face.

In the next moment, the Abyssal Blade cleaved the war saber in its path, like a hot knife through butter. Immediately after, the Purgatory’s Shadow slashed the Monkey Warchief’s body with zero resistance.

Following which, sword after sword landed on the Battle Monkey Warchief’s body.

A series of eleven attacks struck the Monkey Warchief. Each attack dealt close to -10,000 damage. Some even achieved a critical hit, dealing close to -20,000 damage. The total damage caused by the eleven slashes completely surpassed the Battle Monkey Warchief’s 140,000 HP.

The Battle Monkey Warchief was as dead as a doornail.

“It’s my win.”

Shi Feng looked at the dead Battle Monkey Warchief, smiling faintly.

At this moment, he was mentally exhausted. He sat down involuntarily, his body unable to even stand properly.

Following which, the sound of an emergency notification from the system rang out by his ears.



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